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Avatar n tn Hi everyone, yesterday I brought my wife home from the hospital (7 days) after she was admitted for having blood clots. She has a blood clot in her upper arm/shoulder area, and a blood clot in each lung. The ONLY risk factor she has towards blood clots is that she is on birth control. She has been on Yasmin for around 4-5 months now (she was previously on orthotricyclin). My wife is 25 and a non-smoker.
Avatar n tn Ihad Tvt on the bladder,three days later I had to have a blood transfusion,as they found a 4cc by 10cc in my lower abdomen. The surgeon said I got it because my veins were enlarged in my uterus and perhaps coughing did it!!!??? He is letting it go for 4 weeks,its painful and hugh. I have had problems with the tvt also,I want it out and he says it can't come out.
Avatar f tn I have been coughing a lot and wheezing, and I am coughing up a lot of very thick phlegm with brown and red streaks...I get tingling and numbness, only in my left leg, especially when I am having a bowel movement...I have been to so many doctors and I feel like they are just brushing me off becuase I am 22 years old, but there is something very wrong.....I have also lost a lot of weight, from 120 to 97 in 3 months...
Avatar n tn The reflux was causing some of the coughing, especially at night. I would gasp on inhale when I coughed. That is what led my Dr. to think of reflux. I still have shortness of breath, but the gasping and coughing are better on the reflux medicine.
739070 tn?1338607002 I felt as though I was drowning. The coughing on top of the MS hug was such a delight. In fact, twice someone asked who was coughing and get them some water, good idea I suppose if you could sit up and swallow. They brought me water and straw but by now my upper lip was numb. The anesthesiologist was definitely over -booked but that doesn't change the fact the good nursing/medial care shouldn't be skimped on. On his behalf the doc did call and told someone to get him some help stat.
Avatar n tn i quit smoking now for 11 days.. YAHOO!! my blood work is still pending for iguana, time will tell if she was the problem.
Avatar n tn Walk in clinic doctor sent me for a blood workup, thyroid testing (TSH) and prolactin levels. I followed up 2 days later with a doc from my doctors practice & he said all tests were fine except that I needed to come back because the prolactin tests weren't back. My symptoms are: -I wake up with headaches that make me think I'm dying. -Post nasal drip that causes coughing till I vomit daily & has always been excused away with asthma. -I cannot remember phone numbers most times.
Avatar n tn My symptons have been chronic cough, SOB, diarreah, itching ears and most recently blood stained mucous when I have a violent coughing episode. I am noticing a need to breath in deeply because I feel as if I'm not getting enough O2. Very fatigued. Can anybody shed some light on this?
61536 tn?1340701763 The interstitium is the area between the air sacs and the blood vessels. Usually this scarring is spread throughout both lungs. The most common symptoms of ILD are shortness of breath with exercise and a dry cough. Some people also may have a fever, weight loss, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and abnormal chest sounds, depending upon the cause. IPF does not have a good prognosis. It is often not compatible with a normal life span.
Avatar f tn I remember the night sweats, dry coughing, burning sensation in my back that I can feel through my front chest. It was PTB stage 1, went for the full treatment for 4 months and it was adjusted at a lower dose until the 6th, wherein I stopped thereafter. However the symptoms were gone on the first month that I took the meds. Gets me wondering whether I had an overdose at that time.
Avatar n tn tightness in the throat, hoarseness, frequent throat clearing and coughing, Asthma-like symptoms, a feeling of swelling in the throat, and post nasal drip. It's a type of reflux but it goes up to the back of your throat. People don't experience heartburn with this. You have a 50% chance that it will go away by itself; for some it is a lifelong event but controllable in most cases.
Avatar n tn They did bloodwork, an arterial blood gas test, and an EKG. All came back normal. I was diagnosed with acute hyperventilation syndrome, told it was probably nothing serious, and sent home. But the numbness didn't go away, and over a period of the next two weeks, it only became worse. By this time, I was becoming extremely fed up, so I asked my aunt for help. She isn't a nutritionist, but is very well-versed in personal nutrition.
Avatar n tn Now he's sick. Coughing throughout the day, spitting up blood and mucus. His best friend he introduced me to is also sick now.... I probably have the worst case of all in this forum. If you're speculative, be my guest, just know that I don't just make up this stuff in my spare time. I have formed tons of other "correlating theories", so if you're interested grab a spoon and dig in.
Avatar n tn (not sure what that means) Then over the next few times my ekg shows pvc's no qt . I had blood work done, xrays, wore a holter for 48 hours. They holter showed pvc's. I am very worried to point the I was quite sure that I was going to die. They put me on a beta blocker. Took me off my meds.I am trying to stay calm about all of this. I am a very high anxiety and a nervous person. So I was told that that doesn't help me. Not sure where I should go from here.
Avatar n tn I woke up in the middle of the night feeling nauseated and coughed a lot. I threw up so much that I threw up blood. I was scared and my stomach hurt a lot. I went to the Dr. and I told him what happened and he sent me to have a test done over my stomach. I went back with my Dr. after I had my test done and he said I had severe acid reflux. He told me it was minor. He gave me pills for that. After a week I felt normal again. My cold was gone. Around two days later I had the worst migraine ever.
