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Avatar f tn Unfortunately, it would be really difficult to do that, what with everyone having different restrictions (low sodium, low carb, low sugar, sugar free, lactose intolerance, gluten free, etc.), allergies, taste preferences, cooking skills, and the like. Perhaps visiting with a nutritionist would benefit you, so your diet can be personally tailored to you and your needs. I'm sorry we can't be of more service.
Avatar m tn Barb, I was on low-carb diet for a long time, but recently I found out that for many people like me, eating a low-carb diet may weaken the thyroid or even cause hypothyroid. If you google "low carb diet and low thyroid", you will see that eating "safe" carbs like sweet potatoes or rice will help out your thyroid a lot. http://chriskresser.
500923 tn?1210168927 Low carb diet - no bread - pasta - flour - limit whole grains - no sugar natural or artificial. Brown sugar Ok once in a while. Limit fruits high in sugar! Alcohol is sugar too. Limit milk products Maintain a high green veggie diet with lean "good" protein meats - hormone free! Nuts are good and yogart - I know it has milk - but it has many other supporting factors. It a tough change but you will adjust well and won't crave the other stuff after a while.
Avatar n tn Hi Newtoit, I'm a volunteer here and I've had Type 1 diabetes for over 11 years. It must be a difficult and a bit confusing time for your family right now, dealing with your newly diagnosed diabetic child, but it's wonderful that in such a short time you have managed to gather a lot of vital information. Having diabetes or caring for someone who has it is an ongoing learning process. Just keep that in mind whenever you feel frustrated, because we all go through it.
Avatar m tn I have a 9 year old golden retriever that was just diagnosed with histocytic sarcoma. I saw on an earlier post that a high protein low starch (anti-cancer) diet was recommended and Aleda Cheng indicated that she would post the diet if wanted. The person did not request the diet, but I would be very interested in the diet. Does anyone have any information on this diet? I know the prognosis for my dog is not good, so any other suggestions would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I am wondering what foods are best to eat? I recently started eating much healthier with the " low carb diet plan" I am walking but I still have pain of course so I need some sort of list of foods that are good for people with this. The only pain medication i take for fibro is Tramadol 200 mg time released twice per day. I have been on everything I was addicted to hydrocodon like to never got off of it.
Avatar n tn So all proteins are good, (meat, fish, cheese), and most vegetables are low carb. You can to go for a list of the nutrients in all common foods and packages also list carbs.
Avatar f tn I would also eliminate gluten along with the low carb diet. If you try the low carb diet, make sure you take the recommended nutrients. They are recommended for a reason. And some people get silly with the diet and don't take in any carbs - DON'T DO THAT! Maybe you can call your doctor to make sure this diet is safe for you.
Avatar f tn There are no scientific studies that show going gluten, dairy, sugar free, low carb, etc will lower your antibody count... While the antibodies may cause some inflammation/swelling of the thyroid, your main symptoms are actually the result of hypothyroidism, caused by reduced thyroid function, not from the antibodies themselves.
1301482 tn?1325722991 Who has done a low carb diet that worked well? Can you give me any tips for low carb snacks/meals?
1356964 tn?1302087435 I believe the way to go is grain free, low carb, canned food for my cat anyway..It is a good way to keep Diabetes at bay, obesity and possibly kidney disease... Have a great week everyone !
1451080 tn?1438527660 You are in luck, there are many online websites that advertise and sell low-carb foods. If you are looking for a source for low-card foods, go to This is the largest nutritional site online. Also, go to Google and Bing and type in Low-Carb Foods, and many listings appear.
Avatar f tn if you eat a lot of fruits potatoes and starches can cause massive weight gain try a low carb diet and see if it works if you stick with it in that is your problem you will lose a 8 to 10 pounds within 2 weeks and if not then you might have a thyroid problem
Avatar f tn The paleo diet is the healthiest form of low-carb diet, IMO. I would not go on a low-carb diet that was composed of low-carb junk food. If you eat a paleo diet, you are only eating real, whole foods (no junk food) and no grains. It's a lot of meat, vegetables, and healthy fats.
Avatar f tn Face numbness to difficulty breathing. Paleo/low carb diet, with resistance training keeps me 90% symptom free (face numbness and other minor symptoms will still be present). Anything that reduces stress and keeps systematic inflammation down will help. I cannot over stress how important overall health and fitness is to a condition such as this. Most importantly, be honest with yourself, are you taking care of yourself outside of targeting individual symptoms.
451075 tn?1210258648 s a promise whatever your way of loosing weight. But you can adjust the low-carb from being so low in carb that you loose weight into being just the right amount to maintain the correct weight. I do not agree to that one gets sluggish and tired on low-carbs, actually the reverse is my experience. I get sluggish and tired on high-carbs. I get ALOT more energy when I am on a low carb diet.
Avatar n tn Maybe look into changing from low fat, to low carb diet. Low carb diet helps some - definitely has helped me where no other diet has. make sure your levels are optimal, as well.
Avatar f tn Is it better to eat a low Carb diet or a low calorie diet..Isn't stuck between the 2,I need to lose72 lbs..n I don't want it to take forever to lose it.I also expertise 6 days a week for 1 1/2 hrs.Just confused about the two.Also I'M on 3 medications that cause weight gain.And I'M wondering as long as I do overeat will I still gain weight from these meds.Thanks Brenda!!
362249 tn?1441315018 s a list of atkins diet food i know its more low carb stuff but it does give the list of processed meats and the chocolate to avoid.