Sneezing and coughing in puppies

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Avatar f tn (I feel like i can sneeze or cough out the baby.
1909286 tn?1379435137 I know you are feeling like crap, but the more you sweat, and encourage your heart and lungs to work, the better you will feel. Think of the coughing, sneezing, GI flushing, sweating as your body ridding itself of poison and healing- because it is. You want to support it to do this as much as you can. Be sure to drink LOTS of water. And hey girl, I am so proud of you...You are doing this!
Avatar n tn It hurts as the sneeze starts and I uncontrollably breath in really deep (sometimes it stops the sneeze), and then after I sneeze my belly tightens up for maybe up to a minute and hurts for just a little while after. A coworker said it was braxton hicks.... Either way I'd just like to stop sneezing but I don't see that before my allergies go away for the summer.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 21 years old, male at around 65 kgs. My girlfriend is of the age (more on this later) I just have a few questions regarding pneumonia, and how easily (or difficult) it is transmitted in healthy young adults. Context: My girlfriend's aunt recently got hospitalized due to pneumonia, and my girlfriend has been taking care of her for about 3 days now. Now this may sound stupid and selfish, but my concern is her and me catching pneumonia too.
5154295 tn?1372284196 I haven't got the pain from coughing but I've gotten it from sneezing.
Avatar m tn I have 2 dachshunds right now a black and creme long hair female and a black and tan short hair male. The puppies were an accident and i'm getting her fixed as soon as its safe too. The puppies are already going to great homes. I made sure that their going to be taken care off cause I love dachshunds more then anything and I know how much they need human affection.
Avatar m tn Cause the pain in my right leg is alot while sneezing and coughing and i find it very hard to sit on sofas and any cahir "designed for comfort" . I am unable to touch my toes when i bend down (my hands reach only till my knees) . And I am unable to keep my right leg straight . I've also had 4 kidney stones in the past month . Could a kidney stone cause this kind of back pain ? Could you kindly advice me for the above problem ?
Avatar f tn I had an L5/S1 microdisectomy 9 days ago and still struggling with some pain in my buttocks and leg (although not to the same level as before). I’m not sure if I should rest or excercise. In particular I get intense sciatic pain whilst sneezing and coughing. Is this normal? I’m worried that the surgery has not been a total success.
Avatar f tn You're going to be sore down there eventually regardless lol. I'm 22 weeks and baby weighs a pound and sometimes it HURTS lol she gets like in my pelvis and OW. Everything is stretching so soreness is normal. And yes, sneezing and coughing can make you sore lol. Even if you don't have coughing fits and pull a muscle, you're already tender so a cough or sneeze can yank a ligament and hurt a bit.
Avatar f tn thank you both !
Avatar f tn ve had a cold for the past week and must have pulled a dozen stomach muscles coughing and sneezing. Not sure if it affects going into labour, probably no such luck!
Avatar f tn I became sick with a simple chest cold last week and for the first time in my life, the constant coughing and sneezing is killing my back. I'm shocked at the pain its producing. My back now feels inflammed and it hurts to walk normal. I'm just riding my cold out to see if my back pains in my fusion area goes away. Anyone else experience back pain when coughing or sneezing?
7131686 tn?1390054441 What ***** even worse is still trying to recover and heal from an 8 inch incision in that area and sneezing and coughing from a head cold lol.
Avatar f tn Yep it's awful :( my baby is breech 34+3 and that's painful enough but when sneezing and coughing I'm in agony x
Avatar f tn Sounds normal. White odorless discharge is to protect the birth canal from foreign bacteria. If it isn't followed by blood or contractions five minutes apart you are fine. Just try relaxing. It's all a process.
Avatar n tn im 19, i have been having issues like coughing and sneezing since i was 6 months. it was on going didnt find the right medicine to cure it. since a year back i have been sneezing every time i wake up in the morning. i always rush to drink a piriton its for allergies. my doctor told to stay away from my dog, but i cant do that. so, anything i could do t get rid of sneezing and coughing? i have allergies for dust and pollen too.
Avatar m tn During the journey he was sneezing and coughing. My anxiety was getting more and more as the time went on. When I got home I wet some toilet paper and put it deep into my ear canal and around the outside. I saw what looked like red about the size of 3 periods at the end of a sentence on the toilet paper when I took it out of my ears. I don’t know if this was blood from him when he coughed and sneezed or if it was blood from me or even if it was blood for sure.
Avatar m tn I'm not familiar with eltroxin, but it's very possible that it could be a combination of both the dosage change and brand change. Or you could have a touch of the flu -- I had a bout of flu a while back and didn't have coughing/sneezing either; just fever and the body aches - felt like I was gonna die. My doctor later told me that most likely it was H1N1, but since I wasn't tested, I guess I'll never know. Why did your doctor increase your dosage?
Avatar n tn And I went 4 days of having a headache and then the next morning my eye was fine and then I got in the shower and while brushing my teeth I notice red in my eye, to my shock it was bloody and at the bottom of my right eye, I've never had this before and didn't know why it happened. As the day went on my eye started to hurt and I started to get another headache. Could my eye and headache to related??
7201693 tn?1389170591 I have asthma and COPD and I felt this searing pain in my right breast after huge cough and a bout of sneezing that followed.
Avatar n tn Colds, coughing and sneezing are not a credible cause of retinal detachments.
Avatar f tn Same here, but add tinkling a little lol. Every since my first child I tinkle when I sneeze...
1947443 tn?1324480964 s between 4 and 5 weeks old you can start soaking a high quality puppy food (ie, no grocery store or WalMart brands) in very hot water and letting it get soft and mushy. Then fluff it up with a fork and mix it with evaporated milk. Offer this to him about a tablespoon at a time and let him start to mess around with it. He should have teeth starting to come through now, so in another week or so he'll be ready to start practicing with the softened puppy food.
Avatar n tn For the past 3 days she has been coughing, honking and has the sniffles. Last night we bought a vaporizer to help rid the symptoms. Is there anything else I should do? Bennadryl? Robotusin? How much is should we give her? Thanks.