7469840 tn?1409849436 Day 9 for me, too. Having heart palpitations today. I don't know the results of my week 1 blood counts. I can't reach anyone at the clinic. They may be closed for President's Day. Since starting this treatment, I've been very congested and can rarely breathe through my nose. I cough at night, and suffer insomnia. Can't wait for the 11 remaining weeks to be over. I'm wishing you the best and hoping your symptoms/side effects subside with time. And while I'm at it, I'll wish the same for me.
574129 tn?1231461402 The only things that help and helped alot was ye old Vicks inhaling.... and doing the nebulizer... COughing all day most of the time.. Antibiotics tried them twice with no effect! BUT; when my Doctor said that wehave exhusted all possible means, he told me that he was reluctant as its against his practise to recomend any Natural Doctors, but he couldn't stand prescribing me things that did not help at all. He said to Try an Iridologist and or Chinese Medicine. I did!! The results were amazing!
Avatar n tn She hasnt come back to the boards to respond and I thought you got blood tests before a marriage certificate is issued? She isnt really concernd about a sore throat, just calls it a summer cough. Most people in this situation would be PANICK stricken. If I am wrong I deeply apologize, I just find this post hard to believe. I want to know why he went in for an HIV test anyway.
Avatar n tn pukes at night after he's been laying down for a few hours then wakes up coughing and pukes alot everywhere! He has been on 3 different antibiotics and still does it< they thought maybe drainage took xrays on chest and sinus's and said sinus looked hazey but could be because he was crying during xray..he is now on the same antibiotic he was on at first and still pukes at night. He is fine all day sometimes pukes in morning...
Avatar n tn I have been to heart specialists and everytime I am in the emergency room they give me a complete workup of my heart blood ekg everything and they can never find anything wrong.And I feel terrible for wasting there time, when they could be helping someone really in need.I am a 26 year old male who is overweight but I am losing weight and am on a strict diet.I dont smoke I dont drink coffee or pop.I am seriously going out of my mind here.
Avatar f tn I went to my regular MD and my blood pressure was up. He thought it was caused by my coughing so hard and not sleeping. I told him that I couldn't live this way and he called my GI doc and they talked. My GI doc did the same test as yours, plus swallow test etc. etc. Put me on 3 inhibitors a day and it still didn't help. My cough was much better by then, it comes and goes. This lasted through the first of August and I finally told him that I really couldn't live this way.
Avatar f tn I don't have many times when the food comes back up, it's more just a tightening in my airways and a lot of coughing that sometimes goes away after I take digestive enzymes. I don't have celiac's, but I"m gluten intolerant. I have Hashimoto's and gluten was also causing nodules on my thyroid and high antibodies. Once I stopped eating gluten, the antibody level went down and the nodules went away. The test I had done for corn was thru SpectraCell.
Avatar n tn When it gets ready to say Hello, this bacteria causes gagging that will progress to vomiting, sometimes with blood in the spit. It is not life-threatening and can be treated. You need to see a doctor for a true diagnoses and treatment. If you have this friendly little bugger, it will not go away on it's own. Over the counter NSAIDS will help, but it will not make it go away.
398459 tn?1262189744 That's not good, because I have to do day 2-4 blood work/US and the clinic won't do that until I get the results back from my pap today. So, unless the pap results come back lightening quick, I may be a September cycle. Sal, hope you are feeling better and they don't quarantine you in a big bubble (does anyone else remember that movie?) To all of you, I love you man! Ok, I'm feeling pretty low right now (probably AF stupid hormones), so I am gonna go and feel sorry for myself.
8120829 tn?1408726459 It takes time for your body to adjust and that's often longer than the 4-6 period it takes the med to reach potential in your blood. As a couple others have already asked, please post your thyroid related blood test results, so we can get a better idea of what's going on with you. Be sure to include reference ranges, which vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report.
Avatar f tn Why not create a new forum at yahoo. Here are just some of the basic features of their forum software: - it is free - has no limit on threads or number of posts to threads - fairly good search engine - threads can be organized in several different ways - you can name who the moderators are (if you want them) - you can take turns (shifts) at being moderators - you can set your own basic rules and guidelines for posting You can create a new yahoo group here:
Avatar f tn I think this is a loose wrap as with the first one I could also eat very little meat, but that did not bother me as it was better than waking up in the wee hours of the night coughing or dribbling in your undies from trying to control your coughing. It is very prevalent in Asthma suffers. I think it has to do with the small muscle realxers that we take in via the asthmatic treatment.
Avatar n tn Have you any other symptoms? Reddened tongue? Coughing up strings of mucous-like material? Itching? Swollen glands?
1281668 tn?1271379782 She usually gets head aches from coughing so much. The other night she was coughing so much that she ended up vomiting. At the time I wasn't sure if it was because she ate to much at dinner time and didn't have time to digest. From the comments that I'm reading maybe I should be concern. I tend to freak out more than I have to... I'm also not sure I get what my daughter has and the severety of it. Maybe I'm in denyl.
Avatar m tn I also had the Melisa blood test for metals, which showed I have a mild metal allergy to both titanium (4.1) and titanium dioxide (3.5). No other metals tested positive. I have stopped intake of titanium dioxide (it's everywhere--in pill/vitamin/candy coatings, toothpaste, gum, hair dye, cosmetics, cigarette paper, cigarette filters, some cheeses/soup, etc). In food/medicine ingredients, you see it as titanium dioxide, E171, or CI77891. Its chemical name is TiO2.