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Avatar f tn I would like to know if anyone has had the same problem as me and managed to get pregnant naturally or did they go on to have help such as IUI and IVF.
Avatar f tn By doing this, you will affect your fertility in a negative way and chances of getting pregnant would be little. Mental health factors like depression and stress can also affect your odds of getting pregnant. Yet, just a few changes in your diet can mean all the difference between difficulty conceiving and a healthy pregnancy. If you want to know How To Get Pragnant Naturally, Eat green vegetables fruits and whole grains. Drink more and more water daily.
Avatar n tn I love and adore my son and I feel like he is such a wonderful blessing and I can't imagine my life with out him. He is the light of my life. I would love to have a little girl...I know that is not a given, its up to God...but I would love for James to have a sibling...whether brother or sister. But I tried going off the medicine last month and had some severe symptoms. I got scared, freaked out and went right back on the meds without even trying for a baby.
Avatar f tn Just about to start trying fertility pills and hoping to get pregnant soon
3118950 tn?1342003998 i am 37 y.o. and was pregnant with my second bb. at 9 week pregnant the ultra sound did not find any heart OB-GYN told me to wait for the m/c to come naturally. i am a bit scared, i don't know what to expect and when to expect it! i really want to have another bb, who went through the same thing? doesa m/c lower the chance to get pregnant again?
1110026 tn?1258398234 I honestly think that I want a baby so bad that I am causing myself some how having a hard time getting that way again. Its not like my sex life isn't good. Me and Tom have a great sex life. Better then most couples. I just feel like i am in a rush or on a timer. I am almost 30 and I thought I would already had my baby by now and be this happy go lucky family. I guess I am living in a fairy tale book some place. I just never wanted something so much or so bad before and I can't get it.
1287560 tn?1272216521 I am 41, conceived our son naturally 2 years ago and didnt even have a period then, we have had however 3 unsucssesful attempts at ivf in trying for a you think i will menstruate on my own ?
Avatar f tn For Conception, try having intercourse every month around your ovulation days as it is a best time for conceiving. Ovulation occurs regularly around day 14 of a 28-day menstrual cycle. The best timing of intercourse in order to conceive is day 10, 12, 14, and 16 (in case of late ovulation) of a 28-day cycle. After intercourse, do not wash immediately and keep a pillow under your butt so that semen doesn't come out of your body.
570898 tn?1286202161 t shake this feeling that if I wait too long to find Mr. Right, I could lose any chance I had of getting pregnant. I settled once into marriage... I don't plan on doing it again. Comments are welcome. Wish me luck and good luck to you all!
Avatar n tn Some say avoid it all when trying to become pregnant, however we all know that two week wait can be really long at times and stressful. So I think it is fine as long as it is in moderation. Then the minute you miss your period and test positive I wouldnt have another.
Avatar f tn If your period isn't due until next week then it's way too early to test. You need to wait and see if your period shows and then take a test. Don't want to waste testing too early adn get false results. Just remember, it can take up to 6 months (sometimes longer) for your body to regulate after coming off birth control. And it can also take up to a 1-2 years for a healthy, normal couple to conceive naturally so it might take some time.
Avatar m tn Hi there, I have miscarrage two time, the second they gave me a D&C to clean me out, people say you get pregnant soon after a D&C but I have being trying for a year now and nothing, before I get pregnant fast.
432779 tn?1364494875 There were 2 sacs and yolk sacs so it may be twins.
Avatar n tn I think the stress of it all was to much. So we relax for a while and ended up pregnant he was born June 19, 2005. I got pregnant again in January on clomid but misscarried Feb/05. Good luck trying!!!
Avatar n tn I am now thinking about getting pregnant and I know that drug may cause birth defects if I take while pregnant. What I want to know is how long does cytotec remain in my bloodstream? Is it ok to get pregnant if I use the drug only the first two days of my period?
Avatar f tn I have a cyst on my ovary and dont have regular periods I have took provera for a period and clomid for ovulation. .
708150 tn?1268273933 It was the worst and it seemed like it took forever for them to dissolve. They said i would start getting lots of cramps and much heavier bleeding which has definately started. I am taking ibuproefen but have some vicodin from when I had my D&C if it gets bad. I have to get another beta done tomorrow to see if my level is starting to go down. Today is just not a good day and I am just so mad and sad.
1152782 tn?1451101426 Does anyone know if you can still get pregnant without a thyroid? It has been affecting my life to the point where I want it out NOW! I cough to much, if I have any type of drainage I choke, I can't sleep bc of the pressure. My throat and neck constantly hurt. My voice tires out quickly. I am sick of it. I haven't had a full nights sleep in weeks bc of the pressure and choking from it being so darn swollen.
1806883 tn?1458321004 ) or this one www.natural-fertility-into.
Avatar f tn Im a FTM ..I'm 36 weeks an have 29 days to go that time is quickly approaching I'm starting to get nervous.i no they say a lot of things come naturally to a woman but I'm kinda scared I don't wanna do anything wrong.. ..well can't wait to meet my little boy an i pray everything goes well with delivery. .
Avatar n tn My period was 5 days late but then came on suddenly a lot heavier than usual and with a lot more clots than usual. I gained a few pounds and every thought I was pregnant so I took a HPT twice, sadly they were both negative. I am still experiencing these symptoms but not as often as before. My question is what else could be wrong since both test were negative?
Avatar m tn pregnant and pain is getting worse and still no insurance. oh , and still may have a cecerian!
Avatar f tn My moms friend is due her baby in the same week i am (first week of january) shes 48 and concieved naturally, but she is being brought in for cesarean on the 20th of december just to ensure the baby is ok. Id say go for it if its what you want? Medicen is so advanced nowadays that they can minimize any complications although if it doezsnt happen i wouldnt recommend trying repeatedly too many times.
Avatar f tn I dont know what we should do to help with the getting pregnant naturally. Also I hace asked my doctor about this she says its normal but when my husband and I have sex in the morning I have horrible pressure and pain. Not like a uti I know that pain but I can't even move for about an hour.
Avatar f tn Go for it, now you are ready have a blast, good age to start a Family aswell, you are making the right choices of giving up anything that may harm Baby, and one other thing , relax, and it will happen quickly ,enjoy each other and forget the Baby making .
Avatar n tn i wonder what should be my next move as i will really like to get pregnant again soon. i had previously had 4 unsuccesful IUIs however my husband and i have not been found to have any huge abnormalities(i have pcos but ovulate regularly on meds). i wonder why d ivf worked and iuis failed? because i will like to try iui again (less cost and stress) , will it be worth it or do we have to keep on with ivf???? how long do i wait ?