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Avatar f tn Can someone tell me what STDs can be treated with Doxycycline? Can you list all of them please? Thank you.
Avatar n tn It might be, it does seem a little light but it could clear a STD up if you had it. Best thing is always wait for tests. And I think this is why the Dr went light on the dosage.
Avatar m tn i was about to be cured from Gonorrhea but i skip some dosage of cephalexin, my problem now is i need to switch to CIPROFLOXACIN but i found out that it wasn't working for me some how im one of those patient's who were resistant to it according to the UPDATES on GONORRHEA RESISTANCE... should i go back to cephalexin? my dosage before was 500mg 3x a day... This discussion is related to <a href=''>Keflex</a>.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor about a week or so ago and he gave me a 14day dosage of doxycycline as a preventative measure. my tests came back negative..but since then I have continued taking the doxycycline. 5 days ago, I received unsafe oral sex...although today I have had to urinate constantly, and noticed clear discharge. since I am taking the doxy will it kill the gono? I have like 6days left. plus if I were to go in and get tested again..will the test show negative falsely because of the doxy?
Avatar m tn You should do your own research, but, yes, Doxycycline CAN be used for treating Gonorrhea. Its a wide-range antibiotic which to my (and my GP) knowledge covers all bacterial STD's: Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, UreaPlasma, MycoPlasma and Trichomoniasis. Dosage/duration depend on the type of infection, but all of these (except for Syphilis) can be treated with Doxycycline, 100 mg capsules, 2 capsules per day, each taken 12 hours apart - for 7 days.
Avatar n tn Does Avelox have any efficacy against gonorrhea? (3) Regardless of the Avelox above, I have a question about doxycycline versus Zithromax. I have previously been exposed to Chlamydia, took 1g of Zithromax, and had treatment failure. I then took doxycycline for a month (2x / day) and had cure. Doxycycline makes me very sensitive to the sun and I much prefer Zithromax if possible. So my question is, if my only choices for Chlamydia were doxycycline vs.
Avatar m tn The doctors gave me Azithromycin, and Cefixime, assuming I had either gonorrhea or chlamydia. The results took 2 weeks to get, and my symptoms never fully cleared up. I finally got the results, and all came up negative (for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphillis, HIV). By this time the symptoms had moved more to my bladder, and felt pressure, and increasing frequency in urination. So I made a doctors appointment, and my doc quickly decided I had non gonococcal urethritis.
Avatar m tn I did not engage in any other kinds of sexual activities with her. I know from reading that my only bacterial risks are gonorrhea and syphilis. 3 Questions: 1) Given that oral syphilis is rare, and syphilis in general is rare, can you give me any idea of the odds of my having come into contact with a CSW with syphilis (I live in Germany)? 2) Due to a sinus infection, I have been taking 2 X 500 mg of Biaxin / day for the past four days, the prescription is for a total of 7 days.
Avatar m tn I tested positive and received treatement on nov 12th for gonorrhea, all other results from the culture were negative for other stds and in my mouth. I got a shot of ceftriaxone (I think) and 7 days worth of doxycycline twice a day, I'm not sure of the dosage. The symptoms went away, I felt fine, everything seemed to be back to normal. Then on Nov. 30th I began having sysmptoms, discharge and slight burning, exactly like I had before i got treated.
Avatar n tn Anyway, he prescribed me 7 days of doxycycline (can't recall the dosage, but twice per day) and also 7 days of cipro (500 mg, twice per day). My symptoms are so mild that unless i really look i can't detect the perfectly clear discharge and i see nothing in the morning when i wake up (mostly the afternoon) Pain during urination, i.e. that stinging or strong burning is still not there either. I've read of chronic NGU requiring months of treatment and i'm a bit on edge about it.
Avatar n tn Hi I went to the doctor and he put me on doxycycline while awaiting the STD lab results. For the past two days I'm taking the antibiotic I notice that for most of the day my burning pain in penis and genitals is diminished. It may come back later in the day but once I take my next dosage it dissapates again. Inever broke out into sores anywhere atleast that I noticed just this constant burning in genitals. My question is Would doxycycline affect herpes in this way.
