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Avatar n tn thank you. another Q. though where did you get your other supplies? ando how's the diet going for you? what color is the hcg after mixing?
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm not sure what's going on with some of these posts. Anything other than the diet which Dr. Simmeon tell us to have is not going to work. Anything with chemicals which is anything pre-made (this includes crystal light and kool-aid) are not to be injested, stricktly water, tea or coffee only, one TBLS milk is allowed but only Stevia if you need a sweet taste. Organic natural things only, is truly the best way to lose weight on this diet.
Avatar n tn I feel great on the diet, have energy and am focused at work etc. On most other diets I'm tired and sluggish. On other diets I was always focused on food...preparing it, eating it, shopping etc. What can I have next or not have. On this I know what I can and cannot have, since it's so little it is not time consuming at all. I have been able to go to restaurants with my frieds all the time. I often order a salad with chicken, tomotaos and onions. I use red wine vinegar for dressing.
Avatar m tn 652, 1982). The Zone diet recommends 30% protein, and even more protein is found in other high-protein diets. Low protein diets (4% to 8%) are used routinely to treat patients with liver and kidney failure. High protein diets cause serious metabolic changes that lead to bone loss and kidney stones. Red meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, and eggs are acidic in make up. Vegetable foods are alkaline by nature.
Avatar f tn I hope your experiment ends better than, say, the Atkins diet, which is the most researched high protein diet program. But you're not 13. I actually eat a fairly high protein diet for reasons of my own, but again, I'm old and not 13. Peace.
Avatar n tn I managed to lower it within one week with tablets to 130 mg/dl and adopting 0 carb intake, I was obese (160 kg), I lost weight and brought my weight down to 95 kg within 6 months by diet only the famous 0 carb diet and got my hypertension from 160/110 to 110/70 (mm Hg). I kept measuring Fbg and Blood pressure and always found them at 75 mg/dl for fbg and 110/70 for blood tension.
393685 tn?1425816122 I have done atkins before and lost wt. But am having a harder time of it now. On synthroid 50 mcg right now. More blood work due next week i think. Anyway will try the Zone. I want to learn more about the glycemic index but cannot find much to explain it in greater detail, or the foods that are on the list. This info would be of great assistance to me.
233915 tn?1218816727 First of all, I'd like to say that the man who came up with the high protein/low carb diet, "Dr." Atkins, isn't a real doctor; he doesn't have an MD, and I think that's really important to consider. Also, like someone else already said, your brain really does need carbs; I think the problem is refined sugars and white flour.
Avatar n tn 500 Calorie 'with' HCG and 500 calorie 'without' HCG. (Read my post about that from 6/15). Believe me - this is sooooooooo much easier to do this 500 Cal diet WITH HCG than it was without. Without, I was miserable, hungry constantly and couldn't stick with the diet. I'm on my 12th day dieting with HCG this time, and it's a breeze. The weight is coming off and I feel great. I've also fasted (on water only) for 14 days for medical reasons.
Avatar n tn Make sure that you're not lactose intolerant or sesitive to Milk protien (casien) also if you get on the atkins diet you may find that will go away due to the lack of sugar and carbs. And take a GOOD probiotic not one you get from a Super Store. See if this helps.Don't be in such a hurry to get a hysterectomy for goodness sake!
Avatar n tn I started to help lose weight, and then I continued the shots to help keep off the weight (along with all the other diet, exercise, etc). But I also got to try the lipotropic injection (also called MIC, for methionine-inositol-choline). I was lucky enough to have my doctor recommend a pharmacy to me where he called them and ordered some on my behalf. So now I'm using that and I don't really have any side effects - other than the usual pain that comes with getting/giving any injection.
Avatar n tn There is a clinic that recently opened in Ft Worth but they require they follow you through a 30 day Phase I 'pre-diet' cleanse and diet preparation before they will prescibe HCG. Can't email Transformations program because it's only 'hard copy'. Dr Simeon's original diet can be found at There is a summary version and the full 64 page document written by Dr Simeon.
Avatar f tn ” “Final Thoughts Lean Out may indeed be a fine supplement for an avid bodybuilder that already has the self discipline to follow a strict diet, and takes various other supplements and wants to use Lean Out as one part of a more complex supplement regimen. For the more general population looking for a single weight loss pill that will help one reach their weight loss goals it is probably advisable to search for products that contain Hoodia and perhaps Advantra-Z®, a patented fat-burner.
Avatar n tn I have been on the Simeons diet but am not taking hcg injections but have used Releana, an HCG oral dosage. It only requires about one dropper worth of liquid a day (1/2 in am and the remainder at night). I am also under a doctor's care for this diet). Since January I have lost 49 lbs, which along with a preceding diet started in late November has given me a total of a 82 lb loss. I got tired of being fat/obese and determined if I did not do it now I probably never would.
