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Avatar n tn Last year I developed a very bad cough, I was coughing so bad, my chest was in constant pain, my head would throb, I was prescribed everything to relieve my cough, nothing worked. Visit my Cardiologist, told him what was going on, he stopped my bp med Lisinopril, changed med over to Avapro which I no longer take, but after two weeks my cough stopped.
Avatar m tn I have almost constant muscle twitching,headache,coughing and gas,side and stomach pains, chest pressure and pain, pain in my arms, wrists, and neck as well as in my thigh. The pain feels almost electric. I also have issues sleeping and when I do sleep I seem to wake up in a sweat worried my body is somehow failing. My family narrowed this down to anxiety. This makes sense since school is starting up soon (I HATE SCHOOL) and I am nervous about graduating and college.
Avatar n tn Also I've noticed I get the burning chest pain sometimes even if I don't exercise but it's not as bad. The pain is always followed by a cold feeling at the back of my throat.
Avatar f tn Over the last six months he has been coughing everytime after eating and then later in the night he gets very bad chest pain, dizzines and a headache. He thought it was maybe just heart burn, but he trys taking diffrent heart burn medicines and it never seems to work. He usually just trys to tuff it out and says he will be okay. The chest pain does not go away for about a hour, but the headache and dizziness is just a few minutes.
Avatar f tn This could be caused by exertion headaches which present with pain during or following physical or passive exertion like sneezing, coughing, or bowel movement. If the pain while coughing is recent, it is best that you check with your doctor for proper evaluation. Direct clinical examination and further tests such as imaging studies will help with the diagnosis. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Ok ty, I did end up getting an EKG and chest X-ray, both came back negative for anything serious, he told me it was most likely a strained muscle in the chest, it is atypical chest pain, sharp/tearing on the left mostly, he suggested i could have gotten something that irritated my lungs and a lot of sharp coughing pulled somthing, he told me it didnt sound much like GERD to him, at least not through the stethescope, even though i do have a lot of the symptoms frequently.. As for the anxiety...
Avatar n tn And then everything else like Chills (Body shaking like it's cold even tho it's 80 degrees in my room) fever(102.4) headache join pain sore throat I don't know what it is other than the flu, but I don't believe to have any respiratory symptoms like coughing, congestion, or mucus buildup. I am a smoker. Any thoughts as to what I have?
370143 tn?1206683269 Oh, and rib pain...from coughing, oh, but that didn't go away lol. Seems my kidneys and God only knows what else is acting up now. I hope you feel better and can get to the doctor soon.
Avatar f tn 1. About how long ago did the chest pain/shortness of breath start? 2. Is the chest pain constant or intermittent? 3. If you're able to tell, where specifically is the chest pain located at? 4. Does the chest pain radiate to other parts of the body? If so, where?(So in your case, would the chest pain radiate, and/or be accompanied with the facial pain) 5. Nature of the chest pain?(For example, sharp, dull, tearing, burning, achy, etc.) 6. What, if anything, helps relieve the chest pain? 7.
Avatar n tn One person mentioned having the severe pain after 10 days of severe coughing-that is most likely pleuritic chest pain caused by the coughing, so it should go away fairly soon and with anti inflammatories. I went to ER last week when I was having the pain, along with nausea and the feeling that I was going to pass out. I was told I have pleuritic chest pain and cardiac enzymes were negative. I'm to follow up with a cardiologist and do a stress test to be sure though.
Avatar n tn I had 2 ablations and each time my heart rate increased for a short time after the procedure. I did not experience any chest pain or discomfort other than my leg was a bit sore. Interestingly, after the second procedure, my BP rose enough to warrant a small dose of medication. Up until then, my BP was on the low side...95-110/55-65. Hope you are feeling better. I'm happy to hear your test results are good!! Take care.
1953268 tn?1454818640 with your mom, explain everything that you've described here, and insist on having a chest exam. Green mucus can be a sign of infection. Chest pain should never be ignored, and should definitely be looked at by a physician in order to rule out any thing serious. Years ago, I had symptoms much like yours, but I chose to skip the doctors visit and stay home. It turned out that I had bronchitis, then developed pneumonia.
Avatar f tn This happens to me exactly as you describe it- the electrical shock, the arm pain, the blinding headache and the subsequential throbbing. My doctor prescribed Benzonatate and it is helping.
Avatar n tn After having my 2nd child, 4 years ago, I started keeping track of heart papitations/chest pain that I was having. It seemed to be 1-2 weeks before I started my period. I had an ultrasound/stress test 2 years ago and everything came out fine. However, I am still having these chest pains and sometimes shortness of breath (especially when I workout). I am not one to go to the doctor often, so I am hoping this is nothing serious.
Avatar f tn Hi, the constant coughing could cause muscle strain and chest pain. Sometimes the pleura, the lining of the chest cavity and lungs can get inflamed causing pain with coughing. If with movement you are getting pain it is likely to be an inflammation of the skin, subcutaneous tissue or the bone. This can happen with injury, repetitive activity or an infection of the skin. Sometimes it can be costochondritis, inflammation of the sternal rib junction. Yoru consult may help detect the cause.