Avatar n tn Sulfa drugs were commonly used against Gonorrhea and Chlamydia in the 30's and 40's and still remain effective against Chlamydia....not so much against Gonorrhea. However, resistance to sulfa drugs has steadily increased and typically treatment for one includes treatment for the other.. and today Chlamydia is usually treated with doxycycline.
Avatar n tn Treatment for chlamydia includes a one time dosage of zithromax (1,000mg) or a 7-day course of doxycycline (100mg, twice a day). Treatment for gonorrhea used to include Ciprofoloxacin, however due to resistant strains, the recommended treatment now is an intramuscular injection of Ceftriaxone (250mg).
Avatar m tn can u plz tell me whether these are because of medicine or gonorrhea or is it doctor is giving me azithromycin,cefixime and doxycycline....he told me that hiv test is possible after 60 there any way to find it..??
Avatar m tn Your primary care doctor usually prescribes doxycycline with Levaquin or Cipro to cover both Gonorrhea and Chlamydia..
Avatar n tn It also shows up when the urethra is milked and when I have an errection. My understanding is the original dosage should have cured the gonorrhea. Is there a possibility of another type of infection? Will the Levaquin clear it up? I am scheduling a follow up with my PCP, but was looking for another opinion. Thank you.
Avatar m tn and say given 30 days worth of it ...... that would have knocked chlamydia out or gonorrhea out.. doxycycline is really only affective at killing std prostatitis... when faced with other forms of prostatitis such as Escherichia coli , klebsiella pneumoniae etc...
Avatar n tn We both recieved the Rocephin shot for gonorrhea and I was given a 1gram dosage of Zithromax for a possible clamydia infection while he has to take 100mg Doxycycline 2x a day for a week. We recieved this treatment on Wed oct 5th and we had unprotected oral sex on Sunday Oct 9th...without ejaculation and then we later began intercourse without a condom for a couple of minutes and he pulled out and ejacuated. Then, we had sex with a condom afterward.
Avatar m tn Is this medicine/ dosage enough to cure Gonorrhea if she's infected? Sorry for so many question as I'm from Hong Kong and the medication system here is quite different from the US. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Had a question about Azithromycn. I know that 2g in a single dose is protocol for a gonorrhea infection. Would the efficacy of this drug & dosage to cure the disease be the same if 1 gram was taken on one day and another 1 gram the next? I assume this regimen would have the potential to lessen the possible GI side effects.
Avatar n tn How long it takes to treat Chlamydia and Gonorrhea with antibiotics.
Avatar n tn Doxycycline (100mg) Azithromycin (250mg) I have this with me but dont know the doses of these
Avatar n tn Two weeks of doxycycline is required to treat established syphilis, but 1 week is effective against incubating syphilis.
Avatar n tn However, to be safe I asked to be prescribed an antibiotic to put my mind at ease. He prescribed a 5 day 200 mg dosage of DOXYCYCLINE (10 tablets). Once completed with the medication, I got a phone call from the female I had unprotected sex with telling me she too had symptoms consistent with gonorrhea, chlamydia, or trichmonasis. She was treated with a one dosage pill of a medication she didn't know the name of--something called "Silca" she thought.
Avatar n tn I have taken all possible antibiotics for gonorrhea and clamydia as instructed by my doctor.I took 2 doxycycline prescription for a week each,zithromax,cefixime,triomax,and many others I can&#x27;t remember.two months now n I still feel the inflammation. Kindly advice what I can do.
Avatar m tn Is that the right stuff to use and can you tell me the dosage please, or let me know the right antibiotic to buy.. Please help..
Avatar n tn Excuse my spelling in this matter but, Will Penecilin VK cure Gonorrhea? Thank you in advace. F.
Avatar m tn Having taken antibiotics for helicobacter would have also reduced your risk for getting some STDs (syphilis, perhaps gonorrhea).