Getting pregnant soon after having a baby

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Avatar f tn Shes the best thing ever im just asking as a friend of mine who had her baby a few weeks before me is pregnant again and most people who know her find it disgraceful that she is pregnant again so soon after having a baby. I obviously dont I support her all the way but I did share some concerns with her like how would her body cope with another pregnancy so soon after having a baby.
Avatar f tn If you started to menstruate and ovulate the chances are good
5739386 tn?1378836460 A nice cold beer with my honey.. that has to definitely be the one thing I miss the most!
Avatar f tn Heather5 is right. It can take up to a year for your cycles to adjust after birth control and to become pregnant. Doesn't mean it will take an entire year, but it is normal. You can use ovulation predictor kits to help you know your most fertile days and so you know that you are trying on your best days. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn I usually say the same to most people asking about trying for a baby because you get SO many young girls/teenagers who think having a baby with their boyfriends is some romantic, amazing thing and that they will have a cute baby and live happily ever after - I just remind them of the reality of it, which most of them need to be honest. I'm not implying in any way the poster is like that, I was just giving general advice.
Avatar n tn im am 26, i have a six year old son and now i want a baby but it seems i cant get pregnant, what can i do to get pregnant soon?
Avatar f tn Did anyone get pregnant fast after having baby ? Or a month after having your baby ? ... Im super worried that I might be pregnant and my babygirl is just 1 month old ..on my last post I did mention that I got the Depo shot but had sex a day after and my smart husband finished inside ... Is too soon for me to be pregnant idk what to do ...
Avatar n tn ve read MULTIPLE stories recently of women getting pregnant within a few weeks after a miscarriage and going on to having extremely healthy pregnancies and babies. Could I really be ovulating and should I be on the lookout for a pregnancy? (I'm EXTREMELY fertile, btw).. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
3604513 tn?1355536750 Very likely my hubby and I conceived ten days after we lost our baby and have a very healthy baby girl with or soon on the way now too.
Avatar f tn Has anyone gotten pregnant soon after having a baby? My son is 4 months old almost 5 months n im currently 13 weeks pregnant. How did u ladies.handle with it? This pregnancy gots me tired n sleepy bt I cant be for my son who needs me 24/7.
Avatar f tn Anyone having/had trouble getting pregnant after a laparoscopic surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy? Is there anything that can expedite the process of getting pregnant?
Avatar f tn But I eagerly want to be a mother as soon as I can. My doctor advised me to wait until 2 cycle to try to get pregnant again. I read a lot of articles and some of them tell that I can try right away and others tell that wait for 1 cycle. Now i m totally confused about when to start trying to conceive again. Can you please tell me when should I start to try to get pregnant?
Avatar f tn I have a 2 and a 3 year old same birthday just a year apart and now we're having baby #3 in may so that would make my last baby and this one about 2 1/2 years apart. I got alot of negative comments about having our fist one since my husband and I found out we were having a baby just 6 months after we got married and then negative comments with baby #2 because I got pregnant 4 months after having her now I'm getting negative comments because we're having another baby.
Avatar f tn A lot of women get pregnant right after they have a baby your still fertile during that time
Avatar n tn i am just wondering if i could become pregnant immediately after having it removed? using a ovulation calendar on the net, iguess i should have been fertile 2/2 - 2/5.
10104636 tn?1412142216 Thank you.
1165655 tn?1268169912 i was on the nuva ring for a year and a half and now my husband and i are trying to get pregnant. i've been off the ring since september 2009 and we're having no luck conceiving. i'm just wondering how long it might take to conceive. i've read that it might take as long as a year, is that really true? and is there anything we can do to better our odds of getting pregnant?
1560124 tn?1326160984 Very easy to get pregnant after having a baby. Your cycles will still be irregular for up to a year (or more in some cases) after having your baby, so it's difficult to predict when you will be ovulating and at your most fertile. Yes, there is a very very good chance that you have conceived. You are essentially having completely unprotected sex at this point, if your periods have returned, and you are at the same risk that any other couple would have for pregnancy.
Avatar f tn So I have a 5 month old and was not planning on getting pregnant so soon im already 1 month and I feel kinda depressed... I just feel like its too soon. Of course my husband is so happy... And Im dontt know why im feeling this way?
Avatar m tn Is it true that when one wants to start a family they have to limit their combo treatment? I will be tying the knot in March 2009 and would love a 'mini-me' pretty soon after. Having talked to my nurse i have been told in order to prevent complications i would either have to reduce my med-load or go onto mono-medication. Can one still have a healthy baby without a change in treatment?