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Avatar n tn u can join a gym or any health fitness club, i helps u to feel more masculine and horny...
740516 tn?1360942486 I know its something to be discussed with my doct - and it will be for sure!! It seems like the one our national health service pay for is Alcon Acrysoft MA...( 2 types) AlconMZ30BD AlconSA60AT.I doubt i will be asked about preferences Does anybody knows about those lens? Are they ok? Thanks for any info about.
Avatar n tn To know how fit you really are, you should have a fitness assessment done by a fitness professional. Just because your weight is in an ideal range doesn't mean you are HEALTHY or FIT. A simple chart is NOT enough to determine where you should be as far as your weight. If I may ask, what is your weight?
Avatar f tn If you can afford a personal trainer that can be helpful. Personal trainers without any connection to a well-reputed gym or fitness club should be certified by a major fitness organization, such as the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) or the American Council on Exercise. Exercise videos help, but be sure they are suited to their individual age and health needs, and bear the AFAA seal. Get a dog.
Avatar n tn Dr, I’m hoping you can draw from some of your CDC experiences and contacts with those in the public health field to answer this question. Hopefully this is a little deeper than the usual testing question. I had a very low risk and decided to be tested on National Testing Day at eight weeks after my exposure. The tester explained to me that 90 percent of people seroconvert by 3 months and so the test was meaningless.
560501 tn?1383612740 Jun 15, 2010 FDA Agrees to Fast Track Status for Drug Being Tested for MS It was announced by the drug maker Genzyme Corporation (Cambridge, MA) that intravenous alemtuzumab has been designated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a “Fast Track Product.” This designation should expedite its future review by the FDA after the sponsor submits results of current phase 3 trials that are underway (these studies have completed enrollment but are not yet completed).
1220347 tn?1345428521 It is also something that can be a great social outlet as well. A running or walking group is great to join, a health club is awesome too if you can afford it. (check, some employers will have benefits to help cover dues.) Group fitness classes are a good way to meet others and socialize. Volunteer. This sounds strange, I know. But volunteering has great psychological benefit.
Avatar m tn If you want that breed, go to the AKC web site or the National Maltese Club web sites and look for reputable breeders in your area, please.
Avatar m tn And National Institute of Health begins its study. The more organizations will explore PATMers the better. Anyone can write a letter from yourself. But a collective letter it is necessary to write. We can mention in the letter that similar symptoms have with people in other countries. 20-40 Russian PATMers confirm. So we need a non-profit organization. So we can quickly collect signatures for such letters. 100-300 signatures in a month, not in three years.
1714133 tn?1311043934 In addition, I belong to a health club and experienced no difficulty working out with weights, sit ups, and aerobics since having the full open surgery (laparatomy). You'll be able to push yourself in time. When I had the laparatomy, part of my ovary was removed along with a fallopian tube. I was completely healed in about 8 weeks. I feel bad for you that you're so frightened about the surgery that you actually fainted.
Avatar n tn Like every other AKC-recognized purebred dog, the bulldog has it's own national club here in the US. I didn't see your dog's particular condition listed, but here is a link to common health issues associated with the bulldog for future reference:
Avatar f tn Suggest this to your Vet or you might even consider a second opinion with a Vet or Vet school that is familiar with the breed. You can also do a search for the National Wolfhound Club. Often the parent clubs if many breeds can have information dealing with that particular breed. Good luck and please come back to update.
Avatar f tn My gastrocenomious muscles and legs generally are way smaller than usual and yeah am convinced its inherited since my dad and mum both have slim legs( sorry but real small) and am a youth I need to go out to the beach in summer and probably go for national service and am ashemed of ma legs So can some one help me and tell me how to improve them or any suppliments that can help me
393685 tn?1425812522 So on a serous note: Well, since I wrote that post / poll last month on what we need to do for awareness, I guess I should try something. I just hit 'send' to the editor of a national fitness and health magazine. Its based in St Paul Mn, my state. January is past due for any national publisher, but hopefully I'll soon find out, if their interested in the near future. Will keep you posted on what they say.
Avatar n tn probable cause from working around aviation chemicals and fuels- (non smoker-military fitness program for 3 decades);when I exhert myself, I run out of breath easily to where I can't function (rescue inhalers don't help). Occasionally, something iritates my lungs and causes me to get worse and end up on steriods/asthma medicines for several months. Is there anything to do to help improve my capacity or help genuinely heal??
967168 tn?1477584489 gov/pubmed/2913541 The US Library of Medicine - the National Institutes of Health gives the number that 5% of us arrhythmia sufferes have Malignant arrhythmia's. That was published in 1989, I would like to see an updated total. I made the comment in another thread that 5% was not alot - whoa was I wrong...
Avatar f tn Hi, I work at a fitness club. Yesterday a customer jammed his finger between some weights and started to bleed, causing drops of blood on the floor as well at the counter top. I took a paper towel, sprayed windex on it, and whip the drop of blood. Whiping the drop of blood with the paper towel that had windex on it, seeped through the paper towel touching my bear hand.
Avatar n tn i bit da side of ma tongue really bad i it swollen in i cant even eat or talk right what can i do
167426 tn?1254086235 She will travel nationwide as an advocate for organizations such as the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, the National Breast Cancer Coalition, Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Gilda's Club, among others. Chris here is someone that might just visit out get together in Illinois. Can't hurt to try. Sure could be a good promotion for OVCA.
Avatar n tn Please I have been experiencing nagging cough severely at nights and sometimes during the day.Sometimes it is associated with sputum in my blood. I have taken x-ray and skin test TB test but the results were ok.