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5829388 tn?1375040066 Hi just wondering if anyone knows of any good low carb and low calorie meals and the recipes for them. I am literally the worst person when it comes to cooking meals low in these two factors! Please help thanks!!
172023 tn?1334672284 Hi, My name is Ruben and I am new to the group. I love to cook and I am currently on a Very Low Calorie Diet. I have posted pic's on my Profile Page of some of the meals. I hope I can be of assistance to the group.
Avatar f tn The slow cooker is excellent for busy people. The library has many books that will have low calorie recipes you can try. Grills are also awesome for time saving lean dinners. Put some chicken or pork chops in a marinade, go to work, come home and turn on the grill (gas grills are as easy as a switch) and the meat cooks very quickly. Throw some salad in a bowl or asparagus or broccoli in a steamer and dinner is done!
172023 tn?1334672284 It is a higher sodium choice, but certainly not overwhelmingly so. I calculated it at about 510mg sodium per serving, based on 6 servings, Obviously, an easy recipe such as this, with a high reliance on canned soup, is an occasional choice, not a mainstay of a healthier diet plan. There isn't a blanket statement "sodium is worse than calories".
1323047 tn?1279193919 I am aiming to lose another couple of stones, I have a badly damaged ankle so being a low weight is important. I tried a low fat diet first but found it to be too hard to stick too as it was quite restrictive. Good thing about weight watchers is you can eat what you like, trouble is if you eat high calorie foods (therefore high in points) you go hungry once your points are used. This teaches you to eat food that is good for you.
649848 tn?1534633700 Can we have our comfort foods and still maintain a healthy diet? I believe we can. Two ways to do that are by changing to ingredients that will make our favorite foods more diet friendly; and by portion control. I've already committed in another thread, to implement the portion control; now I'm looking for good recipes that will allow us to have the foods we really like, without completely breaking the diet.
Avatar f tn Idk for sure but my diet Dr told me low carbs low calories and low fat or fat free foods.
Avatar f tn I started the HCG diet 8 days ago, and am on my 6th day of the 500 low calorie diet. I am frustrated because I don't seem to be losing weight as fast as other people in their first couple of weeks. Any suggestions on what to do? I also would really appreciate anyone who would love to serve as my support system. Please Help!!!!
Avatar f tn Look up the healthy food guide for fast, easy and low calorie recipes. Another, more radical approach is: no more carbs. Eat lots of veggies, one portion of fruit only, one handful of raw nuts, low fat dairy, high fat fish, lean meat. The increase in protein will keep you from getting hungry and on the long term completely abolish any cravings. Also, no deep frying, no butter, but olive oil and canola instead. No more rice, pasta, potatoes, flour....
99457 tn?1321878677 They say its too risky to operate so i need to control the attacks with diet, I have been put on a no-low fat diet. Any recipie segestions? i am at a loss as to what i should have for dinners!
1512574 tn?1342608485 Not just any recipes but P2-P3 friendly meals on our journey on the Very Low Calorie Diet. If anyone out there has any recipes that would like to share that fit the HCg Protocol please stop on by and post them. Also, if you try one to the recipes please tell us what you think. Happy Release... http://www.medhelp.
1156486 tn?1262394803 THANK YOU for the information. I was able to find the cookbook and that made me feel a LOT better about the "diet" thing. I also finally realized that it's a LOW idodine not a NO idodine diet. Yesterday (Monday) was my grocery shopping day and today (Tuesday) is going to be my "cooking and freezing" day because Wednesday will be the day I go off my meds. I have received wonderful advice on this site and I am very thankful for people taking the time to write to me.
19087390 tn?1474306677 Try meals high in protein. That'll help curve your appetite and you won't feel hungry. Plus protein for baby is always good.
Avatar n tn Has any one else been placed on a low sodium diet by their baby doctor? I was told I have high blood pressure and just as a caution I should go on a low sodium diet. So I've been Googling recipes and things but I'm not finding to many. Does any one has some advice about the diet or some amazing recipes? That would be amazing!!
Avatar f tn ve tried countless diet pills and have restricted myself to an 800 calorie diet, yet nothing is working. Has anyone found a method that works?
Avatar f tn What kinds of things would you like to know? I can only guess, but I'll try. If you drink sodas, exchange them for water, even diet sodas. Don't eat sweets, white bread, pasta, etc. Eat lots of veggies, lean mean, low/no fat dairy. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise, at least 3 days/week; preferably one hour/day, 5 days/week. Try yoga, brisk walking, or any other exercise you enjoy. All activity is exercise in one form or another.
172023 tn?1334672284 Please check out the Healthy Cooking Community. We have tons of healthy low cal recipes. With obesity rising as one of the major causes of health problems in children, lets all learn healthy alternatives to the old favorite holiday recipes and give our children the gift of new, healthy traditions! And right now, we are looking for Healthy Holiday Recipes for the first ever Med Help Holiday recipe slideshow! You can send in a recipe, and have it included in the slideshow! Be famous!
Avatar f tn I agree that a crockpot is a very easy way to cook.. There are tons of healthy recipes... you can get it started when you get up in the morning, then it's truly okay to "forget" about dinner, because it's cooking all day. You can feed your younger children earlier if you need to - it's not good to feed them too close to bed time - then the rest of you can eat when your husband gets home.
Avatar f tn Your looking for high protein foods that will keep you fuller longer. Oatmeal, Greek yogurt with granola is good. Then snacks should be your low calorie foods like carrots, cuncumbers, fruit etc. Remember to exercise and drink your water. I went from putting sugar in my tea to adding none and drinking regular soda to drinking diet or a zero coke and it's helped a lot. This snow has helped too! Shoveling our driveway has given me more exercise.
101028 tn?1419603004 I stopped the diet and am just counting calories. It was getting to the point where when I ate chicken and salad or chicken and veggies I felt sick to my stomach because I was so sick of it. I made chicken every which way I could that was still healthy but it was still chicken!!! ground turkey tastes gross to me so my options were canned tuna or chicken and my body was not liking meat proteins.
Male My doctor has told me I need to move to a gluten-free diet....yikes!!! All my life (and that is a very long time--ha ha) I have generally eaten whatever I wanted to eat. This change to a GF diet seems like such a huge mountain to climb. I know there are many others who have had to change to a GF diet after a lifetime of eating what they wanted with little or no restrictions. How does a person even get started on a change like this? What do you do when you go out to eat at a restaurant?
184674 tn?1360860493 or these: or here: Bound to be something he likes in these! If you try any and they are good, please come back and review/post the recipe, ok?
Avatar m tn Check out and they have a healthy living section with low calorie recipies. I find some really good things on there. And for the meals you already make, just make low calorie substitutions. And go light on condiments!
Avatar f tn What is a 415 calorie budget? I probably couldn't advice you to ever just eat that little in a day as that is not healthy. But, in general, lean protein of any sort is good for you and fills you up. A good bang for your calorie buck. Fruits as your sweet treat verses real sweets, lots of fresh vegis. A handful of nuts, guacamole, a little peanut butter, are good things that have the right fat that your body needs while being very satisfying.