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Avatar f tn I think I might have sleep apnea or something like it. I woke up last night choking and coughing. It felt like I had stopped breathing for a bit. I sleep on my stomach or on my side usually and my pillows are generally pretty flat. I first noticed this problem about a year ago. I'm not sure what it might be and I don't think it happens every night but I can't be sure because I sleep alone. I just know that when it does happen I only wake up once during the night.
Avatar n tn he is frustrated since he has tried everything as he put it to dry me up. I sort of gave up and decided I was meant to live like this. Well, last week my daughter got a bad cold, passed it to me and we both evolved into what appeared to be sinus infections. We were put on ampillician (sp?) and took it for 2 days and we both got worse. We were coughing up and blowing out thick goopy white creamy stuff and my sinus were FULL.
Avatar m tn Okay so I feel I'm suffering from HIV anxiety even though I had a protected exposure with little to no risk after reading symptoms I started feeling a tickle in my throat and was coughing.....seems now I am coughing for no reason throughout the day and ending up with a sore throat. I wake up in the morning and my throat is fine....but soon after I think about coughing.....I do and continue to do so through the day and then AGAIN I have a sore throat at the end of the day.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I been having a problem,every morning I wake up and I cant breath until I take my puffer which loosens up phlegm deep inside me and I cough it up. The weird part about it is the phlegm is like strands of crystal clear gel or balls. Then as I start to get my breathing back it's almost turns to a thin liquid I cough up .After about an hour I can breath fine again and I may only take my puffer once again the whole day. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I have reaction ( at least when I was unblanced in my condition) to the RAI 123 when I would get this test. I had 3 scans like this where the injection was made and in all 3 issues - I spiked with some hyper symptoms for a few days and had inflammation of the gland. The first scan was done prior to my Graves ablation and the other 2 were done after I had it. Again it didn't matter where in the realm of treatment was I still reacted to the injection the same.
Avatar n tn My CT scan came back with these below results and now I'm terrified. I also have a chronic cough, especially when I first wake up or when I laugh or scream. 1. Enlarged bilateral cervical lymph nodes most prominent within the bilateral jugular chains largest measuring 2.2cm left level 2 and 1.7cm right level 2. Findings are nonspecific. Clinical correlation is recommended. 2.
Avatar f tn My wife has a lung disease called circoidosis and she wakes up itleast 4 or 5 times in the middle of the night coughing and tries to wake me up to help her and I can't wake up. I don't remember her attempting to wake me up though. It's starting to effect our marriage but she thinks it's stress from the military. Sometimes she said said she had tried waking me up and I would be angry and try hitting her or go back to sleep while she's crying.
Avatar f tn When I normally smoke a lot during the evening when I wake up I remove clear phlegm with a bit black or something. The reality is, that whatever rubish it is that is coming out of our lungs means that our lungs are not very clean and we should take this seriously. I understand and also suffer from smoking addiction but we need to use this as motivation to make us quit before its too late. On the other hand, you could only benefit if you ask your doctor about it.
Avatar f tn This happens in some dogs when they first wake up, the stomach is empty from not eating all night and there is a buildup of acid. You can try an experiment to see if this is what it is - try feeding your dog a small snack late at night or, if you wake up during the night, give her a cookie or two.
548128 tn?1214720127 On about 5 different ocasions I have coughed up blood in the morning when I wake up. This morning it was a bit different, there was a lil more of it and it seemed to be just blood. Any ideas what this could be? I'm pretty hard headed about going to the doctor. But I'm really concerned now and I think its the best thing to do. The blood scares me, but the way I lose my breath scares me more.
Avatar n tn Well my reason is because it hurts to breathe from the minute I wake up and last for hours. The more I move the more painful it is and I if I try to touch my chin to my chest its unbearable...... I have been baffled by this pain and every day have considered going to the ER but as I read on the web it seems like a lot of people experience this pain and have not had any true medical relief so I figure why spend the money for no answers. And as far as a bad mattress, mine is only a year old.
Avatar n tn my cough is starting to go away, its mostly only during the night now and when i wake up. my throat is KILLING me. ive never had a sore throat like this before. my tonsils are swollen and they have white spots. other than being tired and the pain in my throat i feel fine physically. i dont have much of an appetite, but im pretty sure its because my throat hurts so much. it kept me up most of the night, and im pretty sure thats why im so tired and unable to sleep...
Avatar n tn Hello, About 2 weeks ago I picked up a common cold from my husband, just a couple of days ago, I've noticed that in the mornings when I wake up, I've been coughing up blood. It doesn't last all day, it's only immediately after waking and I start coughing. The rest of the day my phlegm is clear with maybe a tiny speck of blood occasionally. I feel an irritation and fullness in my throat, although my chest feels clear, and there is wheezing (in my throat).
