Sneezing and coughing in puppies

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387767 tn?1345875627 A dog can behave perfectly in one household, and not in another. I dont know what to tell you about the fibro and your knees. I have a ruptured disc, bulging discs, cancer, and pulmonary hypertension. I still have to walk the dogs. That doesn't change. Actually, getting out in the fresh air often helped me feel somewhat better. Hope this works out, but I have an uneasy feeling. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn No coughing, sneezing or any other symptoms. We had 4 little puppies visit and spend the night two nights ago. She was fine before they came. Since they were here (they left yesterday morning) she has been acting this way.
Avatar n tn Therefore, if you have other children in the home who go to a large day care or school, your baby will take longer to get over the coughing and coughing because of the constant germs and virus that are brought home from the older children from schools. People do not develop permanent immunity to the virus. The most commom complication of bronchiolitis is an ear infection, occuring in some 20% of infants. Bacterial pneumonia is an uncommon complication.
Avatar m tn You will be sneezing, coughing and feel like you have the flu. Just take it hour to hour and keep busy if you can. This will pass in 5-7 days and then you will find the mental part a challenge. Do you have support? You are going to change your life and be a better man for it. Think back to the time when you didn't use. Think of the pleasure you had doing the things that you most likely have given up due to drug use. Know that you are not alone in this and post your progress.
544292 tn?1268886268 Come on in and enjoy the conversation and make yourself comfy. This is the place to be to get off and stay off Tramadol!
544292 tn?1268886268 You're in the right place if you want off the Tramadol! You can do it! I believe in you!
82861 tn?1333457511 I also gave them the veterinarian dose of benadryl today (1 mg per pound) to little effect, so that lack of reaction seems diagnostic in itself. With both dogs hacking and sneezing snot everywhere, and DH adding his allergies and asthma to the chorus, I can hardly hear myself think. Maybe the vet can give DH a shot when he's through with the dogs tomorrow?
544292 tn?1268886268 This is a great place to be to come off Tramadol. Welcome, snuggle down and get comfy.
Avatar n tn hi your in my prayers good luck!!!
334776 tn?1249972181 , grab his hand, look him straight in the eyes, and just holler *YOU DID THIS TO ME*!!!! AND SQUEEZE LIKE H*LL!!!!! and no matter what DO NOT let go hehehe..... eimparati-lol, that's exactly how alex does! if i say he's hurting me or hey sweetie calm down, he just gets more excited! and he stays head down also, so oh yeah, he's a *kicker* lol....and i've noticed lately, he "headbuts" my pelvic area and kicks my ribs at the same time! ahhh little s*** lol.....
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Tramadol Warriors, Many people have come here for many years, giving support and getting support. Because I still believe that Tramadol is unique in it's ... terror and torture of humans, this thread continues. The people who can understand what you are going thru are the people who have kicked it and there's people here who come back to lend a hand. You also will never need an understanding ear as much. You can do it. You can quit. You do not need to be a slave to Tramadol.
485259 tn?1519050626 You can buy stool softeners too, but they don't make for a tasty breakfast... 3. If you can, shop for or prepare food and stick it in the freezer. And be REALLY REALLY nice to your friends and neighbors before your surgery. They may offer to bring you food. Don't be silly, say yes. You will be glad you did! 4. The CO2 gas may bloat you up. It might not happen for a day or two and you will laugh and say "I am SO lucky!!
620923 tn?1452919248 you know all the family Dr's and ER Dr's in your town plus a few others by name, and they know you too. Ps......
Avatar n tn Have a small hemorrhoid pushing out at the side of it, and have also had outer veins in the anal area swelling and causing a lot of pain, itching, and misery. My "tag" has never caused any problem, physically or otherwise. One doctor years ago would put a small nick in it during my annual exam and squeeze the blood out of it.
Avatar n tn I was traveling this past weekend and had my head down and all of a sudden a rush of yellow watery fluid starts draining from my nose. It look and felt like water and it was a lot. I caught some in my hand and wiped them on a towel but they felt sticky afterwards. This was not snot. I was too freaked out to think of smelling it. I do occassionally get sinus pressure when the temperature changes, but did not feel any pain coming on before this happened.
Avatar n tn Three days later, I woke up in the middle of night in a pool of blood got up and went to the bathroom and dropped a large mass the size of my hand. I was saddend because I had just come to terms with being pregnant. Went to the doctor in the morning and with vaginal ultrasound, discovered I was still pregnant. I was put on bed rest until the bleeding stopped.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I am 4 days post transfer, we had our 8 cell day 3 embryo placed in on Monday @ 2pm!! We were so happy with the development. The embryologist said it was a beautiful embryo... We had 9 frozen as well, last time we had none to freeze... I have had cramping but it is not too bad. My breasts are so sore though... We test on 18-4-08, when do you test? Fingers crossed...
1647691 tn?1363727302 and so far ive done 3 rounds chomid, 2x IUI and 1 ISCSI and ive seen him once in an office and he always has a trainee nurse that does the talking and I get him for 10mins. Sorry just a vent! When is your FET booked in for? Are you going to do it natural or assisted?
162948 tn?1205256292 My question is if that is normal once it has been removed and how long does it last. I had it in for over a year but wanted it removed because my husband and I are planning for another baby. So I have one more question, how long could it take to conceive once it is removed? and is it safe to try the first month that it has been removed?
318181 tn?1336447096 We are going to go and get another HCG test done on Wednesday because i think if its a real pregnancy it doubles every couple of days. İm just sooo scared after my ectopic in July. As some of you might know i live in Turkey and its not as easy just phoning up or going to see a doctor because of the language difference. And then its the money. İm keeping my fingers crossed. İ feel sooo achey and and rotton. Might go for a hot bath. This is the year for us all. God bless.
Avatar f tn I had my second transfer a week ago and am going for my test in 3 days. First transfer didn't work and I got a very painful and extremely heavy period 3 days before my test. Both transfers were with blasties. With the first transfer I didn't get any symptoms at all. With this second one I've felt a little bit of breast soreness, mild nausea and fatigue. I have also had a lot of cramping, but mainly in my hips and back, rather than the usual lower abdomen period pain.
Avatar m tn A crawling sensation in skin is seen in people who are very anxious and stressed out. Very dry skin (you rule this out) and disorders of thyroid gland all can precipitate a crawling sensation. The other possibility is Morgellons disease often mimics scabies. The disease is believed to be caused by weak immune systems in people that have contracted the tick-borne Lyme Disease at some point in their life. It can also be a fungal infection like Tinea corporis.