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Avatar f tn What are the chances of getting pregnant after laparoscopy? I had this surgery 2 weeks ago, doctor found that I had polyps and cyst in my uterus and fallopian tubes, they cleared left tube but the right one is still blocked.. Can I get pregnant and what are the chances? I am really worried... 14 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer. Doc said.. one tube works the same way as two works.. just like the case of kidneys..
Avatar m tn but the next she has skipped her date by 10 days of the usual time........ is their a chance of getting pregnant...she also took the contraceptive pills within 72 hours after we had sex........ could you please tell me whether there is a danger of getting pregnant............ could u please tell me as quickly as possbl......
763297 tn?1281383025 I got pregnant very quickly using the CM method as mentioned by JoyRenee.
Avatar f tn Yes its totally normal to be nervous I still get nervous about getting pregnant and I am pregnant!!! Hahaha!
Avatar n tn Hey everyone, I am almost 11 wks pregnant. We have our first appointment this coming Wednesday. Since week 5 I have been very nausea, throwing up 3-5 times a day. I've lost 10 pounds. The last 3 days I have not thrown up but have still experienced some nausea here and there. Is this normal? Am I just worrying? My husband questioned it and it's been in the back of my mind!
202436 tn?1326477933 I cannot take either of those even when I'm not pregnant. People can have really serious reactions. I start getting heart palpitations, sweating, and almost feel like I'm going to have a heart attack. I' don't think they are good at all, even for non-pregnant people.
419126 tn?1242415770 I am still not really feeling pregnant much. My belly is big now, and I do look pregnant, but I am not at the point yet where I feel the baby all the time. I just feel him sporadically throughout the day. I am hoping that this is normal at this time. I wish that I could feel him all the time like you ladies have said. That would make me so happy. At 23 weeks I had gained 22 lbs, which is not good. I probably gained more now. I have heartburn once in a while, but it's not too bad.
Avatar f tn com/articles/conceive-quickly/how-to-get-pregnant-quickly]how to get pregnant quickly[/url] just try to look for alternative ways or rather seek help
Avatar n tn I am 14 weeks pregnant and I had a TSH test done last Tues. 6/19/07 at my family doctor's office. The nurse called me the same day to tell me my TSH was 2.05. Three days later, on 6/22/07, my OB ordered a TSH also (even though I had just had one and showed him the results of 2.05). The nurse from the OB's office called me yesterday to tell me my TSH was 1.66. My question is how could the TSH level have dropped so much in just 3 days? Is there a possible problem with one of those tests?
284738 tn?1283110419 she has been having mild cramping ( menstrual like) and low dull back ache.. shes almost 38 weeks pregnant... she wants to know if she should go to the er.. she has been diagnosed with mild toxemia... and the doc said to call if her bp was above 150 ... but since its been going down should she still call or go to the er.. i have no idea what to tell her ..
664341 tn?1282119550 As for having no symptoms when you were pregnant. From my sisters experience, the doctors told her that while she was pregnant that the MS goes into remission and symptoms seem to dissapear. I am truly sorry for your diagnosis, but go back and apply for medicaid and let them know that SSI paperwork is in process.
Avatar f tn i got ectopic prenancy last year nw my left tube is blocked and right tube is ok is there any chances of getting pregnant recently i have done laproscopy does it help to get pregnant quickly eventhough i am having thyroidh problem
Avatar f tn I had a missed misscarriage followed by a D&C on Feb. 15th. :{ I was crused. I was 8 weeks but the baby wasn't developing and had no heartbeat. I had very little spotting for a day after procedure. Well the other day(March 2nd) I could feel what I thought was ovulation pain. The next day I thought AF had started and ran to the bathroom and it was c.m.(egg white). I also have had(and still having) weird sensations in my abdomen where my uterus is.
Avatar f tn i seriously dont know if there was penetration in the moment. it happened so quickly. is it likely that i could be pregnant? i am not having my period right now and had 2 non-consecutive days of very light spotting. is it too early to get a PT?
Avatar m tn 3rd, 2010.... We are want another baby, but I am nervous. I'm afraid that I will have issues getting pregnant. With our first child it was a complete accident (but a good one) now that we want one and are trying I figure the opposite will happen. I am cramping a little tonight... kinda weird since I haven't had a period in almost 5 years and I never really cramped like this before hand. Any advice on what to expect?
Avatar n tn I have had many conversations with my OB and other women about this, and no one seems to be overly worried about me getting pregnant again quickly. My OB told me the only reason he even says to wait one cycle is for dating purposes. I have also met many many women on medhelp who were pregnant again even before they had their first period, and had healthy pregnancies. The reality is chances are the reason for your loss's had nothing to do with anything you did or didn't do.
Avatar f tn Our first two took 6 months of trying lol but we were fortunate to fall pregnant quickly with my son I lost and this pregnancy. I am glad you have hope to try again.
Avatar n tn I've asked the same questions you are, however, it seems to me that you are not really trying. There is a 20% chance of a normal, healthy woman getting pregnant every month. The odds are against you if you only have unprotected sex every once and a while. You can use an ovulation calculator that you find online to calculate when you are ovulating and most fertile. Also, you can count 14 days from the first day of your next period and that's how you find out when you are most fertile.
Avatar n tn I have been pregnant 3 times this year and all ended in m/c I conceive rather easily so I was getting pregnant within 4 weeks of my last pregnancy. I had a healthy, strong pregnancy 2 yrs ago so never thought it would be an issue. But again I do conceive rather easily, my first this year was while on the pill. It's all an emotional preference more than physical (depending of course how far along you were). Of course after 3 this year I am waiting so my body and mind can heal.
Avatar n tn The only thing I can think of that makes my situation different is that I had to have emergency surgery to remove some cysts - though this will be healed in a month and I was pregnant anyways so I cant see how getting pregnant again will affect this. I'd like to know if I really should wait that long?
Avatar f tn anything is possible but sometimes having sex it knocks your period on or makes it out of whack,I say to cure your suspense take a test if you are late for next period ,hope i could help
561393 tn?1320966415 Okay I am getting married tomorrow I am 10w 1d pregnant right now. I have three children age 7 years 5 years and 9 months. For my honeymoon me and my soon to be husband are taking older children (the baby is staying home with our parents) to a camp ground called bingemans (in Ontario) it has a water park with water slides and so on.
3118950 tn?1342007598 If you miscarry naturally or with the pill I mentioned, I understand that a woman is actually more prone to get pregnant quickly, after a miscarriage. I hope things resolve for you quickly, so you can get on with your desire to become pregnant again very soon. The very best wishes for you and you'll be in my prayers.
9971658 tn?1407747583 What is your experience? I'm getting pretty tired of being pregnant. The comments ppl drop at work.. seriously.. it's crazy.. makes me get social anxiety.