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Avatar n tn Although the level is high for a cycle day 3 FSH level, it is still possible to get pregnant. Scott et al used the FSH level to predict IVF success rates, however most doctor now use it to get an idea of ovarian reserve ie the ability of the ovaries to produce a good egg. It can only be a general guiding test, not a test that would determine for sure whether or not you can get pregnant. Age is also an important independent factor for predicting possiblity of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn i'm not sure what this does for estrogen but eating less dairy can lower your estrogen levels - also eating hormone free meat. I had to take cetrotide before IVF to help prepare things (high LH and FSH). I am 8 weeks along but things are tough going. I think my ovulations are so weak that I am not getting sufficient progesterone. I am trying to strengthen these ovulations with testosterrone and thyroid meds but not sure if these things will be enough.
1105753 tn?1374290948 My doctor told me I probably wouldn't get pregnant on my own but had me take Clomid for the last 2 months to boost my ovulation. We still have had no luck even with getting pregnant naturally last year. I am wondering if my miscarriage could be causing my cycles to be abmormal or if I have any chances of getting pregnant again. This month was a Clomid cycle but I have not had a period yet and I estimated that I ovulated 17 or 18 days ago.
Avatar f tn Two questions. Is there anyone out there that got pregnant with that high of an FSH? and for the egg donor. I am not sure what to think of that. Any opinions?
Avatar f tn I don't know what the estrogen level indicates, but FSH over 10 MAY indicate difficulty getting pregnant. However, I know there are many women with FSH over 10 that have had successful pregnancies, but you may need some help from fertility meds and treatments. Are you seeing a fertility specialist now? If not, I'd definitely find one asap!
Avatar m tn I really had no idea until now how age really affects things. I had no problem getting pregnant at 35 but when we tried getting pregnant a year ago (when i was 37) it wasn't happening and i still can't get pregnant. Dr's keep telling me it's my age. (38) ugh.
Avatar f tn She also said if I was very fertile in age of 40, it's unlikely that all over complectly in 7 y time. She said that even young women not get pregnant after 1 intercaurse in ovulation and many has high FSH and got pregnant with that or later. It really makes me happier. Jenkins, you have a chance as well according to her. Best luck to all!
Avatar f tn I am still a bit confused as to the role FSH levels play into the ability to get pregnant. I have read that women with high FSH can get pregnant, but the eggs are not 'healthy' and therefore result in miscarriage. Is this necessarily true? Or is high FSH a factor in even getting pregnant at all?
Avatar n tn Just got my FSH and E2 blood work also. cd 3 FSH = 16 E2 = 60. My FSH was just 3 in March of this year. I'm told to wait until cd 10 and do the tests again. Then compare the results to see if the Clomid is working. I know 17 seems high for your FSH, but I'm told it doesn't mean you won't get pregnant. I don't know what the E2 of 25 means. I'm learning this all myself!! Let me know if you learn anything new, as I will do the same for you. Best of luck!!
233053 tn?1321647421 Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone here has got pregnant with FSH levels as high as 18? I just got my results back and am very disappointed! My fear is that my doctor may refuse to do IVF with this result(I know some doctors would like to see a <15 FSH for performing IVF).
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, there isn't a treatment. But I had a high FSH also and my doctor prescribed DHEA to me. It takes 3-6 months to start working, but it basically tricks your body into thinking it is younger and producing GOOD eggs. After 5 months of being on it, I got pregnant with a baby girl (who is now 5 months old). I tried for over 2 years - doing everything under the sun to try to get pregnant ... The other thing I suggest is that you get pregnant right away.
Avatar f tn Congratulations on your pregnancy. Don't worry about miscarrying, unless it does happen. Grade A embryos sound really good :-) hopefully with grade A. embryos you don't miscarry. I think with higher FSH there is a chance of miscarriage. If you start bleeding & it's heavy & continuous, or you have heavy bleeding & a lot of pain. I would talk to your dr. about it. I'm 26 yrs old, have severe endometriosis. I've had 2 laparoscopies, 1 laparotomy done.
Avatar n tn It can change from month to month, and there are several women here who got pregnant with a higher FSH. There is some info on line about natural ways to treat high FSH, although I can't personally comment as to whether or not it actually works. Try googling it, and you can see what you think. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn have you had any success since then getting pregnant? I am almost 40, and just had a failed ivf...looking for answers.
