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Avatar f tn I am new in this forun and need help. My E2 is very high 700 and FSH 2,2. Can l get pregnant naturally or must l have to go for IVF. lf IVF can l still use my own eggs. l will appreciate any advice, thank. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/188194'>estrogen and fsh question</a>.
Avatar f tn t know what the estrogen level indicates, but FSH over 10 MAY indicate difficulty getting pregnant. However, I know there are many women with FSH over 10 that have had successful pregnancies, but you may need some help from fertility meds and treatments. Are you seeing a fertility specialist now? If not, I'd definitely find one asap!
Avatar f tn I am still a bit confused as to the role FSH levels play into the ability to get pregnant. I have read that women with high FSH can get pregnant, but the eggs are not 'healthy' and therefore result in miscarriage. Is this necessarily true? Or is high FSH a factor in even getting pregnant at all?
Avatar f tn Two questions. Is there anyone out there that got pregnant with that high of an FSH? and for the egg donor. I am not sure what to think of that. Any opinions?
Avatar m tn I really had no idea until now how age really affects things. I had no problem getting pregnant at 35 but when we tried getting pregnant a year ago (when i was 37) it wasn't happening and i still can't get pregnant. Dr's keep telling me it's my age. (38) ugh.
205230 tn?1237405193 t give up on your own eggs just because of high FSH levels. Hang in there! I also did acupuncture and herbs before getting pregnant the first time, and I think that helped too. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Maybe its something simple, I know with me dh was fine but I had some endometriosis high fsh and my amh was on the low side.(I know simple right? lol at least we identified the problem and plans to fix it) I had lap. to remove the endo.and my fsh dropped when I did that and the meds evidentally helped with everything else. We also tried for a little over a year this time. Previously I had 2 m/c then 2 sons. Are you seeing an RE?
Avatar f tn She said that even young women not get pregnant after 1 intercaurse in ovulation and many has high FSH and got pregnant with that or later. It really makes me happier. Jenkins, you have a chance as well according to her. Best luck to all!
Avatar f tn There are a quite a few women on MedHelp who have gotten pregnant with high FSH. If you do a search there are comments going back to 2007 about it and women who have been succussful. I have a FSH of 15 and have just started Acupuncture, yoga and wheatgrass. I did 2 rounds of Clomid which didn't work. I'm not giving up. I did get pregnant last March naturally which ended in miscarriage so I know I can do it. I just need a healthier egg.
Avatar n tn Does a high fsh level mean having a baby born with Downs? Last month my fsh was 9 this month is was 35? Is it possible to concieve a healthy baby. I am 41 years old. Thank you.
Avatar f tn My FSH was 16 and I'm 40 years old and 28 weeks pregnant. Your FSH numbers change throughout you cycle. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn It can change from month to month, and there are several women here who got pregnant with a higher FSH. There is some info on line about natural ways to treat high FSH, although I can't personally comment as to whether or not it actually works. Try googling it, and you can see what you think. Good luck to you!
Avatar f tn BUT, that does not mean you will not get pregnant. Find a RE who is fsh friendly because at this point, your age trumps the fsh number. Fsh is a number that can indicate egg quantity, not quality. Don't forget that! I know from experience. Fsh was 13 at 33. Had twins at 35 (after two miscarriages, 3 iuis, and 3 ivfs). It can happen. Don't lose hope!
Avatar f tn Congratulations on your pregnancy. Don't worry about miscarrying, unless it does happen. Grade A embryos sound really good :-) hopefully with grade A. embryos you don't miscarry. I think with higher FSH there is a chance of miscarriage. If you start bleeding & it's heavy & continuous, or you have heavy bleeding & a lot of pain. I would talk to your dr. about it. I'm 26 yrs old, have severe endometriosis. I've had 2 laparoscopies, 1 laparotomy done.
Avatar f tn The question that I would ask first would be what my chances of getting pregnant on my own are. Considering your age, your FSH levels do seem high... Anything over 10, I was always told, is considered bad news. It is usually an indicator of premature ovarian failure, which means your eggs may be of poorer quality and conception may be difficult.
Avatar n tn have you had any success since then getting pregnant? I am almost 40, and just had a failed ivf...looking for answers.
Avatar f tn I am 35 and was told today by my fertility doc that I have high FSH (30) and low AMH (.16), thus my ovarian reserve is diminishing. My doctor told me that in order to conceive my husband and I would need to adopt of go the egg donor route. Is there any hope for me or is this as good as it gets?
Avatar n tn I am 34 yrs old and did the clomid challenge and was told my fsh is high and a 1% chance of getting pregnant. Do I have the test done again to see if it changes?
Avatar n tn I tried IVF at 43 w/my own eggs and while I'm not sure of my FSH number, I remember them saying it was on the high side. I live in NM & my clinic was in Lubbock, TX.
Avatar f tn thanks for your response!! Please keep me posted, ad goodluck! Is this your first cicle of inyections? Good luck!!!!!!
Avatar f tn lately, i had my fsh tested, and it was so high, 40.22. My RE told me that my chance of getting pregnant is very slim due to high level of fsh. and she suggested that it is better for us to adopt a child. Since that is a sign of POF (premature ovarian failure) Is there a way to lower the fsh level? i feel sad, depressed and hopeless. is there still a way for me to get pregnant? i still had my menstruation monthly, regularly. is menstruating means i am still ovulating?
Avatar f tn there are lots of women out there who got pregnant with higher FSH levels...u just need more work done with an RE-fertility specilist..I suggest you find a good one and work with them... it's NOT impossible...
Avatar f tn a high FSH does not mean that you can never get pregnant it just means that you may have a little more difficult time with it than if your number was more in the normal range
Avatar n tn I have borderline FSH.. mine ranges from 7-12.5.. Just b/c your FSH is high doesn't mean you can't get preggers.. what it does mean is that you will probably have a harder time getting pregnant. Have you gone to an RE yet? they should be able to give you advice and options. You also might want to ask if the RE's in your area have any experience dealing with high FSH.. also.. get your day 2 or 3 Estradiol and antral follicle count checked.. that is another indicator. Good Luck!