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Avatar n tn I am still in tremendous pain and was wondering if I could have scar tissue that has built up under my arm from the lymph node surgery that could be tangled up with a nerve or muscle causing this pain. Today, my arm almost feels numb like the blood flow is being restricted. Can an X-Ray or MRI show scar tissue?
Avatar f tn at times this same pain goes down to the hip and leg. this pain is on the same side as the breast surgery (left). please explain what could the cause this pain? i take anti-inflammatory tabs and pain killers but does not relief the pain or if it does then it is only temporary till the tabs wear off. i feel i cannot take so may pain killers as it affects my stomach as well.
Avatar n tn the doctor tried to get the nerve block in place 5 times and at that point I said forget it your killing me.. surgery went well as far as my shoulder. However after surgery the majior pain was in my neck.. my neck was swollen and purple. I then started having speratic jerking of my arm when I would turn my neck a certain way or go to pick up somthing. This seems very strange to me as well as frighting to me as well. This condition is getting worse the pain,the invoulntary jerking of my arm....
976316 tn?1248210206 I just had open heart surgery a valve replaced 2 weeks ago. Yesterday started having sever right breast pain I have implants. Is this normal are should I be worried.the pain is so bad I can't but be worried. Also my thyroids have gotten way out of wak.
Avatar f tn possibly related in some way to the surgery. Nerve pain, scar tissue ??? You might ck. with your Surgeon if this continues or becomes more severe. Regards ....
Avatar f tn Now I am having sharp (electic like jolts) in this breast and my surgery was about 14 months ago. Not scheduled for a mammogram until May. Last mammogram showed a very small area that would not be able to be biopsied. Now my concern is that maybe this is what is causing the pain because it is growing or is it that nerves were damaged when the surgery was done. Any comments?
Avatar f tn 3 years ago she had breast reduction surgery due to significant back and neck pain. Since that time, she has one breast that has caused her non-stop pain. Under the breast, she is frequently bruised and, on occasion, her nipple turns white. The only doctor who has relieved her pain at all has done so through nerve blocks. Other than that, the pain is unbearable for her.
498237 tn?1219873878 How long does pain in the breast last after completing radiation? Stopped radiation on Dec. 31, 2007 and I am still having some pretty good sharp pains. Any advise would help! This discussion is related to <a href=''>aromasin</a>.
Avatar n tn Dear marcosmom: Sometimes, surgery can damage some nerve endings, leaving the nerve endings irritated. Very often, this will become better over time, the question is, how much time? There is wide variability. It is reasonable to try the pain relievers that have been prescribed or, with your doctor's okay, an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprophen. Give yourself 4-6 weeks from surgery and see where you are.
Avatar n tn I have never expereinced headaches like some but i have nerve damage on my left side from breast to knee....I have been told that it is permenent and that i could take Cymbalta. I refused and live with the pain. I need suggestions on how to deal with this. It affects my sleep, my mood with my children adn husband and my outlook on life. I cant find anything on the nerve pain affiliated with this condition. Idea????
Avatar f tn I am 71 yrs old now and have episodes of nerve pain in the armpit. each year They become more severe and longer episodes. My meds. include Gabapentin 600mg twice a day, Flouxetine 40 mg, Valtrex 500mg. twice daily for mouth sores. Tylenol with Darvon for severe pain. Inspite of guarding against lifting the wrong way or stretching, it hits out of the blue at least 3 or 4 times a year.
Avatar n tn I am posting this for a friend because she can not stand or sit upright for more than a couple of minutes. All of her doctors do not seem to care and have literally abandoned her. She is very suicidal and can not function well to do basic daily functions. All of the other clinics like the Mayo and others will not see here because of insurance issues.I know this is long, but it is what she has sent me. I am trying to find someone who could help her or get her to someone who could help.
Avatar f tn I had sentinel lymph node biopsy done Dec 18 and I am still having some intense nerve pain under my arm and down into my breast, especially where the lumpectomy was done. I am getting ready to start 32 radiation treatments. Will the radiation intensify the nerve pain that I already have? If so is there any medication that I can take to ease the pain.? It really gets bad at times. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1017203'>breast cancer</a>.
