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Avatar m tn Hi there I would go to gp blood in saliva could be due to chest infection,coughing too much thus bursting tiny vessels in throat(not serious) if you have severe gastric disorder it could be coming from gastric is the blood bright red? If so this is prob due to strain from coughing,is the blood brown in colour if so this is old blood and should be checked out ASAP are you on medications that could be making gums bleed thus leaving slight blood in your salvia.
Avatar n tn i have been having blood in my urine, sperm, and i have been caughing up some blood. What could be causing this to happen?
Avatar n tn I have a cold, am not a smoker but am coughing up blood in my phlegm.
Avatar m tn Is this blood in your sputum a 1 time event or have you had more episodes since? Tell me a little bit more about what is going on. If i understand correctly, you have been smoking for 3 years? How many packs per day? Do you have a fever? Describe your cough a little more.
Avatar n tn my sister is a smoker for like 3 - 4 years maybe like 2 a day lately shes been coughing everyday 2-3 time a day and just this past 3 days shes been spiting blood in the morning what can this be we are very worried is smoking the cause of this
Avatar n tn Not certain where you live but there have been many coughs in the US this year especially amongst children ,are there any other symptoms, sore throats, runny noses.As it has come back I would think a visit to the doctor is in order, for some meds. keep them well hydrated , water is best ..
Avatar n tn i can taste infection when i swallow and i keep coughing up mucus that has blood in it, what does blood in my mucus mean?
Avatar f tn He has stopped using drugs and drinking for the last 9mo. 5-6 months ago he began coughing up blood, He finally saw a doctor, who told him he was going to have to eventually start Inferon treatments (for extreme liver damage) which he has put off up untill now.
Avatar m tn My son who is 12 is having episodes of coughing up blood every 60 days --it started in March of 2012 -- it sometimes starts with sharp pains in his right side (front) -- or sometimes he just coughs up blood -- the coughing up of blood lasts for about 20 mins -- he coughs up about 1/2 of a specimen container of blood -- he says it feels like there is something he needs to cough up -- he coughs -- not too hard - and then spits into a cup and it is blood.
206807 tn?1331936184 I have coughed so hard that I saw a little blood in my spit. In that case perhaps you could say that inflammation caused one to cough up blood. But, but that's vastly different from vomiting blood. I have done that too and, for me, it was several units of blood that came up. Vomiting blood in an HCV positive patient strongly suggests ruptured esophageal varices. I agree with Boobert - if he is vomiting blood he should undergo endoscopy and sooner rather than later.
Avatar n tn This could have been due to a nose bleed or due to bleeding from the mouth, from gut or due to coughing out blood during sleep. It is difficult to determine the cause on net. Consult an ENT specialist and your PCP regarding this. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Sounds like you might have a mild case of allergy related athsma. Try taking an allergy medicine for a week and see if that helps. It doesn't sound like you have any mucus, so the cold medicines wouldn't work. My children have allergy related athsma. They rattle when they sleep and mostly just when sleeping or exercising. They also have a cough. I even had one child who always sounded like her nose was stuffy and had bad breath, that went away with the allergy medicine.
Avatar m tn my latest cbc shows co2 in my blood .i have been coughing a white mist for a long time now.i have lost much of my hearing .my nose itches like there is poison ivy in it .it started with an infection in my throat.then my ears started popping.then i lost 15 db of hi frequencies in hearing every six months for 2 years.everyone i shake hands with develops similar symptoms including the white foamy spit and throat infection.also it includes the double ear infection that we all get.
Avatar n tn Yes I agree with your grandson's pediatrician,there has been a lot of stomach bugs going round amongs't children this year .Keep him hydrated with water and pedialite is he coughing ?
Avatar n tn Regardless of the answers to the above questions, if you are coughing up blood for more than a week, it must be examined, a simple chest X-Ray and bloodwork would rule out anything serious. Also, if you do large amounts of exercise, the prolonged heavy use of your lungs over periods of time can cause small amounts of 'pink mucus', but this should never happen regularly, or repeatedly.
Avatar f tn ve heard of girls having this happen and being fine, but it is always better to make sure with this. Coughing up blood can be a sign of a blood clot in the lung or something serious like that. Tell them everything. Stay calm and good luck!
Avatar f tn At the beginning of the month I got the upper respiratory virus that was going around so did the kids. all three of the kids stopped the coughing withing a week (so did the co-workers) I have asthma but I cannot get rid of the productive cough.
Avatar m tn t have a runny nose or cough while awake. It could take some time for the drainage to pool and cause the coughing. Taking out the tonsils won't help with this either. ( I am a chronic allergy sufferer and this is what my doctor told me as a child). Unfortunately, doctors seem reluctant to test and diagnose allergies in young children. My poor son had to wait until he was 12 before I could give him some real help even though he suffered from age 2 and up.
Avatar m tn the only toliet wounldnt flucs so i had to use it. It had pee in it... so my question is if the urine was mixed with menstraul blood would the backsplash cuase infection?? i never sit on the seat just squat. how long would hiv stay infectious in water?? Ive been sick with a cold, blocked ears and coughing up phelm since...
Avatar n tn Hello. I've recently had a cold and lately I've noticed that every morning when I spit out some phlegm there are streaks of blood in it. When I started coughing, it wasn't there then but after a few days of coughing really heavily it started. It only happens in the mornings though after waking up. No blood comes up the rest of the day no matter how much I cough. It's been going on four about... I don't know, 2 to 4 days now.