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Avatar n tn Has any one else been placed on a low sodium diet by their baby doctor? I was told I have high blood pressure and just as a caution I should go on a low sodium diet. So I've been Googling recipes and things but I'm not finding to many. Does any one has some advice about the diet or some amazing recipes? That would be amazing!!
Avatar m tn I would talk to your nephrologist about going to see a dietician. They can help you with meal planning. DaVita is a kidney website with a great recipe booklet and they list potassium in their foods. Even if you don't use the recipes it should give you ideas on what types of foods are okay to use. Like for example they use apples a lot so I imagine they are low potassium. Good luck.
Avatar f tn what is a really good diet to go on and how does it work? i want to lose weight fast, i have tried a few diet pills but they make me tired do any of them work?
Tbd org/diseases-conditions/heart-disease/in-depth/heart-healthy-diet/art-20047702. The first thing on the list of having a heart healthy diet is to take into consideration portion control. Second is to eat more fruits and vegetables. With regards to apples in particular, they are indeed healthy for you overall including your heart. They have a positive effect on cholesterol because they provide soluble fiber.
Avatar f tn Thanks for answering my question. I am on a 2000 gram sodium diet, I am looking for low sodium cassarole recipes. Also a recipe for low sodium taco seasoning.
Avatar f tn How can I diet and eat healthy if my parents do not buy healthy food? I have talked to them about why we need to eat healthy, and they have just told me it costs too much. They will not get good foods and I do not have control over groceries myself.
Avatar n tn Have you talked to your doctor about a weight loss plan? Not only can your doctor make sure that you're healthy enough for regular physical activity, but she/he can also suggest nutrition options and workouts that suit your lifestyle and level of fitness. Talking with your doctor gives you an outline and someone to report your success to in order to stay motivated. Plan long and short term goals to help you stay motivated and see results.
Avatar f tn You might be able to see the food under your “Recent” foods list even though it’s not displaying on your daily log. If it does display on your“Recent” foods list, you should be able to add it from there and have it displayed. Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Avatar f tn Hi I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and found out I have gallstones. They have told me to eat a fat free and dairy freediet for the next 12 weeks when iI will be checked again as surgery whilst I'm pregnant is risky. I am having a really hard time coming up with recipes and options to fill myself up, so far nothing I make had any flavour and it is putting me off eating. Does anyone have any recipes they could share?
Avatar f tn The Peak 8 routine it will quickly raise your heart rate 8 times for very short bursts, with a cooling down period in between. Ideally you’ll be sprinting or cycling full throttle for 30 seconds with a 90 second cool down in between each outburst.  This is the fastest way to lose fat and build muscle in the body. Peak 8 actually stimulates the growth hormone in the body.
Avatar n tn Can anyone give me tips on a good diet plan or food to eat to lose fat and weight?
Avatar m tn My vet says chicken breast is best, but the info I see on the web for home recipes are calling for dark meat chicken. I am also trying to figure out if rice cakes (unflavored) are good or bad. I also see that white rice is often recommended, but when I read the label I see that it is often enriched with ferros phosphate. I am in a constant state of thinking I'm giving her the wrong things. Is there a definitive good and bad food list?
Avatar n tn As an alternative with chemo I would like to begin a low/no sugar diet for her to see if this helps with treatment. I have some ideas for diet changes and recipes, however I want to start a vitamin to supplement some nutritional loss from the chemo. Does anyone know if there is a vitamin that exists that is low/no sugar added and how to get it? I am also interested in knowing if there are over the counter medications like tylenol that are no sugar too.
Avatar f tn // My suggestion is low or no sugar and stay away from bad carbs for the latter will jack up his glucose levels. For a list of good carbs vs bad carbs go here
1156486 tn?1262394803 THANK YOU for the information. I was able to find the cookbook and that made me feel a LOT better about the "diet" thing. I also finally realized that it's a LOW idodine not a NO idodine diet. Yesterday (Monday) was my grocery shopping day and today (Tuesday) is going to be my "cooking and freezing" day because Wednesday will be the day I go off my meds. I have received wonderful advice on this site and I am very thankful for people taking the time to write to me.
649848 tn?1534633700 Can we have our comfort foods and still maintain a healthy diet? I believe we can. Two ways to do that are by changing to ingredients that will make our favorite foods more diet friendly; and by portion control. I've already committed in another thread, to implement the portion control; now I'm looking for good recipes that will allow us to have the foods we really like, without completely breaking the diet.
Avatar f tn Can anyone recommend a post Nissen Fundoplication diet and recipes to ensure proper nutrition?
Avatar n tn Hi ozarkskye, my advice is based on my own experience, as I'm not a physician but have been a diabetic for 11 years. There are many diet plans for diabetics, but the ones that work best are usually custom-made for individuals, tailored to their specific needs by their nutritionist/dietitian. Was the diet plan your doctor gave you created with your input and have you discussed your concerns with him?
Avatar f tn My low iodine diet lists margerine and butter. However the butter is made from cream and margerines contain soybean oil. Can someone straighten me out since I am not suppose to have soy products or dairy?
5110781 tn?1378361950 You can download an app called zip list and it has literally millions of recipes! They just popped up a notification with the recipe of the day on my phone "cowboy quiche". Sounds yummy. Anhways you can type in what you are looking for and it will give you tons of options. my mother in law did weight watchers while we were living with her and I just typed in weight watchers and I got.sooooo many great recipes.
1512574 tn?1342608485 Hi Sports Fans, I decided to start a group just for recipes. Not just any recipes but P2-P3 friendly meals on our journey on the Very Low Calorie Diet. If anyone out there has any recipes that would like to share that fit the HCg Protocol please stop on by and post them. Also, if you try one to the recipes please tell us what you think. Happy Release... http://www.medhelp.