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Avatar m tn For the last month I am sneezing up blood and coughing up blood(coughing up blood not sure if it is from nose), have headache all the way down the middle of the brain and when I swallow, also I am short of breath and wheezing, also have chest pain and back pain, right now I have itchy back. But, I had an x-ray 6 months ago that showed clear lung. I had 6 x-ray in the last year due to recurring chest pain. What is wrong with me.? Is it allergy or asthma?
1953268 tn?1454815040 ve described here, and insist on having a chest exam. Green mucus can be a sign of infection. Chest pain should never be ignored, and should definitely be looked at by a physician in order to rule out any thing serious. Years ago, I had symptoms much like yours, but I chose to skip the doctors visit and stay home. It turned out that I had bronchitis, then developed pneumonia.
Avatar f tn Over the last six months he has been coughing everytime after eating and then later in the night he gets very bad chest pain, dizzines and a headache. He thought it was maybe just heart burn, but he trys taking diffrent heart burn medicines and it never seems to work. He usually just trys to tuff it out and says he will be okay. The chest pain does not go away for about a hour, but the headache and dizziness is just a few minutes.
568558 tn?1216786018 I had to ER visits where I was given EKG and Cardio enzymes were checked, all looked good including chest xray.The other stuff is kind of gone but the chest wall pain and headaches have stayed with me. Since Feb. I have had headaches on the right side, the stem from my neck right along my mastoid to sometimes directly behind my right eye. I had an ENT check and was told nothing was wrong with my mastoid. now, I have my headaches and my chest wall pain.
Avatar f tn ll ask my hubby of he will get me one today I need something it hurts in my chest when I cough like yesterday I just had a stuffy nose as a headache then last night the coughing got worse it hurts in my chest when I cough and I keep coughing nasty stuff up and I still can't breath outta my nose :\
Avatar f tn Hi, the constant coughing could cause muscle strain and chest pain. Sometimes the pleura, the lining of the chest cavity and lungs can get inflamed causing pain with coughing. If with movement you are getting pain it is likely to be an inflammation of the skin, subcutaneous tissue or the bone. This can happen with injury, repetitive activity or an infection of the skin. Sometimes it can be costochondritis, inflammation of the sternal rib junction. Yoru consult may help detect the cause.
Avatar m tn I have a real weird pain/tingling feeling in my arms, a stiff painful neck, a headache, stomach pains, sore throat, runny nose and occasional chest pain. The arm pain, neck pain and headache come and go and I can go for hours without feeling them however the sore throat and runny nose is more frequent.
Avatar m tn Anytime there is chest pain present it can be alarming due to the possibility of cardiac problems. But, in your case, I would lean toward respiratory or gastro-intestinal issues. The persistent cough, along with the possible presence of lingering congestion, could be causing your upper airways and throat to be inflamed and sore. Also, there could be a possibility of a hiatal hernia. Frequent or hard coughing is a risk factor. I hope that you will consider seeing a physician. Good luck.
370143 tn?1206679669 It might mean you have an infection. Are you sure it is lung pain? Or is it maybe rib pain? The only way to tell, also to consider your heart and other organs is to get into your doctor pronto. I am sorry I cannot be of more help, but I thought I was fine and found out I had pneumonia. Headache, from a sinus infection. Fatigue, from chronic infections and inflammation. Oh, and rib pain...from coughing, oh, but that didn't go away lol.
118884 tn?1270474779 My husband and I have been sick he thinks we may have acute Bronchitis we have been coughing so bad with the tightness of the chest its driving me crazy with all the coughing I lost my breath last night from coughing so bad and when I cough I end up getting a headache and tons of mucus its gross!
Avatar m tn Recently I am sneezing and coughing up blood, have headache all the way down the middle of the brain and when I swallow, also I am short of breath and wheezing, also have chest pain and back pain. But, I had an x-ray 6 months ago that showed clear lung. I had 6 x-ray in the last year due to recurring chest pain. What is wrong with me.?
Avatar f tn Hello, Headache on coughing or sneezing is a kind of exertional headache. It is called cough headache. Primary cough headaches strike suddenly after coughing or other types of straining. They typically last a few seconds to a few minutes. Some primary cough headaches last up to 30 minutes. The pain of a primary cough headache is often described as sharp, stabbing or splitting. You may feel the pain on both sides of your head and at the back of your skull.
Avatar n tn i also have a lump on the right side of my neck it been there for few years i think no pain also encounter headache.. but not the kind of headache.. i dunno how to explain..
Avatar f tn t breathe while I am coughing and that makes me dizzy and I always get a headache. My body is pressing all the air out of my lungs while coughing. First it sounds like barking but as it goes on it will change. But I can't describe what kind of cough it is. Please help.
Avatar m tn I did protected sex with prostitute on 10 jul 2012 , and got fever on 7 aug 2012 with highly cough & headache ,i took medicine and fever went away , but but headache and cough was present ,after 3-4 day of coughing in morning coughing up blood then went to doctor and dignosed with chest cold ,it was rainy day and also temprature was low , then took medicine and cough went away.
Avatar f tn I am almost 10wks and have come down with a cold. Sinus pressure, coughing and chest pain. For my previous pregnancies my ob said i could take plain mucinex. So i took it a couple if days this week and it has not really helped. So when looking for other options online I'm reading that you cannot take ANYTHING during the first trimester. So now I'm sick and scared since I've taken the, mucinex already and have also taken dramamine a few times due to dizziness and nausea.
Avatar f tn I only have used cough drops to try and soothe my throat enough to try and sleep but been using mucinex/expectorant the whole time. I have had some chest pain and throat pain accompanied by headache/pressure. Nasal congestion just started a couple days ago. Should i ride it out, am i missing something that would help???
1412726 tn?1281740130 herpes over the chest area may cause pain while breathin and coughing, or the chest pain may be due to continuous coughing causing intercostal muscle inflammation .painkillers and cough suppressants would suffice.
Avatar n tn Do you have a previous history of Migraines or other headaches? Sometimes I get Migraine with severe nausea (and yes, sometime wake up in the middle of the night this way). More information from you would be helpful. You may just be very dehydrated, which can cause a really bad headache (similar to a hang-over, though I hate to make that analogy). Do you have any Gatorade or similar drinks with electrolytes in the house? Try sipping some a little at a time.
Avatar n tn When I cough, I feel intense pain from the center/middle of my chest up to my throat, it really hurts when I cough. I don't cough anything up, though. But it leaves me feeling like part of my throat and chest is burning after I cough. My ears are plugged when I'm not taking Theraflu. Any medically inclined people know what this could be?
Avatar f tn So I went to my doctor and now have to get blood work and a chest xray. Hopefully soon this will work out. Still coughing, my head and back and chest are killing me from all the coughing. However I am hopefull that I will get better soon. Thank you for your help. I talked to my doctor about the things you mentioned.