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Avatar m tn The sore throat subsided significantly and is immediately relieved (usually in the morning) after coughing up green / yellow phlegm congestion. On Day 3 now, sore throat is almost non-existent except mild upon waking in the morning and then gone for the rest of the day after coughing up congestion / phlegm first thing in the morning. Tested negative for COVID and Flu on Day 2. Started 5-day, Z-Pac antibiotics on Day 2.
Avatar m tn ve gotten a really bad headache which I need medications so I can comprehend with the headache. The fever is still here and my throat has gone really sore again and my coughing is really bad, sometimes I cough up orange/dark yellow phlegm and it gives a really bad taste. To top it off its so bad at night, I need sleeping pills to calm down and actually sleep. My doctor said it will go away in a few days. Any help would be appreciated!
Avatar m tn I had no white spots no yellow spots in my throat. Just extremely red and swollen in my throat. I had the sore throat and general malaise for a couple days. I thought I was getting better, but then nasal congestion came, stuffy nose, runny nose. Then came a really bad cough that would wake me up in the night. It would be a tickle that would trigger it. I had green thick sticky mucus. Then about a couple of days ago, I had that tickle cough, but like a coughing attack episode.
Avatar m tn I hacked up a real thick sample that was directly from my throat, and spit it out onto a tissue. I noticed a streak of blood on the tissue mixed with yellow phlegm. I continued to try to bring phlegm up, and didn’t notice the blood anymore. Then, about an hour later, I once again brought up a real thick sample from deep within and there was a smaller bit of blood (I had to inspect the tissue very closely to identify it).
Avatar m tn Within the timeframe of ARS, I developed a sore throat. This sore throat lingered and then subsided somewhat. Not long after I developed a productive cough, producing yellow/green phlegm. About 10 days since symptoms first began, I am having serious coughing fits. Taking a deep breath causes significant coughing. I also have a fever for the past 4 days which ranges from 100-103. I've had night sweats, and swollen lymph nodes in neck.
Avatar f tn What started as a sore throat has affected my lungs, difficulty breathing,(mainly exhaling)(raspy sound in throat when exhaling) coughing up rust, white and yellow mucus. I start to feel better, and then bam it gets worse. now it feels like there is gross mucus trapped in my lungs, & i dont know how to get it out. Sometimes after i cough, the phlegm is so bad it makes me sick to my stomach. I dont want to go to Dr. to be told its just a virus.
Avatar f tn My nose is stuffed up on one side and there is clear and yellow phlegm present. I feel like my cough is coming from either my throat or deep in my chest cavity. I can breath fine when I'm not having a coughing fit, never smoked, normal appetite, no pressure or pain in chest, and no sore throat present at the time. If you have any ideas or insight on what may be going on, comments would be appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I cough up thick yellow phlegm and wheeze terribly every day from about 10 AM until 1 PM. By late afternoon I am absolutely fine. At night when I go to sleep I feel something (phlegm?) deep in my throat. However, I do NOT feel anything draining from my sinuses any more (as I did at the very beginning of all of this), nor is my nose runny, nor do I feel any sinus pressure. Allergy medicine has had no affect. Should I be worried? What could this be? Allergies? Infection? Please help.
Avatar f tn They gave me prednisone, which I had side effects of tingly numb feeling arms legs and face so I stopped that. Next day I wake up coughing up phlegm. Not just coughing slightly, but full blown gag cough fits that end with me throwing up. I finally get to an allergist two day's later, thank you weekends. He told me he thinks I have a virus but didnt say which.
Avatar f tn Don't discount acid reflux as the culprit, or underlying problem. I have acid reflux and if it goes untreated, or gets out of control, I have allot coughing and cough up phlegm. It's usually milky, to yellow in color and it can be thick. It wouldn't hurt to try an over the counter drug, like . You don't have to have heartburn symptoms, to be suffering from acid reflux. Good luck and hope all is going well.
Avatar n tn )- the cough and phelgm still continue today day 24- still have the hacking cough with clear phelgm and tender around the neck area ( I dont think I have swolen glands but I really couldnt be sure) I cant find any info on the web that puts coughing and runny nose as ars symptoms but it is definately clear that the sore throat and stiff neck are symtoms of ars, but diferent sites say different things, the yellow phelgm worries me as I read on one web site that this is a sign of an immune syste
Avatar f tn If it was just the one time, it could have been irritation from coughing. Was your throat sore at all? I have had this happen a few times myself, especially if my throat is sore or if I have been coughing excessively. If this continues, it wouldn't hurt to run it by your doctor. You could have an infection or something else. He would be able to better assess you and run the appropriate tests if necessary.
Avatar n tn I feel like i have a lump in my throat, making swallowing a struggle. When I clear my throat, I cough up normal light green/white phlegm. I am a smoker ( Only for a little over a year) I have a bad anxiety problem. I am age 18. Please I need answers, my anxiety is driving me crazy. I always think the worst of things, but I dont like this one.
