Getting pregnant right after an abortion

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Avatar f tn Two different things. Taking the 'morning after' pill, which is sometimes called the abortion pill, simply prevents the embryo from implanting in the uterine lining on its trip from the Fallopian tubes to the uterus. Regarding getting pregnant after having an "incomplete" abortion, well, if the abortion is incomplete, then the person is still pregnant, right? Or do you mean, you had a D&C or D&E and not all the tissue came out, and some of it is still in your uterus?
Avatar f tn bad cramps and headaches OK im 25 years old and i had an abortion in 2007 . And every thing was fine until i started to notice that I am having some really bad headaches i mean really bad. and i notice like the day after i come on the headache goes away. but the headache will go on for like two or three days before my period. and i always forget that my period is close to coming.
Avatar f tn Their father was hardly around For The first and I thought He changed my mistake, and me getting pregnant the second time was an oops situation and he did tell me he would support me getting an abortion because he wasnt ready for more kids or a relationship. I actually thought about it and considered it at first because i was thinking to myself now im single mom, pregnant again and heart broken what the heck am i gonna do. Im only 22 can i handle this on my own??
Avatar f tn i know a lot of girl who got abortions and after they got it done they regret it so much they wished they had their own child and after so many of the abortions they could not get pregnant again after that. i too had my xebf tell me to get an abortion and i didnt because my kids mean the world to me.
Avatar f tn I've never had an abortion but I have a friend who has . She felt so guilty after the abortion she got pregnant right away on purpose. Is that the case?
Avatar f tn I thought about abortion bit I had to realize Babies are a magnificent gift from God , I'm not judging but their are women out wishing they could have children and instead of getting an abortion maybe consider adoption the child your pregnant with now may be a blessing in someone else's life Just think about it God Bless You .
Avatar f tn Hi, my daughter is 42 and scheduled for an abortion in a week. She is about 18 weeks. Before she found out she was pregnant she fasted and was not eating hardly and lost 20 lbs, she is very petite to begin with and now she looks so frail. She is just to scared to go thru labor so has chosen the abortion. I being the Mom just don't know what to tell her. I feel like it is her decision and would die if something happened to her because I changed her mind. Just feel lost right now.
Avatar n tn Even though I didn't want to, my mon forced me to have an abortion. I was under 8 weeks pregnant so I was able to get a non-surgical abortion. Even though I was a rape victim and way too young, getting an abortion tore me apart. I was depressed for years because of it.. If you really feel that you're not ready, id advise you to look into adoption. That would be much easier. 8 1/2 years later, I still have nightmares.
Avatar f tn My son's father left me when I found out I was pregnant because I would not get an abortion. When we first found out I was pregnant I was really scared and when he started trying to pressure "abortion being the only way" on me it became very hard and I considered it for a short moment then I realized that there is other options.
Avatar m tn And the women that do get them suffer greatly. This is not a topic that you should post about nobody on this thread seems to be getting an abortion so why bring the negativity here? Watch what you say because you don't know what some people have been through. It's ok to have your opinion but it's really inconsiderate to make people feel bad ab a choice they made for themselves. You can judge but make sure you know what it's like to be in a situation before you make these comments.
Avatar f tn Some adoption agencies will help you financially why you are pregnant. They find an adoptive family and pay your bills while pregnant like rent, car payments utilities, Dr bills etc... not all agencies do it but if you call around you can find one. My husband's sister does it all the time... she get pregnant just to have them pay her bills for 9 months. I am against abortions for many reasons...
Avatar f tn I don't regret my decision at all because it was something I thought hard about and I was very ill at the time too. But I'm 15weeks pregnant now and I feel so right that I'm keeping it and my whole mind has changed and I'm healthy I'm truly happy and ready to be a parent . Nothing I regret about anything. But now since my ex the one who got me pregnant at 17 I guess still keeps tabs on me now, knows I'm pregnant and keeping it.
Avatar n tn Certainly adoption is a good way to go, there are a lot of families out there that would be happy to take your baby and possibly help you through this. Getting an abortion is not an easy thing to do physically, mentally and emotionally, so really think about it before you make a decision. Take Care of yourself and maybe you should think about going to church somewhere, you'd be surprised by the strength you'll find there and the support.
