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Avatar f tn This is a common complaint that is often attributed to nerves regenerating over time. Unfortunately, due to invasive surgery, tissue and nerve damage and especially if you had radiation therapy the discomfort could last for a long period of time. If your pain is constant I think you should be seen in a Pain Center, because there are definitely treatments for it.
Avatar m tn t sound like anything that would be related to your breast but more likely a problem with a pinched nerve or some nerve involvement but NOT in your breast OR as a result of the surgery 2 years ago. You might even try posting on one of the many other Communities such as "Neurology" or "Pain Management" or even one of the Expert Forums "Neurology" that exist here on the Med Help site. Kindest Regards ....
Avatar f tn possibly related in some way to the surgery. Nerve pain, scar tissue ??? You might ck. with your Surgeon if this continues or becomes more severe. Regards ....
Avatar m tn All the nerves supplying the arm, axilla, forearm, elbow and hand traverse through the axilla in thick cords known as the brachial plexus before they supply their respective regions. Compressive injury due to swelling or direct injury to the nerve during surgery could be causing the pain in elbow. Nerve damage will also cause numbness, tingling, loss of motor function, and could be temporary or permanent. Try applying cold packs to the axilla to decrease swelling and its effects.
Avatar f tn 3 years ago she had breast reduction surgery due to significant back and neck pain. Since that time, she has one breast that has caused her non-stop pain. Under the breast, she is frequently bruised and, on occasion, her nipple turns white. The only doctor who has relieved her pain at all has done so through nerve blocks. Other than that, the pain is unbearable for her.
Avatar m tn Since last year I have had pain in my left armpit and side of left breast. The pain will travel around my back and down my arm, left side as well. Last year mammo was fine. I had ACDF surgery on 2 discs in my neck 4-5 and 5-6 in April...helped with some arm numbness but armpit pain remains. Nerve series normal and latest MRI of cervical area normal. According to dr. surgery was successful. If clothing rubs against my armpit it will trigger this pain. If I push on it, it will trigger it as well.
1790532 tn?1329313506 s most often related to nerve damage due to breast surgery Many women have described mastectomy pain as a dull ache, burning feeling, numbness, itching, or a tingling sensation.The pain can come on immediately or months after the surgery. The website below has very good information regarding pain and itchiness caused by mastectomy surgery. I hope it helps.I also hope that you'll feel better soon. Take care... http://www.imaginis.
Avatar f tn My wife is having the same problem she had a breast reduction 2 years ago and she still suffer from nerve pain in her breast the doctor said it would only be one year that was not true.
Avatar f tn My right breast has felt like it had crushed glass in it since the surgery. Twinges of sharp pain,,burning pain under arm and into back of shoulder. Unbearable pain! Incision in chest and in legs didn't bother me at all...but the right breast pain,UNREAL!!! My surgeon very unconcerned,unsympathetic. Said had nothing to do with surgery and he could do nothing except refer to pain management.
Avatar f tn Hi there. This pain that you are presently experiencing may just be from some injured nerve from the biopsy. This should disappear in the next couple of days. If not, then there may indeed be other problems such as musculoskeletal strain, or the possibility of cancer spread can also be entertained. Without treatment, survival at 5 years for breast cancer is below 50%. If successfully treated, survival can be as high as 90% in 20 years so treatment really makes a lot of difference.
1880451 tn?1321292722 If he is out of options, you can see a urologist for options, but I doubt a urologist can help the pain problem if the pain is from a pinched nerve. He can help you have erections, but if there is too much pain to perform, that won't be much help. I hope they can fix the pain problem.
Avatar f tn I had a breast reduction surgery in 2012, drastically reducing the weight of my breasts and was told I would heal fast and easy because I was still young, only 18. I've found however, that 4 years later I still have 1-2 EXTREMLY painful/sensitive spots that come and go. There's one particular lily bad spot just to the inside of the scarring that sends shard pains piercing through my whole breast if I touch it, breath on it, or even look at it some days.
Avatar f tn Women who experience this pain should be seen in a pain center,because there are some nerve blocks that can be done. In particular, one that is sometimes helpful would be the Stellate Ganglion Block, which would be done by an anesthesiologist trained in pain medicine. The other thing worth thinking about and considering ,would be acupuncture,many women seem to find relief rather quickly. Best wishes and I hope that you'll feel better soon.