Avatar f tn Then my voice became rough and then I developed a sore throat. So I took some drinking medication for the cold-flu and coughs, to cure my throat. It didn't work. Well after a day or two of completing the medicine, I got dry nose condition. Everytime I breathe, I feel my nasal passage getting dry which is a very uncomfortable feeling. I felt the inside of my nose and noticed there were dried mucus. Now I got a sore throat and a dry nose.
Avatar m tn We had a virus with fever and sore throat that moves into a head cold with chronic coughing and sneezing. and when it seems to be setting down it moves in to the lungs flaring back up into bronchitis with coughing that would last for weeks. It will completely drain you and leave you weak and lightheaded. A number in our area that picked up the virus, were weakened to the point of contracting secondary pneumonia.
Avatar f tn Since about the second or third week post quitting I started coughing up this weird white/gray phlegm that has a terrible, bitter acrid taste that coats my mouth and back of my throat almost like an oil. Similar to bronchitis sputum but not green or yellow. There's no tar in it, no black bits, and it's always a small amount but it's once a day, every day. Usually after I eat. I hate it, it's disgusting and I'm not sure why it's still coming up! Anyone else?
Avatar n tn I suppose it depends on how much blood and of course the colour of the phlegm. if its only a little bit it could be caused my a sore throat. If your phlegm is any colour other than white or clear you have a infection so a trip to the doctor for antibiotics should clear both up.
Avatar n tn I got really exhausted righter after for a couple of days and a few weeks later had flue like symptoms, night sweat and running nose and coughing dark yellow and green phlegm for a couple of days. Now I have mild sore throat, diarrhea and feels like something is stuck at the back of my throat that I can't get it out and feel tired. I am really worried, please tell me if those are symptoms of HIV. Thank you all in advance.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr, after a possible HIV exposure I had a swollen lymph node, sore throat and yellow phlegm. However I am aware that viral infections typically result in clear, white, phlegm whilst bacterial infections cause yellow phlegm. Does this still apply to HIV? (Furthermore, I only had 1 swollen lymph node in my neck, which again points to a bacterial infection as acute HIV would cause widespread swelling of lymph nodes). Thankyou.
Avatar m tn My throat is tickly and occasionally I cough up yellow phlegm, but the symptoms are bearable and it is just the cough and a mild sore throat - no fever, chest pain etc. The doctor here in Tokyo took a look in my mouth and ruled out what that test indicates (viral infection?).
Avatar n tn I am 15 years old and have a cold, I caught the cold of my brother and now I am worried because my symptoms differ greatly from his. I have a very sore throat, I wake up in the morning feeling very dizzy and i am coughing up very dark, thick green phlegm is this normal?
1719142 tn?1343009327 I tried looking into what it could be myself, but anything I found about coughing up clumps had nothing really about brown clumps, but rather yellow stinky ones. And mine are cleary not a yellowish color, nor do they smell.They are fairly small but I have been hocking them up more frequently, sometimes as much as four to five clumps in a day. I really could use any help or suggestions on what might be causing it or if there's and infection or problem.
Avatar f tn IT goes into my chest and in my ears. Constantly clearing my throat from phlegm. Right now I am bringing up slight yellowish phlegm, but most of the time its clear. Now I am being treated for Bronchitis due to phlegm, fever, cough,runny nose,fluid in my ears. I was told throughout the years that I had severe allergies, chronic bronchitis, COPD, asthma, I was just put on Zotex 12 1 tablet BID, and One Avalox 400MG. OD. After one day on these 2 meds, I am feeling so much better.
Avatar m tn I take tylenols to ease away my headache. I also had some dark green phlegm that I spit out when I wake up and sore throat too. I asked a doctor about it and she told me to take ambroxol (mucolytic) and some loratadine. She told me that I may be having some allergy attack. I finished taking the dosage and I felt a little better but I still have the same symptoms. Here are what I'm feeling the past week, I hope someone will take time to explain to me what possibly I have.
Avatar f tn There has been no coughing, no fever, no tiredness, just a sore throat when I swallow (I did rub a Q-tip to remove the yellow phlegm from it, but that made it bleed) so I left it alone.
Avatar m tn At the end of the month and into September, I developed a weird illness. The first day it was a sore throat and coughing and hacking up green phlegm in small amounts, sometimes it had blood in it when it came from the top of my throat. I had a slight fever of 99.7. It may have been a little higher, but never over 100. My nick was also very stiff the first day. One the second day, my throat was still sore and coughing up green phlegm, but the stiffness and temperature were gone.
Avatar n tn The congestion and sneezing have left, however, a sore throat and coughing persists. When I cough, I cough up clear and opaque phlegm. I tried taking Claratin and that seems to help a little. But I'm starting to think that this is beyond allergies and might be a bacterial infection?