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Avatar n tn my 5 year old daughter lies down at night, she cannot stop coughing.. she naps in the same bed that day, no cough, but as soon as night comes, and bed time, she coughs all night long.. we have had no sleep in three months.. the drs say it is nothing -- allergies, or a sinus infection, and put us on zurteck and a z-pac.. but it has done nothing.. she has a severe history of upper respitory infections .. from 2 on, 2-3 almost died.. from it..we are at a loss! .. HELP!!!!!!
Avatar n tn A few months ago we all developed a cold in the family. Steven my baby got better with the cold but he started wheezing and coughing. We had taken him to er for several times and he was diagonized with bronchities. He was given nabulizer and his doctor also instructed us to use the nebulizer machine at home. We did that for about a month and half but the wheezing goes off and on. Last week steven was seen again by the doctor and he said we be back in 3 months.
Avatar n tn but spend anywhere between 2-8 hours coughing at night.. it is not a dry cough, in fact he seems to be bringing up a lot of mucus.. people have described it as an old mans cough and I would agree. it all started when he has a severe throat and chest infection... which cleared up with antibiotics, but the cough stayed.. this was 6 MONTHS AGO.. and he has not had one night since where he hasnt coughed. I have taken him to the doctors more times then i can remember..
Avatar n tn i feel like theres nothing that i can do. does anyone have any answers for me to help my son???Im asking for anything that would help him. Anything that might help him i will be willing to try.
Avatar n tn as i talk to more and more parents and looked up toddlers coughing while lying down on google, there are TONS of kids that are going through this too!!! and nobody knows the reason behind it.. they are the exact same symptoms with no concrete answers, and no meds are helping these children! my friend who is a 2nd grade teacher, said that in her school,classroom..
Avatar n tn My wife took him to the doctor for the third time last night after a game, where he had difficulty breathing and was coughing non stop. He has been coughing up alot of mucus. Originally the doctor thought he had bronchitus but now the latest urgent care visit doctor mentioned asthma through allergies? Normallly with three kids if one gets sick the others follow but in this case no other member of the family has had similar symtoms. The doctor has perscribed new medication and rest.
Avatar n tn I would take her to her physician as soon as you are able, it is certainly not healthy for her to keep coughing and vomiting. The coughing will hurt her insides if it is too strong and vomiting will prevent her from getting her much needed nutrients from food, etc. I really am not able to tell you what it is, it could be a number of things, and, as I said, it would be best if she saw a doctor. Please let me know the outcome, I know she must be miserable.
Avatar f tn Well I am finished the Biaxin and have been using the puffers for a while now, and still coughing. I am not sure what else to do. I went for chest xrays which I am assuming are fine since I haven't heard anything yet. I go see the doctor in a few weeks again so I am not sure if I will miraculously be better by then. but I have discovered some mold in my bathroom that I am getting rid of now. Perhaps it has something to do with it.
492921 tn?1321293496 I had 2 BAD colds in the second trimester this last time, one was a chest cold and I coughed a LOT....and had some pee come out when I did most times. Pretty gross....
Avatar n tn My nephew had a constant cough, and it turned out to be allergies. He takes Zyrtec syrup, and it clears it up completely. It could also be an allergy to milk or something, causing extra mucus. Reflux can also cause coughing.
209384 tn?1231171906 Here's my favorite cure - the neti pot w/ saline solution - they sell the pot w/ the saline premeasured in packets or use your own saline/water recipe from doctor or off internet - best thing in the world for sinus infections, colds, allergies etc and safe for everyone kids too - my 6 year old wont do it but my 9 year old loves it - anyway they sell these @ any chain drug store - safe for thyroid folks too - hope you feel better soon!
Avatar n tn I have already had a minor episodes of coughing or laughing until I pass out for a few seconds being some place safe. But last night i was on a road trip riding along with someone else and stopped for a pit stop, walking into the mens room and found myself coughing on the way in and picking myself up off the mens room floor. I hope some one out there has an answer for what this is and how to beat it and make it go away faster.
Avatar f tn My cardio stressed that sleep is important, that not enough kind of messes with our nervous system/autonomic system and for some of us our signals get haywired. Anyway wouldn't you know last night ....pvc's came on strong in the evening! Of course I had been thinking they would be gone forever lol( hopeful thinking)...Is hard to be patient when they happen...My body is extremely sensitive, when I feel good I may skip a meal, etc. and not nuture my body as much.
94902 tn?1330483267 so we stopped that unless he is sick like now he has croup again and he is been coughing up all night long or he is cryin ga lot. I think babies go through different stages and sad to say I am just going to go with the flow, hopfully once he stopped teething, or feeling sick he might go back to his usual if not will see then.
203342 tn?1328740807 Mild asthma can sometimes present with nighttime coughing. Was he sick with a cold prior to this, b/c kids can have a lingering cough for weeks after a cold. Hard to say. Hopefully the doc can give you some definate ideas.
