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3118950 tn?1342003998 i am 37 y.o. and was pregnant with my second bb. at 9 week pregnant the ultra sound did not find any heart OB-GYN told me to wait for the m/c to come naturally. i am a bit scared, i don't know what to expect and when to expect it! i really want to have another bb, who went through the same thing? doesa m/c lower the chance to get pregnant again?
Avatar n tn Some say avoid it all when trying to become pregnant, however we all know that two week wait can be really long at times and stressful. So I think it is fine as long as it is in moderation. Then the minute you miss your period and test positive I wouldnt have another.
Avatar f tn I have a cyst on my ovary and dont have regular periods I have took provera for a period and clomid for ovulation. .
Avatar n tn My period was 5 days late but then came on suddenly a lot heavier than usual and with a lot more clots than usual. I gained a few pounds and every thought I was pregnant so I took a HPT twice, sadly they were both negative. I am still experiencing these symptoms but not as often as before. My question is what else could be wrong since both test were negative?
Avatar f tn I'm 45 and pregnant naturally for the first time. My husband and I had just been told last November our only hope to have a baby was an egg donor, but here we are pregnant! I'm not sure how far along I am yet, because I'm terrible about keeping track of my cycles. I think my last period was the first or second week of January so I could be somewhere around 10 weeks already. When I read about the possible problems and complications, I get really scared.
284738 tn?1283106819 i got a frantic call from the sil a couple minutes ago saying shw woke up at 8 and took her bp and it was 175/101 so she drank two full glasses of water and took it again at 830 and it was 147/91 and so she drank another glass of water and took it a little bit ago and it was 143/86... she has been having mild cramping ( menstrual like) and low dull back ache.. shes almost 38 weeks pregnant... she wants to know if she should go to the er.. she has been diagnosed with mild toxemia...
Avatar n tn i wonder what should be my next move as i will really like to get pregnant again soon. i had previously had 4 unsuccesful IUIs however my husband and i have not been found to have any huge abnormalities(i have pcos but ovulate regularly on meds). i wonder why d ivf worked and iuis failed? because i will like to try iui again (less cost and stress) , will it be worth it or do we have to keep on with ivf???? how long do i wait ?
Avatar f tn My moms friend is due her baby in the same week i am (first week of january) shes 48 and concieved naturally, but she is being brought in for cesarean on the 20th of december just to ensure the baby is ok. Id say go for it if its what you want? Medicen is so advanced nowadays that they can minimize any complications although if it doezsnt happen i wouldnt recommend trying repeatedly too many times.
Avatar f tn Go for it, now you are ready have a blast, good age to start a Family aswell, you are making the right choices of giving up anything that may harm Baby, and one other thing , relax, and it will happen quickly ,enjoy each other and forget the Baby making .
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10061074 tn?1433907210 Is there anyone who has PCOS and got pregnant naturally without any medication or ivf? If so how is your pregnancy going? Any insight? Diets? HCG LEVELS?
Avatar m tn but the next she has skipped her date by 10 days of the usual time........ is their a chance of getting pregnant...she also took the contraceptive pills within 72 hours after we had sex........ could you please tell me whether there is a danger of getting pregnant............ could u please tell me as quickly as possbl......
Avatar f tn I went to my doctor Tuesday January 6th and she said the baby has gotten even bigger. She seemed a bit worried. She noticed I haven't been gaining much weight but the baby is still measuring big. She checked to see if I started thinning/dilating and I haven't. My due date is January 19th but she scheduled me to be induced on the 12th because of all this. I'm extremely nervous and keep thinking things will go wrong (all I hear is horror stories of induction).
Avatar n tn The dr said I would be pregnant in six months. Well I got pregnant 3/05 and had a mc on 5/05. Then I tried for another 2 yrs when I got pregnant again 2/07 then had another mc 4/07. They lower my metformin to 500mg per day. Since then I left my fiance and have started a new relationship (9months now). We have been trying for about 7 months. So in the beginning of August I went back to a OBGYN and told them I want to get pregnant.
