Getting pregnant right after an abortion

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Avatar f tn ve never had an abortion but I have a friend who has . She felt so guilty after the abortion she got pregnant right away on purpose. Is that the case?
Avatar n tn Can a woman have problems getting pregnant if she had a abortion 12 years ago?
Avatar n tn i had an abortion two years ago. i am having problems getting pregnant could it be because of this abortion or the fact that i have been taking controceptive pills since i was seven teen?
Avatar f tn I also had an abortion in April, you ovaluate right away after an abortion. Get on BC, I did.
Avatar f tn Back when we were 16 my friend was in a situation where she had moved into her boyfriends house and he started being violent to her (due to family situation she couldn't go home) she became pregnant and secretly had an abortion because she didn't want to bring an innocent child into her situation...... thankfully she isn't with him any longer but she is now married with 2 children and extremely happy..... so please try not to think negatively.....
Avatar f tn t be able to because you hear of girls getting multiple abortions, my friend had 7 then i know an older lady who had an abortion very young and felt really bad about it and never got pregnant again by her own choice, she was still fertile though she just felt bad about it her whole life, and one lady wasn't able to after hers but i think there was more to the story than just an abortion.
Avatar n tn Many birth control pills take about a month for them to be effective and you should use condoms up until that point. Since you are not getting your period, take a home pregnancy test to make sure you are not pregnant again. It is easier to get pregnant shortly after an abortion, so it's a good idea to take the test just to make sure that's not the reason.
Avatar f tn I have gotten, lets say, a 'few' abortions and after my second one, within 3 months of it I got pregnant and It was extremly painful (I am not kidding you, it hurt A LOT) and the doctor told me that getting pregnant so soon after could cause complications and that it's only really safe 6-8 months after an abortion to let your uterus kind of ...
Avatar n tn Two years ago i fell pregnant by my previous boyfriend but I had an abortion. I am now ready to have a baby with my husband. Who has already had a child, we have been trying to concieve for the past 8 months and nothing has happened.Could the fact that I had an abortion have something to do with me not getting pregnant? My period is never late apart from miner cramps. I am a little under weight. help!!
Avatar n tn so yes, sometimes there are valid reasons for getting an abortion. while it is not the right option ( and i regret it now ) women turn to it in times of need and this can be very understandable. if you have a problem with the fact that monica203 had an abortion, you should keep it to yourself. she wasn't asking for anyone's opinion of her decision, nor was she seeking counsel.
Avatar f tn I'm 18 with 2 jobs and graduated highschool early I'm pregnant but I don't have my own place . I'm working on it ! I just thought I would be pregnant in my own place . My mother is very strict on morals , she told me once she had a dream I was pregnant and she told me she didn't know what to do but for me to get an abortion. I haven't told her I'm pregnant yet because I'm scared I mite get the reaction she gave me in her dream .
Avatar f tn Ok I don't believe in abortions, but everyone is subject to what they do to their bodies. When you went to your GYN did they say to take the pills to start an abortion? What is the name of the pill? Usually there is a 3 step STEP ONE — THE ABORTION PILL The provider will give you the abortion pill at the clinic. You will also be given some antibiotics to start taking after the abortion pill. The abortion pill works by blocking the hormone progesterone.
Avatar f tn 9 wks before my daughter and a third abortion at 11 wks after my daughter. Since then i have not got pregnant despite attempts for more than 2 years. I have regular periods every 28 days. I did ovulation tests and vaginal and cervical cultures many times with normal results. what is my chance of having tubal occlusions and my chance of getting pregnant again? my husband is confidant that i might be having some tubal problems.
Avatar f tn My parents were also 17 when they had me and were actually going to abort me but my grandma caught her skipping school to go to North Carolina and told her she would not be getting an abortion. I thank my Grandmother for that every day, and so does my mom. I am pregnant by a 20 year old drop out, who is covered in tattoos and piercings. We are not in love either.
Avatar f tn right so i posted a question on here the other day about pregnancy straight after abortion, i had an abortion 18 days ago, bled for a couple of days then stopped. i had unprotected sex before the pill had time to take effect. i missed the date my period should have been and 3 tests came up a weak positive. people said i could still have hormones in my body from the pregnancy and told me to seek medical advice.
Avatar f tn my friend had an abortion on june 14th she went to her Dr. app.
Avatar f tn m NOT judging you in any way. IF you had an abortion, why would you start having unprotected sex right after??? And if NOW you want to be pregnant, WHY did you have an abortion??? Just curious I guess.