Avatar f tn needs to understand how you feel about this whole situation and consider how an abortion might affect you. Getting an abortion is serious. If its something you truly don't want to go through with than you shouldn't because if you do, you might fall into depression. A baby is a blessing, no matter what. Your boyfriend needs to stop being selfish. He should've protected himself.
Avatar n tn As far as the price for an abortion... The Supreme Court has said a woman has a right to an abortion, but she doesn't have the right to have the government pay for it. IE, the price depends on your state.
Avatar f tn I dont personally agree with abortion, but im only 19 and just found out that im pregnant... I always wanted to have an education and a good job before having a baby and I dont right now. My parents are extremely old fashioned and are afraid that having a baby so young will ruin my life... Will it? :( I dont want to get an abortion and I refuse to do adoption, but I dont know if im ready for this, especially without support. My parents would be SO disappointed. Please no negative comments.
Avatar f tn I have had lost two babies and I hate so much hearing that people are getting pregnant and having an abortion when there is so many of us wanting to have kids and losing them.
Avatar f tn Keep the baby one more isn't going to do much harm. .. an abortion could affect your mental health. And get on birth control!
6387609 tn?1393278331 But ShouldIt Come Down To The Difference Between Having To Have An Abortion For Medical Reason And Having An Abortion Purely Because You Weren't Careful And Didn't Use ProtectIon That One Time? Is There A Difference Or No?
Avatar n tn You need to stand up for what YOU feel is right. I am sorry but screw him! I unfortunatley had to get an abortion years ago and it wasn't my choice and still to this day, I regret it and resent him! Maybe he isn't the one for you. If you want the baby keep it. Yes, he does sound abusive in a way, verbally. He should support you in ANY decision you make and should never force you to do anything you don't want to. Please don't go through with it, it doesn't sound like you want to anyway.
Avatar f tn I had an abortion as I was stupid enough at 16 to follow older friends in time having a sexual relationship, had sex once, fell pregnant, had an abortion and never looked backed. I then didn't have a sexual relationship again until I was 20. even at 16 I still felt sad about what I had done so personal at ur age id struggle to have an abortion but u are entitled to do as u wish with ir body and baby. as others have said many women would die for ur child.
2021910 tn?1339900286 SO I am 13 weeks and 4 days pregnant now. I do not what so ever want an abortion. But my bf / bd his family is Muslim and does not beliee in me having the baby or they will have nothing to do with me they say I should get rid of the baby then get married then have a baby cause it won't be pure Muslim. Even I'f I convert they still want me to get rid of it ..
Avatar f tn Although I completely agree that it is a life you're taking when you get an abortion, I totally hate when "people" judge you by their own personal hang ups. Just because a person coceived easily or conceived at all and chose to terminate has no worse effect just because some woman,some where couldn't. Abortion is never an easy to thing to do and bares devastating consequences regardless of the "reason".
1355431 tn?1369978906 I felt angry inside when I read a post about someone having an abortion a couple weeks ago and asking could I be pregnant again. I realize its every womans choice but for some reason it really upset me. I hate to feel this way, I am normaly such a understanding person. I guess it could just be because I have had so many pregnancy losses and I know plenty of wonderful woman who cant become pregnant. Just makes me sad :( Sorry if this journal entry offended anyone, just needed to vent.
Avatar n tn I recently had an abortion and its been very difficult. The guy who claimed he loved me and wanted a family didnt when he found out we were going to have one. He decided that we should get an abortion and promised to be there for me. Since then we broke and whenever he gets mad he will call me "baby killer" or tell me to have another abortion. He knows im struggling and uses it to his advantage. When hes in a good mood he will say things like we should start a family.
Avatar f tn Back when we were 16 my friend was in a situation where she had moved into her boyfriends house and he started being violent to her (due to family situation she couldn't go home) she became pregnant and secretly had an abortion because she didn't want to bring an innocent child into her situation...... thankfully she isn't with him any longer but she is now married with 2 children and extremely happy..... so please try not to think negatively.....
Avatar f tn I also had an abortion in April, you ovaluate right away after an abortion. Get on BC, I did.