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Avatar n tn I remember saying to a friend that going to a meeting is like getting a dose of medicine because I would feel great when I left them. I guess thats my answer, huh?!! I have recently vowed to start a fitness program. A lot of people on this site swear by it. Take care!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I have never been overweight, never smoked, have always been pretty active, careful with diet, good HDL/LDL ratio, and an excellent fitness assessment result just the week before the severe chest pain which led to the discovery of the narrowing artery. Now I am on 5 different drugs and advised not to do any strenuous exercises (no swimming or riding) for 4 weeks. I am feeling pretty frustrated and am wondering whether it would be fine for me to attend indoor cycle classes after 2 weeks.
286034 tn?1201100440 Love the Ohio State Buckeyes I volunteer during football season to do consession stands for the acedemic boosters. I belong to a fitness center,somedays I think its just a social membership(lol) I enjoy being with my family and spending time with my kids having bonfires,I love having a housefull of teenagers as they are so full of life.
Avatar f tn Hey,,, just me again... the NORCO QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE.....(I DECIDED that IT HELPS ME thru this crappy feeling if I "pound the keyboard" ). forgot to mention that ever since I went Cold Turkey from Norco 13 days ago, I have been SMOKIN like a fiend/chimmey! WHATS UP WITH THAT??? Just ONE MORE addiction I NEED to deal with.. but, a dear friend of mine "suggested" that I "deal with one demon at a time"?