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Avatar n tn my 5 year old daughter lies down at night, she cannot stop coughing.. she naps in the same bed that day, no cough, but as soon as night comes, and bed time, she coughs all night long.. we have had no sleep in three months.. the drs say it is nothing -- allergies, or a sinus infection, and put us on zurteck and a z-pac.. but it has done nothing.. she has a severe history of upper respitory infections .. from 2 on, 2-3 almost died.. from it..we are at a loss! .. HELP!!!!!!
Avatar f tn is it at all possible to have some kind of allergy to the night air? my grandson is fine during the day, but as soon as the evening comes around, he starts coughing..and is sometimes up all night the point of throwing up...then fine in the morning..he's three years old. regular cough remedies seem to do nothing..
Avatar m tn My 2 year old kid has been coughing most days at night? Anyone know what it could be? Anyone know how to get in touch with a pediatrician over the phone or web? Would not mind getting an opinion from home as my next appointment is not for a month.
Avatar f tn At the beginning of the month I got the upper respiratory virus that was going around so did the kids. all three of the kids stopped the coughing withing a week (so did the co-workers) I have asthma but I cannot get rid of the productive cough.
Avatar n tn but spend anywhere between 2-8 hours coughing at night.. it is not a dry cough, in fact he seems to be bringing up a lot of mucus.. people have described it as an old mans cough and I would agree. it all started when he has a severe throat and chest infection... which cleared up with antibiotics, but the cough stayed.. this was 6 MONTHS AGO.. and he has not had one night since where he hasnt coughed. I have taken him to the doctors more times then i can remember..
Avatar f tn Does HPV cause coughing.
Avatar m tn It seems like everytime we give them some form of milk,ice cream, yogurt, it seems to make their nose run and cough. for example last night we gave our 21month old ice cream for a dessert after supper. Shes goes to bed at 7:30pm and by 10pm she was up coughing. She didnt have any ice cream the night before and was never up coughing.. Same goes for our 5 year old give any type of milk before bed, 99% of the time she is up coughing.
Avatar f tn I can never get enough sleep i wake up in the middle of these night and cant get back to sleep i have two kids and between the both their use no time for naps i am drained by 5:00 and I'm barely 15weeks
Avatar f tn Coughing is normal; night coughing can be because of an airway infection viral or bacterial. It can also occur because of an allergy. Even sleep apnea can cause coughing at night. You can try dusting your room and home often. Keep your bed clean and dust-free. Use a humidifier if needed. You need to take care of triggers that may cause allergy, which is leading to coughing. If the cough becomes severe, consult your health professional.
Avatar f tn benadryl in liquid is the best for my 5 yo boy for coughing u should try it
Avatar f tn Does coughing make the herniation of the cerebellar tonsils worse? I am have nasal congestion and the drainage is causing me to cough. It is causing me tremendous pain and I feel as if my head is about to burst. I am taking meds and cough drops in order to prevent spells however, they persist. Will this worsen the chiari symptoms and herniation? Thank you for any resoonses I am new to this diagnosis and forum.
Avatar f tn My doctor said I could take robitusson DM for cough & cold & mucinex DM for congestion buy only if it was that bad also vicka works magic rub it on your chest behind your ears but only if you don't plan on going out once you aplly it. Even some honey & lime tea!
Avatar n tn as i talk to more and more parents and looked up toddlers coughing while lying down on google, there are TONS of kids that are going through this too!!! and nobody knows the reason behind it.. they are the exact same symptoms with no concrete answers, and no meds are helping these children! my friend who is a 2nd grade teacher, said that in her school,classroom..
Avatar f tn t even cough that much at nap time. However, when she goes to bed at night, the coughing starts. It has been this way for several nights in a row and none of us are getting any sleep. I know I cannont give her any meds and I have tried the nasal drops and Baby Vicks. Does anyone have any suggestions? It is all because of the drainage. She coughs until she gags and occasionally spits up after a coughing spell.
Avatar f tn But none of my symptoms are the same as when I had strep before. Well last night I slept thru the night without waking up coughing but noticed myself waking up to me gasping to get air.. I woke up with no voice today. Last night I went to bed with a crazy migraine. But I haven't run much of a fever. Other than low grade.. I feel this tightness in my cough is dry tho.. anyone else experiencing this? When should I see doctor?
