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Avatar n tn I just had my first radiation treatment yesterday. lumpectomy was done July 6, reexicion for margians on July 27th and was reopened on August 17th due to an infection. the shooting pain in my breast finally went away 2 weeks ago and now after just one treatment of radiation I can feel the pain coming bacj and a tearing feeling under my arm. I am very concerned about how this will go. stage 1 invasive ductal carcinoma tumor size 1.7 cm, clear margins no lymph node involvement. Any advise for me?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed december last year with fibrocystic breast disease and ductal pseudoangiomatous strlmal hyperplasia (pash). My condition was drawn to my attention because of severe pain, massive loss in tissue and i could feel a tendril like growth. This all occurred in a few months my left nipple and arole are indented now and i face daily changes in appearence (DD cup to B cup so far). Theyre misshappen and dimpled.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with IGM after 5 straight breast surgeries within 3 weeks. I tried the prednisone treatment and thought I would go crazy. Lots of side effects with steroids, ex: crazy dreams, anger issues, insomnia. I finally went to Duke University Hospital and met a great breast specialist. Dr. Shelley Hwang is absolutely wonderful. I ended up having a double mastectomy which ended all the abscesses because every bit of breast tissue was removed.
Avatar n tn It completed my six weeks of radiation on 7/3/09. I have developed deep pain in my breast in the last week. I had two surgeries and the pain from recovery was much less than what I am feeling now. I would love to hear an update if things get better for you.
Avatar f tn Hello, my name is Kiki, I am 23 and just found out I have GM. I had a biopsy last month and was given the results this past Tuesday May 31st. I have another appointment at the end of June but I am feeling clueless, I won't know much til then. Does anyone know what is the next step as far as treatment? What do the doctors first attempt for treatment? I know everyone's case is different but I just wanted to know a little bit more since there isn't much information online.
Avatar f tn That pain is gone now but in the last 4 weeks I have noticed I have developed breast pain in completely different areas of the breast than where the surgery was done. Wearing a bra tends to make it very tender but going without is not that painfree either. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn I would suggest you start a new thread for your question. When you post a question at the end of someone else's old thread, it can be easily overlooked by people who assume you are just adding an additional reply to the old question. And be sure to explain what uour pain is related to (breast issues? breast cancer? some surgery or treatment you've had?), what your doctor had recommended, and what you have tried so far.
Avatar m tn approximately 15% of women require treatment. Breast pain is not normally associated with breast cancer, but the causes for this pain could be many, including pectoral muscle injury that can happen with certain exercises or arm overuse.It's a good thing that your friend is scheduled to see her doctor next week and I am hoping that all will be just fine. Best wishes to both of you.
Avatar f tn Never in the 14 years have I ever had sick pain like I do now in the past year. 2 weeks before my period both of my breast swell up and get dark blue rings around the nipples. They hurt so bad that I can't sleep and it even hurts into my armpits. Not sure what it could be. I haven't been on birth control.fir 6 or 7 years now and need some insight!
Avatar f tn One night I had to cuff my left breast to go to sleep because of the pain. Two nights ago I started to get a pain down my left arm and tingles in my left hand. My mum has both breast taken off to breast cancer. I am very frightened that I have this. What do you think?
Avatar n tn I have had intermittent pain in my breast since the surgery. My incision is at the very bottom of my breast, which is where the cells were. Most of my pain is in the area around the nipple and the nipple itself. In general, the pain has been moderate, mostly very sensitive (in a bad way) to touch. In the last couple of days I have begun experiencing persistent and more severe pain from the incision site to the entire area around the nipple. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn hi this is my mums condition thats why im unable to give you the names of the tablets the main cause is 4 weeks ago she started on hormone tablets for breast cancer ,this is her 1st week on radiotheraphy,at the end of the week she has started with servere pains in the groins of her legs and has been unable to get out of bed cause she cant walk and if she trys to stand up she says it feels like her insides are going to fall out.
Avatar n tn I started having breast pain on the left side while nursing my second child.My breast seemed to not be expressing the milk well--just one or two streams. I did all the treatments for clogged milk ducts/mastitis, but nothing really helped. The pain would come and go, but my breast never expressed like it had with my first baby. My left breast became noticably larger than my right. I thought the pain and swelling would go away after I stopped nursing/pumping.
Avatar m tn please if any one who have this condition tell me any more information about it and symptoms becasue i get very bad pain and sore , and what treatment been take ? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Breast-Cancer/-dense-breast-parenchyma-/show/1106359"> dense breast parenchyma </a>.
