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Avatar n tn I even went to an ENT for horrible ear and jaw pain. I thought it was infection. ENT said it was allergies. Then I showed him my lab work. That got his attention.
Avatar n tn 7 days ago I felt a small amount of pain in my right jaw. There had been no physical injury, and I was not under any stress. I had been fighting a cold, and had some coughing / sneezing fits in the previous week. 5 days ago I awoke with difficulty closing my jaw. For that and the next day at mealtime after my jaw "warmed up" I was able to chew more-or-less normally. Now, for the last 3 days I am not able to close my jaw on the right side, and I am not able to chew normally.
Avatar f tn I have been having pretty uncomfortable pain in my jaw and neck after running coupled with coughing and scratchy throat. I plan to go to the doctor to see if I have exercise induced asthma. I hope you went to the doctor. Those are some very serious side effects you are having!
1682264 tn?1305027291 I had an upper respitory infection for a couple of weeks and the coughing was really bad!! Now I have this severe pain in upper left rib care area. Pain goes from right under the breast on left side over to my side. The doctor gave me IBprophen 800 but it is barely even touching the pain. Hurts to breath. HORRIBLE pain when I cough or sneeze. Even just sitting here it hurts, also seems to be worse laying down. Any suggestions??? Could I have cracked my rib/bruised it from coughing maybe?
Avatar n tn I have an ache on right side of face from the temple to jaw line. I have a bad cold with soreness on both sides of my neck. The cold symptoms, including sore throat coughing and sneezing, worked from left side to right side and is starting to break but still have an occasional cough and some sneezing.
Avatar f tn I'm a 24 year old female with a current sinus infection. I was coughing deliberately to loosen mucus in my chest when I noticed my head turned a certain way. My head was at an angle and my chin was inward towards my the front of my neck on the right. I coughed again and I felt pain on my neck. The corner of my jaw had hit my neck. It felt like it hit a vein but I'm not sure.
Avatar f tn also sounds like pluresay or phnemonia...any fevers..coughing..?Chills? bronchitis is always horrrible coughing you didnt mention that..phnemonia can be tricky ..sometimes should go for a chest xray if doc thinks its gall bladder he will order an ultra sound. you say its been going on for hours I just read that ....Go TO ER NOW never ever take chest pain lightly...
937826 tn?1261333879 I have copd and asthma but my question is about my copd I am on oxygen 5 liters and I have massive pain in the middle of my chest witch radiates to my left arm to my jaw too went to emergency rooms so many times they did work ups noticed my swollen legs put me on water pill does nothing for the fluid in legs and feet I know the pain comes and goes in the chest the difficulty breathing the more shortness of breath the paleness of my face the lightheadness I know it has to do with my heart but the
Avatar n tn It started as sinus headaches 2 months ago, then it turned into pressure all over my face and an earache with jaw pain. That was 3 weeks ago. Now it is jaw pain, dizziness, and sinus pressure. My ENT had a CT done and said my sinuses are basically clear but I have 2 small polyps in a cavity and teeth growing in y nasal cavity?...Apparently this is normal? But now I am severely depressed and anxious too. He seems to think all of this stemed from stress so he gave me valium.
994817 tn?1249738278 ve been having a lot of tooth pain. Sometimes jaw pain, but mostly in my upper teeth. I also experience very bad pains all the time all over. But mostly around my rib cage, under my breast bone, in the right and left of my chest to the side of the nipple, in my shoulders (mostly left), and all around my back. My heart palpitations are also very bad all day too. Sometimes I also get very bad pain in my upper abdominal region, below my left breast.
Avatar f tn That doesn't sound like an STD. It could be covid, the flu, a cold, or any other upper respiratory infection. If it lingers much longer, see your doctor. Feel better soon.
Avatar m tn I have persistent mucus in my throat which causes continual throat clearing and/or coughing. While a lot of people say it is the worst at night I usually have no symptoms at night nor in the morning. Sometime around 11am or 12pm it will begin, usually after eating. When I wake up my voice is hoarse/raspy sometimes. The problem usually is at it's worst after eating a big meal like dinner. Some days are worse than others, but it is always there to some degree.
Avatar f tn the whole 9 yards). At this time, the lymph nodes on my neck swelled up, which I didn’t think too much of since those lymph nodes (the ones at the back of the jaw, under the ear) swell up any time I get even a minor cold. The major flu symptoms lasted maybe 2-3 days, and then dissipated, but instead of my lymph nodes receding, they swelled even more. I now have swollen lymph nodes in my neck (front, back, under jaw and under ears), groin, and armpits.
