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Avatar n tn I have painful swelling in my right breast that seems to get bigger with each menstrual cycle. Does anyone know what I could do to reduce the swelling or ease the pain?
Avatar n tn It could be from drinking too much caffeine or a high fat diet (because sometimes your breasts store fat and the glands swell up). Apparently hot sauce can cause it too. Breast swelling and tenderness don't mean you have cancer though, with cancer that doesn't usually happen. It could also be a hormonal imbalance, or a change in diet (again, fatty foods, caffeine).
Avatar f tn They took my blood so they can find out whats wrong. I should get the results soon,I hope. My pain goes from my right breast to my rib to my shoulder and into my gets me worried. I just want to know whats wrong. I will talk to you all later!
Avatar f tn Hi, Breast pain is not a common symptom of breast cancer,many women have breast tenderness and pain, also called mastalgia.The pain may occur in one or both breasts and it may come and go with monthly periods.Also it's quite rare for a woman to have breasts that have perfect symmetry. Breast pain can get worse with changes in your hormone levels.
2093908 tn?1333355764 It could be hormonal fluctuations or a blocked milk duct or many other benign conditions,but please have this recurrent pain and swelling investigated by a Breast Specialist to be on the safe side okay?. All the best... P.S. I noticed that you have posted a few times concerning this problem.Please,if you have any additional questions or comments,it would be better if you keep them all on the same thread by using the space below the answer/s you have received.
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Avatar n tn June Of '06 I was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carcanoma (left breast), treated with radiation & lumpectomy. Tried taking Tamoxifen x3, unable to function w/side effects. I have since had right breast biopsy (benign) and also a pappaloma removed right side. I am now experiencing breast pain & swelling on the left side same area as lumpectomy, some shoulder and arm pain, nothing eliminates the discomfort (Tylenol / asprin).
Avatar n tn Breast cancer is rarely associated with pain,but please pay a visit to your doctor for a clinical breast exam.You would need medication if the pain and swelling is due to infection or some type of testing if the doctor recommends it after examining you. Take care..
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing pain and swelling on my right breast for the last three days. The pain came very sudden and each day the breats is a little larger. A few years back I had a small size lump on the right side between my breast and armpit. A sonogram proved it to be benign. And eventuslly it drained. I am very concerned because it is very sore and the nipple is sensitive to touch. I am 33 yrs old with no children and no history of breast cancer in my family tree.
Avatar n tn i have pain in my left breast side and armpit and swelling doc told me this is inflammation mastitis plz help me 2 doctors said same thing but i am worried i am taking antibiotic last 5 day no improvement
Avatar n tn I'm a 5yr breast cancer survior, with minor pain coming from under left armpit. there seems to be swelling in the left breast, into the armpit and going up into the neck and just the left side of the face. Could this be caused by to much lifting and pulling on heavy items at work? Or should I be more concerned that it is something else? My orginal cancer was in the right breast and was ductal, resulting in removal of that breast, and reconstruction being done.
Avatar n tn I have been having swelling in only my right breast for about the past 4-5 months. It comes and goes but I cannot pinpoint anything that triggers it. The only pain I have have is from the swelling, I don't notice any glands that a sore. It goes around to under my arm and sometimes into my back. Can you tell me if this is something I should be concerned about? Any help is appreciated.
Avatar f tn Treatment for the cyclic or fibrocystic breast pain includes use of oral contraceptives, limiting caffeine intake, Vitamin E intake, wearing a tight fitted bra for support, warm compresses application and over the counter analgesics. For confirmation, FNAC (fine needle aspiration cyrtology) needs to be done. FNAC is aspiration of the material of the glands which is done by a fine gauge needle (22 or 25 gauge) and a syringe. Treatment will depend on the diagnosis.
Avatar f tn 0 days ago I had a surgical biopsy of my rt breast ( along with needle local) I was cruising along in my recovery just great..all of a sudden I started getting rt breast swelling..( diag. was benign phyllodes) The swelling is painful, hard & hot to touch. I had to call the Dr over the wkend as it is close to unbearable. I wasnt told to expect anything like this. The Dr said since it isnt red, it prob is just fluid.
Avatar n tn I've done web searches but only find Inflammatory Breast Cancer? The only swelling is in the nipple and it doesn't have any dicharge. Any advice please?
Avatar n tn I am a 59 year old who underwent a lumpectomy in Nov. 07 and concluded a three week course of radiation in February. I had an unremarkable recovery but now suffer from pain, swelling and redness in the affected breast. I did some weight lifting (three pounds) on Tuesday the 2nd of July in conjuction with physical therapy for tendonitis of the opposite arm. Please advise. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn breast pain and swelling, had a small pappilary cyst removed dec./04, every thing fine. Had a few infections finally cleared up. to date i have swelling 2-4 times normal size severe ithching mild to moderate pain in differant parts of the breast, some days hardly anything other days worse. had mammo/ultrasoud and mri said things seem to be benign repeat in 6 months.
Avatar f tn This is my first pergancy. I'm 10 weeks and I'm having pain in my right breast.
Avatar f tn hi i have had problems since october last yr with breast pain and pain in armpits, i have had a mammogram and it was all clear, i have had four lots of antibiotics and different creams to help with pain, but i have noticed that i have a bit of rash on right breast and a swelling it is nearly twice the size of the other one , the pain goes under my arm and around back ,