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Avatar m tn s - colonoscopies, bladder scopes (for the times he was also peeing blood with the side pain and coughing up of blood -- NOTHING -- so i am sitting here in the hospital right now while they look at me like there is nothing we can do -- no one knows -- so i am asking if anyone knows of anything that causes coughing up of blood every 60 days -- oh -- he has been tested for TB and that too was negative once the episode is over -- it's like he was never sick or in pain -- last night's episod
Avatar n tn Hello gkoshland, Does the pain increase while coughing? Or sneezing? Has pain be controlled ever during any point of time? The pain due to hernia would also increase with the bent posture. Answers to these questions would further help.
Avatar n tn This can cause chest pain, shortness of breath or coughing up phlegm tinged with blood. In severe cases it can be fatal. PE can happen hours or even days after the DVT has formed, and may occur when there have been no obvious signs of a DVT. You should seek emergency medical treatment if you have symptoms of PE.
Avatar f tn ve developed a pain mostly in my left calf/behind my knee, my knee itself and my shin. Mostly concentrated on the calf but a little pain on the other leg too, also in other muscles in my arms too. I'd describe it as an aching/throbbing sort of pain. I saw a doctor who examined the leg, no swelling, no redness. I have asthma and have been dealing with chest tightness/coughing for months but felt as if it was worse with the calf pain. Genuinely thought I had a blood clot in my leg and lungs.
Avatar n tn spinal fusion2 begining to experience right pain leg from the midle of my buttocks all the way down to my ankle.I also get it on my left leg but not as bad the pain is more tolerable.
Avatar f tn I have sharp pain in my heart and back with numbness on my left side feel pains like needle on my arm and leg. Also feel nausea, slight headache and diziness. I also hqve stiffy neck and i am coughing what can it be.
Avatar m tn Symptoms of a blood clot could be difficulty breathing or coughing up blood in which case you should go to the ER. But it's possible that you don't have any clots like myself but still have the condition.
Avatar f tn Sudden shortness of breath, Chest pain or discomfort that worsens when you take a deep breath or when you cough, Feeling lightheaded or dizzy, or fainting, Rapid pulse, or Coughing up blood PLEASE see your doctor right away as that is a sign of a pulmonary embolism. Let us know how this turned out for you.
Avatar n tn 42 yr old male severe lower lumbosacral pain radiating to left buttock, leg, and foot. Intensified when coughing or sneezing. muscle spasm in left leg.
Avatar n tn Yes, It is possible to get pulled muscle or strain when you suddenly contract your muscle like sneezing, violent coughing, lifting heavy weight, push-ups, jumping, heavy kick and so. Muscle needs to relax and it takes some time. Complete rest and heat locally is very helpful. To counter pain, you may take a painkiller and a muscle relaxant with food for couple of days. Gentle massage and steam bath will be soothing.
Avatar n tn s since in PE normally the blood clots form in the legs and break off only to lodge in your lungs because the veins in there are alot smaller. I got out of hospital on 3/8/09. I am still having pain at night and coughing up blood. Just to ask you are you still coughing up blood or did that stop? If so when? My daily INR has been 2.5..
Avatar m tn Hello yes you need to be checked it is possible to break your ribs if coughing is forceful enough. When coughing you can place a pillow up against the abdomen and chest area to help lessen the force the cough places on those areas. You most likely need some antibiotics and possibly a chest x-ray, and breathing treatments to help break the phlegm up so you can get all the infection and mucus out of you body once and for all.
Avatar m tn Last night 9/8/10 I began feeling a sharp pain in left leg, in the thigh area. It lasted for about an hour and when i woke up the next morning it was gone. I am 41 and i have high blood pressure for which i am not currently taking any medication. My blood pressure has been very high lately. I have also has acid reflux for the lst several weeks. Could this be as a result of the high blood pressure? I am going to see a doctor soon. Please Help!!
Avatar f tn Coughing up a touch of blood in your flehm is actually fairy common. Your throat can become slightly raw and spots can crack and bleed slightly. Most people when they have a bronchial / larynges infection will cough up yellowish flehm. coughing up large amounts of blood on the other hand is very bad. You will generally throw up blood though as it doesn't sit well in peoples stomach. medications that contain a cough suppressant may help over the short term to help reduce the irritation.
Avatar f tn I had an L5/S1 microdisectomy 9 days ago and still struggling with some pain in my buttocks and leg (although not to the same level as before). I’m not sure if I should rest or excercise. In particular I get intense sciatic pain whilst sneezing and coughing. Is this normal? I’m worried that the surgery has not been a total success.
Avatar f tn ve heard of girls having this happen and being fine, but it is always better to make sure with this. Coughing up blood can be a sign of a blood clot in the lung or something serious like that. Tell them everything. Stay calm and good luck!
Avatar f tn I had been quiet lazy at home prior to this as I was off work due to shoulder injury and was finishing an essay on laptop. Over next couple of days pain moved to back of knee like stabbing pain. Pain to touch, when leg is very straight or when I'm in bed. Relievied by crossing my legs for short period then pain comes back. No swelling, discoloration, or extra pain when walking on it. Went to Dr who diagnosed thrombophlebitis and have me a anti inflammatory cream and antibiotics yesterday.
Avatar f tn ve been having pretty bad and annoying pains that started know my calf and now all over my leg below the knee. I looked it up and found out it could be a blood clot. My doctor however says that he can't examine that because it is unrelated to my pregnancy. Any other doctor charges me an arm and a leg to check it out. Help!!!
Avatar n tn I have pain behind my knee and my leg is swollen in the calf. I was checked for blood clot and it was negative. I feel heat coming out of my knee when I place an ice pack on it. It warms the ice pack quickly. My thigh is swollen too, but all the pain is in my knee. It hurts to touch the bones in my knee. My ankles are a little swollen and also the calf on the other leg. I have had a meniscus tear and arthritis in one knee and baker's cyst in the other.
Avatar n tn My friend has been experiencing LUNG pain, coughing up blood and excessive sweating for three years now. The pain is felt every time he breathes and has increased in severity over this time frame, especially when he is resting or trying to sleep at night. He says he feels the pain in his back, on the left side. His skin still has its natural hue. He says he has NO chest pain and no pain in his arm or other extremities. He says it began after a head injury during a tennis match.