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Avatar f tn I just received mt lab report back from a CT chest scan. They found a 1.6/7mm nodule/plaque along the major fissure. They recommend a follow-up CT in 6 months. As I'm reading the other posts it sounds like waiting 6 months might even be worse. I have never smoked and never had any lung problems until 3 months ago when my throat closed off and I couldn't breath for almost a minute. It happened two more times in less than a week.
Avatar n tn I have this shortness of breath.. I blamed it on the PVC's I get.. but discovered I get it when there are no PVC's happening. I had a chemical stress test which showed very little plaque in my artery.. was explained that the test showed a shaded area and wasn't sure whether it was just that or plaque.. Cardiologist said take a baby aspirin and put me on cholestrol med.. livello... my cholestrelol isn't that bad but DR. wants me to get it lower..
Avatar m tn The doctor was going for a sixth, but he stated that there was a plaque build-up on the back side of his heart so he left the sixth one alone. I have never heard of plaque on the outside of the heart. What causes this, and is the a name for it? I could not find any information on the web about it.
937826 tn?1261333879 I have another questions I have been doing alot of coughing been coughing up alot of plehm but for the past half hour I have been coughing up blood not a smear of blood but a half dollar size amount of blood each time should I worry about this.
Avatar n tn They did manage to bring her back and no sooner did they kick us out of there! The doctor sure had a scared look on his face too. Lately she has been coughing up blood and her hand gets to tingling from time to time. She also gets short of breath pretty often. Without any insurance, where do we turn from here? Are there any places that do body scans at reasonable prices as we are not made of money.
Avatar f tn Hi. I just had my teeth cleaned 3 weeks ago. I now have brown plaque spots on my teeth. For a week after the cleaning, I felt like I had grit in my mouth. I called the dentist and they said that they never heard of that happening before. I am really upset, and my dentist wants me to pay to see him. Could they have scraped too hard and ruined my teeth? Any suggestions???
Avatar n tn been coughing for a couple of weeks little bit of fever very tired went to a walk in clinic a couple of days ago and the Doctor said it was mostly allergies gave me antibotics,congestion,cough syurp,nasal spray....this morning when I woke up I was coughing up blood in my phlegm the first 3 times then it cleared up....
Avatar n tn Two years ago I was admitted to the hospital to the hospital for coughing up blood . Being that my mother had TB. I told them I would come up positive every time I had the test . Prior to being admitted I had a significant amount of blood I was given IVs and started treatment for TB Now again I was at work and started coughing up blood .
Avatar m tn Well, if you are coughing up blood, a responsible adult in your life should be told so you can be seen by a doctor. I doubt I have to state the obvious that inhalation of smoke from weed isn't good for you. but coughing up blood is something that requires medical care so you need to talk to your parents about seeing a doctor.
Avatar n tn Well, you definitely need a work-up by a pulmonary specialist. That being said, coughing up blood maybe very serious, and then again may not be very serious, so don't think you necessarily have a fatal illness. There are many possibilities.
206807 tn?1331936184 Never had an esophageal bleed but once those vessels burst it entails a lot more than just coughing up blood. As a rule those blood vessels just don't seal themselves back up and bleeding out can happen quickly. Did you see Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart? He was a bad alcoholic and towards the end the old boy was dying from the booze, p-issing himself, coughing up blood and on his way out. That was a pretty fair depiction of a raging alcoholic.
Avatar f tn Since about the second or third week post quitting I started coughing up this weird white/gray phlegm that has a terrible, bitter acrid taste that coats my mouth and back of my throat almost like an oil. Similar to bronchitis sputum but not green or yellow. There's no tar in it, no black bits, and it's always a small amount but it's once a day, every day. Usually after I eat. I hate it, it's disgusting and I'm not sure why it's still coming up! Anyone else?
1283791 tn?1276818314 I woke up this morning and coughed up phlem that had blood in it.... I am a smoker could this be lung cancer? Everytine I have coughed since it was clear mucus I am 29 yrs old been smoking since i was 15. But over the last 2 yrs cut down to a half a pack a day. Someon pls help....
Avatar n tn I told him that I was not coughing up blood nor had I been coughing up blood. My family doctor then stated to me that I would cough up blood and then it would be too late for me. I have trusted my family doctor for some years, but I felt this was a very negative statement by him to me. I have deeply researched COPD, try to remain encouraged and I felt this doctor was giving me an immediate death sentence. This has greatly upset me.
Avatar n tn It has this ability apparently because it removes the excess not used by cells and in the brain. It also went on to explain how plaque can also be removed naturally by the body using certain molecules made to control calcium levels for bone growth/repair. The calcium in the plaque can be broken down and the remaining substances such as damaged red/white blood cells etc can be filtered out safely.
Avatar f tn I am a 31 year old female with overcrowded teeth and moderate plaque. No matter how much i brush , my mouth emits a slight odour after a certain time. Could the plaque be the culprit?