Getting pregnant soon after having a baby

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Avatar f tn If you started to menstruate and ovulate the chances are good
Avatar n tn I was wondering if it is dangerous to get pregnant after having a d&c over a month ago and I have not had my period yet? My dh and I babydanced last night and did not use protection. Just wondering. Any help and advice would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn YES it is safe to start trying right away regardless of what IUD you have some girls it will take a year or longer...
Avatar n tn I was 39 weeks pregnant this January having a perfect pregnancy when I did not feel my baby moving any more. When I went to the hospital and was put on the monitor, they told me the baby had died. This was due to an umbilical cord accident. I had to go through natural delivery knowing there was no life inside of me. It was very painfull and still is, but I think I have been very strong (that's what everybody says).
Avatar n tn I have heard of people getting pregnant right after a d & c and being able to carry to term. I had a d & c in febuary and a month and I half later I was pregnant. I'm 7 weeks now and the baby seems to be doing okay.
Avatar n tn Hi! I had a m/c and d & c on April 24th and my first cycle started June 1st. So you're doing great already having your first cycle since the d & c. I was told by my very conservative doctor to wait three months before trying to conceive. He could see that I really didn't like the sound of that and a couple of weeks later he said that as long as I give myself one cycle and that my HCG levels drop all the way back to 0, then I could try to conceive again.
Avatar n tn i am just wondering if i could become pregnant immediately after having it removed? using a ovulation calendar on the net, iguess i should have been fertile 2/2 - 2/5.
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Avatar n tn I had a m/c (ectopic) in '06 but waited a couple of months to TTC again.M/c is labor in my case.And you DID labor your baby,that is alot of strain on your body.You have to heal physically first.I again got pregnant & now have a 6 wk old & let me tell you,6 wks & my body is still recoperating(sp?).God forbid you got pregnant right away & your body has not yet healed?I'm so sorry for your loss & good luck in your TTC venture when ever it is.
Avatar n tn I've read MULTIPLE stories recently of women getting pregnant within a few weeks after a miscarriage and going on to having extremely healthy pregnancies and babies. Could I really be ovulating and should I be on the lookout for a pregnancy? (I'm EXTREMELY fertile, btw).. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Anyone having/had trouble getting pregnant after a laparoscopic surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy? Is there anything that can expedite the process of getting pregnant?
Avatar n tn Hi, To everyone that is scared of trying to be pregnant too soon after a D&C. I too had a m/c in March 2005, had a d&c and got pregnant 2 weeks after, as you can imagined I was extremely worried, even though we were not trying to get pregnant since my Dr. also recomended to wait al least 3 mths. I felt that my body couldn't resist the waitting period, and it didn't. I was pregnant scared... on my first visit to the Dr. I was 6 weeks and I saw the dr.
Avatar f tn But I eagerly want to be a mother as soon as I can. My doctor advised me to wait until 2 cycle to try to get pregnant again. I read a lot of articles and some of them tell that I can try right away and others tell that wait for 1 cycle. Now i m totally confused about when to start trying to conceive again. Can you please tell me when should I start to try to get pregnant?
Avatar n tn I just wanted to let you know that I got pregnant 3 weeks after my D&C and I am now 35 weeks--no problems at all--the time period the doctor gives is usually to let you heal emotionally as well as physically. Chances of miscarriage are the same everytime you get pregnant---not just because you get pregnant soon after a D&C or natural miscarriage. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn I had a Copper IUD for 8 years (had first one in for 5 years, then the second for 3 years). I had it removed in August 2009 and my partner and I have been trying to conceive since November 2009. It is now August 2010 and we are still not pregnant. Both of us have been checked (myself - ultrasound and blood-work to check hormone levels, my partner - to check sperm count, motility etc.) and it seems as though there is nothing wrong with either of us.
Avatar m tn My hubby and I decided to try again after one period. My hubby and I were having a few communcation problems but decided to have intercourse around ovulation. I did fall pregnant that month and am now 24 weeks pregnant. I will say the first few weeks of my pregnancy were VERY difficult.
Avatar f tn Did anyone get pregnant fast after having baby ? Or a month after having your baby ? ... Im super worried that I might be pregnant and my babygirl is just 1 month old ..on my last post I did mention that I got the Depo shot but had sex a day after and my smart husband finished inside ... Is too soon for me to be pregnant idk what to do ...
393440 tn?1202665595 what health issues should i know about being pregnant 3 months after having a baby?
Avatar n tn That can stifle ovulation. I'm just amazed you are up to getting busy so soon after having a baby!!! I certainly didn't feel like it that soon. You dh must be very happy. And I am crossing my fingers that you are not preggers again so soon.
Avatar f tn The odds are exactly the same. It only elevates after 3 in a row. I had 5 in a row before getting pregnant this time, so that combined with now being 40 put me in a high risk catagory. Only 1% of couples will experience 3 or more miscarriages in a row. I say go for it. At 39 your odds are still good. If you have another one, don't wait. Ask for testing to see if they can determine a cause. See a good RE or an OB that specializes in high risk.
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171867 tn?1271047748 I wish everyone including me the best of luck in getting pregnant after tr, I know due to my age turning 40 that I don't have time to play with. Like I said earlier I met someone who is younger and has no kids and we want to get married and have kids, he wants his own not to adopt. I have 4 already but I'm thinking that love or no love this is a big one for him, he wants 2 kids at least. God willing I would give them to him, but I just don't know. I don't think he will marry me for this reason.