Avatar f tn When I just touch very gently, it feels like fiberglass or hundreds of metal splinters or something is in there. My neuro has me on neurontin, 400mg, and I am having carpal tunnel surgery on one hand. The pain is not controlled. What is it and what can I do for relief?
Avatar f tn t have much to say about the issue with your breast, other than a 12-hour surgery with you on your tummy, you can expect some sores to develop, which happened to you with your scabs. I think your breast soreness could be either from the neuropathy OR could be you need to have your general doc have a look-see at it, to make sure it's not an infection. Anytime there's a break in the skin and it's not kept clean and covered, it has a chance of getting rather inflammed.
Avatar f tn I just had ICD placement 3 weeks ago, but I am now experiencing unbearable pain under my left breast (feels like ribs) How long will this pain last, I cant take it much longer. The pain reliever makes sick to my stomach. How much longer do I have to suffer? I go back to work next week but will not be able to if in this type of pain. someone please advise This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/868186'>Post-surgery rib pain</a>.
Avatar f tn Mastalgia (breast pain) is the most common breast-related complaint and rarely an indication of breast cancer. Most of these complaints are cyclic in nature. Cyclic pain usually is normal in menstruating women or in postmenopausal women on hormone replacement therapy. For some women breast pain remains unclear, and unfortunately no satisfactory treatment exists to completely eliminate it. Non-cyclic pain tends to be unilateral and described as localized, sharp, throbbing, stabbing, or burning.
Avatar n tn I have never expereinced headaches like some but i have nerve damage on my left side from breast to knee....I have been told that it is permenent and that i could take Cymbalta. I refused and live with the pain. I need suggestions on how to deal with this. It affects my sleep, my mood with my children adn husband and my outlook on life. I cant find anything on the nerve pain affiliated with this condition. Idea????
Avatar f tn this sounds a bit like nerve damage from your description of the symptoms. For that I still stand by the Pain Clinic recommendation.
Avatar m tn I have nerve damage in my leg after major back surgery and double knee surgery. It has been over two years and the chronic pain I will live dose not make the nerve damage and the oain I aleeady have. Mine didn't gwt this bad untul after the surgeries. I just had an EMG rest done so they could rule out bone root damage which requires more surgery. I am know in low dose pain patches and a topical compound which has lessened rhe shooting pain that goes along with the numbness and pain.
976316 tn?1248206606 I just had open heart surgery a valve replaced 2 weeks ago. Yesterday started having sever right breast pain I have implants. Is this normal are should I be worried.the pain is so bad I can't but be worried. Also my thyroids have gotten way out of wak.
Avatar m tn then the narcotics do not work on that type of pain...But there are actual nerve pain meds like Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Neurontin which are extremely effective. So...I would be getting answers from the Dr. on why you still have pain that is so strong to need heavy narcotics. That should not be happening... To the other question...what dosage is the Morphine? Is it ER (extended release) or IR (immediate release)?
549575 tn?1214838616 But now is has been 2 and a half months and I am having severe pain in my breast now and I also get sharp pains shooting through my right breast that last about two or so minutes. I am not sure why this is happening. Everything was fine with my breast but this started about two weeks ago and has not gone away. Please help!
Avatar m tn The surgery required plastic surgery which resulted in nerve pain from my knee to my foot. It follows along the peroneal nerve. I am on gabapentin, Hydromorph Contin and Methadone to control pain. I also am taking acupuncture and trying a desensitization technique by rubbing different kinds of materials along my leg. The pain can be quite severe. Do you have any other suggestions that would take away the pain?
Avatar f tn The endo being removed (as much as possible) isn't going to fix it guaranteed, it will almost always grow back, as it's apparently harder to remove than cancer. Mine has grown back now and has caused bleeding again 11 months after my surgery, which I'm about to post about :( but it's a terrible disease that always comes back unfrtunately unless you're one of those lucky people that the surgery fully fixes or pregnancy cures..
Avatar n tn I had breast cancer in 2005. I had surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. A year later I started feeling pain in my left rib cage, just below the left breast. I thought that I had busted a rib, but I didn't. Could this pain be caused from radiation therapy? It seems to be getting worse over time. Every time I sneeze or cough I have to support my left side. It even hurts when I do nothing. Please send me some input on this. Thank You.