Coughing for two years

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394994 tn?1274471456 I have had a thick, clear gel like mucus in my throat now for nearly two years. I have seen doctor after doctor and nobody can figure it out. I have had several larynoscopy's and was told I have GERD. I began the medicine for that and took it faithfully for 6 months as I was told it takes awhile to work, well it never did work. Then I had several chest ex-rays, along with chest ct-scan, sinus ct scan and throat ct scan and they found no reason for this issue. I had a barrium swallow as well.
Avatar n tn I have been fighting what the DR are calling a viral infection for two weeks with only minor relief. This all started with me feeling dizzy on a Sunday morning, then Monday I felt the some exact way. Well Tuesday I woke with a very, very sore throat that I put off as just dry air. Then Wednesday I woke up feeling no better and went to the nurse practitioner who ran a strep test which came back negative.
Avatar f tn Question 1: Is it true that if you have a lot of of acid reflux and/or indigestion, it's likely that your baby will have a head full of hair? Question 2: Has anyone else been experiencing coughing and/or sinus problems? Ever since I've been preggo I've had terrible coughing & sinus problems, I'm 23w today & it seems to be getting worse. My nose is almost always stuffy & stuff is always gathering in my throat...
Avatar f tn I don't know if I am in the right place. But we have been trying for a baby for two years now. I haven't been on BC in 3 years. My periods have been pretty regular, but I am a week late. I have been having a few symptoms but I am not sure if I am misreading these symptoms. I have been peeing much more than normal, very tired, been having heartburn which is not normal for me. But I took a test this morning and it is a negative. Is this normal or am I overreacting?
Avatar m tn My mum has had a cough for just over 10 years now. She can link it back to when my niece was christened and to the best of my knowledge nothing significant happened on that day. There are times when it is unbearable not just for her but all our family. Please dont take this the wrong way as I love mum dearly but sometimes I have to shut my bedroom door as the cough is constant and trying to enjoy the comforts can sometimes be impossible which begs the question, what is it like for her??!
4838207 tn?1363917730 I'm glad someone else posted this! I'm 37 weeks and this has happened to me all pregnancy! No reason for it, I'll just randomly start coughing. It usually happens when I lay down.
Avatar f tn I don’t have any health conditions and don’t do drugs/drink alcohol. No sports and I drink a lot of water. This has been going on for 4 years. What could be the cause and what should I do?
Avatar f tn Out of those the Avalox seemed to stop the cough the best and actually prevented me from coughing for a good month after going off the pills. Im not sure about the half life of something like Avalox, but my pulmonologist seems to think it helped due to its anti-inflamatory properties. Recently i started taking allegra which tends to stop it for a good 12 hours. Although i would generally think this is a allergies, the cough seems to have no seasonal or locational changes.
Avatar m tn It comes and goes and I have been almost perfect for part of the summer, then I went to the city and stayed in a place with possible mold for two weeks. I also slept little and had some drinks. It got a lot worse when I came back home to nature again. Horrible cough at night only (sometimes when I exercise as well) when I lie down. It is also hard to breath and at times a lot of clear mucus, just like I had a horrible cold. After about 3 hours it goes away leaving me exhausted.
Avatar m tn My 5 year old miniature schnauzer is 5 years old. She has started coughing and is becoming more frequent. It is almost a panting cough? She also has a bad odor. Which has been going on for a month or two.(odor). I have listened to her chest with a stethescope and she is breathing fast and it sounds thick and dry. I thoguht it was maybe just a case of dust because we mulched leaves (oak and pecan) and we didn't have a bag on the mower and it got pretty dusty.
Avatar m tn I am 50 yrs old I have never smoked but for the past two years I keep getting really bad chest infections the doctor put me on inhalers and said I suffered from asthma, every morning I cough up phlegm and my chest feels tight when I spit out the phlegm its brown in colur like its got blood in it after I rince my mouth this stops until the next morning.
Avatar f tn About 20 years ago I started having coughing spells.....and I'm still having them. I've seen every type of doctor, (respiratory, ENT, gastrologist, psychiatrists, etc) and tried every med more than once and have had every test more then once, Nothing helps, and theirs no answers as to why I'm coughing.....A couple of doctors even told me, "this is something I just have to learn to live with" I've tried.
Avatar n tn I had every symtom from every sickness and i was in and out of the hospital for two years. I went from not being allergic to anything to literrally being allergic to everything. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me so they just said I had bad allergies but none of the medicine worked at all. Now I think I've got a hold of my issues, and Ive helped several people, hope to help others.
Avatar f tn Re my question - re coughing fits - I posted an article re coughing April to November for many years and the only thing to stop this was prednisone. Approx 6 weeks ago I started on SYMBICORT and have stopped coughing. Everyone is shocked!!! I cant explain how its feels. Almost as though I have gone on holiday as I am not coughing any more. I may give the odd slight cough but its only a one off perhaps every 3-4 days and it is only like clearing my throat.
Avatar n tn I've had a chronic cough for 10 years and have been treated for allergies and asthma only to find out that's not the cause. I've had two CT's that showed two small masses (one approx. 9mm). I was referred to a lung surgeon who will not perform surgery because he says there's no guarantee that he could reach it. He's recommending a PETscan in the next 3 months. He believes it non cancerous but does not guarantee it.
436713 tn?1408884730 For two years now, I have had this light headed, non-spinning, VERY fuzzy. The way I describe it is that I feel like I have cotton balls or something in my head. My head doesn't HURT.. and I am not spinning.. But I just have this sensation that makes me feel like I want to close my eyes. It is even worse when I am in stores where I have to look at a lot of things, and it often makes me feel very nauseous.
Avatar f tn Is it normal to have a hemorrhoid flare up every so often for two years!?? The first time that I noticed my hemorrhoid I was in a lot of pain, so much that my dr told me to go to the ER, well those people told me that they couldn't see any hemorrhoids but that my anus looked inflamed. They didn't do anything for me, finally I saw my dr who saw the hemorrhoid and just told me to take fiber.