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1487690 tn?1316764185 What does it mean when you dont get pregnant when you ovulated? Low sperm count? ?
Avatar n tn My partner found out that he has a low sperm count what can we do?? Should we be having sex more now as we are ttc when I'm ovulating or less sex some one please help me.
Avatar m tn You should read up more about iui/ivf if you have a low sperm count and remember its not all about you and what you want, you must think of the woman you want to have a family and life with, shes the one who experiences the pregnancy first hand (the ups and the downs).
Avatar n tn And if they do ICSI, they will manually fertilize the eggs so motility is not an issue either. I have heard of people getting pregnant naturally with low sperm count, but it may take a lot longer.
Avatar n tn Is it a borderline low count? Was there other issues, with morphology, etc...? Diet, exercise, and vitamins could help improve the count.
Avatar n tn we're trying this month again and i had 2 iui's - the first one the #'s were good (pre-ovulation) and the second weren't so good - much less than first (day of ovulation), but like i told the nurse when she told me weren't as much as they'd like, but still ok - it only takes one. that's all.
402702 tn?1325891412 IUI is often the treatment of choice for men with low sperm count. They can concentrate the good sperm. He can also do things to help his sperm like eating a high quality diet (lots of fruits and veges and no junk foods), keeping his boys cool, regular exercise, making sure his weight is normal, no smoking. Taking a good quality antioxidant.
Avatar n tn I do not know of anything except IVF for very low sperm count unless you wanted to use donor sperm and attempt IUI that way???
Avatar n tn What are my chances of getting pregnant. Has anyone got pregnant normally with such a low count.
Avatar m tn would it have been that all this years my sperm count has been low since I masturbate. how long will it take to rebuild it. do masturbation really causes reduction of sperm count for a week I ve not masturbated and planning on staying away for a very longtime, has the sperm rebuilt?
Avatar f tn My husband and I have to do IUIs because his sperm count is so low...Has anyone had a similar experience with a good outcome (pregnancy?
126454 tn?1328022622 feels we don't need to take extra time and work if possible dhs sperm count will keep being low. i would say that more likely that everything's ok with dh's sperm count, but don't rule it out. have him tested too. how did you get pregnant the first time? on own or with help from dr.? good luck.
Avatar f tn I also have a very high sperm count, but very low semen viscosity. For many years we've had no luck with my wife getting pregnant. However, the second round of artificial insemination worked (unfortunately it ended in miscarriage). But my point is that our doctor said the same for us - the sperm is very good, but just wasn't getting where it needed to be. Good luck.
Avatar n tn What is my chances of getting pregnant? Please help.
Avatar f tn Do not take Arginine if you have Genital Herpes or if you are using lysine supplements. -Zink. Low sperm count can be boosted with Zinc . Take it 30 mg a day for 4 months. -Astragalus. This herb can improve sperm motility. You should follow recommendations on the label. hope this helps...
Avatar n tn Has anybody gotten pregnant or heard of anybody pregnant with this low of sperm motility. Any idea what normal sperm motility is?
Avatar n tn So the best bet is to take the whole middle of the cycle, from about day 8 through day 20, and have sex every other day or every third day. (Not every day because it might make your sperm count too low.
Avatar n tn My husband has low sperm count and mobility I had a tubal reversal done in October still not pregnant
Avatar f tn iui is suppose to be good if u have low sperm count. I know if u want to try a cheep way to improve things. u can go to walmart and buy L cartine (sp) and zink. they are suppose to help. dh took them but we didnt knwo that he naturally had a high count so we dint really know if ithelped. Good luck they are aroudn $4 per bottle.
1294482 tn?1354492888 I was just told to try it and wondered if anyone has had success or is using it. My dh was just told he has low sperm morphology which was 22% and should be 50%. I also have endometriosis and don't always ovulate. I was thinking about getting it for both of us, couldn't hurt. Any other ideas for low morphology? They said count and motility are good.
Avatar n tn They say to try for a year and if after a year you have no luck, look into a fertility clinic to see if there are other underlying issues such as blocked tubes, low sperm count, sperm motility, etc. There are plenty of test they can do to find out whats up..if anything. My husband and I tried for 3 years....both healthy people.....with nothing wrong. Hang in there. I know its frustrating.....but give it time....and then seek outside assistance!
1094771 tn?1330284476 Our situation is similar in that all my tests came back normal, but his sperm had low motility and somewhat of a low count. We were told IUI was an option (we tried twice and they both failed), but that we had better % of getting pregnant with IVF. I am in the initial phase of IVF cycle this month. Both my husband and I are in our mid 30's, neither one of us has prior children. All of our siblings have children and we are hoping IVF works out for us - it's a one shot deal for us!
Avatar f tn He also has blood clot problems (nt the same as mother) Very low sperm count when they were trying for kids...took 5yrs for 1st child He has 2 bros & 1 sis... Hubby's uncle (dads bro) was nt able to have kids (nt 100% sure that was him or his wife), but they had to adopt Hubby's cousin on dad's side had problems getting prego with 1st child (nt sure the details there) Bottom line...
Avatar f tn and concerning sperm count, men with very low count can give children,the problem is not the count, but the precentage motality and the abnormal shapes.
Avatar f tn Men with high blood sugars may have low and abnormal sperm count. Women with high blood sugars may have difficulty conceiving, and foetus may have birth defects if sugars are high in early pregnancy and too large and underdeveloped baby if sugars are high in third trimester. However, if blood sugars are well controlled, ideally in range of 80-120, fertility should be equivalent to persons without diabetes.
1055824 tn?1387077024 I was actually curious about if anyone got pregnant with IUI and low morph. My doctor told me I had a 10% chance of conceiving. If this doesn't work we are moving on to Invitro because it is a lot of money for only a 10% chance. I know IUI has worked for a lot of people but I don't know if their infertility was related to low morphology. I hope that what your doctor said is correct regarding morphology not affecting fertilization.
Avatar n tn Artificial insemination can work if the count is low but not too low. If his count is really low or the sperm can't penetrate the egg ivf may be your only option. Be pro-active and talk to a specialist. Good luck!
Avatar f tn has any of them increase or changed recently... Smoking, drinking, hot tubs, etc all effect sperm count...
Avatar n tn My husband and i are trying to get pregnat for about a year and a half,before 2 months and sixteen days he had a varicosele surgery, since we were told that this is why he had low motility 35%,and low sperm count 19000000.he is now taking speman and vitamins to enhance his motility and sperm count it been three months on medications. as for me i have inverted uterus,but everything else is normal. My questions are: 1- after the surgery when can he has his sperm checked?