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Avatar n tn i should add the coughing seems to happen worse while sitting or laying down. once the phlegm is gone the coughing stops. i have no problem breathing at all.
Avatar f tn I didn't think that I was because I don't experience bloating or discomfort when I eat dairy, but I do get the mucus /phlegm in my throat and I was constantly coughing up stuff -worse at night. Apparently as we age, many of us lose the enzyme that breaks this stuff down. Try this. Go to the drug store - Buy some lactaid. Take it anytime you eat something remotely dairy. You'll find there is more dairy in foods than you realize. OR take it whenever you feel the sensation in your throat.
Avatar m tn Well I had this terrible cough that soon caused chest pains and now I'm choking on phlegm and can't eat anything because whatever I eat makes me feel like I'm going to choke except for chicken noodle soup. When I cough, I spit up clear phlegm and sometimes the coughing hurts my chest really bad. Sometimes when I cough the phlegm I sometimes choke on it a little bit and can't breathe for 1-5 seconds and I also sometimes have trouble swallowing.
Avatar m tn Hi, Can you please advise me for phlegm, I have been suffering from excessive phlegm and bad cough, it gets worse in the night after I go to sleep. Phelgm gets stuck in my throat and having difficulty breathing. The phlegm is not so dark, it is in whitish color. I have seen my Doctor, he prescribed me Amoxicillon 500 mg, benefryl cough syrup. but look like it is not helping. Please advise.
Avatar n tn Apparently it worked because since that time- I've had had no reoccurance of Sinusitis (50 odd years Last night I tried the method and for the first time in two months I slept through the night without coughing nor expectorating phlegm ..and today, I've been phlegm free....the first time since Late October. I'll keep using the technique for a few days until I'm sure the problem has passed... If you don't find another thread response on this particular theme ..I'm either cured...or DEAD...
Avatar f tn I didn't think that I was because I don't experience bloating or discomfort when I eat dairy, but I do get the mucus /phlegm in my throat and I was constantly coughing up stuff -worse at night. Apparently as we age, many of us lose the enzyme that breaks this stuff down. Try this. Go to the drug store - Buy some lactaid. Take it anytime you eat something remotely dairy. You'll find there is more dairy in foods than you realize. OR take it whenever you feel the sensation in your throat.
Avatar n tn i've been sick for about a month i went to the doctor and he prescribed lepitor, and a cough syrum. it started as a cough then i began coughing pieces of phlegm, after a while i couldn't stop coughing and i would continue to vomit, though all i vomited was phlegm, and saliva. i couldn't speak for a while after that. if i laugh suddenly and take an unexpected breathe it feel like the phlegm covers up my air pipe and i can't breathe. i try to stay away from the cold air and not eat at night.
Avatar n tn It primarily occurs at night - every night, sometimes several times a night and rarely in the morning. It is so severe that it leads to vomiting and panic level shortness of breath. It is prohibiting any restful sleep and keeps her awake for hours afterword causing fatigue throught the day. There is some phlegm with the cough. She is 42, a smoker, is allergic to cats and dogs although we have had a 4 lb yorkie for 4.5 years with only mild and occasional reaction in my wife.
Avatar n tn I tried running one lap of the track and shortly there after I started coughing. Throughout that night and that next day I was coughing up yellow phlegm. I'm not sure what this means, but I really don't want to go to the doctors and waste my money. They'll just give me some nose spray, inhalers and send me on my way. If anyone can help please feel free to email me at tes_scott***@**** Thank you. Good Luck Everyone!
Avatar n tn I have also smoked lightly (only about 4-5 cigarettes a day) for many years, and recently the smoking seems to irritate my throat because I am constantly clearing it. The phlegm issue is worse at night, so limiting sugar, alcohol, coffee and cigarettes after 8 pm helps with sleeping. I have been using Rhinocort (also one of those nasal steroids) and it seems to help keep nasal passages clear.
192055 tn?1263559137 I am always coughing and clearing my throat at meetings like an old man. Worse in a.m. when I wake up or out in cold walking the dogs. Or.... talking on the telephone or in a meeting. Always have a "frog" in my throat. Doc originally said it could be asthma, allergies, or acid reflux. Lung x-ray was okay. Tested negatively for asthma & allergies. Taking Zantac 75 but it doesn't seem to make any difference.
Avatar n tn The muscle pain went away and came back. Now the thick clear phlegm has a horrible taste. I'm not really coughing so I'm not sure if it's coming from sinuses or down in my throat or bronchials. Sometimes it had flecks of light brown in it. Any idea what all this could be?
Avatar n tn Has anyone come up with something that will cut through the phlegm and allow one to get some sleep? I find it is much worse at night and if I have a drink of anything before bed I know I'm going to have trouble for sure. It is not allergy season here in New Zealand.