Avatar f tn Hello, Apart from nerve pain any infection of the incision site also needs evaluation. Get a blood culture done as if there is any infection, you may need topical and oral antibiotics. Apart from that, take vitamin B 12 and gabapantin for some days. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar f tn I would absolutely call the dr. that performed your surgery about the burning pain. That sounds like nerve pain. And while you've read that some have dealt with it for a long time, perhaps your doctor can shed light on what you can expect and if there is anything you can do. definitely call and follow up. good luck PS: my good friend had a reduction and was so much happier afterwards. Hang in there. . . . give it some time and it could get lots better.
Avatar f tn In light of your problem (fear of needles) you should ask for some type of medication to relax you if you need to undergo another procedure. Now about the possible nerve damage ... that could very well have happened and unfortunate as it is, it's something that rarely can be avoided. I had considerable nerve involvement following my surgery but it gradually disappeared.
Avatar f tn This is a common complaint that is often attributed to nerves regenerating over time. Unfortunately, due to invasive surgery, tissue and nerve damage and especially if you had radiation therapy the discomfort could last for a long period of time. If your pain is constant I think you should be seen in a Pain Center, because there are definitely treatments for it.
Avatar f tn this sounds a bit like nerve damage from your description of the symptoms. For that I still stand by the Pain Clinic recommendation.
Avatar f tn My wife is having the same problem she had a breast reduction 2 years ago and she still suffer from nerve pain in her breast the doctor said it would only be one year that was not true.
Avatar n tn I alway thought that a breast reduction would alleviate the pain in my neck and shoulder as well as ease the pain in my wrist ( I was approved for surgery but have a history with problems with anesthesia. Frankly it all seems connected who can I go to for help with this. Frankly I really do not want surgery but feel that I need a comprehensive exam that takes in to consideration all of my physical problems.
Avatar n tn I am still nursing my child, and this isn't mastitis. For six months I've had stabbing pains in my left breast. I also feel some pain radiating down my arm now and then. I also feel this heaviness, like sometimes it is painful to breathe. I even went to the ER (first time ever) in April, thinking I was having a heart attack. They said it was anxiety with the pending surgery. I've read about IBC, but I have absolutely no visual changes in my breast, just this pain!
Avatar m tn My younger sister underwent bilateral mastectomy on 4/14. She is having breast reconstruction and so, her tissue expanders are in place and have been filled once. I think she is recovering very well. Two of her four drains have been removed. My question is this ... She commented that during her first post-surgery visit to the plastic surgeon, she has no feeling on either side - noticeable because when the nurse removed the tape to view the sutures, she couldn't feel any pulling or pain.
Avatar n tn For about 6 months I have been having a good deal of pain in the left breast area plus the breast is very warm and hurts. The pain has moved to under my left armpit and lymph nodes are swollen. The pain at times has been so severe that taking 4 advil tablets does not touch it. Also, there is a stabbing pain in the left breast and feeling of heaviness and something just not quite right. Anyway, I had a mammogram that showed a mass and then an ultrasound that showed a cyst.
Avatar m tn Compressive injury due to swelling or direct injury to the nerve during surgery could be causing the pain in elbow. Nerve damage will also cause numbness, tingling, loss of motor function, and could be temporary or permanent. Try applying cold packs to the axilla to decrease swelling and its effects. Anti inflammatories could be prescribed. Consult your surgeon if it does not resolve in a few days. Best wishes and take care.
Avatar f tn My mom had the tram flap surgery to reconstruct her left breast. The mesh that was placed there during the surgery had crumpled so the Dr. suggested another surgery and she said once it was done that she tightened up the mesh. Well since that 2nd surgery my mom is in tremendous pain in her lower side. We have been to all the Dr.s and they have no idea what could be the problem. Does anyone know what this could be from?
394017 tn?1255018132 I said it was because of the searing pain in my breast. Did any of you have that level of pain? I have Fibromyalgia and I don't know if that was the reason I hurt so much, but it wasn't really like the FMS pain, which is usually an all over ache kind of like you have the flu. After about 20 minutes they gave me some morphine. It did not dull the pain at all and I wondered if they were just saying they had given me something.
Avatar f tn I am having the similar problems. I feel dizzy and then my heart starts racing and I feel like I need to have a bowel movement. It is very scary. This discussion is related to <a href=''>VAGUS NERVE and STOMACH or HEART LURCHES (spasms)</a>.