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Avatar f tn Hi i need help. I have a litter of puppies that are almost 8 weeks old. They have had this cold since july 1st. Took them to the vet paid over $500.00. Vet prescribed Doxcycycline 1 daily for ten days. About three days ago back to the vet and gave them 1cc of Baytril a white shot Another bill for $318.00 and still have a cough. They are very playfull they have a full appetitte and overall very healthy. Why won't this cough go away. By the way very little to no mucucs.
Avatar n tn I have 3 purebred Shih Tzu puppies that are 10 months old. They are indoor pets and are current on their shots. They eat and drink water well. They are also playful and active. But the last 3 weeks or so one of the starts to wheez as if something was stuck in their throats (much like a cat sounds when they cough up a hairball). They do this for a few seconds and then they are fine. Is this normal or should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn I think its fine. Puppies are always amazing pets. My dog had 3 puppies and we have them all. They're a year old so we have 4 dogs in total . They know where to go to thw bathroom and they also know when to go inside their cages. Since their hair doesnt fall off its perfect. Don't let others imfluence you. Do what'll make you happy but be responsible.
10870053 tn?1416581194 If so I strongly recommend waiting just because puppies require a lot of time and attention and need to be let out a lot to pee at night and newborns need even more attention and if ypur waking to feed the baby and to let the puppy out ypu are going to be even more exhausted. At least wait until you have a routine and things start to settle.
Avatar f tn But with your pregnancy it sounds like you are saying you maybe are finding the care of a new puppy too much. If that is the case, you might reconsider the puppy. Poorly trained puppies turn into poorly trained dogs, and nobody wants a poorly trained dog.
Avatar m tn I have two different breed puppies. The bigger puppy keeps pinning and standing over the litlte puppy then plays to rough and makes her whine. How do i get him to stop pinning her down and standing over her?
4290325 tn?1356918391 My Shih Tzu should be having puppies in about 2 weeks and I have never had puppies before. She has had a few litters already but this will be first. When do I introduce the outside to the puppies and when d I start them on dog food. I inherited these dogs from my Mother-in-law. She was a breeder and then she passes away.
Avatar m tn Our garbage comes tomorrow luckily, but do I need to worry about any of them crawling around my back yard with the puppies, do I need to worry about them getting in my house. I am just kind of freaked out they are so grose. Help! thanks!
4131681 tn?1350118297 hello, i have a 1 year old ***** and she has had 4 puppies and her one breeast is swollen and the puppies cant get no milk out of it ...... could it be breast duck block? or what could it be ?
5915818 tn?1377748240 My Pitbull had TEN puppies one month and two days ago. Its staring to get cold out and im wondering when i can take them out for their first time just in the yard. They are walking and have started eating gruel.
Avatar n tn Then 2 days later, I took him back, because he was coughing and acting wierd. They gave him medicine for Bordetella. Then he seemed like he was doing a little better, but not great. Then on day 17, he was fine. and eating, we gave him a bath, and after his bath, we went to bed. He had drank some of the bathwater, but I wasn't concerned, until he woke up with a LOUD yelp. I woke up, but he seemed ok and went back to bed. This happened 2 more times, and I called the emergency vet.
Avatar f tn my dog had puppies three weeks ago and now i have noticed that two of the puppies have large knots on the right side for their necks what is it and what can i do for them?
1843959 tn?1324629150 Need Help !!!!!!Is there anyone who have the treatment of Canine Parovirus ?!! My friend's puppies were suffering with this disease .3 of them were died .We can do anything but just stay behind of them and watch them past away .My friend's heart were broken .I want to do something for her .Please ,Please give us some help !!!Thank you so much !
Avatar m tn a good thing to do is to start off the puppies with puppy milk formula (if the adult dog is not there) which is available at petsmart or petco and you can get a bottle made for puppies while getting the puppy formula,just hold the puppy and try to shove (gently) the bottle in their mouth eventually the puppies should start drinking the milk,and first start the puppies off with wet food rather than dry food,you could also mix the puppy formula with the wet puppy food.
Avatar f tn Just wondering how the remaining puppies are doing. Is Mom looking healthy? I would recommend taking the remaining puppies to the vet to be tested - blood work, fecal, general physical. I know it's expensive; owning pets can be expensive. But it's a terrible shame to watch the puppies get sick and die. Is the Mom caring for the puppies as she should. Sometimes first-time mothers don't quite know what to do. If the babies are starving or cold, you may have to step in and feed them.
Avatar f tn My puppy is having puppies... She's only 5 months, is that safe and will she know how to give birth.. And help her puppies..?
1391531 tn?1289164143 It might sound like a rant,but I think it is timely for the holiday season coming upon us.
Avatar n tn My pug just had a liter of 7 puppies. 2 boys 5 girls. the 2nd night one girl died. and tonight 3-4 days later two more girls died!!! what are we doing wrong.??? i have fed them and kept them warm and everything.
Avatar n tn I am 32 weeks pregnant and our Labrador is about to give birth to puppies. I would like to know if there are any risks associated to me assisting with the birth of the puppies whilst I am pregnant.
637356 tn?1301924822 This is long so bare with me... My neighbor that lives across from me moved in a few months or so ago. Anyway she has never tried to fence in her dog and her dog ended up pregnant and having 7 puppies. I started feeding her when I noticed her eating grasshoppers and digging through my trash to find food. She was skin and bones and I knew she was pregnant so I started putting food outside my gate to feed her.
Avatar n tn s teats were not as full as they have been. the puppies are now 4 days old. So far the puppies are great (even the runt) I just don't want this to snowball into a larger problem.
Avatar f tn After the puppy has been dried, umbilical cord severed, (and tied if you severed the cord) encourage the mother to lick her puppy, but she may be disinterested in her puppies until she is through giving birth to all her puppies. Then, place the puppy in the small box or basket containing the heating pad or hot water bottle that your have prepared before hand. Make sure the heating pad is not too warm and cover it with some towels.
1641321 tn?1322927699 Oh, so sorry to hear that. It is sad when we loose puppies. Many of us have gone to great extent to save puppies and some times that works and sometimes not. Actually, a Sheltie friend of mine had a litter of 3, 2 with problems. She worked hard to save those two puppies who grew up to be beautiful dogs and one just placed Second in his class at the National Specialty last week. You don't see that often.
Avatar f tn I'm 36 wks and my dog just had her puppies and its been fine. Although my dog had her puppies outside and that's where the puppies stay is outside, she does great she's a great momma. I was worried it would be stressful but its not. :) its gonna suxk when they get big at like 4 wks and then they are running around.. and then we will have our baby.. andthe puppies for two weeks.. tthat won't be fun. But other then that it should work out!
Avatar f tn Grandparents of the puppies have more to do with the puppies and how well they turn out than the actual parents, so you need to understand the grandparents and health issues they may also have. If your puppy died within a short time, you need to get your money back; if your gransdmother got a replacement puppy from the same litter; that is a sick litter and again, she needs to get her money back and go to a reputable breeder for a puppy.