Avatar f tn Fortunately, after about 14 months my original affected breast finally healed. Unfortunately, my other breast developed problems about two months ago. It's tough to decide weather or not to wait it out this time around. Especially since now both breasts hurt with the stabbing pains mentioned by others affected by GM. Right now, I'm trying to decide weather or not to go on steroids, however, for that to happen I would have to find a new doctor.
Avatar f tn Then since I was enrolled and recived my id card on the same day recieved the dx of ER receptive breast cancer and needed treatment I was enrolled in the title 19 medicade program in my state so that I get the treatment I need. I guess diffrent states have diffrent programs that help with womend health issues.. Our state has no early ovarian cancer dection program but I would for onelike to see one started esp helpful for those like me with a strong genitic dispostion to breast/ovaian cancer...
Avatar m tn Help I have a girlfriend and she is feeling breast pain in both of breast even toush of cloth. She noted pain 10 days before the period from last 6 month but now she feels pain every day. what would be the reason and what would be the right treatment. She also suffering with headech and sholdure pain.
Avatar n tn I had got my 4 embroy transfer on 05.10.2010, ia'm feeling pain in by breast is it a positive sign of IVf, my result is on 19.10.
Avatar f tn At times I wonder if it was worth the treatment, as I am so sore I am not able to do much. I take pain medication to get through the day. Have any other sufferers any advice re: new meds to treat the pain. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Breast-Cancer/Post-Chemotherapy--Neulasta-Bone--Joint-Pain/show/533244">Post Chemotherapy & Neulasta Bone & Joint Pain</a>.
Avatar n tn I'm 39 years old and newly diagnosed with DCIS, ER-positive and HER-positive. Breast cancer seems to run in my father's family though noone has tested positive for BRAC-1 or -2. I feel very fortunate to have been diagnosed as my mammograms and ultrasounds came back normal. Only MRI detected an abnormal lesion. An MRI guided core biopsy showed atypical cells. A surgical biopsy showed DCIS without clean margins.
Avatar m tn it took us going into the ER and for them to suggest an MRI due to the longevity of the issues. His pain radiated from the front left breast area-through the back mainly along the shoulder blade edge. They said all they can do is give him a type of shot that is supposed to reduce inflammation and pain. I'm guessing it would be a cortisone shot....we will be talking to the doctor tomorrow in the AM and I will let you all know.
Avatar f tn Why do I still experience breast pain and heavyness in the breast? I am due for a follow breast ultrasound I am so nervous.
Avatar f tn Dear soybnqn: In many cases oils are not recommended during radiation therapy. You should discuss this with your radiation therapy doctors to determine what creams may be acceptable to use during radiation therapy.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. My breast cancer treatment will be radiation treatment for a month or so, and I will have to take hormone therapy (for example, tamoxifin) for 5 years. I have hep c and was planning to treat with interferon and ribavirin, and with the new PI telaprevir or boceprevir - as soon as either one is available. Does anyone know if there will be any added issues that I should be aware of when getting the hep c treatment while on hormone therapy? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I just had my baby four months ago and since then my right breast its been hurting with a burning sensation and not only my breast but all of my arm and right side of my chest. I am 21 years of age, I am very scared i went to see a doctor and she told me that she was feeling my milk glands still there, but since i stoped breastfeeding 3 weeks after my baby was born she said they shouldn't be there. I very concern because my mom had breast cancer too! Can it be canceR???
Avatar m tn Does this happen normally to women my age? I have sharp pain in my breast and it is much worse when I take off my bra.
Avatar n tn Dear dhavalss, There are several different chemotherapy regimens that might be used for treatment of breast cancer. The decisions about further treatment will take into account what treatment she has had in the past, her overall health, the characteristics of the cancer. There is not one specific regimen used to treat hormone receptor negative and HER2 negative breast cancer.
Avatar n tn I had sugery May 4th. I am now cancer free. However, because my breast cancer is Inflammatory Breast Cancer I would like to know how much of a dose that they will give me upon radiation? My oncology doctor says this is a preventative measure. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/260845'>Radiation therapy for breast cancer</a>.
Avatar m tn hey ok so when i was 8 a dog jumped on my chest and now the left side is bigger then the right like it poped up. Now im 14 and im having these breathing problems and when ever i bend my head down it hurts like an ache. Do you think i need that surgery thing to restructure my chest because its poping out alot. ?? I'm going to get a x-ray soon but still wanted to make sure.