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Avatar n tn what causes full head headache - painful pressure - when bending or coughing or having a bowel movement etc? This happened to me a couple of weeks ago, never had it before. My nose is fine (no congestion or apparent sinus problem).
Avatar m tn This may be attributed to sudden increases in pressure such as violent sneezing or coughing, hypertension or those that take blood thinners. This condition usually resolves after a few days. If it persists, you another ophthalmologist's opinion and see a neurologist for proper evaluation. Direct clinical examination and additional diagnostic tests may be done to determine the underlying cause. Take care an do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn i have chronic stomach pain on my left side into my back area,after i eat it gets worse,it cramps and i have to go to the restroom after i go 2 or 3 times there is a little releif. but my stool is very loose and runny. a light color but no blood. i have lost about 10 lbs. over 3 month period. i do not drink but i do stomach hurts alot.
Avatar n tn is there a chance my coughing could hurt the baby? and do you think its possible i might be developing bronchitis? or something along that line? would the nurse at my appt be able to answer these questions? would he/she be able to check for bronchitis or pneumonia? a coworker stated that i might be developing pneumonia because i was complaining about my back hurting right about where my lungs would be...
Avatar n tn Everyone knows that it is considered ear and brain, yet you get nausea in your stomach. I have pain in my stomach and for sure I have a seizure. Something else to consider: Motor sensory and the brain. They play on each other. I have a rare seizure disorder where someone just touches me and within 10 seconds,I will have a seizure. Thats all it takes. I can be in a store and someone will be walking behind me 6 feet away.
Avatar n tn ), gastroscopy would be needed - this was already done? Pepto-Bismol releaves your pain? Interesting. When you say pain in the stomach - you mean exactly stomach - or entire abdomen?
Avatar n tn My wife for the past few days has on and off a pulsating headache that we think fits in the category of vascular headache. It is not a migraine headache because she shows none of the other symptoms that we have seen listed for migraine. It does not appear to fit the category of cluster headache or of tension headache either. What are the common causes of vascular, non-migraine headaches?
Avatar m tn I have almost constant muscle twitching,headache,coughing and gas,side and stomach pains, chest pressure and pain, pain in my arms, wrists, and neck as well as in my thigh. The pain feels almost electric. I also have issues sleeping and when I do sleep I seem to wake up in a sweat worried my body is somehow failing. My family narrowed this down to anxiety. This makes sense since school is starting up soon (I HATE SCHOOL) and I am nervous about graduating and college.
Avatar n tn i wouldn't have paid too much into that pain, since i do have asthma and there has been times where i'd have a night of coughing or so and wake up with some pain. yet, in this case, when i woke up this morning, the chest pain seems to have gotten worse and is focused more near my right shoulder. it is even slightly painful to the touch. maybe it's nothing, i could be thinking too much into it because of my experience, but you did mention something about chest pains..
Avatar m tn like i said they are for 4 months straight 3-8 headached a day, his eyes get very droopy and the pain is usually on one side of his head as well as his jaw and his nose get all stuffed up and he cannot breath, he goes out on our patio at 1,2,3,4,5,am with the pain and he starts coughing like he can't breathe and they neighbors all come wunning out like he is dying, I am soooooooooooooooooo scared for him..................please help us!!!!!!!!!
696294 tn?1227911336 One sided headache persisting after a viral infection with sinus congestion, coughing and especially sneezing makes it worse for half hour, stooping aggravates it. All these were pointers to something wrong with the nose-sinus complex. Maybe the small openings into the sinuses on the left are blocked too, that may be why you didn't respond well to the medication given for "sinus problem" I suggest an ENT consultation.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm a 24 year old female. For almost 4 months now I have had this headache. It never goes away. It's literally with me, bothering me every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every month for almost 4 months now. Advil sometimes helps a little and the Midrin my doctor gave me to try helps a little too, but nothing gives me complete headache releif.
Avatar m tn Are you sure the pain is in your stomach? A little to the left of the stomach is the pancreas, and to the right in a large area is the liver.
Avatar n tn 30pm and went back to bed, i couldnt believe how tired i was. that night was the worst sleep ever. i just couldnt find the right temperature, i was either far too hot or far too cold and woke up every hour. the next day my headache got even worse, it was just pounding and i wanted to scream everytime i moved. my fever went away early in the day and i didnt even wake up with the sore throat which was definately a plus! my headache eventually went away later on too!
1794638 tn?1345158661 dry skin; hair loss; joint pain; loss of appetite; mild headache, nausea, or vomiting; mild stomach pain; sinus problems; tiredness; trouble sleeping; upset stomach; weakness or fatigue." It is getting pretty annoying for me and also my abdominal muscles are hurting from coughing. I may talk with the doctor about it on Monday.
