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Avatar f tn Hi i need help. I have a litter of puppies that are almost 8 weeks old. They have had this cold since july 1st. Took them to the vet paid over $500.00. Vet prescribed Doxcycycline 1 daily for ten days. About three days ago back to the vet and gave them 1cc of Baytril a white shot Another bill for $318.00 and still have a cough. They are very playfull they have a full appetitte and overall very healthy. Why won't this cough go away. By the way very little to no mucucs.
Avatar n tn I have 3 purebred Shih Tzu puppies that are 10 months old. They are indoor pets and are current on their shots. They eat and drink water well. They are also playful and active. But the last 3 weeks or so one of the starts to wheez as if something was stuck in their throats (much like a cat sounds when they cough up a hairball). They do this for a few seconds and then they are fine. Is this normal or should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn Are you sure there are more puppies? Sometimes there can be some time in between puppies but if she has been pushing this long you best get her to the vet. The puppy may be too large, dead or turned and can't make it through the birth canal. Your female may also need a Pit shot.
Avatar n tn Nif it is an infection, could be bad for the puppies. You should see a Vet. Mom may need antibiotics and puppies hand fed.
Avatar f tn She was restless in her crate and when I took her out to potty she had peed in her, something she has never done before. She was also coughing so my husband and I luckily found an er vet that was open and rushed her. They said they wanted to keep her and give her fluids and antibiotics. They called us about 20 minutes later to tell us that her blood test came back and she had very high kidney levels.
442658 tn?1563386491 And from the way you describe them, they are inguinal hernias, which are not all that common. Most hernias in puppies are umbilical hernias that appear as a little bubble where the umbililcal cord was attached, and they are caused at birth by the mother chewing the cord off too vigorously and too short. The chewing and pulling on the umbilical cord causes a tear in the wall and the hernia is formed.
Avatar f tn d hypothesize (1) something they are eating, rolling in, being bitten by? Do they go outside? Do they stay in the laundry room where they might get a little detergent or bleach? or (2) a hereditary problem? Did you use the same sire each time? If so, he and your ***** may each have a recessive gene for this--something that wouldn't show up in the adult parents because they are just carriers, but would affect about 1/4 of their pups.
Avatar m tn Our garbage comes tomorrow luckily, but do I need to worry about any of them crawling around my back yard with the puppies, do I need to worry about them getting in my house. I am just kind of freaked out they are so grose. Help! thanks!
Avatar f tn I have heard of nothing but problems in both litter box and "paper" training puppies. It literally TEACHES them it is okay to eliminate indoors - and that is counter to a main basic rule of house training. So I think you are exactly right and that is why you have the problem today. The breed did not do you any favors. I love Dr. Hetts recommendations. I think it will work if you are very consistent about it.
5915818 tn?1377748240 Wow, TEN, isn't that unusual, maybe a record? I don't know what Gruel is, but I assume that means the puppies are now taking in more than mother's milk - the mother must be exhausted. I'm not a puppy expert, but respond mostly in response the the large number of puppies. What is the normal (not pregnant weight of the mother? On outside, how cold is it? MN has got to be in general cold.
Avatar m tn I have two different breed puppies. The bigger puppy keeps pinning and standing over the litlte puppy then plays to rough and makes her whine. How do i get him to stop pinning her down and standing over her?
Avatar n tn People will always try to find things to pick at and always try to put there 2 cents in but I just learned to let it go in one ear and out the other.
4290325 tn?1356918391 My Shih Tzu should be having puppies in about 2 weeks and I have never had puppies before. She has had a few litters already but this will be first. When do I introduce the outside to the puppies and when d I start them on dog food. I inherited these dogs from my Mother-in-law. She was a breeder and then she passes away.
10870053 tn?1416581194 my husband was wanting a puppy really bad and i was going to get him one for christmas but now im second guessing it.
Avatar n tn my dog is in labour shes had 3 pups but is now losing green liquid is this normal ?
Avatar m tn IF you knew for a fact you were not going to be bad-breeding in any way (ie breeding in weaknesses like bad hip scores, etc) IF you had definite and loving (and dog-wise) homes already for the possible puppies, with people you already knew well, and trusted implicitly, whom you knew for certain were both responsible and also able to provide financially for a dog for the rest of its life. IF you knew for certain those females were healthy enough to BE breed-b-i-t-c-h-e-s.
Avatar n tn Was she a Yorkie also? If so, Yorkies are EXTREMELY tiny puppies, and not eating for even one day could cause a drop in blood sugar. If she had gone a couple of days without eating, it definitely could have killed her. It would not have been possible for her to have starved to death in a couple of days, but when a puppy is being weaned from its mother, its system is not yet totally "in gear" in terms of being on its own.
793908 tn?1294705109 The puppies from one horn are born, the mother rests for a little bit, and then she delivers the puppies from the other horn. There should only be an hour or so in between horns. If she is pushing longer than that and not producing any puppies, it's important to have her checked out by a vet since it's possible for her to become exhausted and not have the energy to push out the remaining puppies.
4131681 tn?1350118297 hello, i have a 1 year old ***** and she has had 4 puppies and her one breeast is swollen and the puppies cant get no milk out of it ...... could it be breast duck block? or what could it be ?
Avatar n tn Not only would it be unfair to the people who ended up buying the puppies, speaking not only in terms of medical bills but also in terms of watching the dog they love suffer with the allergies, it would be unfair to the dogs themselves, since they would be the ones suffering with the allergies. I know it's not what you wanted to hear, but when it comes to creating new lives, we must be as realistic as possible and strive to do only what's best for the dogs in question.
Avatar n tn We did not know that she was pregnant until one day i saw her belly moving around and we could feel pups in there moving. she is spot bleeding now and has had all of the signs of labor, but no pups yet. is a little spot bleeding ok at this time?
Avatar f tn It usually appears after the puppies have had their first shots, however it is not unusual for it to appear in puppies in the 3 to 5 week age group. You really do need to get these puppies to the vet, however, because once the pustules start, if you do not treat the disease aggressively, the pustules can cause severe scarring of the facial features. The disease is sometimes misdiagnosed as staphococcal pyoderma.
Avatar n tn Charlotte is likely immune to parvo if it is true that she's had it and survived. It's not too late to clean & bleach the house for the puppies' sake if they haven't been born yet. If I were you I'd pick a room with linoleum, bleach it and keep those puppies in there at all times.
1843959 tn?1324629150 I advise telephoning the vet first, to warn them in advance you will be bringing Parvo-infected puppies in.