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Avatar f tn 1st day of last period before getting pregnanat
468864 tn?1245250517 Well, I have officially missed my period for the month of March. I still had all the symptoms such as sore breasts, spotting, and cramps. I usually get my cramps unbearably all in one day, but this time it was spread out over the couse of a few days. I did get a migrane and was nauseated, but I get migranes at least twice a month anyway and their allways accompanied by nausea. So nothing really different has happened except for no period.
1703515 tn?1350500231 If it's possible to get pregnant during your period, i could have gotten pregnant this day ????
Avatar f tn help with getting pregnant help getting pregnant
Avatar n tn you can take a test during your missed period, but you should take the test in the morning to have the best results.
Avatar f tn Well tomorrow is when my period is due and still no sign of it period is always early so if it hasn't come by tonight i will be getting very very excited..if it doesn't come im going to do a test tomorrow..fingers crossed im pregnant..
Avatar f tn The last time I was sexually active was on dec. 1, 2007 and we didn't use protection. I don't know if he came inside me because he was kinda out of it because he had taken some medicine for a cold he was catching. 2 weeks later I still hadn't got my period but I had this light brown discharge, it only came for like 3 days and then it went away. January and still didn't get my period, I was getting some lower stomach cramps thinking it was my period but it wasn't. On Jan.
232639 tn?1211413880 I got my period a week early this month. I usually have a really heavy flow at least the first couple days, and this week it tarted almost like spotting. i usually will go through a tampon and hour, but i didnt bleed through a single one, and it only lasted about 4 days, then i spotted for a couple more. Could i be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I was told the best time to get pregnant is 11 days from the day you started your period. So start counting the day your period started .... up through the period ... until you reach 11. I know not all women are the same, so this could vary some. But this was what I was told by several people who were trying to get pregnant. They said that the 11th & 13th days were the best. So, if you are trying to avoid getting pregnant ... then I would avoid sex on or around these days.
751565 tn?1233409434 well here it is again 22 days later and my period came on. we had intercourse the day it came on. could i get pregnant during this time? when would i ovulate?
Avatar n tn When I re-read it, it sounds to me as though you want to get pregnant during the month that you two are together. I would suggest that your husband donate sperm very early and very late int the cycle. This could be used for IUI if you don't get pregnant while he is with you. When he is with you, you should have intercourse every other day or every day.
Avatar n tn It does happen. There is no safe time to have unprotected sex for a woman if she does not wish to get pregnant.
Avatar n tn I am very sad that getting my period mean that I am not pregnant.
Avatar n tn no sign of her cramps, nothing. no bleeding during sex either hubby thinks im pregnant.
Avatar f tn So I had sex the day after my period went off! And a couple times during my fertile days ... With my boyfriend of course lol anyway I have irregular periods but on my app it always comes the day it says ... Anyway I've beem nauseous and my boobs hurt, they actually hurt right now .,, but my period came .. The first day it was all brown and only light red blood when I wiped, this is day two and it's still light red blood and its very light!
Avatar f tn yeah you can get pregnant during your period. a doctor told me a while ago.
1439094 tn?1320322110 bc this is the 8th day after ovulating and im having bad cramps...if im not pregnant then i shouldnt start my period till the end of next week so i know its not that ...
Avatar f tn Well today is the due date for my period and no sign..the only two times my period has ever been late it turned out i was pregnant and i have got the symptoms now so heres hoping.. :) not going to do the test today im going to leave it just one more day and do it in the morning..super super excited..
Avatar f tn Ive known women who got pregnant during there period. Im a strong believer that ovulation differs from people. Just have sex everyday! First of all its fun lol and since sperm can live a couple of days in a perfect environment. You can also do every two days since the quantity of sperm isnt always best. Its the quality. My hubby n I had sex every two days as after a year of trying we went for testing and found out my hubby has low motility and i dont ovulate every month....
749842 tn?1233360827 Last birth control pill, next week is placebo pill during period; stop taking BC pill so can attempt to get pregnant this year.
Avatar f tn During the past 6 months I have been trying to conceive, with no success. My period usually lasts about 4 days with a light to moderate flow. However, recently (during the past few months) I have been experiencing severe cramping during my period and lower back pain, as well as constant abdominal pain (not severe). I have had a previous pregnancy 8 years ago, conceived with no difficulty and to full term with no complications. Now I am worried that I am infertile for some reason.