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4714875 tn?1358287425 There are a number of reasons why a child would “cough constantly” at night including, but not limited to asthma, acid reflux (often referred to as GERD), chronic sinus disease and allergy to some inert substance or to an animal in her bedroom. In addition, a valid list of likely causes would have to take into account your daughter’s age. The first thing is that you and her doctor work together to determine the cause of the cough.
Avatar f tn First time mom here with a bedroom big enough to fit a crib in it. The idea of a bassinet freaks me out because we have a German Shepherd labor mix and I just know he will want to check on the baby and scared he will tip it over. What are your experiences with using a crib inside your room. Pros, cons?
Avatar f tn My dr would tell me not to take anything unless i was on my death bed lol. Try a humidifier in your bedroom. It should help with all your symptoms.
Avatar f tn If you suspect that you may be allergic to dust, try encasing your matress, boxsprings and pillows in allergy proof cases. Washing your bedding in hot water and keeping pets out of your bedroom will reduce your allergen exposure as well. The best way to control allergies is to limit exposure. Hopefully the above measures will help you do that. Another thought is GERD. GERD (reflux) can cause inflamation of the sinuses causing PND and sinus infections.
Avatar f tn We just got 100% vinyl shades put in our boys's bedroom. My 8 year old started coughing after he went to sleep and then started vomiting through the night. In the morning after he came down he seemed better fairly quickly. The next night, he started with the cough and vomiting again. I brought him into a different bedroom. He vomited one more time and then was fine the rest of the night. Should we remove these shades or is this just a coincidence?
Avatar n tn Oops! Sorry I posted my question in comments. I'm new to this forum gig. My apologies and hope you get better.
5615074 tn?1378316840 My daughter who will turn 4 just a week before I am due has a pink bedroom. If I do have a boy, should I paint half the room white until he can decide what color he wants? Or just leave it all pink? I'm so confused on what to do about their room. If I could I would give them their own room, but that's not an option right now.
Avatar f tn I want nothing to do with sex. I feel bad for my boyfriend, but I'm trying to have more energy to do things.
Avatar f tn Tell your new husband that he has something "NEW" in the bedroom and that is his new bride, "You". That should be good enough and a good answer for his want list for now.
Avatar f tn Very possibly, especially if her coughing began shortly after placing these items in her room. The mattresses they are making today are "loaded" with chemicals and unless furniture is made of solid wood and safe glues the same thing occurs. I have severe MCS Geniva so daily living can be very difficult. We have air cleaners in our home plus I use zeolite throughout the house to help rid the toxins from the air. It's not perfect but it does help.
Avatar m tn If your daughter is getting cat and dog hair on her clothing, she is also bringing that cat and dog dander into her bedroom. She is also breathing in that cat and dog dander. You say your daughter has just been through another episode of "coughing, wheezing" and that she is using inhalers. These asthma attacks can get worse for your daughter. Your daughter could have an asthma attack in which the bronchial tubes close and this is extremely serious.
Avatar n tn I wish you mom good luck in finding out why she is constantly coughing.
Avatar f tn You could try a humidifier in your bedroom at night. I have a dry cough from my bp meds and the humidifier really helps.
Avatar m tn I have a 4 year old daughter who has been coughing for 3 to 4 months. She wakes up most nights coughing. It sounds like she has a lot of mucus in her throat. She will cough continuously for more than an hour at a time. She coughs when she wakes up, when she runs around, goes out into the cold air. In addition to this, she is pale and has dark circles under her eyes.
Avatar f tn Hi and thanks for your advise too. Sorry I did not reply but as I said to my other friend I wanted to give time to see if the medicines work. And apparently he is responding. The puff the doctor gave him is flexotide. In the meantime we had a follow up at the doctor and he confirmed that he is responding to the medicine and even suggested to decrease the intake of flexotide after 3 weeks. My husband still coughs but not that frequently and not as breathless as a month and a half ago.
994239 tn?1321203620 I went to the doctor 3 days ago after having shortness in breath and chest pain with rapid heartbeat, nothing else no cough, high fever or sneezing. But I did get a horrible cough a month and half prior. I didn't go see a doctor and rode it till cugh went away by itself . BIG MISTAKE. The doctor took an xray and diagnosed me with pneumonia.
Avatar n tn Every night, literally a few minutes after I lay down to go to sleep, I develop this horrible itchy throat that always leads to coughing and gagging. This sensation will last for about ten to fifteen minutes, which i will spend coughing, drinking water, blowing my nose, and trying desperately not to throw up. Then it will fade to a more mild itch that I can sleep though. I will feel fine all day, and then, consistently, this cough will rise up as I'm about to go to sleep.
971074 tn?1362759766 I wake up coughing my head off, stuffed up nose, and my ears are closed up. It is worse in the morning and night. I have read that the coughing won't hurt the baby. Trying to get to sleep is ridiculous. So far I'm just going with honey cough drops. I tried honey and lemon tea last night and that seemed to help me get to sleep. Just wondering what you guys think will help. I'm in my first trimester so I'm trying to be careful.
Avatar f tn My son aged 16 years has for many years reverted to urinating in a glass in his bedroom during the night. I haver tried many punishments, at the moment removing his laptop 'till he stops completely. But he always goes back to it and stores the urine in drinking glasses under his desk or in drink bottles at back of the wadrobe. He has no shame and does not attempt to hide the fact. He was diagnosed ADHD as a child, without medication he has done very well in school but has never been easy.
Avatar f tn BUT SLEEP has bin a major problem and i keep telling myself ill get some sleep tomorrow and everything will be back to normal but now i feel like theres a devil in my bedroom preventing me from sleeping.i MEAN ITS SO HARD TO SLEEP ive taken sleep aid diphenhydramine and still nothing is happenning........after already two hours.......what was your experience with sleep and whats the best sleep youve managed and after how many days of quitting......
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Avatar m tn My son has the exact problem and so far nothing shows up. In his case it begins with a tickle in the throat which throws him into this coughing fit that makes him feel as if he is going to choke. He has been tested for reflux, ent problems, lung problems, etc. At the same time he has this condition, his excema flares up and he gets put on prednisone which somewhat helps a little. I feel for you since this can drive anybody crazy. It is very frustrating. If there is a Dr.
Avatar n tn s acted up bad I always end up being woken up at least once during the night with an attack. I have to take a bottle of water in my bedroom and lay it on the floor next to me every night so I don't choke! Alot of times I will shy away from any social events afraid that I may end up having an attack. It is horrible and even more so when you have no idea what's causing it. Well good luck everyone with it and I will post again if I find anything out that could possibly help anyone.
1516809 tn?1345082764 Her Geriatrician feels that I should keep the house at around 68 degrees, and use a Cool Mist Humidifier in her bedroom while she sleeps to add moisture but I am wondering if keeping the house cool for this particular COPD exacerbation is really the correct thing to do. I am still considering getting a second opinion if this exacerbation does not alleviate itself soon as her doctor is resigned to the fact that this is the typical COPD cough. Further thoughts? Thanks.
Avatar f tn So me and my husband live in a one bedroom and our lease isn't up until August so we are going to have his crib and everything in our room. Is it ever to early to start getting everything set up? I'm 30 weeks and 5 days now.