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Avatar f tn Hi! My name is Lynn and I have been on pain meds and benzo's for about 4 years which started out with breast surgery. For about 2 of those year's I barely got off the couch and completely shut down. I am bi- polar so that along with the pain pills put me over the edge until I finally decided to go to rehab. I was successful at getting off the pain pills but I shortly after was put back on the benzo's for anxiety.
1551642 tn?1294355534 I am not for one minute suggesting your symptoms are in your imagination -- what I do know for myself and many other women here, and as I am sure you have read, is that along with the breast symptoms often come some other autoimmune, arthritis type conditions -- I personally do not believe that GM and the inflammation it brings is necessarily limited to the breast. There are so many of us with joint pain, arthritis, rashes, headache, chronic fatigue, radiating pain and numbness, tingling...
Avatar n tn I have experienced a PAIN in an area below my breast that wraps around to my back. The pain last for hours. My next appointment with my doctor is 30 jan 2012. I did not have a injury. What can this possibly be caused by? Any home treatment to help? This discussion is related to pain under and around breast.
Avatar n tn Natural or non-surgical breast enhancement methods include yoga, several physical exercise, and diet regulation, and these methods are much better than the surgical procedures as these are inexpensive, effective and do not cause pain and side-effects. Some of the natural breast enlargement exercises are as follows: Wall press technique: Stand against a wall, facing towards it. Place your palms on the wall and press against it, exerting pressure on chest.
1896537 tn?1381903609 To me, I've have had pain that started abruptly and lasted up to 6 weeks, 24/7. Now one doctor mentioned the pain was from my breast biopsy which I had performed on December 22nd. I was fine after the procedure. Fifteen days later (jan 7), I began having nipple pain (sharp, shooting, stabbing, burning pain) along with the fact that nothing could touch it so I had to put a medicine cup over it with tape. (Yes it looked odd under sweaters lol) I had what they called Allodynia.
Avatar n tn I also was experiencing the foul odor under my breast. I googled " breast odor " and found my remedy. It might not be for everyone but, it's worth a try. It's a powder called Zeasorb-AF. It's for other conditions other than breast odor but it has surely worked for me. I wear a 48D bra, need I say more? No matter how clean you are and how often you change your bra, the odor is always there. I use the powder twice daily, in the morning and before bed time.
497955 tn?1209829166 Has anyone found a remedy for very sensitive breast? My breast are so sensitive, swollen and heavy that I have to wear a bra at night because when I lye on my side it feels like my skin is being stretched. Sometimes having an orgasm actually relieves the pressure for a little while. Any suggestions would help.
8256587 tn?1399901106 Can also occur when under stress or frustrated. * Pain in right breast (associated with breast lump I presume) Intensity - 8/9 and is short, sharp throbbing pain, sometimes in time with my heart beat. Frequency - at any time during the day but mostly in the early evening around 6pm-8pm. Has happened since March 2014 and just before my period that month. * Pain in hip/groin area (in either side) Intensity - 7/8 and is short, shooting throbbing pain.
Avatar f tn I went in to get a CT a couple of years ago and was told that it was only excess breast tissue; thus I am not too worried. However, I do feel slight pain if I press on it (I assume it is normal because the rest of my breasts are sensitive in the same way). I also am very self conscious about the way it looks when I wear sleeveless shirts. I am considering getting it removed. For those of you who have gotten your excess tissue removed, was it done surgically? What was the price range?
Avatar n tn Subject: Breast Reduction Pain Four Years Later! Question I had breast reduction almost four years ago. My left breast has been hurting so much .When I get cold , the nipple starts to hurt and it sends excruciating pain to the breast. In order to relieve this pain if I am at home I will warm up a heating pad and the pain will start to subside. However, it does not diminish completely. I also experience itching, sometimes the itching is excruciating .
Avatar m tn Can anyone suggest a pain remedy for when she starts having pain? Something natural and not from the vet? Thank you.
Avatar n tn 1. Discontinuing breast feeding to assess the impact of cycle hormones alone. 2. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Advil, 3 tablets 4 times daily or Aleve, 2 tablets 3 times daily) in last 7-10 days of the menstrual cycle. 3. Oil of Primrose, 1500 mg daily (a long-standing natural remedy available at health food stores and pharmacies; safe and largely unproven by scientific testing). 4. Danazol, 200 mg daily is CONTRAINDICATED during breast feeding.
