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Avatar f tn Honestly I started at 235 lbs (same height and relative age -22 when I started loosing), had low activity, and found that a 1600 calorie diet worked best for me. If you don't get enough calories, your body decided to go into starvation mode and you will either stagnate or not loose anything. Also are you breast feeding? How many times do you go to the gym? How much does your 3 year old run around?
Avatar n tn I haven't experienced any side effects so far. I am on a very low calorie diet, which i tried before without the hcg, but wasn't able to do more than 5 days as i was starving. At least now I feel normally hungry, around 12 and 5pm - much better than 4,5 times a day. Since I have so much to lose, I will do 2 phases with a month in between. Will keep you guys posted!!!
393685 tn?1425816122 com/wiki/List_of_Gluten_Free_Foods Now, here may be the tricky part for us. Incorporating these gluten free products into a low glycemic index diet plan. Here you can find some eating plans with information to start your New Year diet choices off right. Here is some background information and more food planning ideas: http://www.livestrong.
233616 tn?1312790796 THe other diet was the Pritrikin diet which was basically a very low fat diet -- under 10 per cent of total calories. And while they didnt allow simple sugars, it ws rich in complex carbs, including starches, and basically with no limit. On the Pritkin diet, my liver enzymes went into normal range for the first time ever and stayed there as long as I stuck to the diet`. `````Total cholesterol also dropped drmatically althugh hdl ``fell a bit and tri``s increased.
Avatar n tn My mother (my roommate) is a diabetic so; we’ve been eating our meals based on her diet. LOW CARBS, NO SUGAR, lots of salmon and chicken. When I do fall off the wagon, the sugar does upset my stomach. So, no more refined sugar for me. I use replacements like Agave Nectar (light), honey crisp apples or Vita waters for my sweet tooth. Had to cut out Blended Espressos with Caramel too. I read somewhere that bakery goods and foods made with flour are no very good for us either.
Avatar n tn per week. I'm only about 25 lbs. overweight so I figure that if I follow the easy diet plan and take my weekly shot I should be at my desired weight in a month. I'll let everyone know how this goes. Wish me luck!
Avatar n tn I'M SO RELIEVED BUT UPSET TO READ ALL OF THIS...I was on for 2 years and gained 15 pounds (but of course, I didn't care since I was on a drug) Now, I've been off for SIX MONTHS and I can not lose the weight. I know I ate more and drank (like a fish) more on Lexapro, but I also kept going to the gym. I am hoping that it re-calibrates, but I'm 48 years old, so I'm worried. I feel like a dumpy old lady.