Avatar f tn 9 and now they repeated the test and it went up to 20. I was so devastated! So, even though you have a high FSH level you can still get pregnant??? Please post what your doctor had you do to reduce your FSH level. My doctor is suppose to call me this week to let me know what course of action I need to take now - I'm hoping he doesn't tell me it's hopeless. I've had to many disappointments and roller coaster rides to take another hit.
Avatar n tn if you need IVF for other reasons, this should not discourage you. As for the question about getting pregnant naturally, an FSH level of 10.4 is less important than how old you are, and how long you have been trying to get pregnant for. This value should be taken in context in your discussion with your REI.
Avatar n tn I tried IVF at 43 w/my own eggs and while I'm not sure of my FSH number, I remember them saying it was on the high side. I live in NM & my clinic was in Lubbock, TX.
205230 tn?1237408793 I wouldn't give up on your own eggs just because of high FSH levels. Hang in there! I also did acupuncture and herbs before getting pregnant the first time, and I think that helped too. Good luck!
Avatar f tn She did a clomid challenge test and my FSH level was a 20 at day 2 and day 9. I just saw an RE and he did not sound like I had any chance of getting pregnant with my FSH levels but he did an ultrasound of my ovaries and told me that everything looked very good and I had very healthy follicles. He wants to test my FSH level again along with other bloodwork but I will not get results for 3 weeks. I am going crazy especially based on his negative outlook if my FSH level is a 20.
1613595 tn?1302552190 Dear JMOSQUA we should not give up until we fight for the last chance. i too have got a high FSH today; well; i have been googling and found stuff like accupunture helps and chinese herbs might also help to reduce FSH; got to cut down coffee; and as you anyway exercise that should be good; i read like organic food is also good for lowering FSH levels; so we can try all possible methods; good luck. do drink lots of water. take care dear babyhope.
Avatar n tn That level was from 3 years ago when we were ttc my son who is now 22 months old and my doctor never called me to tell me the result so I didnt even know I had high FSH levels and still got pregnant and have a healthy boy, so I know I can get pregnant its just a matter of when.I do think stress has a lot to do with it and I am going start seeing an acupunturist.
Avatar f tn My doctor tested my hormones 4 days ago and the results confused her. My FSH was still high at 121, but my estrogen was normal at 60. She said I had the blood tests of someone on birth control pills and was confused because I have been off of the pills for a little more than 3 months. She said that possibly my ovaries are kicking back in and just to watch it for the next four months. Every doc.
Avatar f tn I had a complete l blood work up, and I was told I have a high FSH level. (14) I as told that I would need IVF if I wanted to conceive. I had an ultrasound and it was discovered that I had Fibroids and Polyps. I had a hysterocopy, 2x's, because they didn't get all of the fibroids. I just met with the RE and he said I had a clean bill of health. But now I am being told that I may want to consider using donor eggs. I was appalled and horrified, because I just cannot afford the cost.
Avatar n tn You are still young, so I would say that you have a decent chance at getting pg. I was 34 when I got my high fsh result. Went on to get pg and have twins. Don't give up. Just find a RE that you trust (even if that means seeing a few of them before you decide on one). The RE makes all the difference in success.
Avatar f tn I am 35 and was told today by my fertility doc that I have high FSH (30) and low AMH (.16), thus my ovarian reserve is diminishing. My doctor told me that in order to conceive my husband and I would need to adopt of go the egg donor route. Is there any hope for me or is this as good as it gets?
Avatar n tn ) so how can this be an indication of FSH being too high?? shouldn't I stop getting my period all together or shouldn't it be irregular? Before I got the test done, my doctor told me that he suspected that my short cycles (25 days) were an indication of ovarian problems...How can this be if I am ovulating every month and have extreemely regular cycles?? (even if they are short...). The waiting is really killing me! Talk about doctors being insensitive...I can't eat...I can't sleep....
Avatar n tn I am taking DHEA and CoQ10 for 8 months and Chinese herbs for 2 months , last month my FSH was 27 and I start bee pollen, Wheatgrass pill. this cycle my FSH is still high (24) and IVF cancelled for third times. Is there any chance to lower my FSH level for next cycle. I am so depressed.
Avatar n tn I just wanted you to know that I started acupuncture last week and the acupuncturist told me about the many women she's worked with that have had high FSH and have since become pregnant-- it gave me some hope. I feel like I need to give it my all before going on to a fresh cycle-- it would most likely be my last. I am drinking an herbal tea that she recommended. She also said I should have wheatgrass-- which is DISGUSTING. According to her, the more bitter, the more better!!!