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168348 tn?1379360675 I'm sorry but there's no way someone here can tell you (even if you upload a pic) if that was a spider bite or a tick bite. A rash caused by a tick is usually sort of like a bulls eye---- but NOT ALWAYS. I sincerely hope it wasn't a tick bite----- but at this point probably the only thing you can do is to wait (for days/weeks or months) and see if you develop any signs of illness---- like a flu (that isn't the flu), or 'strange' symptoms. Keep us posted if you do develop symptoms.
Avatar n tn According to Dr. Burrascano, for tick bite, Doxycycline should be administered 400 mg daily, in divided doses. This would mean to take 200 mg twice daily. See "Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease," September 2005, by Joseph Burrascano, M.D. or Lyme literate M.D.'s will prescribe this dosage for at least two months.
1138687 tn?1360980244 DORYX (Doxycycline Hyclate Delayed-Release Tablets, USP), for oral administration, contain specially coated pellets of doxycycline hyclate, a broad-spectrum antibiotic synthetically derived from oxytetracycline, in a delayed-release formulation for oral administration." There's a generic form also.
534785 tn?1329595808 She said she didn't know where it was coming from, but ordered urine specimen to be collected up to three times, and if I wasn't feeling better and still seeing the fresh blood in my mucus in two weeks, to get a chest x-ray done. I told her about my tick bite and she said it didn't look like a normal bite, and that I may have potentially contracted Lyme disease.
Avatar m tn they recently did serological testing on me and found i have lyme disease (borreliosis) after a tick bite from 3 years ago. has anyone of you been bitten by a tick as well? please let me know, and if you have any serological testing done could you please report the outcome on this board? i'm hoping this could explain the symptoms!
Avatar f tn Clinical manifestations consist of a localised, slowly expanding skin lesion - Erythema migrans - which occurs at the site of the tick bite. [***This is correct, but ONLY in perhaps half of all those who have Lyme disease. The rest of us never see a tick or a rash -- I didn't. And if you get a tick or rash on the scalp, for example, you won't see it either.***] "This is an unusual sign for Irish GPs but almost pathgnomic of the disease.
Avatar n tn Amoxycillin is not the first choice of antibiotic for adults, although it may be given to children for Lyme. Doxycycline is usually prescribed for adults, at double the normal dosage, for four to eight weeks. You will need to do alot of reading about this to educate yourself about tick borne disease. If a person gets Lyme, there is a good chance that the tick may have also passed other diseases also, such as Babesia, Erlichia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma.
Avatar m tn She said she was almost positive that he had Lyme Disease bc his only symptoms were fever and neck pain. He has been on Doxycycline for a week now, even though his results for Lyme were negative. Is it normal to have negative results if you do have Lyme disease? Is it normal for a fever to last for weeks. When can he expect to start feeling better? Any info or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone I have recently been diagnosed for lyme and have began treatment with 2 100mg capsules of doxycycline twice a day for 3 weeks. I know a lot of people may say that thats not enough treatment but i am going to finish it out and see how i feel. Like many I'm sure, my lyme symptoms seemed to have come out of nowhere as i never recall being bitten by a tick. As my lyme developed i seemed to be hit very hard neurologically, i did not experience the pain that most describe.
Avatar m tn This is fascinating to me, as Infectious Disease doctors will not treat a Lyme patient with doxycycline for more than a month. They say long term antibiotics are dangerous and risky. The other interesting thing on the CDC website is where they say: "Coxiella burnetii has the ability to persist for long periods of time in the host after infection.
Avatar m tn I ferverently wish that those would stop being published and that a short course of doxy would be rx'd upon a tick bite. Any tick bite. (That would help with some co-infections of course, but it would help!) Fevers, itching, headaches---- can appear. They also can not. Not having 'outside activities' also doesn't mean a thing. A person can just stroll through a friends garden. A person can just walk through grass, yes, even mowed grass.
Avatar f tn I recently had tonsilitious and swollen glands and achyness. I was sooo worried so I asked the Dr. to take my blood. a few days later (today) she calls me and said its Lyme Disease. I have no rash or anything that I can see that can be a "tick bite" but she says sometimes the bite and u feel and see nothing from it... the tests to determine this was an ELISHA TEST and a WESTERN BLOT TEST. same tests used for HIV.
Avatar f tn It's possible you have been bitten before, but your immune system was able to fight off the Lyme and whatever co-infections the tick(s) may have had. When you're young and relatively healthy, it's possible for Lyme and its coinfections to coast along at a low level for a long time, and really not cause you to feel awful like you would with a case of flu, for example.
Avatar f tn I'm still highly considering seeing a dermatologist to convince them into prescribing me doxycycline for acne, as it's the same dosage as i'm taking now just for a longer time to ensure that I kill it off. As for your headache, as I mentioned before you might want to try Excedrin Migraine.
