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Avatar n tn hi,my 9 year old daughter has had chronic coughing since december with excessive amount of mucuc/phlegm,doctos treated her for cold,sinus infection,asthma,never got better,got dehydrated in december spent 1 night at local hospital,they kept pumping steroids and antibiotics in her,nothing worked,got so bad she started coughing up blood and having blood in her stool,finally had enough of these doctors sending us away with no answer i took her to lebonheur childrens hospital in memphis,3 hrs away a
Avatar n tn my 5 year old daughter lies down at night, she cannot stop coughing.. she naps in the same bed that day, no cough, but as soon as night comes, and bed time, she coughs all night long.. we have had no sleep in three months.. the drs say it is nothing -- allergies, or a sinus infection, and put us on zurteck and a z-pac.. but it has done nothing.. she has a severe history of upper respitory infections .. from 2 on, 2-3 almost died.. from it..we are at a loss! .. HELP!!!!!!
Avatar n tn but spend anywhere between 2-8 hours coughing at night.. it is not a dry cough, in fact he seems to be bringing up a lot of mucus.. people have described it as an old mans cough and I would agree. it all started when he has a severe throat and chest infection... which cleared up with antibiotics, but the cough stayed.. this was 6 MONTHS AGO.. and he has not had one night since where he hasnt coughed. I have taken him to the doctors more times then i can remember..
Avatar n tn I keep taking him to our peds that i trust very much. she has been wonderful with both of my kids. He has had this cough since he was about 6 months old. he had rsv and ever since then he has had this cough. My doctor got us a nebulizer to use and we keep using it sometimes up to 5 times a day. But he still coughs. Sometimes it gets so bad that the veins in his face look like they are gonna bust and he turns bright red. I have to blow in his face before he will take a breath.
Avatar n tn as i talk to more and more parents and looked up toddlers coughing while lying down on google, there are TONS of kids that are going through this too!!! and nobody knows the reason behind it.. they are the exact same symptoms with no concrete answers, and no meds are helping these children! my friend who is a 2nd grade teacher, said that in her school,classroom..
Avatar n tn Originally the doctor thought he had bronchitus but now the latest urgent care visit doctor mentioned asthma through allergies? Normallly with three kids if one gets sick the others follow but in this case no other member of the family has had similar symtoms. The doctor has perscribed new medication and rest. The doctor also mentioned that if he does not rest he could end up in the hospital.
203342 tn?1328740807 This last week or so I've noticed he's coughing only at night. Sometimes it sounds bad. I've been keeping a cool mist humidifier in his room. It doesn't seem to make much of a difference. He acts fine during the day and is eating and playing. He's not feverish. I'm going to go ahead and take him into see his doctor. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas?
Avatar f tn Hello, Forceful coughing will not cause blood in urine. Hematuria or blood in the urine can be caused by bleeding from anywhere along the urinary tract. The most common cause is an infection because of the inflammation in the urinary tract. So it is an important possibility. Urinary stones can cause abrasion and irritation resulting in hematuria. Other possible cause is a kidney condition called glomerulonephritis.
Avatar n tn A second common cause is that this is indeed the beginning of asthma. This can present with coughing that is increased at night, with playing hard and early in the morning. There may or may not be wheezing at the beginning. The last of the common causes is the smoke. This irritant can be even more irritating following a sensitization of the airways after the infection. No matter what the cause, it is for sure that the smoking in the house will make the condition worse.
Avatar n tn I would take her to her physician as soon as you are able, it is certainly not healthy for her to keep coughing and vomiting. The coughing will hurt her insides if it is too strong and vomiting will prevent her from getting her much needed nutrients from food, etc. I really am not able to tell you what it is, it could be a number of things, and, as I said, it would be best if she saw a doctor. Please let me know the outcome, I know she must be miserable.
Avatar f tn I thought I might add, that it is getting harder to breath. I seem to have labored breathing (according to my boyfriend), it hurts when I breath so it is hard to just do it. Anyhow, I am just hoping there is some other way to help this, other then going to a clinic. If anybody has any ideas... i have tried a few things with honey (like in hot water, and in hot water with cinnamon), and honey in neo citron. So far with no luck. So if you have any ideas other then that...
492921 tn?1321293496 I had 2 BAD colds in the second trimester this last time, one was a chest cold and I coughed a LOT....and had some pee come out when I did most times. Pretty gross....
Avatar n tn Since a child usually has the condition since birth, they are completely unaware how to describe what they feel. Coughing, was a persistent symtom in my son, but since he had known allergies, we didn't realize it was GERD. Now, he take a daily does of Prevacid and he's much better!
209384 tn?1231171906 Went on 1000mg/day Ceftin last Wednesday. Then spent all night Thursday night in the ER hooked up to an IV getting 3 different antibiotics pumped into me along with large dose of steroids. At the time my right bronchial tube was completely full as was my right middle lobe. Oh, did I mention I ended up there b/c my hands and feet turned purple? Was sitting in a dark living room watching TV and decided to get in a hot shower to try and break up the cr@p in my chest.
Avatar n tn I tried to ignore it until the day I passed out from the coughing. Shortly after I threw up while coughing and aspirated it back in a failed attempt to catch a breath. Off to the doctor I went and he knew immediately that I had Pertussis (or whooping cough). He explained that you usually get it after another illness and their is NO TREATMENT. Again, no treatment. Cough medicines with suppressants-expectorants-codeine do nothing and may even make the cough worse.