Avatar n tn I haven't tried it I've been wanting to get one but I'll ask my hubby of he will get me one today I need something it hurts in my chest when I cough like yesterday I just had a stuffy nose as a headache then last night the coughing got worse it hurts in my chest when I cough and I keep coughing nasty stuff up and I still can't breath outta my nose :\
458642 tn?1206380341 she made it 30 feet and passed out and hit the floor, when she came to she said that hwer upper right chest hurt and felt heavy and a head ach pain in the back of her head , the nurse called for a heart doctor and we explained and he said that her heart wasnt in her upper right chest, and called for a (ecg) and saw right to left(or vis versa) "pfo" after four more weeks and two hospitals she had a (pfo closure) but was still passing out doctor ordered another (ecg) to see how the &qu
Avatar n tn It can be really scary, especially if you are alone, but unless you have other symptoms like chest pain (real chest pain, not just anxiety) don't worry!! Really, try to make yourself as comfortable as possible, have some liquid to sip by your bed and relax. Please post back and let me know when you are ok, ok?
Avatar m tn Yes, the pain can radiate up to yhe ribs and chest. I didn't even know I was that constipated till the dr said it. The med is LACTULOSE SOLUTION,USP, I didn't even know it was working and it tastes like honey, not bad. Remember a few months ago I had the same pains and ended up in the ER, thought I was having a heart attack. Hope this helps you like it helped me.
Avatar f tn Presently (Dec 31,2009) she has an unproductive cough (about every 15min),chest pain as above,is awake all night from coughing and sleeps during the day,no energy,persistent headache.She complains of the chest pain more now.Historically,she wheezes only when in contact with horses/cats and this is cleared up using simbicort/ventolin.Why have the steroid/NSAIDS/codeine had no effect on the pain?What does the chest pain mean?What can we expect the course of her recovery to be?
Avatar m tn like i said they are for 4 months straight 3-8 headached a day, his eyes get very droopy and the pain is usually on one side of his head as well as his jaw and his nose get all stuffed up and he cannot breath, he goes out on our patio at 1,2,3,4,5,am with the pain and he starts coughing like he can't breathe and they neighbors all come wunning out like he is dying, I am soooooooooooooooooo scared for him..................please help us!!!!!!!!!
6002753 tn?1378169387 Hi, since the chest pain is not cardiac related, it may be due to pleuritis. Sometimes the pleura, the lining of the chest cavity and lungs can get inflamed causing pain with coughing. The pain can also be due to orthopedic related causes like cervical rib, cervical spondylosis or disc prolapse. A simple x-ray will help and an orthopaedician can guide you. Regards.
1925822 tn?1333709217 should be everyday and it should be a decent size (sorry TMI but true) This can affect lower back pain and even leg pain, chest pains and reflux. Many of the meds and drugs used for surgery do affect the bowel, so be sure u r on a softener and a magnesium supplement.
568558 tn?1216789618 I had to ER visits where I was given EKG and Cardio enzymes were checked, all looked good including chest xray.The other stuff is kind of gone but the chest wall pain and headaches have stayed with me. Since Feb. I have had headaches on the right side, the stem from my neck right along my mastoid to sometimes directly behind my right eye. I had an ENT check and was told nothing was wrong with my mastoid. now, I have my headaches and my chest wall pain.
Avatar f tn Also, rate the severity of your pain. The reading I did said that these headaches have pain comparable to childbirth - extreme and debilitating. This should help the doctor make a diagnosis. I hope that helps you some. Feel better and God bless.
Avatar f tn No stuffy nose, no fever, just horrible coughing and phlegm that was difficult to cough up. I also had very achy joints and bad headache. It took about 4 days to get over it, but I coughed for a month afterward. Just when I got over it, again: a couple of days ago I felt a tickle/irritation in my throat and now I'm feeling miserable again. It just seems so weird to me to have sudden heavy congestion in my throat and chest with no stuffy nose or other symptoms.
Avatar m tn my son at 14 is diagnosed by the ENT to have adenoiditis. his symptoms are headache for 5 days now, yesterday, he felt numbness in whole body and feeling of fainting, palpitation and difficulty in speech. maybe for only a few minutes. then after taking antibiotics, pain reliever and antihistamine given by ENT, this morning his one chin is swollen and the pain in right side of his head persisted with fever which disappeared after given paracetamol.
Avatar n tn I have had constant chest pain for a little over a month now, with a bad cough with phlegm. I went to the ER almost 3 weeks ago and they did some blood test, and EKG, and an x-ray. However, they said they found nothing...but on my discharge papers, they claimed it to be Pleurisy. They prescribed me, an albuterol inhaler, amoxicillin, and tramadol for the pain... Here I am 3 week later, chest pain is worse..
Avatar f tn I have been getting these visual migraines every day/bright zigzag light in my vision and dull headache which last 30-40 mins. No chest pain with the cough. I am wearing a Miami-J collar pretty much all the time and no neck or arm pain like before. I am doing all the normal things for a congested cough and cold. OTC meds, fluids, etc. My concern was the surgical sites, my throat, and the fusion site from all this coughing.