594002 tn?1256307382 Dr could not tell me what stage I may be in since we have no idea when I got the tick bite. Blood work has not come back yet. Does anyone out there have a opinion or idea what stage I could be in-should I be getting an IV dose of meds instead of 400mg /day. I am just afraid of not getting enough dosage in the beginning which may cause more long term effects. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
14012411 tn?1432512456 That would be good for us to know as well. If you can remember the dosage too that would help Just because a Lyme test comes back negative doesn't mean anything. Lyme testing is only 50 percent accurate! I tested negative almost 10 times for Lyme disease and I ended up having it!!! More people will be on here to respond! Lots of knowledgable people on this Lyme disease forum!
Avatar f tn (Happened to me.) I think its downright stupid that doctors won't test for Lyme after a tick bite. But they've been taught to wait for a rash, and if no rash, then swollen joints, fatigue, and headache. Unfortunately, those aren't always the first symptoms, and by the time they show up, the infection is well established and it's much harder to get rid of. Given the hell I've been through, I'd find my kids a new doctor who is willing to order tests for them on tick bites alone.
Avatar f tn Given that it's been a month since you were first diagnosed with RMSF, your docs may view you as being past the critical early days when things can go south very quickly. Maybe that's why they are relatively relaxed about the situation.
Avatar f tn But I am scared, and I really just hate myself for not going to doctor right after tick bite and subjecting my family to my pain for so long before realizing what it was. Thank you for listening.
Avatar f tn An LLMD I know in Australia (where they have found European variations of Borrelia) says four weeks for a tick bite, six weeks for a rash, more if time has passed. If your doctor will prescribe more doxy, just pay for it yourself if the NHS won't do it. It is not worth getting late stage Lyme and several weeks of doxy is a fraction of the cost of IV meds for long term treatment. Unexplained anxiety is indeed a symptom of Lyme. I had it, too.
Avatar f tn So doxy is most useful immediately after a tick bite, but many of us don't know when the first tick got us, and only get really ill after a reinfection. Lots of unknowns and variables. In addition, Lyme ticks also often carry other diseases (co-infections) that need different tests and different meds than Lyme does, and it is usually a Lyme specialist who understands that and knows from your symptoms what to test for.
Avatar f tn // Mirkin gives many references in journals. I haven't plowed through them but certainly will. My PCP will often act on 'evidence' from a respected journal if I can find them and present them. (I suspect that he might secretly know that Lyme should be treated for a long time---- but the politics in OR are such that he would be 'reprimanded' or worse.) So, my theory----- if you can't get in the front door, try other ways.
6402846 tn?1391067348 There are a couple dozen other insects that can give you Bartonella and I've certainly had fly, mosquito, and flea bites. Standard lab tests for Bartonella look for a fairly high level of antibodies to one species, either b. henselae or b. quintana. (Many labs don't even offer the b. quintana test.) The cut off for antibody levels is assuming an acute level of illness. But antibody levels can drop over time, producing a "negative" result. That was me.
Avatar f tn The same tick bite can pass on not just Lyme but other tick-borne co-infection. Ticks can be little sewers for infections! But that's edging toward diagnosing and that's my bad. But it is a consideration that your doctor can decide and talk to you about. Another topic will be our Herxheimer (Herx) reaction. It's real and it means the spirochetes (bacteria) are being killed. It's a 'good' thing but you might not think so at the time. Don't worry about that for now.
Avatar n tn In the meantime he put me on more antibiotics, this time doxycycline tablets 100mg for another week. I am now taking these but feel terrible, the migraines are intense and my jaw hurts to my temple and feels it penetrates into my brain. Last night I dreamt I was having a seizure, and was surprised that I couldnt wake myself, when I did I was still shaking for a few seconds and couldnt think and felt like I was not in control of my body.
6402846 tn?1391067348 It doesn't damage the muscles, to my knowledge, but just makes it harder for them to function smoothly. Increase and maintain a higher dosage and see what happens after at least a couple of weeks. It can't hurt, and might well help. If you get diarrhea, I've read it's too much, so back off on the dose a bit. And be sure to tell your doc you are taking Mg and how much so it can be factored in.
Avatar f tn Not everyone remembers getting a tick bite so keep that in mind. We hope you don't have it but if you do you need to be treated so it doesn't get worse.
Avatar f tn Don't try the US, the blood gets held too long at customs and coagulates. You nust get the test for bartonella as well as lyme, it is another tick borne infection that also crosses the placents and you could have it, it's very common in the UK, I have it. Antibiotics are given to newborn babies. Whether lyme docs advise using them longish term I do not know. The usual rule of thumb is that the sooner you start treating lyme, the easier and quicker it is to cure.
574219 tn?1217356018 The treatments is always the same, Fluroescien Stain, Shcirmer Test, then meds, so far - Cyclosporine 2 percent, NeoPolyDex, I-Drop/Genteal gel with or without Triemethoprim Solution and or Doxycycline Tablets and Chloramphenicol Drops, etc. etc. My poor dog is no better than she was six months ago and I am BROKE. Her eyes are severely itchie, the mucus is thick on them until I put in the cyclosporin and then it globs out to give her reilef for what 2 hours and then her eyes are shut again.