Avatar m tn There are no other symptoms, no rash, no problem breathing yet, But coughing dry and gets really bad at night, also after coughing for too long during the night i get a bit of chest pain then it goes away. Cough medicines don't do a thing, i started taking sleeping medicines so i can sleep at night.
Avatar f tn So my kids will stay with friends if he comes earlier.. Did any of you with older kids pack overnight bags for them in advance or just wing it when/if it became necessary?
2136147 tn?1336405833 Hi naryashadow, I am so sorry your Child is having these issues at night a cough like this can make it hard for her and for you to get the sleep needed. This post caught my eye right off because My daughter had same issues when she was younger she is 8 now. I finally was able to get her into a Pediatric pulmonary doctor and he ran a lot of test and finally he diagnosed her with Mild asthma and she is on meds and it took a few days but the coughing fits stopped.
Avatar n tn m done coughing my whole back hurts and it hurts to breathe. I wake up in the middle of the night hacking away and I don't know what this could be. I have 2 kids under the age of two so I can't stay in bed all day and I jus don't have the energy to do anything with this cough waking me up at night and making it uncomfortable to what could this possibly be?
Avatar n tn Hello Medhelp.. I've gotten sick /flu/fever 3 weeks ago..Usually my coughing and body aches last about a week..but my coughing has not gone away. I am a smoker for 9 years..but never experienced coughing like this. I cough severley only at night while I'm sleeping..but then the coughing gets better during the day. This coughing has been lasting 3 weeks..and the severe coughing at night which wakes me up has been about 4 days. Is this a sign of HIV or STD?
Avatar m tn m a 23 year old male, who takes Singuliar, 10mg, daily for asthma symptoms. However for the past few nights, I have been wheezing and coughing in bed at night to the point it disrupts my sleep, leaving me dragging the next day. During the day I do not wheeze and cough, just laying down at night in bed. Should I go see my doctor, or is this something due to change in weather (it has become noticably cooler in this area the past couple days), or something the medication will correct in time?
Avatar m tn I would say its allergies, many have coughs I have had one for 6 months now its a dry cough wakes me at night, scratchy throat , dry sore eyes..sneezing , runny nose...mine is environmental allergies ..they have been bombarding us with aerial spraying and in my opinion this is the cause ..
Avatar m tn I have a 3 year old who has a light case of asthma he takes Cingular at night. HIs doctor didn't say anything about berating treatments. he has been on Cingular for 6 months and today he cant seem to stop coughing. what do you suggest to help him to breath a little easier.
Avatar n tn I would take her to her physician as soon as you are able, it is certainly not healthy for her to keep coughing and vomiting. The coughing will hurt her insides if it is too strong and vomiting will prevent her from getting her much needed nutrients from food, etc. I really am not able to tell you what it is, it could be a number of things, and, as I said, it would be best if she saw a doctor. Please let me know the outcome, I know she must be miserable.
Avatar n tn Her coughing during the day is much improved but as soon as she lies down for bedtime the coughing begins. She coughed over an hour before falling asleep and then coughed almost non-stop from 1:30-6:30 this am. Still running a low-grade temp. No wheezing but is this asthma, allergy, virus? Are the guinea pigs causing all of this?
Avatar f tn Im currently 28 weeks and 4 days,for the past 3 days i've had a really bad cough with phlegm. I tried taking robitussin dm because thats what my doctor recommended me to take,but its just not helping..have any of you ladies tried a home remedy that worked? I cant sleep and my stomach hurts from all my coughing.
Avatar n tn For the past two years she has been coughing and vomiting at night...coughing, coughing, and coughing until she vomits. Sometimes we have to change her bedding twice a night (like last night). I am going to do more research on the salt pipe, if it works and gives her some relief it would be worth it. i guess that I have not noticed if it is worse in the winter months. She has also been prescribed inhalers, Singular and Pepcid AC chewables.
Avatar f tn So, here is the hard thing to remember when our kids are coughing. Coughing is the body's way of expelling something out of our lungs. In this case, it's probably left over mucus from being sick. I'd have him take something like Mucinex which thins the bodily secretions. Yes, he will still cough but the phlegm will thin and hopefully move out easier. Coughs can linger for up to 2 moths. Once the bronchial tubes are irritated, it really can take that long to get over it.