Avatar f tn My stress level is high especially with these combined with kids. I just need some reassurance. I am not getting enough rest I have a three year old who gets in my bed everynight and kicks me all night long. Should I push for more tests or just relax? I feel great other than these darn things.
94902 tn?1330483267 The only way he will go back to sleep is to be rocked again. I work outside of the home so halfway through the night he usually ends up in bed with DH and I. He sleeps wonderfully in our bed - but I know it is just bc he is with us - but atleast I know he is capable of sleeping through the night. We still have the same routine of bath, lotion, bottle, book and rocking. No change there. Just feeling like its never gonna get better and wondering how its going for you guys.
Avatar f tn From what I understand, they DID test them and it is Influenza A. Her mother called me last night very concerned because I am pregnant and we have a toddler in the house. I have an appt today and I am going to ask my doctor what my true risks are and if there is anything we can do at this point to prevent it. I found it odd that it was Influenza A to be honest. I thought for sure that it would be H1N1.
393685 tn?1425816122 I try not to take anything for the arthritis and sinus headaches as much as I can, but have to give in some times and just take them to make it through the day or night. What is the use in being here if I'm hurting so bad or so depressed that I can't go on with my day? I've tried to get a whole new attitude. Have spent too many years dwelling on what I can't do and trying to fight it instead of enjoying what I have. I'm not dying of something, I'm just not the way I'd like to be.
Avatar n tn What happens in your husbands case is a strong resurgance of the parasympathetic system following orgasm leading to coughing. This could also cause slowing of the heart rate and an odd sensation in the chest. As to the cure I don't have any brillant ideas. Atropine blocks the parasympathetic system but this would not be very practical. Perhaps extending the foreplay or trying different positions (i.e.
Avatar n tn I was also given a asthma reliever inhaler...which I tried and does not seem to help in the slightest. In the meantime my coughing steadily got worse. I found during these sudden attacks my nose would suddenly stream at the same time..and I had to rush to the toilet so as to not have a bladder accident. All this coughing has badly affected my bladder control. Sometimes I would cough so badly I would vomit at one point I was vomiting everyday!!
Avatar f tn I took my Harvoni and 3 Riba pills yesterday morning, then my 2 Ribas last night. Maybe I was just excited about finally treating, but I could barely sleep. Today, I have a weird feeling in my chest, like I'm getting a cold except I never get chest colds since I quit smoking 11 years ago. I'm not coughing anything up, but I feel like I can't breath quite right. I'm very neurotic about my lungs because when I used to smoke, I got repeated pneumonia in my right lung until it partially collapsed.
Avatar n tn She ends up coughing day and night, often for over a week. She becomes exhausted from lack of sleep, but refuses to take any nighttime cough medication because she's been told that "productive" (mucus-producing) coughs shouldn't be suppressed. Is this true, or is she just prolonging her illness (as well as keeping the rest of our family awake)? After coughing all day, doesn't her body need to rest during the night? Thanks for your help!
1416390 tn?1333905204 Hello & welcome.....Coughing and Heart Problems go Hand in Hand......However, there are many things that can cause a cough.... How old & what breed is your guy? Has he done this all along or has it just started? Does any certain thing trigger it? Has the allergy season started where you live? Has he been kenneled or around other dogs lately? Is he running a fever? Did your Vet give him anything for the cough? Or Just the antibiotics?
Avatar n tn I few times I have woke up in the middle of the night coughing violently and when it was all over I could not get back to sleep. Overall I constantly feel worn out, I can't seem to get enough rest and my energy levels are very low or inconstant at best. I have GERDS, Asthma, and recently diagnosed with an Under active Thyroid. I also had exposure to TB, discovered about years ago, which has been treated and is NOT active. I may have Sleep Apnea as well. I see my doctor on Friday.
209987 tn?1451939065 ) before he was 3 years old because he wouldn't eat well in the day and so his parents would give him a snack in bed in the middle of the night. They didn't think about brushing his teeth after it, and he would then suck on the binding of his blanket, and lo and behold, tooth decay up the wazoo.
Avatar n tn Your post, lacking punctuation and running from idea to idea is a bit hard to follow but my sense is that you are over reacting, both in terms of your risk for HIV and absolutely in terms of the issue of putting your kids at risk. In terms of your exposures, HIV is not spread by masturbation -period. this is true irrespective of the fact that your partner's genital secretions may have gotten on your penis and irrespective of the fact that there was some abrasion in the course of your sex.
Avatar f tn But none of my symptoms are the same as when I had strep before. Well last night I slept thru the night without waking up coughing but noticed myself waking up to me gasping to get air.. I woke up with no voice today. Last night I went to bed with a crazy migraine. But I haven't run much of a fever. Other than low grade.. I feel this tightness in my cough is dry tho.. anyone else experiencing this? When should I see doctor?
168348 tn?1379360675 I have a 8yr old and my hubby is a great help, he spent the one night with me in the hospital and has helped with everything, so its great you to have a good support system. I am restricted from driving for 7 days I snuck out to Walmart yesterday which is only about 3 blocks away, after driving there I relized why they say dont drive... silly me. YEAH little woozy still my neck trurning radius is still limited as I feel like I had my head stitched back on...LOL the tight feeling!
Avatar f tn When will the pain go away? do i still need to stay away from my kids so i won't infect them? im still coughing phlegm.pls help!this pain is killing me.