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Avatar m tn 1. When intensity levels are too high and oxygen is not being delivered to the muscles at a fast enough rate during exercise, the anaerobic systems kicks in. What observable physical sign would indicate this has occurred? > a. Coughing > b. Hyperventilation > c. Fatigue > d. Cyanosis > > 2. One of your participants states she experienced some general muscle soreness after her last workout. Which of the following statements should you make? > a.
Avatar f tn If you are not at these levels, decrease the intensity of your workout and then gradually increase as your fitness level improves. You can determine if you're fitness level is improving by monitoring how quickly you return to resting heart rate after a workout. To calculate, take your pulse immediately after you finish walking and write down the number. One minute later take your pulse and write it down. Subtract the second number from the first.
Avatar f tn ok like i always say there is no fast there is no cheat or fancy diets i was a fitness instuctor lets see if we can make changes for you firs no more pop or suger drinks lots of water i dring half a milk jug or more a day its a must pop is a treat once a week or less ok stop eating out thats a monthly or less treat never ever do those cut this or that diet you missing what your body need eat normal but no already made or hamburger helper whats called processed food home cooked fresh food
2037415 tn?1332169926 Not at all! I had a u/s at 28 weeks this time and looked up expected fetal size. Our guy was smaller - near 2 pounds - and fell in the "expected range". As for your size, it depends on your body structure, your fitness level (muscle tone), baby position, etc. Remember too that we don't typically know others are pregnant until they are 12+ weeks... I think that tneds to make us have skewed views of how "pregnant" we should look early on.
Avatar n tn Hi! If you were my patient, I would advise you that purposefully losing weight while you are pregnant is not recommended. That is not to say however, that you must gain. In fact, for overweight to obese patients, gaining as little as 10lb for the entire pregnancy is an excellent goal. Similarly, we don't recommend suddenly beginning a new intense exercise program.
Avatar n tn Hi there and thanks so much for your question at the Brain Body fitness forum!. This response should never replace any medical advice ...I totally hear your concern and that is a common feeling in fitness. The process of feeling fatigues it is very similar to when you are training with an empty stomach where fatigue kicks in sooner than later. It really sounds that you experience a drop in blood sugars and it is really important that you prevent that from happening again.
Avatar m tn Should I still weight train, and do cardio fitness 4 times a week? Should I stop taking- protein, d-asparic acid and creatine Should I stop drinking alcohol?
Avatar n tn Do squats, lunges, side lunges, calf raises, scissors, the bicycle exercise and rear leg raises or donkey kicks to strengthen your legs and tone fat knees. Include abdominal and upper body exercises such as crunches, planks, side planks, pushups, pullups and triceps dips for total body strengthening to improve your fitness and elevate your metabolism. Perform yoga or stretches after each exercise session to improve your flexibility and reduce your risk of soreness and injuries.
Avatar f tn I travel a lot - so when I do have time to exercise - it is usually in the hotel fitness room - which is limited in what is available. However, there is usually a treadmill. What are the difference in benefits for sticking to the fat-burning vs the cardio workouts that are pre-programmed and go by your heart rate? I do not run or jog - it is very hard to do with asthma. However, I do walk and do the hills programs a max pace of usually about 4.
Avatar f tn It seems if I keep my heart rate around 120 this issue never kicks in and after I stop it goes back to resting rate fairly normally. Any feedback would be interesting.
Avatar f tn Tired of the kicks no energy and being big as a house. I don't wanna move but I be home by myself all day about to go crazy man...
Avatar f tn 1 there just doesn't feel like enough space especially when baby kicks ribs or hips constantly!
Avatar m tn Hi, everybody .... Hi Dr.Nick ... I'm here to share my experience of hocd .. Before we get into it I suffer from anxiety and have done for as lng as i can remember . I'm a 26 yo male . been with my gf for 3 years however my gf. Suffers from mental illness. I was left to look after 24/7 so after a while of doing this I got really down with the stress of it all .. so I'd go to the gym to let off some steam etc etc .. So when I got back into weight training I'd buy MUSCEL & FITNESS .
463897 tn?1468017350 Exercises for Beginners Preterm Labor: Who's at Risk and How to Prevent It Serious or Not: When to Call Your Ob/Gyn The Baby Blues: Signs and Symptoms https://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn Dear Jon, You may need to start on an excersice program to obtain better aerobic fitness. Your heart went this fast due to deconditioning. Exercise will lower your weight, your blood pressure and your heart rate. You should also reduce salt, caffeine and fat consumption.