Avatar n tn Its just strange how all of sudden this is happing,,,,,I was on the Atkins diet for one month before this and I was taking supplements mag+potasuim and fish oil to keep the shakes away from being on low carbs for so long,,,but its weird that the palps happen after i got off the diet and of course quickly regain my 5 pounds that i lost :) But yes 2 weeks ago today it all started and I really dont know how to deal with this,,but it looks like this board will help me alot,,,,,,,Thank You.
Avatar n tn Stopped excersizing much - and became overly cautious about what I eat - thinking that the pvcs seem to come with burping a lot - I'm a vegan (just for heart health) and thought that maybe I should change my diet - others on the forum have talked about the atkins diet - but I've already lost too much weight....
Avatar n tn I like Atkins diet because of the meal bars and shakes make portion control easy and they actually taste good. I did not cheat at all for thirty days and I think it is because my goal was not to loose 30 pounds but to just loose as much weight as I could in 30 days. I didn't starve myself. I exercised as much as I could find time.
Avatar n tn and try to avoid Sugar. Low Carb and Hi Protein - it almost sounds like the South Beach Diet or the Atkins Diet.
Avatar n tn Granted, the 500 cal regime can make one very creative (or else!) and the following Phase 3 is so much like the Atkins diet, much of this sounds familiar to all of us. I admit that satisfied hcg users can become a bit "evangelical" in their zeal to educate the world, and to an empirical mind such as yours, Benny, can easily be aggravating. Use common sense, examine the data, and if you want, or need, try the plan yourself.
Avatar n tn Yeah, I might have a few Mich Ultras, but I know A LOT of other people who did Atkins and drank and still lost the weight an I can't. I think back to before I stopped taking the effexor, I bounced between 160-168. When I stopped, I lost a lot of weight without trying (it's amazing what stress can do), however it was a choice to be thin, or fight the evil deamons of depression. Thats when a new Dr.
Avatar n tn I have high blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol. The diet begins with a blood test and an EKG and then you start the diet after you see their doctor who just does a simple physical to make sure you are healthy enough to diet. All I can say is... This time (it's my 4th time in 20 years)... this time, my blood pressure has dropped from 150/92 down to 116/75. I am in my fourth week.
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor X 12 months. gained 12 pounds without change in diet or exercise. I work out 4-5 days a week without fail. I eat low GI index foods, and never "pig out". Most of the weight is around my middle and butt. Very depressing.
Avatar n tn Well, I decided that I would lose weight and get ready for number two. I first went on an Atkins diet and included alot of nuts and seeds in that diet and lost twenty pounds, I then followed up that program with a juice diet. For two weeks, did nothing but home squeezed juice. And no not just orange, It was ALOT OF GREEN. Spinach, kale, broccoli, herbs, oranges, kiwi, mango, lemon, tomato, etc. Tons of vegetables with about 30% fruit. Tons of Folic acid! Bam!
Avatar n tn I saw another post about atrial fibrillation and stomach gas possible association or connection. I too have the same thing so it may not be all in your head if your suspect this to be the case. Most dr.'s think your crazy or never heard of this when you even suggest it. Thats whats wrong with most dr's atleast in my experience in that they don't think outside the box enough possibly because this is what they learned.
530191 tn?1214166411 I was on that for seven years and finally got a sensitivity to it and it was no longer effective. With autoimmune urticaria vs. chronic idiopathic urticaria (which they said was what i had for eight of the ten years) I couldn't use antihistimines at all with effect, doxepin was the only one! Plaquenil is our next option. However using synthroid (synthetic thyroid) daily has done more for my hives than anything used thus far.
Avatar f tn So, what dose did everyone here have their success? And what type of diet/eating plan and exercise plan did you do to help it along? I'm desperate to lose 40 lbs (half of which I gained on Zoloft-no longer taking). PLEASE respond if you had any weightloss on this drug, I'm very curious. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn So every member in your household should adhere to these rules, and they should be treated with medication as well, because if you don't, something called ping-pong infection happens and the family members keep infecting each other.
Avatar n tn my 11 year old son had a virus on Thanksgiving 5 days later he started itching from head to toe no rash no hives nothing. we started him on benadryl and calamine lotiong, not relief so the Doctor gave him allegra and cortisone, no relief. Then the dermatologist gave him a shot of kenalog, and prescription cortisone. still no relief after two emergency room visits they gave him hydroxine and blood workups for kidney, liver, and thyroid came back normal.