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Avatar f tn yeah you can get pregnant during your period. a doctor told me a while ago.
Avatar n tn Hi there, During ovulation, an egg is available to be fertilized for only about 12-24 hours. A sperm can live in the body for 3-5 days and the egg is available for one day so the most fertile time is considered to be about 5-7 days. In women with very irregular cycles there are chances of ovulating during a period though it is unlikely. Since a sperm can live in the body for 3-5 days, there are chances of pregnancy from intercourse that takes place during a period.
Avatar f tn You can only get pregnant when your ovulating though, which is usually two weeks before your period. Though all woman ovulate at different time some even during their period. But like i said its rare.
Avatar n tn you can take a test during your missed period, but you should take the test in the morning to have the best results.
Avatar f tn i know already that you can get pregnant during your period, but i was just wondering...would your period stop if you got pregnant during your period? say you had sex the first day of your period, and you ended up getting pregnant. would it just stop?...or would it continue out and then you would miss the next time?
Avatar n tn I was told the best time to get pregnant is 11 days from the day you started your period. So start counting the day your period started .... up through the period ... until you reach 11. I know not all women are the same, so this could vary some. But this was what I was told by several people who were trying to get pregnant. They said that the 11th & 13th days were the best. So, if you are trying to avoid getting pregnant ... then I would avoid sex on or around these days.
751565 tn?1233413034 well here it is again 22 days later and my period came on. we had intercourse the day it came on. could i get pregnant during this time? when would i ovulate?
Avatar n tn When I re-read it, it sounds to me as though you want to get pregnant during the month that you two are together. I would suggest that your husband donate sperm very early and very late int the cycle. This could be used for IUI if you don't get pregnant while he is with you. When he is with you, you should have intercourse every other day or every day.
Avatar f tn Ive known women who got pregnant during there period. Im a strong believer that ovulation differs from people. Just have sex everyday! First of all its fun lol and since sperm can live a couple of days in a perfect environment. You can also do every two days since the quantity of sperm isnt always best. Its the quality. My hubby n I had sex every two days as after a year of trying we went for testing and found out my hubby has low motility and i dont ovulate every month....
Avatar f tn No you dont, but your chances of getting pregnant are higher when your ovulating, you can get pregnant whether you're ovulating or not. & You ^ need to stop, not everyone knows basics. She was just asking a question. I'm pretty sure you DON'T know everything there is to pregnancy. So keep your personal opinions to yourself, if you dont like what she has to ask then mind your own & feel free to scroll past her post.
Avatar n tn She then fell pregnant again (was going to abort), I fell pregnant, our first ended in miscarriage...and then it was even harder for me to hear her talk about abortion after losing mine we had waited to long for!! Thankfully she chose to keep her son.....but trust me..its frustrating and upsetting to say the least....but it will happen! Have faith.
Avatar f tn Yes its totally normal to be nervous I still get nervous about getting pregnant and I am pregnant!!! Hahaha!
626749 tn?1256519302 I have not yet discussed with her the 6 month after Riba waiting period for getting pregnant. I am just trying to figure this out before talking to her. She trusts me implicitly, and I her. Just don't trust the Doctors 100% that my seed is Not forever Riba mutated. Worried we will have a sick baby. She will probably go with most anything I suggest, so I must try and figure this out correctly.
Avatar n tn It does happen. There is no safe time to have unprotected sex for a woman if she does not wish to get pregnant.
Avatar f tn 2 weeks later I still hadn't got my period but I had this light brown discharge, it only came for like 3 days and then it went away. January and still didn't get my period, I was getting some lower stomach cramps thinking it was my period but it wasn't. On Jan. 14, 2008 I was supose to get my period but nothing only a brown discharge that lasted 2 days, 2 weeks later the same thing happened.
Avatar f tn I have lower back pain, alot of vaginal discharge, Im nausaus every day all day, i cant keep my eyes open at all, and im getting period like cramps but they only last a few seconds and then go away. i know im pregnant because i feel it, But my OBGYN wont see me until i get a positive on a hpt. So has anyone else had this and actully been pregnant. And is cramping normal if your 5 weeks pregnant?
Avatar n tn We can't say the exact chances. Generally speaking if you're on your period the odds are quite low, only because women don't ovulate while on their period. That's not to say though that it's impossible. It's best to error on the side of caution and use protection at all times though if you're not wanting to conceive.
Avatar f tn So, I've been having regular periods occasional nausea but nothing to bad, but for the post 3 weeks I've just felt different, like tired,headaches,my discharge is a little thick, and my finance uses condoms most of the time he puts it on right before we are finished but he doesn't pull out when using them? what are the chances I'm pregnant and just had my last period maybe because I conceived a few days before it?
Avatar m tn If its normal, every 28 days, then most likely the chances of her getting pregnant right after her period is over is slimmer. Adgal is right. Most women ovulate 14 days prior to next period. My period is ever 21-23 days, and ovulation for me would be about a week after my period because my periods are so close together.