Avatar f tn my question is, for about 2 years now, at least once a month (if not more) I will be sleeping (I seem to be sleeping ok) and I will wake up gasping for air feeling like the air has been sucked right out of me. Sometimes I start coughing. And when I'm done coughing I will go back to sleep and it to happen again and I will get tired of waking up this way so I will just get up then. My nose is not plugged up, I dont have a cold or I'm not sick. So what could this be.???
Avatar n tn He also prescribed an acid reducer to see if it was GERD related, but that has not made much difference either. Also, the coughing seems to be worse right after I eat and when I wake in the morning. Is it possible for excess phlegm and mucas to drain into my lungs? Should my lungs clear this without me having to cough so much? I am wondering if you think these symptoms are due to post nasal drip, GERD, or possibly something more serious like Chronic Bronchitis.
Avatar m tn I have also had it happen when I've had a tickle in my throat that wouldn't go away and my protracted coughing seized up my throat. I had to fight the overwhelming urge to cough while trying to drag in air.
Avatar f tn So far I think he's doing a lot, opening and moving eyes, moving right arm and leg, moving neck, coughing phlegm. All those in 3 weeks. I know it's slow but I think he's improving. He does seems sleepy sometimes though. Has anyone experience the same or has advice or stories of encouragement for me? I'm 5 months pregnant too which is a bit stressful sometimes. Thank you.
Avatar n tn t helped I wake up with the same headache I went to bed with. Another symptom is everytime I would bend over or cough my head would just pound and recently whenever I go to the bathroom BM or peeing I get this sharp stabbing pain that starts at my temple and radiates out to the side of my head this is on the right side of my head. Also I am in menopause my period stopped last January and before this started 4 weeks ago I haven't had a hot flash in months. Now its happening all the time.
5803064 tn?1374551320 sometimes it happens on night ive had sweets before bed but i check Blood sugar 2 hours after i eat not all the time but kinda regularly and its always pretty normal and ive checked my blood pressure and its usually fine so i dont know what is wrong with me and it is hard to take care of my son when i wake with these pains and the pain only lasts for 30 mins or so and then when i cough it hurts or bend over..
455051 tn?1255830118 Idk what it is, but when I sleep I wake up coughing soo many times and so quick that I have to throw up. It is like there is a leak in the back of my throat and when it starts dripping I can not talk or even quit coughing, I will cough probably like 60 times in a matter of 10 minutes before it decides to leave, this happens every night. :( I am affraid to mix robitussin with vicodin. The pharmacist said that all it will do together (meaning the rob and vicodin) is make me more tired.
Avatar m tn -Tiredness -Throat hurts when I swallow ANY advice would be grateful as I really don't want to wake up in the night anymore unable to breathe and gasping for air then jumping out of bed like a ninja to the bathroom to try and help me breathe. It feels like i'm at deaths door, and I also have a REALLY bad back when I cough, and now it's also when i'm not coughing my back still hurts :( Is there a cure?
2199283 tn?1338589441 I have asthma and GERD. I would wake up as if Someone was cooking me. Violently spasmodic coughing until almost vomiting. Exhausting on my body. I now again am doing the same thing. Wake up coughing like crazy with a tickle in my throat. Anyway I had gone to an allergist, a Chinese doc, who after one look in my throat knew I had reflux. By my description of symptoms he explained that my reflux was causing these symptoms not my asthma.
Avatar m tn It really really hurts, because the cough is uncontrollable. I've been having trouble sleeping, and when i do get some sleep i wake up coughing (like i am gasping for air). My chest is very sore, the pain is mostly on the left (as is the pneumonia). The cough has improved a tiny bit but it's still there and hurts. Now what do i do?
Avatar f tn after more than a year you would think I would stop coughing! I still cough, not as often or as severe, but when I start, I go on and on until I feel as though I am choking. This usually happens when I either am talking or eating, and yes it is embarassing. I really do not know what to do. The only thing that stops the cough is Codiene and of course, none of my docs want me to take that on a regular basis. What else is there?
Avatar n tn When I wake up in the morning I am wheezing and coughing, then as soon as i get up i start sneezing constantly. after i am up for about 15 min everything goes away and am fine. is this a normal allergy symptom? why does it go away after i get up for a few minutes? is there anything i can take before bed that would help for the morning?
Avatar n tn When I cough my throat closes up and I cannot breath. I went to an Ear, Noise, and Throat Doctor and he told me my upper throat area was very badly irritated. He believed the problem came from acids from my stomach. He recommended that I take Nexium twice a day before meals for a month and gargle with Bicarbonate Soda many, many times a day. When I sleep I have a tendency to sleep with my mouth open and this appears to dry up my throat and then I cough and the loose of breath is scary.
Avatar m tn I have had this for almost a year where I have been coughing almost spasm like and I feel my throat closing up, my lungs hurt, I wake up in a sweat at night. I have been to the doctor and have done various tests done but it all seems to come out clear. I am currently on steriods "predisolone". Can someone please tell me if they have had the same symptoms and suggest what might be causing it?