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Avatar f tn m choking and wanting to puke at the same time. I wake up in the middle of the night coughing and nothing seems to work. I took medicine, I did showers, vicks on my feet and throat and cough drops. I even did the whole honey and lemon. I tried tea and hot water with lemon and honey. But I just can't find anything soothing. This has been happening for about a week or so.
Avatar f tn Had my doctors appointment on Thursday and I thought I was feeling better and doctor just said to take Tylenol and do other normal home cold remedies but since Thursday night i developed a cough that hurts so bad in my belly! I know baby is still moving good but I've taken Tylenol and today I tried robitussin and it just hasn't helped! My next appointment isn't until Thursday. Anyone else have this happen and took something that worked? What would you do?
6807839 tn?1386436725 Call ur doc to b sure what to do u don't have to go in unless they say to that's what i did nd they told me to just use monistate seven day cream so just give them a quick call :)
Avatar f tn Doc told me best way to ease a cough is to try ur best not to cough! Coughing irritates ur throat which makes u cough, which irritates ur throat....m so on!
Avatar f tn Honey is supposed to be good for everything. It really soothed my daughters cough when she was sick. Luckiky I didn't get the last 3-4 colds that got the rest of my family. I swear its the prenatals.
4544453 tn?1356217645 I went to the doctor like 2 weeks ago and got some antibiotics for something. Two days after I start taking the antibiotics I get this horrible cough, wheezing in my lungs, and shortness of breathe. I figured I would just continue taking the antibiotics and see if this would help clear it all up. I have been done with the antibiotics for two days now and I still have the same symptoms. I use my inhaler and nebulizer but I still have a hard time breathing and the wheezing and coughing.
999891 tn?1407276076 A home remidy for a CSF leak is to lie flat.....caffine and plenty of H20 can help the leak mend on it 's own.
Avatar n tn i have had this cough for 2 months now and i would like to no that same question^^^^,when i cough it makes me vomit,and green and yellow flem comes out of my mouth i have been to the doctors and they have said its only hay fever or u have a lot of mucus , so they give me some tablets and the cough as not gone, i would like to what it could be and what could get rid of this cough i am really starting to worry now please some one right back
Avatar m tn If the sore throat is from a virus, there are several at home "remedies" you can try - they won't "cure" the virus that is causing the sore throat, but will make the throat feel better so you're not so miserable - hot tea with honey or lemon (or both), gargling with warm salt water, popsicles. Stick with easy to swallow foods such as applesauce, scrambled eggs, jello - avoid spicy or highly acidic foods.
324372 tn?1222820202 I have a miserable cold right now too and my doctor okay'd Robitussin DM, and over the counter cough drops. Unfortunately, neither work completely and I still have coughing fits that make my stomach muscles hurt terribly. This baby is getting squeezed and shaken around during my coughing fits too. I'm hopeful that I'll get a little better every day though. I've also tried warm water with honey, warm apple juice, and even just plain warm water, they all help just a little.
5265722 tn?1402523832 Hi thanks for getting back to me! You know after reviewing a lot of other women sharing their stories and the diet changes they have made, I started trying it and you know what it's been working my swelling went down i don't really have hard lumps as big as they were, my breast feels a little softer. The redness is subsiding but the redness feels like kind of very dry skin now, has that happened to you?
Avatar f tn i hope that even when you have to work, you keep your kids home so mine dont have to get so sick! i cant stand it when kids are sent to daycare or school and they have a fever and puke before but mom pumps them with meds and sends them anyway. its such a vicious battle when it starts to circle. i used to work so i know it can be hard, but when you have kids you have to put them first! i was just wondering how you justify sending sick kids (contagious sick) to school.
7732297 tn?1397446837 runny nose then tylenol for the fever/sweats but i wanted to know if there were any home remedies that you mamas used to help your babies feel better?
Avatar f tn I been on steroids , antibiotics, name it. Is there anyone who knows of a home remedy I can try to stop coughing and help me with my acid reflux.. Its been over four months am coughing non stop..
Avatar f tn I am so glad I ran across this forum. Has anyone found a cure for this horrible life changin cough yet? My story is just like all the stories I've read in this forum so there is no need me repeating what I am going through. This has been going on for 5 months. I can't take it anymore. I can't talk without coughing and am peeing all over myself. I have to wear diapers 24/7. I have not insurance and no job so I can't go to all the specialist that can help me.
Avatar m tn I heard something about not using talc on them, any truth? if anyone has any other at home remedies for lesions or anything that can help ? oh and if anyone has taken valtrax or anything similar please share too! THANKSSS!!!
Avatar f tn I'm 7 weeks but I have asthma now and I'm sick and Idk what to do or take ..
Avatar f tn s been through the light box treatment, and several creams and now humira, nothing seems to be clearing. Does anyone have any suggestions for any home remedies to help with it. Also, does dryer sheets affect psoriasis? I use alot of dryer sheets. thank you.
Avatar f tn Is there any home remedies for heart burn i have it constantly and dont think i can cope another 16 weeks with it
Avatar f tn s still enough to make me feel self concious. I was wondering if anyone knew any home remedies to help clear it up?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know any home remedies for round ligament pain. The dr I saw today says Tylenol doesn't help. I hear warm baths, stretching, heating pads, and girlie so far. Any others?
Avatar f tn t think I ate spicy food though. And as for pineapple..you have to eat a lot of it in order for it to work well...like A LOT!! All it does is soften your cervix like EPO.