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1461017 tn?1285812782 Papillomas frequently involve the large milk ducts near the nipple. Multiple papillomas may also be found in the small breast ducts further from the nipple. Of the benign conditions that cause suspicious nipple discharge, approximately half is due to papilloma and the other half is a mixture of benign conditions such as fibrocystic conditions (i.e., lumpy) or duct ectasia (widening and hardening of the duct due to age or damage).
Avatar f tn The issueright now is very complex. I have right breast pain specifically near the nipple area but my main concern is i have a lump there. According to my knowledge i've always had this lump underneath and near my nipple for as long as i can remember. maybe 7-8 years. i always thought it was normal just being there near the nipple. Now the problem is, i have a little bit of pain there when i touch my right nipple region where the lump is at.
Avatar f tn htm An intraductal papilloma, on the other hand, is a small, wart-like growth that projects into the breast ducts near the nipple. This causes a bloody or sticky discharge. In addition, any slight bump or bruise near the nipple can cause the papilloma to bleed. If the discharge becomes bothersome, the duct can be surgically removed, often without changing the appearance of the breast. Multiple intraductal papillomas - which often occur in both breasts - are more common in younger women.
Avatar n tn s actually how I noticed it.My breast looked misshapen next to my nipple. No nipple discharge or inversion. When doing the traditional self breast exam I don't really feel anything unusual but if I pinch my breast I feel it plain as day. I can grab it and actually see it move under my skin. Ive had a breast cyst before and it feels nothing like that.
Avatar f tn Out of nowhere I have a pinkish area about 1" across near my nipple. A streak that is about 1/4" wide extends down, then up and around (about 1" from outer edge of areola) to top of breast. Sometimes I feel a fleeting sensation that my nipple is cold or wet, but it is not. I haven't breast fed in 12 years. I had mastitis 2x in this breast 12 years ago while breastfeeding. I had a biopsy years ago (came back neg) in same breast.
Avatar f tn From what you describe it sounds like Mammary Duct Ectasia Symptoms, which may be caused by infection or inflammation of a milk ducts in the breast, near the nipple, causing green,brown or black discharge and pain. Take care to avoid nipple stimulation( including frequent checks for discharge) because it can actually make the discharge persist. Since the pain is constant,I would advise you to see a Breast Specialist to review all your tests results.
Avatar f tn hiya, i am 35 and i have the same sort of problem as you ,its only ever my left breast, my underarm hurtsand i get asmall lump appear, i get a feeling that my underarm is bigger and i get pain in my left breast on the far side near underarm, i cant feel any lumps in my breast, but it seems to get slightly bigger at times and i have dishargefrom both near when my period due, keep an eyeon when you get the pains is it leading up to your period write dates down if there is a pattern themits more th
Avatar f tn Fe days back, I felt a small lump above my nipple , more like near the outer area of nipple . It’s a very small marble size and it doesn’t move . I did pump when I had my first child a year ago . But I stopped pumping and breast feeding as I got dried out . Due to corona , all the doctors are full .
Avatar m tn Are there other symptoms present like nipple discharge, dimpling of the skin, or changes in the size, shape, or feel of the breast or nipple? While hormone changes during menstruation may cause breast pain or tenderness, I recommend that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. I know it can be terrifying and overwhelming experience consulting a doctor, but your complete medical history, direct clinical evaluation and breast examination are important for proper diagnosis.
Avatar n tn This is a strange question, and might not be the right forum - but here goes... I had a breast reduction in 2000. It was a C cut I believe, where they cut underneath the breast in the shape of a C and I have a scar line up the center of the breast to the nipple. So I guess it is a C with a center line. I have had 3 children since my reduction, and was able to partially breast feed.
Avatar m tn However my right breast nipple looks kind of different from my left breast nipple and my left breast also has that little fold like skin attached to the nipple! I am "TERRIFIED" of the worst if u know what i mean! If anyone can tell me whats wrong i would so much appreciate and answer. Thanks to all!!
4979956 tn?1390308696 i have a sharp pain on my left breast not on the nipple,that comes once a month near my menses,is it normal?
Avatar f tn i am only 26, ive not noticed and skin change or nipple discharge, and the discomfort is not constant, it is more a burning sensation on the outside near the underarm around the bottom of my breast, the underneath. does pain with your period always end with your period or can it continue for days after if it is period related? And if it is period related can it be in only one breast?
Avatar n tn Im my breast is darker than the other..ive had some burning in my nipple and the upper outer area (near armpit)...i was told that the lumps in my arm and on collar bone are just my bodys idea of wondering whats goin on!! Even if there isn't anything wrong my lymph nodes would swell cuz of the constant touching of these areas!...thats what I was told.
945640 tn?1316534887 i had this sharp pain on my right breast its on the rib but next to my breat,it was there for some good 2 days on n off,a 2month before that i had pain like very sore on my right nipple it went hard at that time,nurse said nipple pain might be due to period,cos i was due after 5days,i had experienced same thing a week before my period,i havent seen gp,n im scared what it can be,we have no family history of breasr cancer.helpim freakin out...
Avatar n tn Has anyone had a problem with burning and pain around the nipple area of their breast? I have had pain for about a year, it started out as a light pain that would come and go, then it was more frequent. For like the last 3 weeks my breast feels like it is on fire and the pain is unbearable. Even to have the seatbelt rub it brings me to tears. To explain be example I say it feels like something is tearing the skin and trying to climb out of my nipple. It is just horrible.
Avatar f tn ve had pain on the side my right breast, under my armpit and near what I believe are my lymph nodes. I recently had my annual mammogram and results came back normal. However, the pain from the biopsy has never subsided. In fact, I've begun to start feeling sharp pain shooting from the side of my right breast to the nipple. The biopsy seems to have done more damage than good. Should I ask my doctor to remove the marker? What recourse do i have?
Avatar n tn I have neuropathy and my pains seemed to be mostly in the feet and could be since teen years because I have had sensitive feet most of my life but now they are seriously sore most of the time making me find it hard to walk some days and yes I get pains in other places now, sometimes a sharp shot of pain in the hands and the odd time an electrical shot will go for example from my lower left side to maybe my right shoulderor a stab in the ribs.
Avatar f tn on tuesday night i realised my right breast seemed abit bigger than my left , and it caught my eye obviously, didnt think much of it, and today i noticed i have a yellow stain/bruise above my nipple and i have like a yellow spot on my nipple near it , it looks asif it was a spot that has been popped, and iv noticed from my breast til where my armpit starts hurts and also under my nipple hurts abit.
Avatar n tn today I started my period and for the past two days my right breast has been hurting really bad well i was rubbing it to relieve the pain and what appeared to be breast milk came out, I am no way pregnant, what could cause this?
Avatar m tn I am a male, 18 years old and i just recently noticed a small ball/limp in my pec.I'm scared, it's a small round like ball/lump near my nipple and don't know what it is. Should I be worried and is it dangerous? Please help.
Avatar n tn I have been having severe left breast pain , near my armpit area. i also have nipple discharge if the lump is squeezed hard enough. I went for a mammogram and it was abnormal, a mass and density were reported. I have a appt this friday with a surgeon. I am so scared. has anyone had this type of problem? To make matters worse i have breast implants. I am 37 years old and noticed a little pain 3 years ago. Im a nervous wreck right now.
Avatar f tn Hi, It is not unusual, particularly in young women ,to get a lump near or under the nipple. This is mostly due to hormonal fluctuations. Usually these lumps tend to get better on their own providing that the area around the nipple doesn't look red and swollen. Cysts,which are round or oval, appear most often during the two weeks before your period and resolve spontaneously after your period ends.