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170935 tn?1225371076 Question....LH Surge mean u Pregnant????
1595436 tn?1297280346 I disgaree that OPKs are the most accurate way to determine ovulation. These tests detect your LH surge (lutein hormone). If you test in the morning and you don't get a surge until the evening you're going to miss that you even had the surge. I find more women confused and frustrated with them, plus they cost money. But you definitely do need to figure out when you ovulate. You can try the OPKs and see how you like them for yourself.
384150 tn?1399904816 My understanding is that you can. The LH hormone surge means your body is getting ready to ovulate, but sometimes it can "back down", kinda change its mind. You hear sometimes of women getting a positive OPK twice in one month. I was also using OPK's, and have successfully conceived with them 3 times now. Even though they say not to bother testing after getting a positive, in April I did anyway, and it stayed positive for 3 days...
Avatar n tn How long does the shot stay in your body? They say it takes up to one year for a normal, healthy couple to conceive. To up your chances, though, you could start using ovulation predictor kits (OPKs)...if you're not already. That will test your urine for LH, shich will surge about 24-36 hours before you ovulate. Once you get a positive, it's time to get busy :-) Good luck!
Avatar f tn You are saying you had a normal period, followed by a normal period, and then when your test kit said you were having an LH surge, only 2 days after that you had an hCG level of 190? One possible explanation is that the 190 represents a number that is going down, not up (i.e., a chemical pregnancy that has left its traces in your bloodstream on the way out the door), with the LH surge being your body's response to try to get you pregnant right away afterward.
Avatar f tn The LH surge indicates that you're about to ovulate. Usually within 24 or 36 hours from detecting the surge. So, chances are high for conceiving right now! Good luck!
Avatar f tn An ovulation predictor kit measures your LH surge. So if opk tests positive for LH surge, you should ovulate 12 to 36 hours later. Your temperatures goes up after you ovulate because your progesterone goes up after ovulation and this causes a slight increase in BBT temperatures. After you start your next cycle, count back 12 to 14 days and that should be around the time when your temperature shifted (o day).
522984 tn?1299509081 On cd13 had a positive ovulation test the test line was the same color as the control line but on cd14 the test line was darker than the control line, the instructions say its positive when its the same or darker, so would cd14 be the lh surge since its darker or cd13 since it was the first positive?
Avatar n tn My husband and I are trying to get pregnant and I am trying to track my ovulation times. We bought a home ovulation kit and I received a LH surge on the 20th of this month. We kept taking them so if we don't get pregnant this month we know how long I ovulate for. It has been eleven days and I still have an LH this normal??
Avatar f tn I have never had a dr test me for an Lh "surge", I have had my Lh cecked several times. Your surge time can vary from cycle to cycle by several days. If your period is very regular and 25-28 days, that isn't far out of line. An Lh surge only indicates that o is forthcoming. It can happen 12-48hrs after a surge is detected. You can also have Lh surges and not o then, but have another surge a few days later, then o.
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Avatar n tn ive been testing with 2 seperate tests daily for 2-3weeks. Both tests said the same thing. I received my LH surge on Thursday and by Friday it was gone. I did take the test at 2:00 am on Saturday. Does that mean that something is wrong, it was to late for that to be considered fridays test, I truly havent ovulated yet. Or might I be pregnant already? Help Please!
Avatar f tn 00am.and detected my LH surge.. Can I be pregnant?
550035 tn?1263160204 Im sorry new to this site been with a Dr in uk for 5 yrs got no where now under a canadain DR who is very good been on clomid for 2 months now and dont really know what day 21 test is about or looking for. Also on day 21 do they tell me if i'm pregnant or just my surge. i've had 2 tests not work today at all, think i'm missing the stick is it wiered i just want to know. Thanks any help appriciated.
216278 tn?1308861082 Nothing is shore, but if you had ovulation test-and you tried...then the answer could be-yes you might be pregnant. I had my test this month and we tried but I got my period earlier-don't know why, but that's life....probably. Just stay positive and keep trying!!!!!! Good luck!!!!
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Avatar n tn For the past two months I have been having 35 day cycles and getting the LH surge on cd 20. This month my dh and I thought we would take it easy and not start using the OPK until day 16 (since I'm so irrelgular I have to start testing cd 10-cd 22) I thought I would just wait until I noticed a change in my cm and then start testing. Well, I started testing cd 16 and I got the LH surge yesterday on cd 17 but nothing has changed with my CM.
Avatar n tn Be aware that you can have a LH surge, and still not ovulate. If your period is a couple weeks late, and your preg. test is negative still, call your OBGYN for advice as to what to do now.