Getting pregnant soon after having a baby

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1847581 tn?1325828638 Will i miscarraige if i get pregnant right after the Mirena is taken out? Im trying to get it taken out soon and me and my Fiance want's another baby but im scared!
1356315 tn?1344895815 had my scan today and found out my bubs is a little girl finally after having 3 boys glad im getting my little girl
1110026 tn?1258398234 I honestly think that I want a baby so bad that I am causing myself some how having a hard time getting that way again. Its not like my sex life isn't good. Me and Tom have a great sex life. Better then most couples. I just feel like i am in a rush or on a timer. I am almost 30 and I thought I would already had my baby by now and be this happy go lucky family. I guess I am living in a fairy tale book some place. I just never wanted something so much or so bad before and I can't get it.
1122084 tn?1354721915 If I am not having normal periods(2 periods in a month+ constant spotting between them),than I am not having baby soon...Why It's getting harder every day to get pregnant?
Avatar f tn Well here is my story and update. I am now 13 weeks and come to find out the first healthy pregnancy after a cryo-ablation. My Dr.'s are suprised. About 2 years ago I had 4 miscarriages. Due to the bleeding I had a cryo-ablation (freezing of the lining). I was told that I still had a slight chance to get pregnant. I was also told of the risk of loosing the baby. Well it's been 13 weeks and the baby is growing. My Dr.
569725 tn?1226547611 I am starting to loose hope, i have tried everything i can think of, heard of and researched on getting pregnant. I even just tried to forget about it and after a year, im still not pregnant. What if i may never fall pregnant? I dont want to put my husband throught that. Its frustraiting.
136689 tn?1419580447 it's the same feelings as always, everyone getting pregnant, and not me and just feeling very down at the moment.
676912 tn?1332812551 Lots of people I know are getting pregnant, are already pregnant, are about to give birth, or just recently gave birth...I'm glad July is half over. I can't wait until December!!! TTC starts all over again!
Avatar f tn For Conception, try having intercourse every month around your ovulation days as it is a best time for conceiving. Ovulation occurs regularly around day 14 of a 28-day menstrual cycle. The best timing of intercourse in order to conceive is day 10, 12, 14, and 16 (in case of late ovulation) of a 28-day cycle. After intercourse, do not wash immediately and keep a pillow under your butt so that semen doesn't come out of your body.
1301462 tn?1318743393 But I need to get stuff off my chest and this is the best place to do it. I have such a bad baby fever. Just found out that my best friend is pregnant with #2 and I'm really happy and exited for her, but makes me wish I was there too. I want another baby, but I went through so much with my first pregnancy that I'm afraid of trying again. Plus after the baby, my blood pressure stayed high, so getting pregnant now is crazy..
1462588 tn?1345061795 Well so far the summer has been great. I’ve gotten a lot done around the house and did some traveling as well. As fall approaches, I'm contemplating if I want to do another FET or a fresh cycle. After all, we became pregnant after doing a fresh cycle. Gosh! I just don't know what to do at this point. I do know if I get one more baby shower invitation I might scream LOL! It seems like everyone around me has become pregnant!! Friends, family, med help buddies everyone!
Avatar n tn I was wondering if it is dangerous to get pregnant after having a d&c over a month ago and I have not had my period yet? My dh and I babydanced last night and did not use protection. Just wondering. Any help and advice would be appreciated.
143123 tn?1274300825 After bleeding very heavily and 4 hours at the ER, I was told that I am miscarrying. It's very hard to understand and believe this when just Tuesday we saw the baby and the heartbeat and was told everything looked good. I've played the last few days over in my head wondering if I did something I shouldn't have. But, I can't think of anything. This is a second loss for me. I do know you shouldn't question God, but why does this happen?
1116022 tn?1305685993 Cheryl told me today that yoga helps with getting pregnant? Is this true or just a wives tale? Should be ovulating soon....BABY DUST PLEASE!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Just about to start trying fertility pills and hoping to get pregnant soon
Avatar n tn I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I' have been feeling a lot of pressure in my lower stomach does this mean I'll be having my baby girl soon
1219499 tn?1410749730 Two bearly there lines on a HPT over two days and quite a bit of nausea but blood test came back negative. I feel a bit silly getting my hopes up like that but I guess that's what TTC does to ya!
1925043 tn?1371695315 its been so nice to not have my period for over a year now. now that I increase my pumping schedule to twice a day, my supply has dropped off and I'm starting to feel small cramps. I also woke up totally pissed off...pms? I'm sure AF is just around the corner. Bummer cause I've sure enjoyed not having to deal with cramps, tampons, pads and a baby. haha I guess its good to know where I am in my cycle.
1219499 tn?1410749730 So I'm seriously considering going back on clomid next cycle. When I started acupuncture about 6 months ago (for recurrent miscarriges) he told me he wanted me to stop taking clomid because I didn't need it as I was ovulating on my own. Well I haven't gotten pregnant since stopping the clomid and every month I used clomid I got pregnant (3 times).
Avatar f tn Shes the best thing ever im just asking as a friend of mine who had her baby a few weeks before me is pregnant again and most people who know her find it disgraceful that she is pregnant again so soon after having a baby. I obviously dont I support her all the way but I did share some concerns with her like how would her body cope with another pregnancy so soon after having a baby.
Avatar f tn If you started to menstruate and ovulate the chances are good
389879 tn?1200504057 if u dont know your pregnant and you keep getting the depo shot can it kill the baby?
Avatar n tn I love and adore my son and I feel like he is such a wonderful blessing and I can't imagine my life with out him. He is the light of my life. I would love to have a little girl...I know that is not a given, its up to God...but I would love for James to have a sibling...whether brother or sister. But I tried going off the medicine last month and had some severe symptoms. I got scared, freaked out and went right back on the meds without even trying for a baby.
Avatar f tn So Jimmy is very supportive of us having another baby. We are excited to give Kanani a baby brother or sister.
Avatar f tn Heather5 is right. It can take up to a year for your cycles to adjust after birth control and to become pregnant. Doesn't mean it will take an entire year, but it is normal. You can use ovulation predictor kits to help you know your most fertile days and so you know that you are trying on your best days. Good Luck!
453888 tn?1273806954 I am 37 years old and wanting another baby. My husband is still thinking about the idea of having another one. He says it would be nice, but there is alot to think about. He is the one that worries about things that can go wrong. I currently have a copper iud and planning to have it removed soon. (Once I get the ok from hubby) I got the iud after my second daughter was born and loved it. I had it removed on October 4th 2003 and found out I was pregnant on October 31st 2003.
1217304 tn?1327069297 Well I had my baby 1/11/11 so she is still a baby and I have an overwhelming urge to get preggo again! I know it's crazy and I almost wanted to do it last month so i'd have a 2/2/12 baby...I feel a little obsessed with pretty birthdays :| also my boy was 1/11/06 and the new baby shares the same b-day...and my girl was 2/2/05 and I kinda wanted her to share a b-day which is ridiculous! Thankfully I changed my mind right around ovulation last month...