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Avatar f tn Hopefully soon this will work out. Still coughing, my head and back and chest are killing me from all the coughing. However I am hopefull that I will get better soon. Thank you for your help. I talked to my doctor about the things you mentioned.
Avatar m tn Hi there,I m a 27 yr old guy and had no medical history till March 2008 when i started feeling weak.I am having chest pain and coughing blood occasionally.I had chest X ray,CT Scan Thorax and Bronchoscopy and all of them were normal.Still I feel pain in chest which is more worse on left side,pain just below my shoulder on back,blocked throat,my voice has gone low and i dont like to speak much now as i start feeling tired .When i wake up in morning my hand feels very weak.
Avatar f tn Coughing up a touch of blood in your flehm is actually fairy common. Your throat can become slightly raw and spots can crack and bleed slightly. Most people when they have a bronchial / larynges infection will cough up yellowish flehm. coughing up large amounts of blood on the other hand is very bad. You will generally throw up blood though as it doesn't sit well in peoples stomach. medications that contain a cough suppressant may help over the short term to help reduce the irritation.
Avatar m tn it was nothing), blood tests for all sorts of things including three tumor markers associated with testicular cancer, and a torso X-ray, none of which revealed anything. My blood sugar was tested six months ago; normal. My blood pressure is, apparently, normal. I got tested for anemia, which my mother and sister both have; nothing. My heartrate is at 78 BMP at the moment; that's normal, right?
Avatar f tn Yesterday for the first time ever, she started coughing up blood, and quite abit, she normally coughs up mucas every day, which is part of her disease, but never before coughing up blood, she has no chest pain, she was short of breath yesterday, but we put that down to stress. She does have oxygen at home, but dosnt need it as much as before.
Avatar n tn Every morning within 1 minute of getting out of bed, I have a coughing fit. However, I never have chest pain associated with heartburn. My doctor says maybe it is post nasal drip but a daily nasal steroid spray and daily Zyrtec didnt help. Then he said try Prilosec, which also did not work. What's left? This is really taking over my life. I am embarrased by it.
5967085 tn?1377543402 I have taken her to the veterinarian and she was prescribed an antibiotic since he thought it might be an infection. I gave her the antibiotic and it did not help or lessen her coughing. I then took her back again and he gave me a diuretic to get rid of fluid and again, this did not help her. All this medication did was make her urinate in great volume and make her thirsty. Also, she swelled up like a balloon.
Avatar n tn i am very worried about her and the coughing has kept her from sleep and i am afraid it is going to affect her education...she has circles under her eyes that look like ours...from lack of sleep. we have had her tested for all allergies and she has none.. she has no fever and the drs say it is nothing to worry about, and we use chertussin, which is not helping anymore at all! at least it would help for an hour or so.. but not is a million times worse when she is sick with a cold..
Avatar f tn I also have raynauds and a family history of many health problems.  I started having chest pain in the left side of my chest a while back. The pain is sudden and feels very heavy and often starts after exercising. Sometimes I also get a quick stabbing pain (also in the left side), although when I push on my ribs, it doesn't cause pain (I've had costochondritis before). Then I started passing out.
Avatar f tn For slipped disc in lower back, you may get pain down the back of leg from buttocks to knee or beyond and numbness, tingling, weakness or pain in buttocks, back, legs and feet. One may feel numbness and tingling around anus and genitals and pain with movement, straining, coughing or leg raises. There may be difficulty controlling bowel and bladder motion. Consult a neurologist and an MRI spine is mandatory. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar n tn Hi there I am at the fourth week since exposure, not counting taking PEP in December. Tonight I am experiencing a sore throat and a cough which is not that frequent, with pain in my back after I finish coughing. I am going back to my risk exposure, which was giving head to a hiv positive man, with no ejaculate (although there was precum) back at the end of December. I had taken PEP at the beginning of December as a condom broke with me being the receptive partner.
Avatar n tn she swabed my throat and gave me biaxin, im insanely terrified of needles, so if the anitbiotics dont work i have to go back for a blood test.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been coughing profusely for 2 months. The cough feels itchy in my throat. The flam is white in color. The first doctor I went to, an ENT, said it was a nose and throat infection and that I had acid reflux. He gave me some antibiotics for the infection and some medicine for the acid reflux but I still kept coughing. The second doctor I went to, a pediatrician, said that the infection I had was cured, but that the acid reflux is still there and that it might be an allergy.
