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Avatar f tn Also, I can hardly turn my head. Very sore. And lot's of coughing. First night cold sweats. HEre is my question. Today when I coughed up phlegm there was blood in it. Not liquid like blood. It was red but had the texture of phlegm or gelatin. Should I be concerned? I called the on call doctor and they wee no help at all. Is this a symptom of H1N1?
Avatar m tn I take nexium for the reflux. Recently I started coughing due to a cold - nasal phlegm. Last night I had hot and cold sweats and now feel low energy.
Avatar n tn I have had this problem for about 10 months. I run out of breath easily, i have night sweats, and this condition is affecting my everyday life.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with panic disorder and anxiety one day when i was waking up in the middle of the night with my heart beating extremely fast, short of breath and shaking.. i went to the hospital and i had a EKG a chest xray and a chest CT (cat scan of the chest) they said my lungs and heart were normal and i have no clots or anything like that.. then i went to my primary care doctor he also diagnosed me with anxiety..
Avatar n tn I few times I have woke up in the middle of the night coughing violently and when it was all over I could not get back to sleep. Overall I constantly feel worn out, I can't seem to get enough rest and my energy levels are very low or inconstant at best. I have GERDS, Asthma, and recently diagnosed with an Under active Thyroid. I also had exposure to TB, discovered about years ago, which has been treated and is NOT active. I may have Sleep Apnea as well. I see my doctor on Friday.
16533111 tn?1448879822 In the following days, I experienced violent inflammation of the airways, burning feeling in my lungs, very deep cough with very thick phlegm (mostly dark yellow/brown), light fever during the day, night sweats, fatigue, hoarseness, blood in the back of my mouth in the morning, etc. Very similar in fact to the story and symptoms described here: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn metal taste in mouth, cramping in lower abdomen at times (esp in morning), night sweats on chest/neck area only(3 times). NONE OF MY SYMPTOMS WORSEN AFTER PO INTAKE & I'M NOT ON ANY MEDICATION! --I went to the doctor 6 wks ago, who upon exam said he heard "gurgling" in the spot I pointed to. X-ray was neg for anything. He said he thought I had pulled a muscle in the lining of my lungs or chest or something and that it may last up to 4 wks.
Avatar m tn I also have a fever for the past 4 days which ranges from 100-103. I've had night sweats, and swollen lymph nodes in neck. By and far, the cough is the predominant symptom however. It ranges from productive to dry, but it's all day/night long. I hadn't read about cough being such a significant part of ARS, but though I'd ask here to see what the community thought. Thank you so much for your time.
Avatar f tn During the end of the week (October 7th) I started experiencing coughing (which did just sound deeper when only lying down), coughing up phlegm, a bit of a sore throat, fever, night sweats, experiencing a drowsiness I couldn't shake off (even after 3 days at my place of study which is not like me) and a sore throat that became part of my everyday life (hurting when eating, drinking any drinks, coughing, swallowing my own saliva and becoming more painful at night).
6882875 tn?1385747298 Basically my symptoms that started just over a year ago are constant fatigue, daily pain in lower left rib cage area, chronic coughing, night sweats, occasional swelling of lymph nodes on collar bone and iron deficiency range of 7-11 (not anemic as hemoglobin is okay). My WBC ranges between 3.9 - 5.6. Doctors can't seem to figure out what is going on.
Avatar n tn If you are coughing up yellow phlegm you have developed a drug resistant infection and need to go back to your physician immediately.
Avatar n tn The doctor gave me a puffer, prescribed me an antibiotic and told me that if the coughing persisted after 3 days of taking the antiobiotic, I should see my family doctor. The antibiotic did not resolve the coughing, but the puffer helped with my coughing fits that also included wheezing and a whistling sound in my lungs. I saw my family physician who told me that this could be an allergy or whooping cough and to come back in three weeks for a pertussis vaccine and a chest xray.
Avatar n tn I was hoping a medical professional could read my post and see if he/she has any answers for me. I have been coughing up phlegm now for about 5 months. Most times it is just clear but can sometimes be a small like ball but it is hard and clear. Sometimes the ball can be a brownish color. Most of the phlegm I cough up is brownish or yellowish but alot of times it can also just be clear.
Avatar n tn I went back, was given a z pack, and that seemed to help- no more coughing etc. But within the week I started to have night sweats and episodes of fever a couple of times a day, and have been coughing, sometimes productive, but mostly a dry cough. I seem to get better for a couple of days then the cycle starts again. I did provide a sputum sample to a local health clinic for bacterial evaluation, and it came back negative. However, they do not have the best track record for accuracy.
Avatar n tn At first coughs would come in fits just at night with no other symptoms. coughs were dry and caused chest pains and breathing difficulties. Eventually would produce slight phlegm, but was always be unable to cough it up. After going to the emergency after a coughing fit, I was told my lungs were fine, however, I could have whooping cough with an asthmatic component.
