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Avatar n tn hi i am having rash and itching on both of my breast areola. sometime i notice ver little watery discharge especially after a shower and i am even more worried because i am breast feeding. there is no pain but it gets very itchy and the skin is flaking. i have tried creams with no good result This discussion is related to <a href=''>areola rash on both</a>.
Avatar f tn i had an annula erythema about 15 to 20cm diameter on my left breast for 8 months i had a skin scrapping and all came back negative so i had a biopsy 3 weeks ago and still waiting for results. i have a dull ache in my breast in my left breast and pain in my sholder and nipple area but the rash has nearly gone now . what could this be.
Avatar n tn I have a rash beside my the nipple on one breast. It is very itchy, rough, & pelling with stabbing pain sometmes. It started out reddish and seems to be turning dark brown now. I've had it for about 2 months and have tried all kids of creams on it, but nothing has helped. I finally went to the doctor and he says it's nothing. I will be 39 this month and he says there's no way it can be cancer because I am too young.
Avatar n tn Also, breast cancer rarely causes pain. Given that your skin rash cleared up on the medication that was given to you, it sounds as though your rash was actually a "yeast infection." These are common due to heat and moisture. The pain you describe could well be due to cysts which do become worse as a result of caffiene. You might try decaffienated soda such as seven-up, sprite, sierra mist and even some of the colas come in decaffienated versions. Try this and see if it helps.
Avatar f tn Yesterday i felt burning and pain like when you have a rash...Today i dont have it and it just shows like when a rash heals and leave a brown color. I am so concerned. What could cause it? Does sucking on nipple can cause it? please help????
Avatar f tn Pic not very clear on zoom, but then it could be herpes zoster (shingles) considering the pain factor. Also ecchymosis can look alike, with pain but more or less flushed with the skin. Do consult your doc to make sure.
Avatar n tn I have a rash under my breast. I'm thinking its coming from my victoria scret bra's. What can I get to get rid of this rash. Its like a burning feeling.
Avatar f tn Hiya tuckaman, thanks for the reply, never been on one of these sites so wasent sure to what i should write down.
Avatar f tn I had the normal fatigue, dry cough, chest pain, weight loss, rash on legs, night sweats. Most of these symtoms are much better. Now I'm having headaches and pain and soreness in my armpit and breast especially on my left side. Has anyone else had these pains. At times it feels like a bad tooth ache.
Avatar f tn I then went through 5 weeks of radiation and am taking letrozole, a cancer drug. Since radiation I have been suffering with breast pain and it fills with fluid and has been drained 7 or 8 times now. It now needs to be drained again. I also have this horrible rash on the side of my breast and it seems to be spreading under my arm. Has anyone had to deal with these symptoms and what did you do and how long did it go on for?
Avatar n tn It's a sharp painAbdominal pain Abdominal pain diagnosis Acupuncture and pain Ankle pain Anterior knee pain Back pain - low Bone pain or tenderness Breast pain Causes of painful intercourse Chest pain Chronic pain - resources that doesn't last very long, but it's like needles poking it.
Avatar f tn were both your ovaries removed as well ?? If not then some of the breast pain may well be due to hormone levels in the body. You should NOT be squeezing the nipples because the production of some discharge will be the result. When stimulated a signal is sent via the brain and breast discharge will occur. This discharge can be almost any color and consistency. The painful intercourse can be due to dryness of the tissues and a result of hormones as well. I don't know what type of Dr.
Avatar m tn I will say that some symptoms of IBC are rather insidious and not the fast swelling, red hot breast as is often described. There have been cases where it only appeared as a rash. Breast pain such as you describe are rarely associated with other types of Breast Cancer. If you are terribly concerned you might consider seeing a Breast Specialist for an opinion or talking with your Primary Care Physician or GYN and request some testing or at the very least a clinical exam.
Avatar f tn This rash shown in photo attached has appeared on my daughter (aged almost 16). It is also in larger patches in other areas including under the breast Anyone have any idea what it looks like? It seems raised and she said it is painful to touch. Her arm on this side is also aching when she lifts it. See pic attached. Thanks.
Avatar n tn A pain started to the right of 1 breast-felt like I had been poked hard. Nothing there. Next day small red rash appeared in 2 spots the size of a dime. Then 3 splotches appeared under breast and center of breasts. Little bit itchy. Mostly painful. Don't sweat, am very clean. Help!!
