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Avatar n tn A related discussion, <a href="/posts/Breast-Cancer/swelling-in-left-breast-and-pain-inarm-shoulder-and-back-/show/2312489">swelling in left breast and pain inarm shoulder and back </a> was started.
Avatar n tn I started having breast pain on the left side while nursing my second child.My breast seemed to not be expressing the milk well--just one or two streams. I did all the treatments for clogged milk ducts/mastitis, but nothing really helped. The pain would come and go, but my breast never expressed like it had with my first baby. My left breast became noticably larger than my right. I thought the pain and swelling would go away after I stopped nursing/pumping.
Avatar f tn You may try putting Ice on the area to help with the pain and to bring down the swelling. Some pain and swelling in normal to a point because it is traumatic to the tissue and that is the bodies natural response to trauma. If the area looks red, has red streaks and feels hot to the touch, or you have a fever over 101 you shuld call your doctor because there may be an infection. If these things are not happening then try some Ice and rest.
Avatar n tn I am 34 yr female, I had a hysterectomy at 29 due to severe endometriosis, I also had a benign(sp) lump removed from my right underarm/breast. I am having a great deal of pain in my right underarm/breast area, I alsohave swollen glands behind my ear (rt side) I get really dizzy and nauseated sometimes. I am in the Navy and have reported it to the doctors, they said it is nothing to worry about but never did any exam on me. I am scared, what could this be and what do you think I should do.
Avatar n tn I have pain in the right side of under my breast for two weeks also I have abdominal swelling please give me advice what i can do.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure I can agree with the swelling in your breast being normal because of the previous operation. Personally I believe I would seek a second opinion on that. If you aren't comfortable with the recommended 3 month follow-up then go ahead and make an appointment with a Breast Specialist and have him/her review your films and do an exam. You should take your previous films also for comparison. We are always entitled to a second opinion if only for peace of mind.
2093908 tn?1333352164 It could be hormonal fluctuations or a blocked milk duct or many other benign conditions,but please have this recurrent pain and swelling investigated by a Breast Specialist to be on the safe side okay?. All the best... P.S. I noticed that you have posted a few times concerning this problem.Please,if you have any additional questions or comments,it would be better if you keep them all on the same thread by using the space below the answer/s you have received.
1629118 tn?1299613130 Approximately a month ago, I had a lump about the size of a half dollar and swelling in my left armpit with alot of pain. I went into ER and that doc said she felt a mass under the areola and scheduled an ultrasound. Of course I panicked. The ultrasound found nothing though and the pain and swelling were gone after a day or two. I dismissed the "mass" the doc found because I had breast reduction in 1996 and I know there is scar tissue in that area.
214065 tn?1251288877 ( i also had a terrible migraine the past 2 days, which is finally gone, and my right upper arm was hurting several days prior TO THIS NEW PAIN, BUT IS JUST A DULL PAIN NOW THAT THE LEFT CHEST/ABOVE BREAST PAIN HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE MIX.) PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!! I DONT KNOW IF I HAVE A PULLED MUSCLE, PNEUMONIA, OR I AM HAVING A HEART ATTACK!! IT HURTS EVEN TO MOVE/BREATHE!!
Avatar f tn Hello. I've noticed this week I have one breast larger than the other one. It hurts like an ache kind of on top and deep under the breast. It itched a lot lady week but since then has not. It feels more dense and full than the other one. I'm having shoulder blade pain and nerve pain that radiates down my arm. I figured the back and arm were a pinched nerve or something but the breast change has me scared and not sleeping. I'm calling my OBGYN on Monday. This is Saturday.
Avatar f tn Any time the lymphatic system is compromised / interferred with, the flow of lymphatic fluid can be compromised also which may cause a swelling below that area. You might want to have this investigated by either your Dr. or a Physical Therapist who is trained in the treatment of Lymphedema. You don't mention the time lapse between the removal of the nodes and the swelling and if the removal was very recent this might resolve itself on it's own but I'd still have it ck.d out.
Avatar f tn Mastalgia or breast pain may be cyclical or non-cyclical. Cyclical mastalgia is usually the pain prior to each menstrual cycle that is due to hormonal imbalance. We are particularly interested with the second type which is non cyclical. It is usually unilateral and localised to a particular quadrant of the breast. There are numerous possible causes of non-cyclical mastalgia including: cysts; mastitis; stretching of Cooper’s ligaments; trauma; Mondor’s disease; and neoplastic processes.
Avatar f tn I've had breast pain & swelling for over 2 months. Two doctors can feel swollen tissue in part of my breast where the pain is. Had a mammogram & ultra sound which didn't come up with anything. Took antibiotics in case of infection & that didn't help either. After mammogram I started having nipple discharge on that breast which came back saying 'rare histiocytes'.
Avatar f tn Hm, you are getting swelling and pain in your armpit? The breast pain is most certainly hormonal. Your shifting hormones with your cycle. But the armpit issue I'm not sure about. Do you have a doctor you see to ask about this?
Avatar m tn Thanks for your reply. No there is no breast cancer or breast surgery, no infection in blood work ups, no other lymph nodes in breasts after doplar and breast scan. Arm is still swollen. What type of doctor do you recommend? So far vascular suggests a biopsy, others have suggested doing an MRA first.
Avatar n tn You might consider calling the docs office and asking the nurse about post-biopsy breast care and what other palliative methods you can use to get the pain under control. You may just have enough swelling going on that it's putting pressure on a nerve and causing the shoulder, arm and neck pain. Nerve pain is notoriously difficult to treat, but if you can get the swelling under control, it should go away.