Avatar f tn Two days after antibiotics are complete, I start feeling severe pain in my left jaw and rear molar.( felt like I got kicked in the face by a horse.) Face started swelling up, lots of nerve pain. Ended up in ER and they concluded it might have been my dental infection. They gave me three nerve blocks and prescribed a stronger dose of augmentin to continue taking. He told me to see my dentist asap. See dentist the next day.
Avatar m tn My symptoms now are consisted fever, swollen lymp node on jaw line and be hide ear, slight ear pain, left face pain, nasty taste in mouth, still coughing up and blowing out green mucus( but now it have a awful smell to it that was not there when I had the cold, white chill bumps on both arms, just overall sick. I did go get tested again yesterday which was negative 4 wk and 6 wk post exposure. 1. Does this sound like ars? 2.
Avatar n tn About two years ago, I went to the dentist for routine fillings and afterwards, I could not open my mouth more than an inch as if the jaw was locked. coughing, eating and talking was difficult, because if i moved too much, i got a shooting pain from the jaw to the ear. I had to go back to the dentist a few months later to get a wisdom tooth removed and the same thing happened.
Avatar n tn Then in 2007, I had a return of the tingling and a sudden onset coughing problem- any time the temp changed or if I changed position or if it was windy. In early 2008, I had sudden onset pain/cramping in my right hand and forearm so bad I could not write or do anything- it resolved in 4 days and i felt okay except the cough continually got worse. Eventually a pulmonologist said maybe I had cough variant asthma- I started inhalers, which helped somewhat, but never completely.
Avatar m tn i have the same symtomps assiosiated with neck pain shoulder pain & dizziness. the more i talk, the dizziness & back of head are so tight & pain. have you got any solutions?
Avatar f tn thanks for getting back to me I have seen all doctors above. the phlem comes and goes with the pain, I always know when my shoulder and ear pain is on it's way cause I start coughing up this stuff and then after the pain is gone it subsides and the phlem goes away and no more coughing, pain is almost gone and pretty normal then starts up aagin this goes on about every 15-30 days some days I can make it get better but not go away.
Avatar m tn Still had phlegm in my throat but no fever, no pain, and no coughing. Week 4: Same symptoms. I went back to the doctor and he said as long as my phlegm is clear not to worry. Week 5: Went to another doctor for a second opinion. She said my throat is red and gave me some antibiotics called zithromax. Week 6: Less Phlegm but my ears started hurting and I had some pain under my jaw. Like 2 lines. Went back to the doctor and she gave me a nasal spray to reduce the phlegm in my throat.
Avatar m tn Go to Day 22/6, then I have a slight fever, runny nose, itchy skin, diarrhea 2-3 times a day, armpit and thigh muscle pain 2, sore throat, then swallow as choking, coughing, lower jaw, left and 2 axillary lymphadenopathy small side aches, headaches. to date 8/7 (over 2 weeks) who are always tired, headache every day do not exceed 2 hours, then dim eyes, swollen glands, sore throat, sputum, dot hemorrhages under the skin, bleeding teeth every day. I worry about HIV infection.
1125093 tn?1260365148 Hi, I would be most grateful if someone could offer some advice? I've been suffering a viral infection for the last month or so, which has been made worse with my anxiety and stress. I have been on diazepam tablets, but only the low dose of 2mg 3 x a day). I feel I need to take them, as without the diazepam, I become panicked, tight chest, breathing, worried, dry mouth all the usual etc!
Avatar n tn i have not been tested i do not know if i have cancer, but lately i have feel pain in my chest having difficulty to breath when i walk up the stair and pain over my neck under the chin and jaw.. also have swollen lymph nodes under my lower jaw feel pain in ear some time do i have lung cancer or throat and oral cancer ? what kind of test do i need to do? blood xray or ? please advise..
Avatar f tn Now is the 4th hour from the beginning of the episodes - the coughing and gagging has subsided some, but the pain across both clavicles and shoulder blades continue. Is this more related to severe heartburn than to heart attack? (at the height of the pain I would rate it at a 8 ) - as of right now I would rate it around a 4.
Avatar n tn I kind of have a similar issue but my issue is different in that i have ongoing unexplained coughing spells with me coughing up seed type looking things??? But i do have the feeling something is coming out my ears nose eyes and... i dnt no weird Dr's have yet to figure anything out not to mention the ER... In which the ER also writes me off as crazy????? Plz... some body help...