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Avatar m tn Are you following a lower carb diet with your daughter? A high carb diet can make blood sugars very hard to control (and need lots of insulin). Low carb is safe for children and doesn't affect growth (it is the very high blood sugars that are not safe, and which restrict physical and mental development of children). If you are interested to know more about low carb and diabetes management, I can refer you to read Dr. Richard Bernstein "Diabetes Solutions".
Avatar m tn Dr. W. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "fat and happy." Well, it's not just folklore. The same carbs that make you fat (and contribute to diabetes and other problems) also make you happy. It's simple science: Carbs allow more of the amino acid L-tryptophan to penetrate your brain. The L-tryptophan triggers your brain to make more serotonin, and the serotonin makes you feel happier. It's as simple as that!
Avatar m tn Barb, I was on low-carb diet for a long time, but recently I found out that for many people like me, eating a low-carb diet may weaken the thyroid or even cause hypothyroid. If you google "low carb diet and low thyroid", you will see that eating "safe" carbs like sweet potatoes or rice will help out your thyroid a lot. http://chriskresser.
Avatar f tn Low carb no carb diet! It's perfectly safe.
1286779 tn?1400012806 Low carb high protein for sure helps. Eat low glysemic index. foods and stay away from highly processed foods and sugars. Eat real food and organic as much as you can. We also avoid gluten and only eat cereal, oats, bread,crackers, pasta and snacks that are gluten free. We also use raw goats milk from a local dairy farm, in our cereal and eat organic meats and eggs (farm fresh) as much as possible. These are all working well for my daughter who is nine and born without a thyroid gland.
451075 tn?1210258648 s a promise whatever your way of loosing weight. But you can adjust the low-carb from being so low in carb that you loose weight into being just the right amount to maintain the correct weight. I do not agree to that one gets sluggish and tired on low-carbs, actually the reverse is my experience. I get sluggish and tired on high-carbs. I get ALOT more energy when I am on a low carb diet.
988694 tn?1332359479 Hi, low carb diet works wonders for diabetics. I went on a low carb diet, lost approx 100 lbs ! which put my diabetic levels back into normal range. As for thyroid function, I never noticed any changes in my hormone labs, due to low carb diet.
706214 tn?1244523049 The Atkin's diet is a good low carb plan. It seems to safe and healthy and you will lose a lot of weight quickly.
Avatar f tn It is quite opposite to the establishment high carb low fat diet. This diet needs to be high fat, moderate protein and low carb. Essentially the carbs are replaced mostly with fats, and with some additional protein.
Avatar f tn The paleo diet is the healthiest form of low-carb diet, IMO. I would not go on a low-carb diet that was composed of low-carb junk food. If you eat a paleo diet, you are only eating real, whole foods (no junk food) and no grains. It's a lot of meat, vegetables, and healthy fats.
1301482 tn?1325722991 Who has done a low carb diet that worked well? Can you give me any tips for low carb snacks/meals?
Avatar n tn s a low carb diet is highly recommended, but the danger lies with a too low carb diet, or a low carb and high protein diet, which can lead to ketosis. To say ketosis is not dangerous is dangerous to forum readers.
Avatar m tn My sugar levels is high and not coming down. I am eating the right diet and exercising as well but my blood glucose levels is not reducing.
1756367 tn?1400884364 The Atkins diet is just one example of a low carb diet. It is perhaps the best known because it is the first low carb diet that caused a media sensation in the 1970s and 80s. Against popular medical advice that stated that we should cut fats and proteins, Atkins advocated a diet rich with proteins and fats and very few carbs. There are now many other popular low carb diets available - many are very similar to Atkins.
Avatar f tn Is it better to eat a low Carb diet or a low calorie diet..Isn't stuck between the 2,I need to lose72 lbs..n I don't want it to take forever to lose it.I also expertise 6 days a week for 1 1/2 hrs.Just confused about the two.Also I'M on 3 medications that cause weight gain.And I'M wondering as long as I do overeat will I still gain weight from these meds.Thanks Brenda!!
231441 tn?1333892766 Has anyone tried very low carb diet for managing diabetes, and preventing or minimising the use of insulin? It appears that all of a sudden my blood sugar is now 'diabetic' and I can't seem to tolerate regular diet any more if I want normal blood sugars.
3124465 tn?1387324101 My diet is way overbalanced on carbs, and low on fruit. So I started eating more bananas, because I like them, only to find out that bananas have a lot of carbs. Any tips for low carb fruits, or how to incorporate fruits into meals? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Food, in other words, is way more complex than any diet recognizes but if you want to do low carb eat high protein foods. These would include, again, nuts, seeds, legumes, and animal foods.
Avatar f tn Lydia Bazzano, the lead study author, was surprised that a low-carb, high-fat diet could prevent heart disease better than a low fat diet, which has long been prescribed for heart patients.
973741 tn?1342342773 However, the latest approach is to take a much more aggressive approach to diet. NOT low fat, high carb any more, but instead low carb, moderate protein and enough fat for energy. This is the approach endorsed by Dr. Richard Berstein (Book: diabetes solutions, and U-tube lecture series "Bernstein Diabetes University") and also many who follow ketogenic or low carb way of eating.