Avatar f tn My son got it and had what seemed to be standard respiratory symptoms (runny eyes, sneezing like crazy, apparently a sore throat, coughing), but then he started vomiting one night and vomited for about 6 hours. It was pretty miserable, and I was a little po'ed that neither my husband's doc nor my son's pedi had them get swabbed to check for H1N1. (It is certainly out there in our state.
393685 tn?1425816122 He claims thyroid cancer is common. How can I rush this situation? If it wasn't for the soreness in my throat to swollow , my left jaw and neck ache (in the back of my neck mostly) on the left. I probably wouln't want to push. Also I feel like I have an ear ache on the left too. All my ache seems to be on the left side - suprise nodule there too. I will be picking up the films at the Rad dept today and going to a "feeder" office of the ENT to drop them off.
Avatar f tn I will suddenly get a tickle in my throat and I basically cough until I end up gagging. Anyways, last night I noticed that my urine had a slight pink color. Could the forceful coughing cause that?
Avatar n tn A second common cause is that this is indeed the beginning of asthma. This can present with coughing that is increased at night, with playing hard and early in the morning. There may or may not be wheezing at the beginning. The last of the common causes is the smoke. This irritant can be even more irritating following a sensitization of the airways after the infection. No matter what the cause, it is for sure that the smoking in the house will make the condition worse.
Avatar f tn That's what I'm thinking I should do, but I'm known for putting things off when it comes to my own health. Of course my kids and husband always got rushed to the Dr. for every little itch n twitch lol. Thanks for any advice!
Avatar n tn There is a strong relationship between the vagal nerve, which is the primary nerve for the parasympathetic system and coughing. What happens in your husbands case is a strong resurgance of the parasympathetic system following orgasm leading to coughing. This could also cause slowing of the heart rate and an odd sensation in the chest. As to the cure I don't have any brillant ideas. Atropine blocks the parasympathetic system but this would not be very practical.
Avatar n tn You may even bruise or break a rib if your coughing episodes are severe. Coughing may be worse at night and it's not uncommon to experience bladder inconsistancy. Just so you are aware: From what I've seen during the last 2 years, most adults are intially mis-diagnosed as having colds, asthma or other things like allergic chronic bronchitis and symptoms can last as long as a year or more in some people. Hope you feel better soon!
Avatar n tn She ends up coughing day and night, often for over a week. She becomes exhausted from lack of sleep, but refuses to take any nighttime cough medication because she's been told that "productive" (mucus-producing) coughs shouldn't be suppressed. Is this true, or is she just prolonging her illness (as well as keeping the rest of our family awake)? After coughing all day, doesn't her body need to rest during the night? Thanks for your help!
1416390 tn?1333905204 She didn't cough while we were he didn't find a problem. The coughing became more frequent. I boarded her at the vet for about a week and they said they never heard her cough. So I finally videoed a couple of the episodes. When the vet saw the videos, he x-rayed her heart and said she had congestive heart failure. She is now on LASIK for her heart. About a year before she was diagnosed with cogestive heart failure, she was put on rimadyl for her arthritis.
Avatar n tn in other words once I start coughing, I keep coughing for a while until it decides to stop. I am constantly straining muscles from the intense coughing, I've coughed up blood twice. I finally had a CAT scan and it shows that my lungs are fine, except from some harmless scarring from prolonged coughing. Antibiotics have no effect on the cough. I've used Tussionex (codeine cough syrup) for years, but drs. don't like to prescribe it, so I use it when I can't stand it any more to make it last.
209987 tn?1451939065 especially the middle of the night, screaming and hollering, coughing up snotballs, until mommy or daddy brings me one....THOSE sippy cups. I realize that he needs to drink in the middle of the night and pee the bed because his pediatrician says we have to let him have it in order to help with his nasty post nasal drip, but I have post nasal drip too...but I don't need a dang sippy cup! lol I have tried bribing him with all sorts of things if he uses a big boy cup...nothing works.
Avatar f tn But none of my symptoms are the same as when I had strep before. Well last night I slept thru the night without waking up coughing but noticed myself waking up to me gasping to get air.. I woke up with no voice today. Last night I went to bed with a crazy migraine. But I haven't run much of a fever. Other than low grade.. I feel this tightness in my cough is dry tho.. anyone else experiencing this? When should I see doctor?
168348 tn?1379360675 and I arranged pickups and dropoffs for school age kids of mine who don't have busing and I gave the school an emergency # list that differed from the usual one they have on hand. Food ..... I did well the first few days with yogurt, cottage cheese with soft fruits and things like that .. you can physically eat more solid food but the """"sensation""" I got swallowing it the first few days was enough to steer clear of that type of food.
Avatar n tn (will bleed for minutes at a time)worried about bloody spit hitting my kids eyes, nose or mouth. happened last night to my daughter as i was talking(eye) read that droplets or specs(blood tinged) aren't a realistic risk(small amount hitting mucous membranes) &that hiv isn't airborne (?) or passed thru taking up close. also poked by a pen on my back, my kids immediately started fighting over it marking & poking themselves.
Avatar f tn When will the pain go away? do i still need to stay away from my kids so i won't infect them? im still coughing phlegm.pls help!this pain is killing me.