Avatar n tn Your daughter may experience the postnasal drip as a feeling of phlegm at the back of her throat. It is typical for this to be worse at night after lying down to sleep. A nasal wash helps remove phlegm from the nose and sinuses. This can temporarily decrease the postnasal drip and lessen coughing. A prescription nasal steroid spray decreases swelling of the nose and phlegm production. This may prevent the postnasal drip and coughing.
Avatar n tn Sometimes in the afternoon or night, the phlegm is stringy and chokes me. There are some days that I cough up phlegm about every 5 minutes. The coughing can last from seconds to the point where I get tears in my eyes, gag, choke, and eventually throw up. My chest hurts from this, as well as my throat and I have a headache. Sometimes when I eat or drink, I start to gag and choke. I can not do anything but cough and clear my throat (sometimes I clear it every 2 or 3 minutes).
Avatar f tn The good news, I have been cigarette-free for three months, the bad news is that I've clearly done some serious damage. After quitting smoking the cough left over from my cold grew worse and I could feel my sinuses draining in the form of post-nasal drip. I had heard such things can be expected after quitting, but to be on the safe side, saw a doctor who confirmed post-nasal drip, said my chest sounded clear and that it was probably allergy-related, and suggested I try taking an antihistamine.
Avatar f tn Haha I thought you literally coughed up a lung -.
667049 tn?1225378752 Same as you, it started dry and then progressed to bringing up phlegm. The phlegm is yellowish-green. I went to see my doctor about 2 weeks ago. He gave me an anti-biotic for a sinus infection (which is what almost everyone I know is being diagnosed with). Needless to say, I have finished my 10 day track of anti-biotics and I am still coughing! Guess that wasn't the right diagnosis. Anyways, just watch out for Pneumonia.
Avatar f tn So, all in all, for about 6 days I was MISERABLE and coughing nonstop...especially at night with little to no sleep. Well, after resting 1 weekend, the next week, the cough subsided substantially and I could now sleep at night. Day #17, and here I am....with a slight cough (not NEAR as much as before) that is SOMEWHAT productive (sometimes it's dry, sometimes some phlegm comes up), but I hardly cough at night, and I cough a lot LESS during the day, but I STILL COUGH.
Avatar f tn Hi I've got a bout of flu and last night had several coughing fits (with mucus discharge). At some point it may have become blood stained but I didn't notice until this morning when I coughed hard and ejected reddish brown phlegm, about one inch in size. I thought it could be due to coughing too hard but I'm worried it may be something serious. Can someone help please?
Avatar n tn I had an allergic reaction to amoxcillin a few weeks ago and have generally been unwell since, this cough came from no where, did not have a cold but did have sore throat, in the morning and through the night is worse, coughing up green phlegm and being sick eventually, i even resorted to using my sons inhaler as wheezy and chest seems highly irritated all the time, extremely lethargic and having high temp normally at night, i am totally fed up and i do feel unwell, i cant sleep well and i have
Avatar n tn For years I have had constant problems with clearing my throat and coughing constantly. At night it get worse. It feels like I can never get enough air and someome is sitting on my chest. I'm tired of living this way any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Last night I was troubled by phlegm mixed with light colored blood at the back of my throat. It seemed to be coming down from the back of my nose. It lasted for about 10mins, and there was a tiny bit this morning. I've never had a nose bleed before that didn't come throught the front of my nostrils - this time there was no blood in my nostrils at all. I searched on the internet and got scared by something called posterier nose bleeds, but I couldn't describe this as severe blood loss.
Avatar n tn If any of you are taking an ACE inhibitor drug, that could be the cause of your cough. My health insurance changed and it would not cover Diovan, which I was taking for high blood pressure - with good results. I started taking Lisinopril in January 2004 because that's what my new health insurance would cover. I was between bouts of bronchitis, so the coughing, scratchy throat & phlegm (phlegm that was in my throat, NOT my chest) seemed like something that would eventually go away.
Avatar m tn however i still have a residual cough at night and in the morning. not producing much phlegm now but when i do its lighter and easier to hack up. any idea why i still cant get rid of this 100%? somehow talking and eating certain foods triggers mild coughing spasms now at night. also when i do cough i still taste a little of that metallic flavor that the phlegm had several weeks ago. any suggestions would be appreciated.
1168274 tn?1263207243 I'm feeling so weak and tired now, what with no sleep most nights becuase of the non-stop coughing, and the non-stop coughing in the day, i'm coughing to the point it's making me gag and be sick, but its like a clear white coloured mucus rather than sick, and im bringing up alot of phlegm/mucus when coughing, I keep gettin really wheezy but that could just be the asthma, and im more wheezy at night than in the day, my chest hurts to touch where i've been coughing so much, i've been getting real