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Avatar f tn I need help with a low fat, low carb diet. I apologize I did not put this in my first post....but am new at this and did not really think of all that you added, but you are right. I'm looking for general help, so that I can to shop & also learn to eat healthier. As I feel it's never too late to learn, and our bodies can heal as long as we give it what it needs. *1200 Calories (Low cal/ low carb) diet *Meals are hard, as I don't know the do's and the don't(s).
6403373 tn?1381003248 Along with veggies, opt for lean protein, such as that from low/no fat dairy, meat, eggs, beans, etc. Opt for whole grains, rather than refined grains. Avoid as much processed food as possible.
Avatar m tn Dr. W. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "fat and happy." Well, it's not just folklore. The same carbs that make you fat (and contribute to diabetes and other problems) also make you happy. It's simple science: Carbs allow more of the amino acid L-tryptophan to penetrate your brain. The L-tryptophan triggers your brain to make more serotonin, and the serotonin makes you feel happier. It's as simple as that!
451075 tn?1210258648 s a promise whatever your way of loosing weight. But you can adjust the low-carb from being so low in carb that you loose weight into being just the right amount to maintain the correct weight. I do not agree to that one gets sluggish and tired on low-carbs, actually the reverse is my experience. I get sluggish and tired on high-carbs. I get ALOT more energy when I am on a low carb diet.
Avatar n tn Okay, we're now about 5 days into learning that our daughter is diabetic. So really any info at this time is going to be greatly appreciated. Some of our most immediate concerns revolve around diet. We fully understand how to do the calculations we need, how to check labels, really most of the basics. But we are also trying to find resources that are a little more specific as to snacks that are no-carb, low-carb.
Avatar f tn I any less found some low carb options for things like bread at the grocery store so that I can eat those too. Just search the Internet for diabetic recipes as well they give you some really yummy ideas. My new favorite meal to cook myself is steak and chicken fajitas. Everything but the tortilla is on the free food list.
500923 tn?1210168927 Low carb diet - no bread - pasta - flour - limit whole grains - no sugar natural or artificial. Brown sugar Ok once in a while. Limit fruits high in sugar! Alcohol is sugar too. Limit milk products Maintain a high green veggie diet with lean "good" protein meats - hormone free! Nuts are good and yogart - I know it has milk - but it has many other supporting factors. It a tough change but you will adjust well and won't crave the other stuff after a while.
Avatar f tn Low carb no carb diet! It's perfectly safe.
720656 tn?1311040235 My husband has cirrhosis and I think he seems better when on the high carb/low fat diet (beans vegetables fruit and whole grains) but he sure starts missing meat and sugar/fatty foods like ice cream and cherry pie. I feel torn between keeping him alive and keeping him happy.
1451080 tn?1438527660 As a family of 5 with two children and myself being on meds and only one person working, I need some economical low carb ideas for meals and/or snacks. The low carb thing is new to my entire family. Any info would be helpful. Also, any info on how to naturally lower my blood pressure is also welcome. Thanks!
Avatar n tn The rule of thumb - if the product is obviously high in sugar, forget it and leave it on the grocery store shelf. If the sugar content is low but it still has 15 or more Carbohydrates listed on the Nutritional Panel, it will raise your blood sugar. (How much depends how much you eat of the product and how insulin intolerant the Type 2 person is). Anything under 15 Carbs, is more or less a freebie that won't tend to hurt you as long as you don't eat more than the recommended serving.
231441 tn?1333892766 Has anyone tried very low carb diet for managing diabetes, and preventing or minimising the use of insulin? It appears that all of a sudden my blood sugar is now 'diabetic' and I can't seem to tolerate regular diet any more if I want normal blood sugars.
1301482 tn?1325722991 Who has done a low carb diet that worked well? Can you give me any tips for low carb snacks/meals?
Avatar f tn Is it better to eat a low Carb diet or a low calorie diet..Isn't stuck between the 2,I need to lose72 lbs..n I don't want it to take forever to lose it.I also expertise 6 days a week for 1 1/2 hrs.Just confused about the two.Also I'M on 3 medications that cause weight gain.And I'M wondering as long as I do overeat will I still gain weight from these meds.Thanks Brenda!!
Avatar n tn A little while ago i had a nondiabetic doctor recommend a low carbohydrate diet to help keep my blood sugars low and when i mentioned it to my endocrinologist she said that that type of diet puts extra strain on the kidneys and since diabetics are already prone to kidney problems they should avoit it. i would recommend that at your next doctor appointment you ask to be referred to a dietician to go over the proper diet aspects for a diabetic.
988694 tn?1332359479 Hi, low carb diet works wonders for diabetics. I went on a low carb diet, lost approx 100 lbs ! which put my diabetic levels back into normal range. As for thyroid function, I never noticed any changes in my hormone labs, due to low carb diet.
Avatar m tn Barb, I was on low-carb diet for a long time, but recently I found out that for many people like me, eating a low-carb diet may weaken the thyroid or even cause hypothyroid. If you google "low carb diet and low thyroid", you will see that eating "safe" carbs like sweet potatoes or rice will help out your thyroid a lot. http://chriskresser.
Avatar n tn So all proteins are good, (meat, fish, cheese), and most vegetables are low carb. You can to go calorieking.com for a list of the nutrients in all common foods and packages also list carbs.
Avatar n tn So, how do we avoid insulinogenic effect of high protein, and how to not promote gluconeogenesis? The best diet for this is LCHF. This means low carb, moderate protein and high fat. We should be eating between 0.5 to 1 gram protein per pound of lean body mass. A less active person closer to 0.5 and more active person closer to 1. In other words, if a person weighs 150 pounds, and if they are an active person, they should eat about 150 grams protein per day.
Avatar n tn Your weight loss diet should contain complete nutrient food. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts, low carb diet and do exercise everyday for a healthy body and effective weight loss.