What does coughing blood mean

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Avatar n tn Sorry, I wasn't sure where to post this. I am totally freaking out and my doctor is blowing me off with "don't worry yet". I had a ct scan with contrast which they want to repeat in 3 months. The findings: The lungs are well expanded. Mild diffuse interstitial prominence is noted. This is non-specific but could be related to chronic or acute process. At the lung apices, there are speculated parenchymal opacities which appear to be pleural based.
Avatar m tn My mom is coughing blood, she undergone brochoscopy last june. And what I understand is that some veins in her ring lung is like "exploding" or "releasing" (I dont know the medical term) when she's angry or emotional and when she got stress. There's no meds given he just said that she just have to be calm and no stress.. now she's spitting blood again any idea what is this and how to cure this?
Avatar f tn i take it you dont mean they were written on a prescription but a blood request form? as i believe they are types of blood test screen. CBC is complete blood count, BMP i think is basic metaobolic panel, i think VAP is something to do with cholesterol? and PSA is testing for an antigen (protein). not sure about the numbers.
637964 tn?1222910733 Mild Sclerosis without stenosis, trace of aortic regurgitation. What does that mean?" Now I did this study because I am prone to blood clots and I have already had one in my lung. I am only 27 years old and I have never heard of this type of heart issues in anyone my age. Should I be concerned? My Rhematologist didn't seem concerned at all. But this worries me. My 3 year old has heart problems and I am wondering if he got it from me?? Thanks...
Avatar f tn he has coughed up blood for the first time and i am really worried.can you please tell me what this might mean? also there was no phlegm in the blood,it was just blood.please help. P.S: he is a heart patient and has had 2 heart attacks in the past 15 years..recently he had his angiography and angioplasty done and last week he had an appointment with his cardiologist who said he was fine..so i don't think its related to heart but i cant figure out what it could be..can you help..
Avatar n tn My mum had recently a heart test and this is what the result says. Can anyone help me to understand what this mean?
Avatar f tn My doctor told me that if you see any blood that it could be that your cervix is opening. But to be safe , you should go to the doctor.
Avatar m tn I was ineligible to donate bood because they detected HBcAb in my blood. What does this mean and what should I now do?
Avatar m tn 3. Out beside these were the words Alert, high, low. What does this all mean?...I know that my WBC is double what it should be. My doctor has ordered a CT with and without contrast, I go tomorrow (wish me luck). Can anyone help me understand these results?????
Avatar m tn Take into consideration this test was done at 7pm local time, and not in the early morning as specified. What does that mean? And is it possible to have a falsely positive pregnancy test due to cysts?
1610083 tn?1301682647 It's a blood test to confirm your pregnancy. You can watch the numbers if they rise every 2-3 days like they should.
4578340 tn?1356736040 Tell today I have not gotten my period and also I notice today a egg white mucus come out of my virgina what does that mean ??
Avatar n tn i can taste infection when i swallow and i keep coughing up mucus that has blood in it, what does blood in my mucus mean?