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973741 tn?1342342773 So, I thought this was very cool and am excited about it and wanted to share. For those of you in my age range (the, oh . . . one or two that ever even read this forum LOL)--- you may remember the president's fitness challenge from grade school. Oh, I hung from that bar for as long as I could, ran my laps and did sit ups until it hurt!! LOL Fond memories or our gym class participating in it and getting our certificate. Well, there is a presidents challenge again!
Avatar n tn I want body shape and fitness. .what kind of exercise needed?
1855476 tn?1356739693 I am 16 years old and i am trying to get the fitness model boby. I partly succeded but now i eat much and lost a bit my fitness figure. I always deink protein shake and im trying to keep up my body with running, gyming etc. what do you think i should do in order to lose weight ?
Avatar f tn Peak 8 actually stimulates the growth hormone in the body. I encourage you to visit Dr Mercola’s site to learn more about Peak 8 fitness because I personally feel that it is one of the best ways to exercise, especially considering the speed at which you can lose fat and build muscle.  I highly recommend you read this article and watch the videos on the page.
1320739 tn?1274401573 Thank you and just today I went to the fitness center to purchace a membership for both of us I want to be there for him and I need to shed a few pounds as well
1163968 tn?1263772789 I think this would be a phenomenal feature. Currently, I use a separate application on my Android that tracks my workouts called Jefit Pro. I'm able to extract that data as a .csv, so it'd be a real time saver to be able to import that data into your MyDietDiary app or even the web-app and translate the workout logs to "calories burned".
378273 tn?1262097621 Under normal circumstanes, being sedentary does not promote good health. What most people in your situation would need to do is to maintain good overall fitness without going to extremes or over-stressing the body. Run this advice by your physician, to get his or her input.
Avatar f tn I'm a day away from due date no signs yet. So I bought a bouncy fitness ball I've read it helps with getting labor started and once it start to help relax you and open you up more. I'm hoping it works. Either way it's very relaxing and relief a lot of pain while sitting on there. Anyone else use one or planning to use?
533629 tn?1213528073 does anyone know where to look at a log chart that goes all the way down to 0 or at least the hundreds.