Avatar n tn I want to share my experience and testimony to those who suffer from pain under armpit and under breast. When i had the pain for about one month, one morning when i was driving, the pain just started again when i tried to pick up some paper from the floor mat. Nobody was around to help me, and i started to call for help from heavenly father Jesus Christ, Father father Jesus, please help me, take away my pain and heal me whatever is happen within my body.
Avatar n tn I went to the breast clinic, and they did a breast examination, and determined that I do not have breast cancer. For some reason, I don't believe the doctor. I have had this pain for many months now, and would really like to know what it is. My left breast has one spot, on the side under my armpit where it hurts. I haven't found a lump, but when I touch the side of my breast, i feel a hardened area, and it hurts when I push on it. Anybody has any idea what this could be?
Avatar f tn now idk about healing and fading them (this obviously takes time, and I just found this out last night) BUT I do know that after I applied the breastmilk to were new stretchmaks were starting to form and were it hurt, the pain was gone in like 5 min! I could touch the skin and it didn't hurt not one bit :)) and also the area on my stomach were all my stretch marks were (I decided to apply all over to start testing if it helps with fading) for some reason was always shiny...
Avatar f tn I hate going to doctors and will avoid any and all medications if I can stand the pain. But this pain is too much. After getting blown off some time ago from several doctors i hadn't really had a true visit in over 2 years until 2005. I kept getting dizzy, having heart palpitations and severe vaginal pain. I told a nurse of my symptoms which include: abnormal uterine bleeding, excessive thirst, severe fatigue, vaginal pain, bladder pain, painful intercourse, extreme gas, and depression.
Avatar f tn I have found a home remedy that helps me with the pain, but I really would like for these to stop. Please tell me what needs to be done to make these go away? Do I need to cut them off??? Please please help me.
Avatar f tn woman of 89 has periperal nerve pain around breast area not cancer any other remedy except painkillers or drugs
Avatar m tn My wife is 38 having pain on her upper right breast,armpit till back and upto spine since last 5 years.We have done X-ray,urine and blood test sography but dictors have not yet seen any problems since last few moths pain is regular and having swelling on her right armpit too .Please suggest some remedy and further any test if required.Doctors have recommended multivimin capsules and calciun+zinc capsules but we don't see any improvement in this regard.
Avatar n tn It doesn't feel like I have any infection in the gum area or tooth. I have had this pain and soreness for about a week now. I don't know if I have bitten my cheek, or scratched it by one of the ridges on my tooth. I am not sure who I would see to get it diagnosed, or use some type of home remedy to heal this. My cheekr feels swollen, and the area hurts to the touch of pressure. Please help ASAP.
Avatar n tn I am 40yr.old female. Pain on left side of chest (just under breast) began 1yr ago, sporadically, not necessarily during exercise (sometimes middle of the night), lasting for minutes to hours. Progressively more frequent. No significant SOB or fatigue. Edema in extremeties also comes and goes. Recent ultrasound revealed 1) Hypokenisis of left AND right ventricle, 2) mild pulmonary hypertension and 3) mitral regurgitation.
387767 tn?1345875627 I have no idea what makes the pain start or what makes it go away but that is how I remedy the situation. Hope it helps.It almost feels like someone is giving you a bear hug and won't let go.
Avatar n tn I can't believe I finally found people who are going through the same kind of pain I am. I have Mid to upper back pain with radiation to my chest and left arm. It is kind of scary but I have had numerous testing and was treated for costochondritis which didn't help. The pain just returned. I have been suffering with it for about 10 months now. The pain comes and goes and may last for about 1 -2 weeks each time.
Avatar m tn my wife just noticed that when she squeezed her breast (both ) green fluid is coming out , however there is complain of pain or any kind of lumps i want to know the remedy as well as the reason behind this secretion
Avatar n tn the gas pain isnt too bad, i didnt always get it, it's just a sharp pain in between your shoulders, they give you a sheet on how to get rid of it, one of theose tips is pounding inbetween your shoulder blades to release the trapped gas, i was scared for that pain to come too, but it wasnt as bad as i thought, only lasted a little bit. hot showers are a god send(unfortunatly hot baths are out of the question:(,)you can also take like gas-x or something like that, but it didnt help me.
Avatar f tn 3 to 4 weeks in to it now and the constant dull pain is still there and now I have breast tenderness. Now there is this sort of pinching feeling, sharp pain that appears when I cough or sneeze or do some sort of sudden movement. I'm 40 years old. My tubes are tied. I still have all of my lady parts. No gallbladder. The doctors have yet to tell me what they think has happened except that the Provera is supposed to slow my right ovary down.