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Avatar n tn I am on high blood pressure pills and have been for the last 3 years. Does anyone know if these pills can affect pregnancy? If so, how? Also, can they affect the outcome of an HPT?
225237 tn?1333142599 Well in 2006 i found out i was pregnant and my high blood pressure went away...totally normal. Now a few months ago I go to doc and he puts me back on blod pressure meds, which in return my anxiety has came back. I currently take 5 mg. of lisinopril. I have lost 17 pounds and st5ill working on getting some weight off. So I guess my questions are: Can my anxiety cause my BP too flucuate? Should I be on medications or since its such a low dose try and lower it naturally?
Avatar n tn Hello girls, I'm a mother of one already and I had a smooth pregnancy my first time around. I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant now with high blood pressure omg I'm freaking. Anyone have suggestions on how to lower it???? Really worried....
1088689 tn?1258177291 I have been trying to research and all i can really find is possible high blood pressure... every time i go to the doctor or to labor and delivery for different things, all they really tell me is take tylenol. The last time I went in was for dizziness, and all the doctor said was that he couldnt do anything until there was further insidence of being dizzy...I am in the navy and he said it wasnt fair for the men who have to pick up my slack if he gave me 1/2 days or even bed rest.
Avatar n tn which isnt good especially if you have high blood pressure (and are pregnant) to begin with. hope all goes well for you though. ive had a history of high bp in the past- before this pregnancy, but apparently it has calmed down because when i go for my checkups and they do my blood pressure, they say all is good.
193609 tn?1292183893 So I am worried about taking this medication that will bottom out my blood pressure, when my blood pressure is only high under certain circumstances. I thought he would say bed rest, and I feel really guilty questioning my doctor's just is not making any sense to me.
Avatar n tn i can tell you from experience (i had pregnancy induced hypertension with both my previous pregnancies starting at about 28 weeks and fully expect to get it with this one too) that if it stays up they will either put you on bedrest of blood pressure medicine. The blood pressure medicine was enough to keep mine under control. try not to worry- there is a big difference between preeclampsia and pregnancy induced hypertension.
Avatar f tn What does it mean to have high blood pressure while pregnant?? We would google it, but I was really hoping I could get an answer here before we freak out from reading all worst possible cases on google. Thank you in advance. Any knowledge greatly helps!
737341 tn?1265792265 You are also more susceptible (sp?) now to getting pre eclampsia, so getting a blood pressure cuff for you house is a good idea. I got one at Walmart I think for about $35. It will help you keep an eye on things yourself in between doctor's visit. Please send me a message anytime you would like, I will give you any information I have!! I am on bed rest, so I am on everyday.
4784669 tn?1360772322 I take blood pressure medication. I had high blood pressure prior to getting pregnant but stopped taking my medication when I found out that i was pregnant until week 19. I ended up in the ER because it was too high. The dr prescribed medication then and I have been taking it every day since then. I am now 37 weeks 4 days and will be induced in 9 days. The medication has controlled it all of this time and I haven't had any problems with my blood pressure since taking the meds.
Avatar f tn Yep completely fine - obs charts for pregnant women are different and your blood pressure should drop when pregnant as your blood vessels dilate to allow blood to flow through quicker as your body makes more blood.
Avatar f tn If you can, buy a home blood pressure monitor and keep track of it at home. It could have been a spike due to stress. If it stays a little higher, they may give you a med to help keep it down until baby comes.
Avatar f tn / my blood pressure keeps spiking least once a week..i have a doctors appointment in 3 days and will talk to doc..just wanted some opinions on how to control this issue without meds??
696092 tn?1238620367 Hypothyroidism may slow the heart rate to less than 60 beats per minute, reduce the heart's pumping capacity, and increase the stiffness of blood vessel walls. All of these effects may lead to high blood pressure. Indeed, patients with hypothyroidism have triple the risk of developing hypertension. All patients with chronic hypothyroidism, especially pregnant women, should have their blood pressure checked regularly.
Avatar n tn I am 6 weeks pregnant, and have high blood pressure. I have not been able to see my ob for the first time as of yet because I am still waiting on insurance to go through. I do not have any bp meds to take to help control my bp either. My bp keeps going over 150/90. I do not know what to do, and would like any advice I can get.
Avatar n tn My new husband and i are trying to have a baby via IVF now but couldn't use my egg cause my RE said I was too old ( I'm 44) we tried a donor egg cycle and we got a big fat negative last Monday (donor is 24 years old) anyway I don't know what went wrong but mid-cycle my blood pressure was high so my Dr. put me on High blood pressure medication. Does anyone know if that could be the reason I didn't get pregnant?. Does anyone has been in this situation? Pleae help.
8630236 tn?1417731754 They should induce you that same day. My first pregnancy i ended up getting high blood pressure and i was told that i needed to get induced that same day.
Avatar n tn About 6 weeks ago out of no where I developed what I would call a panic attack and I have been very unstable ever since. Blurry vision, heart palpitations, high blood pressure (I was 120/80 and I am now 140/72), I feel very unstable. I have never experienced this type of nervousness before. The blurry vision is subsiding, the rapid heart beats have been replaced with low hard beats and then at times rapid ones, my chest hurts, ect.
1569575 tn?1314427659 Your provider might prescribe an antihypertension medication to help control your high blood pressure. find a diet buddy! It can be a friend or a family member. Start walking! No need to set any land speed records with your stride either - just go out and meander because anything you do, is better than sitting on your butt on the couch at home :) Make yourself do it several days a week.
Avatar n tn can someone get pregnant when the father is on 3 different medicines for heart, high blood pressure and cholestol.
6894081 tn?1390751363 Mine went to 205/104 and im only 19, i was 32 weeks pregnant, turned out i had eclampsia! had to have emergancy c section! Never mess with high blood pressure, its like risking to u and ur baby! Good luck i hope ur ok!
Avatar f tn Could anyone tell me if my blood pressure actually is high? To me it seems quite normal and anything I could do to help lower it before it becomes a problem, Or what could be happening but don't realize it? Thanks so much!!
184024 tn?1272337679 Your weight gain seems fine!!! I had high blood pressure during my pregnancy and 140/90 is a reason to be concerned! However, your blood pressure changes within seconds, so they might have just caught it at a high point. If there is no protein in your urine, you don't have preeclampsia and thats a really good sign! Your doctor is looking for consistently high blod pressure, so if it is high at your next appointment, your doc might express more concern! I advise waiting it out!!! Good Luck!
Avatar m tn I was the same way with my last pregnancy. I have always had low blood pressure as you have. Even when not pregnant. I would especially get dizzy in the morning and feel like I was going to pass out. The thing that has really helped me with that is to eat low carb. When pregnant, you don't want to go below 100 grams carbs. If you have carbs, aim for complex ones that are high in fiber such as high fiber breads, pasta, fruits and vegetables.
Avatar m tn Ur issues sound like POTS as it is a positional issue-check out this link. http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn Anyone having issues with low blood pressure??? Mine was really low yesterday causing me to black out at Wall*Mart. I'm 36w&&3d its been getting more and more frequent the light headedness, tunnel vision, tingles every where. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing?? And what their Dr/MW is doing to fix it.