Avatar n tn My mom had a bypass heart surgery last week and she hasn't stopped coughing. She has become very exhausted and continues to have severe cough. The doctors have given her several pain medicine, but is it normal for her to cough to much and for such a long time? Is it safe to rub vapor rub(vicks) on her chest? Is it safe for her to be released from the hospital yet?
Avatar m tn 4 degree temperature, migraines that wouldn't go away with pain meds, and the coughing/gagging). The other two symptoms have gone away, but I still cough and gag after eating. I have had episodes recently after eating at Chipotle (white rice, pinto beans, pico de gallo, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, corn), having 1/4 muffin with orange juice, and, on a separate occasion having baked beans with cheese and a hotdog. I saw my primary doctor yesterday.
Avatar m tn Whether or not I got a sore throat seemed to depend on if I lay flat on my back. I started to prop myself up and the sore throats stopped, but the cough is still there. The cough sounds like a bark when I sit up, but when I sit back in a chair or lay down, now the cough sounds like a chest infection, this chest/throat infection sound stops if I sit up. To my knowledge I haven’t lost any weight, although to be honest I don’t check my weight so have no guide.
Avatar n tn I am 40 and have severe and chronic back pain as of last 2 months - maybe 3. The pain can be all over my back. Sometimes right in the middle, sometimes a stabbing pain in the lung areas, but lately a dull aching or "burning" sensation in my back right above my "bottom". I have been in agony. Tried several things such as Aleve, Ibupfrofen, etc. Currently taking Vicodin. I'm terrified this is cancer/tumor related or something completely horrible.
Avatar n tn Finally the cough was gone except for at night (I'm guessing because the air is cold because when I put the blankets over my nose it's easier to breath with out coughing). Out of the blue with no warning at all I get this awful tickel at the back of my throat or even deeper. I have such a bad uncontrolable coughing fit. My eyes water, and I can hardly breath. I feel like I can't get enough oxygen. I even pee my pants. Some times I cough so hard I feel like I will throw up.
Avatar n tn I went to emergency the other night because my back pain was so severe. After getting blood work and a chest x-ray, the diagnosis was lung infection and muscle spasms in my back. When i cough, it hurts like crazy. I can't lie down, it hurts too much and I can not breathe. I hurts to breathe anyways, especially deep breaths. I am coughing up some blood too. I am taking muscle relaxants, tylenol 3, and a anti biotic to fight the infection. I am taking my pain killers every 3.
Avatar f tn I dont feel constant pain.This sudden pain at chest or sternum and back come and go.only ibuprofen gel massage help me in pain . Sleeping in straight position or sitting in straight position with cushion behind middle of back also give relief in pain. My pain is completely gone after sleeping straight or massage painkiller cream but this pain again come .Please tell me what is my issue? my ecg and chest xrays is fine but white blood cell was increase specially neutrophils .
Avatar n tn Latley I have been feeling the constant taste of blood in the back of my mouth. I know it's blood not a metallicy taste. I was at a restaurant and coughed for a few minutes over the toilet and a few drops of blood came out. For the last 2 mnts just the taste is always there. I have had a lung x-ray and ct (clear), sinus CT (clear) head CT (clear) and the ENT looked into the nose etc not findings. They keeping saying it might be mild sinusitus that would not show up on the CT but I don't know.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing chest pain in my left breast along with back and shoulder pain. It can sometimes last for days on end and is very painful and scary. I have gone to the emergency room twice, the first time I was having a full blown anxiety attack. I was kept there overnight on a heart monitor after having an ekg done. When i saw the cardiologist in the am, he informed me that I have an irregular heartbeat but it was nothing to be alarmed about.
Avatar n tn Sharp Upper Back pain - posted 8/27/2004 You may have the same thing. When I had pain when breathing I used a humidifier treatment and it worked for me.
1216389 tn?1279967672 Side pain (mostly right side between rib and hips) When I have the side pain I get pain in the back (behind where the side pain is, sometimes mid back) It makes me nauseous where do not want to eat and find myself gagging when look at something offputting. If I do eat symptoms get worse..