Getting pregnant right after an abortion

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Avatar n tn I recently had an abortion and its been very difficult. The guy who claimed he loved me and wanted a family didnt when he found out we were going to have one. He decided that we should get an abortion and promised to be there for me. Since then we broke and whenever he gets mad he will call me "baby killer" or tell me to have another abortion. He knows im struggling and uses it to his advantage. When hes in a good mood he will say things like we should start a family.
1355431 tn?1369975306 I felt angry inside when I read a post about someone having an abortion a couple weeks ago and asking could I be pregnant again. I realize its every womans choice but for some reason it really upset me. I hate to feel this way, I am normaly such a understanding person. I guess it could just be because I have had so many pregnancy losses and I know plenty of wonderful woman who cant become pregnant. Just makes me sad :( Sorry if this journal entry offended anyone, just needed to vent.
Avatar f tn ve never had an abortion but I have a friend who has . She felt so guilty after the abortion she got pregnant right away on purpose. Is that the case?
Avatar n tn for four days prolonge getting pregnant? that was my first and only abortion, will that cause fertility problems? (i was exactly eight weeks) I would appreciate it if no one would be-grudge me, for I know the mistake I made and I'm now living with it every day. I look forward to any responses, information, etc. Thank You!
Avatar n tn Hi,there i so afraid if i cant conceive to a child,i have a girl she is 5years 6 months! In 2009 i had a miscarriage and there after in 2011 i had a abortion due to my fetus didnt grow properly and after i had a abortion in 2012 as financial issue and in 2013 i had polyic been advise by doctor cant keep it!
Avatar f tn I had an abortion 2 weeks ago which went o.k. But my boyfriend and i had intercourse and the condom broke. Now i really want to know could i be pregnant? And how will i know if i had ovulated? Can someone shed some light for me?
Avatar m tn This is a story of a 20 yr old twin (girl). Her birth mother had gone in for an abortion had the abortion but then later found out she was still pregnant - thats when she found out it was twins she was pregnant with. This young lady,an abortion survivor, searched to look up who her birth mother was so she could thank her for choosing life and not aborting her.
Avatar n tn Can a woman have problems getting pregnant if she had a abortion 12 years ago?
1194973 tn?1385503904 These are my OWN personal feelings thoughts and findings. If you're easily offended don't read this, but I believe I have the right to post what I feel here without criticism, as can anyone else. I took a more in depth look today into abortion and why it was legalized and it made me realize a couple of things. Humanity seems to be following the pattern and idea that there are quick fixes for everything and no consequences to the choices we make. Happiness no matter what the cost.
Avatar n tn i had an abortion two years ago. i am having problems getting pregnant could it be because of this abortion or the fact that i have been taking controceptive pills since i was seven teen?
Avatar n tn ok i had an abortion october 5th and i had sex 3 times a week and a half after that...its nov. 9th and i still haven't had a period they told me my period would come in 4-6 weeks or on my normal period schedule..i have been having various signs of pregnancy..i took a test and it was positive but my doctor told me it could be positive because i could still have high hcg my question is do you think i could pregnant again???
Avatar f tn No you can get pregnant after having an abortion. I suggest start to eat healthy, and start taking pre natal vitamins.
Avatar f tn yes there are ways to avoid getting pregnant. and having unprotected sex isnt one of them espcially after an abortion of all things.
Avatar n tn My sister is 4 weeks pregnant but they have decided to get an abortion it's the right thing for her but makes me sad cause we so badly want a baby.
Avatar f tn I also had an abortion in April, you ovaluate right away after an abortion. Get on BC, I did.
Avatar n tn Many birth control pills take about a month for them to be effective and you should use condoms up until that point. Since you are not getting your period, take a home pregnancy test to make sure you are not pregnant again. It is easier to get pregnant shortly after an abortion, so it's a good idea to take the test just to make sure that's not the reason.
Avatar f tn t be able to because you hear of girls getting multiple abortions, my friend had 7 then i know an older lady who had an abortion very young and felt really bad about it and never got pregnant again by her own choice, she was still fertile though she just felt bad about it her whole life, and one lady wasn't able to after hers but i think there was more to the story than just an abortion.
Avatar n tn Maybe from what ocean is saying its a bit like a bc pill, in the sence it stops the sperm getting to the egg. In that case its not an abortion cos the egg wasnt fetilised. Me personally I believe that if the egg is fertlised its already a life and if something is taken even just to break down the lining I think of that as an abortion. I think the question here is, if u believe in God u have to decide what exactly u believe.
Avatar f tn Back when we were 16 my friend was in a situation where she had moved into her boyfriends house and he started being violent to her (due to family situation she couldn't go home) she became pregnant and secretly had an abortion because she didn't want to bring an innocent child into her situation...... thankfully she isn't with him any longer but she is now married with 2 children and extremely happy..... so please try not to think negatively.....