Avatar n tn I'm 35 yeas old and I don't have a baby. My husband and I we are not trying right now because things are a little rocky between us. But I'm getting older and my chances are getting smaller by the minute. What to do?
Avatar f tn i am 28yrs old, me and my husband have been trying naturally for 2 yrs to get pregnant. I have PCOS, we went for fertlity tests. Hubbie sperm count is fine, i was found not to ovulate, level was 1. Started on clomide 50mg on 17th August, had scan on day 12 and was told on left ovary their was one follicule that was bigger that could be dominat, but others not that good!! last week getting cramps in abdomen, increased frequency to wee, cervix high hard and slightly open.
763297 tn?1281379425 I was wondering if anyone knows of things that can help a person to get pregnant quickly. I have read that you can chart your ovulation but my periods are very irregular and this seems to be almost impossible. I have also read about the basal temperature but if anyone knows another way, pls let me know.
Avatar n tn Learning to come quickly with a partner can also set up this pattern. Guilt and anxiety about sex may also create a situation where some men just want to get it over with quickly so they won’t have to deal with any of those feelings. And, of course, if you’re focused on “performing,” rather than just enjoying yourself, your penis can become incredibly stubborn and uncooperative. Once you learn to control your orgasm, realize that each man has an individual orgasmic pattern unique to him.
Avatar n tn Pregnancy takes a fair bit of time to occur. First the sperm and egg have to meet, which generally happens fairly quickly. Then it has to travel down and implant into the uterus, which can take anywhere from 6-12 days after sex/ovulation.
Avatar f tn luckily everything came back normal. I dont know what we should do to help with the getting pregnant naturally. Also I hace asked my doctor about this she says its normal but when my husband and I have sex in the morning I have horrible pressure and pain. Not like a uti I know that pain but I can't even move for about an hour.
Avatar f tn I have a son and trying for my second child and i can't get pregnant but im not giving up it just takes time so dont give up keep trying :-)
Avatar f tn m currently 33weeks 3days so I fell pregnant just under 10 weeks after giving birth.
Avatar n tn t gotten terrible contractions yet and I am getting induced on the 28th.
Avatar m tn Me and my wife are just recently married ( 3 months), and we are having trouble getting pregnant. I'm 52 and she's 43, both have never had any kids. Although my wife has had two abortions, in the past (17 & 22 y.o.) we both had STD's in the past, which were all cured. My sperm analysis is very good, and her ultra sound results were very good too. She's still producing eggs, but we cannot conceive.
Avatar f tn The way the nurses handle the babies (very sage and caring, but at the same time flipping them around and getting them dressed quickly so they're not cold)- that's what made me realize they were tougher than I thought. Just use common sense. Babies can tell when you are stressed so just try to be calm!
Avatar f tn I"m also 45 and am doing it naturally, if your wife is still having regular periods, thats good, if you want to give it a go naturally you should look at egg health, get on some royal jelly capsuals, coq10 up to 600mg daily, a good fish oil, I'm on maca which nourishes the endochrine system and helps with hormones and also look into dhea suppliments, 3x 25 tab per day, as eggs take approx 3 months to mature you should be on these for at least 3 months, plus a good preconception vitamin
Avatar f tn hab63380 why would you say that you need to grieve and give your body time i think putting your body threw that again after so soon lossing 1 its pretty self if you get pregnant again its more likely happen again and infections aswell your body needs to get back to its normal way before trying again its a lot of strain on your body and lossing babys is horrible and yes its hard but you know you need to be patient and let it happen on its own when youve had 3cycles then maybe try again but its no
Avatar f tn I was induced with my last baby due to severe spd combined with a large baby. It isn't much different to going into labour naturally other than the contractions getting severe more quickly but it's painful either way lol. You will be fine. Good luck!