Avatar f tn I finished my medrol pack but coughing and difficulty of breathing is still there. I have night sweats when I started Medrol and got a tinge of blood in my phlegm twice so he ordered chest xray cause he was thinking that I might have TB but chest xray is normal. I've went to see him again after finishing Medrol and he prescribed me a second round of Z pack because my phlegm became yellow every morning. Again, I've finished Z pack and nothing has improved except the color of my phlegm.
Avatar f tn I also suspect that she has sleep apnea, she has never slept all the way through the night. She also sweats alot at night, tosses and turns and wakes suddenly coughing and sometimes unable to take a breath in. What could be causing all her sickness? Could all these problems be connected? Could this be atypical C.F.?
Avatar f tn He has also experienced unexplained weight gain, mood swings, slight loss of bladder control, fatigue, hot flashes, night sweats, phlegm, and coughing up trace amounts of blood. We need answers. He is tired of the run around and is on so many medications now tht he'd like to get an insight as to what it might be so he can get the right medication. I thought maybe it had something to do with his thyroid. But I am not a doctor. Thank you so much for any help.
Avatar m tn Then smoke filled air came in from the fires in California and right away this mucus turned to green and I called my PA at the VA and got a penicillin type drug which eventually turned my fever off and the green slime to clear sudsy mucus. Then a few more months went by and I got another infection without a fever but night sweats and turned the mucus to green again. I didn’t call the doctor but just put up with it and it was going away after a month about the time of my routine VA check up.
Avatar n tn in abdomen between hips and ribs - lymph node swelling - tired - night sweats - coughing with clear phleghm and brown specks All lab work comes back ok (CBC, urinalysis, liver, kidney function) Seen atleats four different doctors and thy all say it is a virus and should go away soon. Very frustrating! Any help would be greatly appreciated..
Avatar n tn I did have several nights where I experienced night sweats after the fever broke. I was still coughing and congested, but felt worlds better than a few days prior. I felt ok most the rest of that week, but in the following week and a half, I just felt run down, I would tire easily, my joints and muscles ached and I could feel sensitivity in my armpits and groin, although I never noticed anything particularly swollen.
Avatar m tn This week (3-4 weeks later) I woke up with a nasty headache one morning, then the next day had the beginning of a sore throat. Now I have a running nose, coughing, yellow/orange phlegm and plugged ears. I went to the doctor this morning. He said it's a viral infection. I did not mention my sexual encountered because from what I read in this forum sounds as if it's impossible for me to have gotten HIV that way. My doctor ordered blood work to be done.
390388 tn?1279639813 I told her that area has hurt for a couple of years. I let her know about the coughing and phlegm. She didn't say anything about the bloating and pressure though. It's like having a period without the period and hurts as bad or worse. She ran 2 urine test due to blood in the urine, gave me a script for Zanaflex and Rx for my throat. I guess it has some ulcers on it. I told her about the 3 sec.
Avatar n tn I have also been suffering from excessive phlegm in my throat for about a year. one night I actually woke up choking on it which made me realise how bad it had got, and i went to the doctors. He prescribed ranitidine on the assumption that it was GERD. I took these for a few weeks but it didn't seem to make any difference, and I had side effects from it, so stopped.
Avatar f tn That night my forehead was burning up and i woke up in the middle of the night needing water. I was coughing up gobs of brown phlegm and I felt pretty run down. Next day I had no fever but I felt a very slight sore throat in the morning. it went away in about an hour after waking up and never came back. Other symptoms I noticed was night sweats for about 4 days, diarrhea and night chills one day 1 and 2 of the illness. Cold windy weather would make me feel worse.
Avatar m tn sometimes i feel some kind of muscle aches here are there, like my neck, armpits, legs but i dont have any fever, chills or night sweats. And I dont think that I feel fatigue I really hope it's nothing and just a cold and anxiety. I have a lot of anxiety and depression from time to time.
Avatar n tn During the first week after exposure I felt terrible, felt like i was about to pass out on many occasions, had trouble focusing my eyes, and one night of night sweats. After about 11 days I noticed a cough, not to harsh or heavy. And in the days after I felt my jaw was stiff and like my ears needed to be popped but couldnt. May have had swollen lymph nodes, but im not a doctor and have never taken notice of them before, so i dont know.
664970 tn?1227221991 I will admit most of the symptoms I thought I was going through have gone (diarrhea, nausea, fever, night sweats, chronic headaches, absentmindedness, and loud grumbling stomach noises). It's amazing to see how the mind and anxiety can affect a person. My only issue now is that I am still having rashes (more now than before and in sporadic locations) coughing phlegm (constantly having the need to clear my throat), episodes of sever back pain.