203342 tn?1328740807 Hi April. I get breast pain, but it's around the side and underneath. I am already through menopause, however. Also, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, so that could be it. But I have had this pain throughout my life, on and off. What I do is use ice ( I know it sounds bad) and take some Advil. I also get a red rash around my nipples and the doctor told me to put cortizone cream on it or neosporin.
655122 tn?1224369096 I seem to have developed a rash on my left breast. The 'elevations' look like bad acne in size. It doesn't itch, but when it first showed up and the elevations were smaller, it did. I haven't changed clothing detergent or deodorants or anythhing. My stress level has gone up EXPONENTIALLY in the last few days, so I'm hoping that's all it is! I noticed it this morning when preparing to shower, as I do a 'skin check' just prior. Any thoughts?
1282678 tn?1275189861 For the past 2 yrs i have had breast soreness, out of breath, and rash that comes and goes, and back pain. I had a mammogram over a year ago which showed nothing. I worry about pagets and breast inflammation cancer. Am i worrying for nothing, or is this sometimes normal with women who do not have breast cancer?
Avatar f tn I'm 29 and I have a red rash type mark on my right breast. It's not itchy, the skin is not turning orange like, no real warmth, no pain. Does this sound like Inflammatory Breast Cancer? i went to my doctor and she thinks I have a cyst and also very fibrocystic breasts. Could this be causing the mark?? I breastfed my daughter for 7 months and have no family history of breast cancer. My mom also says she has "lumpy" boobs. Please help!
Avatar f tn i have been to see a dermotologist who did a scarping and found nothing for infections etc, this was in feb i went to see them for results on june 27th and they want to do a biopsy of the area. the rash has started to fade, as at one point it coverd the whole breast and now it is just underneath but has left slight marking of the skin. i have some pain in my breast and arm in slight sorness of the area but nothing to complain about.
Avatar f tn Hello, Since the rash on breast is spreading it can be due to dermatitis skin or cellulitis skin. Cellulitis is an acute infection of skin and soft tissues characterized by localized pain, swelling, tenderness, erythema, and warmth.It usually follows a break in the skin, such as a fissure, cut, laceration, insect bite, or puncture wound. I suggest you an immediate dermatologist’s evaluation and get the skin biopsied to confirm the diagnosis.
Avatar n tn The pain only occurs where the rash is. There is no sign of a rash on my nipple so the rash is only on the areola. Now my right breast has this dark spot that covers a part of my areola which occasionally itches or hurts. My nipple is left in tact and there is no sign of discharge. I'm turning 49 this year and when I saw my doctor last month she sent me to get my mammogram and ultrasound which both came out good.
Avatar n tn I had a small quarter size rash on the upper inner quadrant of my breast, my doctor felt it was a bull's eye tick rash and I feel like it has gotten lighter but not gone away - how worried should I be? This is not where I was bit by a tick, I am worried about inflammatory breast cancer.
Avatar n tn Hello- I had a rash pop up on my right breast about 1 month ago. I initially thought it was a bug bite because it was so itchy and red. Within a week it had calmed down but I went to doctor anyway because I had read about IBC and was scared. She suggested a week of steroid cream and if it didn't help, I should come back. The rash pretty much disappered but there are still some marks that appear to be a scar (skin is a little darker that the rest but the patches are very faint).
Avatar f tn This rare type of breast would include -rapid unusual increase in breast size,redness, rash, blotchiness on breast,persistent itching of breast or nipple,thickening of breast tissue,stabbing pain and/or soreness of breast,feverish breast,swelling of lymph nodes under the arm or above the collarbone,dimpling or ridging of the breast,flattening or retracting of nipple,a lump that may or may not be present. A skin biopsy such as you had would have certainly shown if you had this disease. .
Avatar n tn Hello, I've had a rash between by breast and on the lower half of one for nearly two weeks now. Saw GP last week, was told that its dermatitis, but it really, really hurts! The cream hasn't done anything, its still the same. If anybody can help or suggest anything, I'd be grateful! Thank you.
Avatar n tn He put me on prednisone and some low dose pain medication and scheduled me to see a RA physician (5 week wait) and to keep an eye on breast changes. Well, my left breast in now flat (3-4 weeks after joint pain on-set) and I am wondering if anyone has ever come across breast implants (saline, silicone shell) having caused arthritic symptoms in patients? Also, yesterday I noticed a rash on my cheeks.