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Avatar n tn My cat was prescribed doxycycline tablets for mycoplasma felis: but was unable to complete the whole course owing to difficulty of swallowing loss of appetite and occasional sickness. Is there a suitable injectable antibiotic that could be given: and how successful are antibiotics in this case,.? Also how can I alleviate the catarrhal and throat symptoms present?
1904872 tn?1325826015 Most household animals are vaccinated for rabies so if it is somebody's pet you can simply ask them. If it was a stray cat and you cannot catch the cat for observation, then there are rabies shots you can get as a precaution.
2996663 tn?1374172676 So I went to the doctors today to get the cat scratches checked out. They had animal control come in and question me and they are going to try capturing the cat. They gave me a shot that is suppose to kill off any parasites that may have been in the cats claws, and they have started the rabies treatment on me.
Avatar m tn There are several of us on here who have a similar eye complaint: seeing a bright flash, like the afterimage of a flash bulb, when we blink, and sometimes, on upgaze. This is transient symptom for most of us, lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. When the "spot" in our visual field passes over a dark background, the spot appears light. When the spot passes over a light background, it appears dark.
Avatar m tn thanks guys, so your advice would be for me just to move on with my self??
Avatar m tn The doctor said that the results were mixed, so she put me on Doxycycline for two weeks and referred me to an infectious disease specialist. They reviewed my initial results, took blood again and said everything came back negative. One other strange tid bit - during my CAT scan, as they were injecting the dye into my arm, I was waiting for this feeling of heat (since they told me to expect that).
Avatar f tn I take HRT for hormones and a baby aspirin nightly. I had an MRI and CAT which were fine. All my bloodwork is in the normal levels. Cholestrol is high though. This has been going on now for 6 weeks and I am exhausted. I wake up several time nightly only getting may5 hours of sleep. I am not really sure how much. My Neurologist says he sees no reason from my MRI and CAT for this. He had no answer. My PCP is stumped also. Where do I go. I cannot continue living like this.
1232362 tn?1333139006 I'm guessing you were given doxycycline. It was the original drug for Lyme, but to my knowledge, Lyme specialists have generally moved on to other antibiotics with fewer side effects ... doxy can be hard on the stomach. See what the internist says, then let us know and we'll give you some ideas of what we might do in that situation. No one here is medically trained that I know of, but we're happy to chat.
Avatar f tn I don't even drink caffeine! I just worry that taking the doxycycline is all for nothing. And the doxycycline is killing me, I have such bad stomach aches with it, I almost went to the ER last night. I don't have a lot of symptoms of Lyme disease and can't even remember the last time I was outside to even get bit since I work everyday and by the time I get home, there's no time to do anything. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate them.
696755 tn?1236019912 Just wondering what other diseases are like lyme, because I have a lot of symptoms that are associated with lyme but I have had 3 different tests which confirmed I didn't have it, plus they gave me doxycycline for 2 wks just in case which didn't do anything. Again, anyone know what diseases are like lyme disease that I could have, (keep in mind im twelveyrs old :-) Thanks.
Avatar f tn I didn't put together at the time that the symptoms could be from the cat and kept him for 4-5 more years after. I started thinking that my symptoms could be due to allergies even though I never had any of the classic symptoms such as coughing and sneezing, and I had a cat when I was a child and never had any allergy issues. I've been cat free now for a few years and my symptoms have still not gone away. The brain fog/blurred vision is constant and I'm always fatigued.
Avatar m tn No testing found a reason for the anemia .......except for the known tick bite in my left upper thigh in Oct of 07 . No it was not on me for 36 hours there was no rash ........and it was from Salem CT......the next town over from where the disease was named.......Old Lyme CT.......AND it from sleeping with a dog in the bed ........not from being outside myself . Every one I have asked that has been treated .......has animals in their homes .
Avatar f tn This would be AFTER MRI and numerous x-ray and cat-scans. .. So after they are confronted with $18k of diagnostics, they pay $350.- for antibiotics (doxycycline 100mg/x2), which - if the result is like mine IS diagnostic for a bacterial infection... right? I'll probably go in I.V. in two weeks, to last for 40 days - pending more CSF analysis.
Avatar f tn He now is back to thinking that there must be something medical that caused this sudden onset of such extreme symptoms. He took a 14 day cycle of Doxycycline for a cat bite a couple months ago and has read about the horrible psychological effects. He blames this, among other things. We are now trying a different diet as he feels this is all related to the doxy destroying gut bacteria, which is now causing his symptoms.