Avatar n tn I just get these violent coughing attacks that literally feel and behave as if I inhaled a bread crumb, and my body suddenly and violently is trying to cough it up. And just like when we are choking, I have a hard time catching my breath during these violent choking fits. By the time I'm done 4-8 minutes later, I'm shaking, tears streaming down my face, and I've probably wet myself. Its horrible! Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Avatar m tn They said the vomiting and pain meds was probably causing ulcerations in his stomach. They treated his stomach. He was treated for 5 days with azythromycin for the mycoplasma and also treated with DHE (dihydroergotamine) for several days for migraine. He was also give magnesium sulfate. In 3 days all symptoms were gone!
537974 tn?1213748515 I've been reading this thread for awhile now, I started getting these headaches a few years ago, and then I had gallbladder surgery. They still happen, but with a lot less frequency. So you might want to get your gallbladder checked, and ask for a HIDA scan if they don't find anything on a CT or ultrasound (I had no stones). Some other gallbladder symptoms might be present like recurring "stomach virus", pain in the middle of your stomach, and acid reflux.
Avatar n tn My stomach tightens up and I get palpitations and some arrythmia instead of getting a migraine headaches like some [Yes I am a type A] The few times when I had a migraine headache, my stomach/esophogus palpitation problem disappeared because one stress substitues for the other but again the headaches was a killer. Read my lips: When I get anxious and my stomach or esophogus tightens up gerd or otherwise, I get irregular hear beats.
Avatar n tn The day progressed and I started to feel physically sick. Ya know, runny nose, headache, couldn't stop coughing. I also felt like I had a fever, which I couldn't prove because I didn't have anything to test it with. I live in a dorm. But, over the weekend my head felt like it was buzzing. I felt like someone had given me drugs (when no one had, trust me). I almost felt like I was on autopilot, kinda outside of myself, this made me feel shaky.
Avatar m tn I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out. The last one about 2 years ago stopped me breathing in and out completely for 10 to 15 seconds and I thought I had bought it.
Avatar f tn Over the last six months he has been coughing everytime after eating and then later in the night he gets very bad chest pain, dizzines and a headache. He thought it was maybe just heart burn, but he trys taking diffrent heart burn medicines and it never seems to work. He usually just trys to tuff it out and says he will be okay. The chest pain does not go away for about a hour, but the headache and dizziness is just a few minutes.
Avatar n tn ) Eyes/Vision Double, blurry or dim vision Increased floating spots Pain in/behind eyes, or swelling around eyes Over sensitivity to light Flashing lights Optic neuritis Ears/Hearing Decreased hearing in one or both ears Buzzing or clicking noises in ears Pain in ears or sound sensitivity Ringing in one or both ears Pressure or feeling of fullness in ears Digestive and Excretory Systems Diarrhea, irritable bowel Constipation Irritable bladder (trouble starting, stopping) Frequen
Avatar n tn I saw another post about atrial fibrillation and stomach gas possible association or connection. I too have the same thing so it may not be all in your head if your suspect this to be the case. Most dr.'s think your crazy or never heard of this when you even suggest it. Thats whats wrong with most dr's atleast in my experience in that they don't think outside the box enough possibly because this is what they learned.
Avatar n tn But could this be related to my Migraine pain at all? I also want you to know that the pain that night was sharp on both sides under my lower ribs, it came on strong after eating, it cleared after several hours and feels better after belching but comes back, could it be indigestion or GERD? I've also been very anxious for no apparent reason and profusley sweaty hands and feet. Maybe just anxiety?
Avatar f tn I have a bad coughing that it hurts my body when I cough and im getting a headache now and I been having a sore throat it hurts to swallow food or to drink & Im getting stomach pain . What should I do ?
Avatar m tn Many symptoms are also associated with chest pain and they should be mentioned when you talk about chest pain,like cough,fever,breathing problems,headache,spread of pain to other parts of the body. As you that your chest pain increases when you change your position when you lean forward,it could be more due to gastric problems like peptic ulcer or pancreatitis.Time of the pain must also be mentioned.The sensation of pain like aching,burning,heaviness on chest should be ruled out.
Avatar m tn 1. Scratchy throat - this was expected. 2. Pain / loose feeling on left side of throat when coughing / burping. This is below the adam's apple / above the collarbone. 2. Discomfort just below my sternum when laying on my left side. Are the symptoms I'm describing serious? What do I need to keep my eyes open for?