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Avatar f tn I am a new mom, I delivered my baby 4 months ago, I want to go on a diet but I am afraid thst will affect my baby because I am breast feeding her
1597891 tn?1298849279 Alli is good and it does work; I'm actually considering going back on it myself, but you can't do much McDonalds, while on it or you will have serious, unpleasant side effects........ Alli blocks fat from being absorbed by your body; therefore, you must keep your fat intake to a minimum or you will have the side effects, which consist of uncontrollable runny, oily stools. Obviously, no one wants that.......
Avatar n tn Food triggers are different for different persons. Some people find cold foods worsening the pain whereas some find spicy foods intolerable. Foods that contain a lot of fat may also trigger the pain. For you it seems to be the same. Please avoid spicy, high salt and high fat diet. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn my mom 78yo was dx with diabetes last wk (bld sugar 257)only symptom was tired and dry mouth..she prob had it for a while.she would eat candy and her diet was sporadic, apetitie down,,,.her dr wants her to try diet first...her sugars this past week, fasting, run about 180-240...she has stopped all sugars, is eating better, 3 meals a day, wheat breads, salad/vegs/fruit uses sugar free sodas and occass has had sugar free cookies....todays fbs was 288..I'm not sure what caused it...
Avatar f tn I plan to have some tests done the next time I go to the doctor, but I'm making an overall health change for now. I didn't want to give you all a laundry list of my symptoms, but basically I was on birth control pills for 6 years and then just stopped. Since then, several of the symptoms worsened (or appeared), so I feel like there is a good chance they are linked with my hormones.
880023 tn?1241744504 just wondering if any of you guys stick to a certain pregnancy diet or something like that! I am not fallowing any kind of diet, just trying to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, drink lots of water and juices etc...
Avatar m tn Is meat good ? protein rich foods ? vegetables ?. What foods would be best to help me develop my immune system. Juices ? milk ?. Please help me setup a healthy diet as I will fight this damn thing off !!
Avatar n tn m having difficulty with the carbs. It says I should be consuming about 130 carbs but it seems to me so many foods contain carbs. An apple and banana are both things I thought was good but they contain carbs that add to my 130. Carrots is another snack I wanted to eat and also has about 10 g.
193137 tn?1367880063 Best unbiased information of the diet is here. Personal feeling is that you are eliminating a lot of good antioxidents with the diet.
Avatar f tn I am interested in what type of diet works best for msk and for any advice you all may be able to provide. Thank you so much!
Avatar f tn Is it bad that I want to hold my cravings and not eat certain foods because I know they will put in a little extra weight after the baby. I try my best to only eat the needed food and stay away from donuts and chips and sodas etc.
Avatar m tn From what I have read, it appears that when deciding which foods are best to eat, Glycemic Load is even more important that Glycemic Index. With that in mind, I am having some trouble making decisions pertaining to the all-important Rice, Potato, and Bread categories. My doc says stay away from white, and that brown is much better, i.e. whole grain bread is preferable to white bread, and brown rice is preferable to white rice.
Tbd even the US CDC says cholesterol in the diet is not a concern. Also when carbs are removed from the diet then some other form of energy is needed... fat. I eat under 50 gr of carbs a day and have been since 2000.
Avatar n tn I was not too big personality (weighing58kgs for 5ft2inches)i was not too big but I was given diet plan , but it didnt worked given insulin therapy...4 times dialy..morning 2 units lunch dinner 2,2 units and insulator 8units..and with the balanced diet sugars were totally controlled...i delivered baby jst 1week before my due date. she was perfectly fine weighed 3kgs, my sugars were also came to normal. i normally checks my sugars for every 3months...recently i got 5.3 fasting.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with my first. I saw a dietician and specialist every 2 weeks for the last couple months. They sent us to 'school' and taught us how to read lables and how to balance our meals to help keep glucose levels consistent. I had to test my blood a few times a day and inject insulin once a day, then twice and eventually after every meal to keep everything normal. I followed the diet to a tee and still ended up being induced a few days early because my insulin levels.
Avatar m tn I am concerned that if I even eat one trigger food, my esophagus will swell up again. Has anybody started incorporating trigger foods into your diet? Also, I am concerned because I don't usually FEEL reflux. It is more silent, I think sometimes.