Avatar n tn But then, I worked for the navy for a while and a research anaerobe lab doing identification and sensitivity testing on specimens from bite wounds to humans from cat and dogs mostly, and then got into biotech for a while and did some molecular microbiology. But my main interest is clinical. What area of biology are you interested or work on? Anyway, I understand what you are saying regarding the "quack factor." Although you can get bad doctors in every sector.
Avatar f tn But I am scared, and I really just hate myself for not going to doctor right after tick bite and subjecting my family to my pain for so long before realizing what it was. Thank you for listening.
Avatar n tn if the infection has been in place for anything more than a few days since the bite. (One aspect of Lyme that gets overlooked is re-infection. Just judging from people I know and have corresponded with here and elsewhere, and based on my own experience, a healthy immune system can often fend off the effects of a Lyme infection until a re-infection: a bite from another tick, and perhaps that tick has additional co-infections. I believe that is what happened to me ...
Avatar n tn This is CDC Surveillance criteria, for measuring the spread of irrefutably positive cases across the country, not for diagnosis of real patients who might have corraborating symptoms. Lyme is a **clinical diagnosis**. What's more, the Rheumatologist Steere came up with that 2 and 5 band criteria based on a German strain (Dressler standard) of Lyme bacteria, not an American strain.
Avatar f tn HI Everyone, Im having one of those moments where I wanted to find out about these palpitations Ive been having. Now the mad rush of Valentines day is over, its the weekend, I can finally relax a bit and catch up and I decide to google palpitations. Heres my thought on what I thought they were before I (dont laugh at how little I knew). I always associated palpitations with anxiety as in panic attacks or people with post menopause.
6402846 tn?1391067348 There are a couple dozen other insects that can give you Bartonella and I've certainly had fly, mosquito, and flea bites. Standard lab tests for Bartonella look for a fairly high level of antibodies to one species, either b. henselae or b. quintana. (Many labs don't even offer the b. quintana test.) The cut off for antibody levels is assuming an acute level of illness. But antibody levels can drop over time, producing a "negative" result. That was me.
948349 tn?1294383837 She did sneeze 3 times in the evening as well but on her sleeve. I have had unusual profound symptoms for the past month straight. I don't want to mention my symptoms yet, I just want really like if people can tell me the possibility of contracting it like that? Thanks so much I really appreciate anyone's input and opinion and experience on this matter.
Avatar f tn Given that it's been a month since you were first diagnosed with RMSF, your docs may view you as being past the critical early days when things can go south very quickly. Maybe that's why they are relatively relaxed about the situation.
6402846 tn?1391067348 Hello again, and THANKS for your responses. I'm about 2.5 weeks into Doxycycline treatment and had a few questions. Symptom-wise, I can't really tell if I'm having a reaction to the doxy. It doesn't seem to be following a monthly cycle or whatever, but I seem to be getting these flare-ups about once a week that tend to last for a day or two. I'll be feeling like an 8/10 for a little while, then on days like today, I'm down to a 6.5/10 with lots of pain and twitching in my calves.
Avatar n tn everyone gets bit my bed bugs, it's just that not everyone feels the bite marks, and for some weird reason the bite marks don't show up on everyone. have fun!!
Avatar n tn I have had 3 positive tests for an elevated liver, borderline positive test for Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. I took doxycycline for 10 days and then another dose for 7 days without feeling any relief. Went to see an Endocronologist and tested low for adrenalin. Was tested for Addison's disease and other adrenal glands dysfuntions, all which were negative. Tested positive for Rhuematoid arthritis, but feel no symptoms of this.
Avatar m tn For example, the 'standard' treatment for Lyme is a few weeks of doxycycline in the dose you were given. Unfortunately, there are reasons I won't detail here why that may not be enough of the doxy AND may not be the right medication at all.
Avatar m tn Just sorting through some of my notes. Pedia says they can do the western blot test again (my ex is going there tomorrow so told her to just order it if insurance will pay). Asked him why is too soon? " Well the disease could still not show up and then reinforce the idea that she doesnt have it and give a false sense of security (that's a paraphrase but I think I got the gist). So I think he gets that part. Still not sure why we cant just start on antibiotics.
Avatar f tn Before I got to an LLMD, I talked my GP into giving me doxycycline which can be for skin problems ( I had Bartonella lesions). That started me herxing immediately.
Avatar n tn emg(legs normal, arm carpel tunnel)(last 2006) eeg(in 1999, normal) muscle biopsy 2006 normal blood test all kinds(stiff mans syndrome,ana,lyme,etc normal excpet for sed rate(40) and c-reactive(mild) protien elavated over years. muscle strgthn tone bulk doc says normal.