Avatar n tn She noticed my energy output increased by 40% and my body fat that I’ve lost knocked her of her chair and so I’ve told het all about the overall product and that they’ve got a Osolean section (weight and fitness) – and let me tell you, it burns fat like it’s nobody’s business. It’s not just about the kilograms you lose its more about losing fat and shaping lean muscle. I can't do without it anymore and best of all it’s all natural and affordable.
Avatar f tn Try reevaluating ur diet and walking/running is always good (dep on ur lvl of fitness). After baby u can quat and workout as much as u desire.
713386 tn?1235955042 is this the same thing as eptopic beats where there is a extra beat then because the heart has done that beat it takes longer for the heart to fill back up with blood before it pumps again which causes the delayed reaction then when it kicks in again there is a couple of beats real close tog. sorry thats what my doc kinda said a eptopic beat does??? I think the part where its taking longer to beat is where the funny feeling kicks in which is not at all pleasent.
Avatar m tn I figure that when I'm sleeping, my heartrate must definately drop below 50bpm. A low heartrate can be a sign of physical fitness, but trust me I'm not ;) I am kind of skinny though, even though I eat a lot. I guess I must have a quick metabolism. When exactly is bradycardia (a heartrate below 50bpm) dangerous? I have asked my GP and cardiologist about this but they were not concerned. I would like to hear some more opinions though. Thank you!
392430 tn?1382908381 She loves to kick and punch me and she is getting sooo strong! It hurts so badly when she kicks my ribs. I am really hoping I get comfy soon...otherwise this is going to be a very long 9 weeks!! :) But I am soooooo excited it is ridiculous.
Avatar n tn So awesome! So proud of you ^_^ I know that this is the one time everyone will forgive me for sitting still and just languishing in what my body is doing, but I really wanted to get fit! It feels so good to see how my body has already changed for the better & this is why I wanted to hear from you ladies because I wouldn't have even thought about hiking or attempting a mile, but now I want to!
Avatar n tn I was a triathlete at the time I got pregnant, and intend to be again, as soon as I can get my fitness level back up. I know that when I was first pregnant, I had a hard time performing the way I used. I was so fatigued and would get tired during my exercise with similar heavy feelings. My coach said he thought I was pregnant when my posts started to say I was tired, and my heart rates were high. Funny, he knew before I did, just didn't say anything until I confirmed I was pregnant.
Avatar n tn I am a 46-year-old woman and have a defibrillator/pacemaker implant. My pacemaker works 90% of the time; my heart kicks in the other 10%. In case you need reassurance, I don't even notice the pacing and cannot tell when I am being paced. My pacemaker was originally set to kick in when my heart rate got down to 50, but I felt terrible at a heart rate that low--shaky and weak--so they turned it up, eventually settling on 75.
Avatar n tn Science simply is not able yet to determine the cause. My IST kicks in after I eat, if I consume any alcohol, and following exercise when my pulse won't return to normal for hours and hours. They determined that my SA node is doing the pacing from ECG's. Perhaps it's economic as well as I am covered by an HMO. They have offered no electrophysiological studies whatever. I'll live is the general prognosis I get. At least the IST won't kill me-probably.
Avatar m tn Hi. What you're doing is great, not only for your diabetes but your overall health.....good for you! If you want to walk more, take walks more often instead of trying to go too far in one walk. I don't think the diabetes has anything to do with how you feel, you may just be doing a bit too much. But keep up the great job, you're helping your entire body along with your mental well being. Take care.
Avatar m tn Yesterday I was at LA Fitness gym, at the end of my workout a guy was asking me about the roundhouse karate kicks I do over the machines in between weight training sets. While I was explaining my workout routine to him I had a sense that he might be high on pain meds. He had this calm peaceful look with a faint smile and his eyes were glassy and a little red. I thought I might be imagining things because of my opiate experience and recently getting over a mild relapse.
Avatar m tn I have no chest pains during or after exercise and am not tired or exhausted after exercise. It is just some time after exercise, never during exercise, that this kicks in. I need to lose 30 pounds and enjoy and have a strong desire to exercise but this makes it very difficult. I eat right, zero caffeine and two glasses of wine is a lot for me on the alcohol side. I have a prescription for valium for an ear problem that I have.
362249 tn?1441318618 That one seriously kicks my butt. I can't even finish the entire thing and I feel like Jell-O afterwards. I should break it out and do it today. I'm letting my lunch digest a little bit first, though. Will update on how it goes this time around! Maybe I'll be able to do most of it now that I have more endurance, stamina and strength.
Avatar f tn My 5 year old son is behaving so badly that his teachers from various activities are threatening to kick him out. He pushes, kicks and hits other kids his own age. He refuses to listen and do as he is told, yet at home he seems to be a different boy who does listen and plays nicely with his brother. His kindergarten teacher has also had issues with him in the past but recently for her he is settling down.